Trump Campaign Manager Says Trump Family Dynasty Will Rule For Decades

Trump Campaign Manager Says Trump Family Dynasty Will Rule For Decades

Over the weekend. Brad Parscale, who is Donald Trump’s 2020
campaign manager, uh, basically told a group of Republican delegates in the state of California
that the Trumps are going to be a political dynasty that is likely to rule this country
for decades. His exact words were the Trump’s will be a
dynasty that will last for decades, propelling the Republican party into a new party, one
that will adapt to changing cultures. One must continue to adapt while keeping the
conservative values that we believe in. I just think they’re a dynasty. I think they are all amazing people with amazing
capabilities. According to Brad Parscale decades, folks
get ready for it. That’s apparently what’s going to happen. I mean just a few days ago, we had a conservative
strategist, Rick Wilson warn. He wasn’t predicting. He was actually warning that Donald Trump
jr is going to run for president in 2024 regardless of what happens to his father in the 2020
presidential election. So that’s the thing that’s likely to happen. I mean, we’ve discussed that in the past. Jr has expressed interest in it. He is traveling the country right now, uh,
doing little campaign stops, some of which you’re not getting anyone showing up to, but
he’s doing it. He’s out there letting people know that, heck,
I’m just like you. I just don’t want to be anywhere near you. And it’s really not working for him. And I think that’s what Parscale doesn’t seem
to understand. Donald Trump came at a time when the country
was basically choosing between what wanted to be a political dynasty and literally anything
else, right? He benefited from right place at the right
time, spreading his populist lies, telling us he was going to lower our prescription
drug prices. He was going to do something about immigration,
but he didn’t tell us it meant locking people in cages. You know, basically, I’m going to make your
life a little better. Now. Most of us didn’t fall for the con, but enough
people did that he won the electoral college. And therefore the presidency, that’s not the
kind of formula you can repeat. I mean, maybe if the Democrats put up somebody
like Biden, maybe you can repeat that. Uh, but that’s highly unlikely that he can
piggyback off of that same success, let alone having his own children start running for
office, I guess successively maybe Trump jr for eight years, then Eric for eight years,
then Ivanka for eight years. Then by that point, I don’t know how old baron
is. Maybe he’ll be ready. If not, maybe we go to Tiffany Trump for eight
years, then we go to baron for eight years. That’s what Parscale wants. That’s what the Trump family wants. They want to be the new Kennedys. They want to be the Clintons. While America is just saying, Hey, can we
please move away from all of these political dynasties? We’re a little bit sick of them and they’re
really not doing anything beneficial for the country. Very sorry to the a Kennedy family for having
to say that. Uh, but here’s the thing folks. People want different, people want change. That’s what they’re clamoring for right now. They want something better and the same old
same old isn’t going to cut. It doesn’t matter if it’s a president who’s
been in office for two and a half years who’s come along and made things worse. It doesn’t matter if it’s a political dynasty
that kind of disappeared for a few years and then suddenly came back and is challenging
Ed Marquis for his Senate seat. So what’s happening with, um, Joe Kennedy
up in, uh, the northeast? I mean that, that’s ridiculous. It’s not like you’re a progressive challenger
coming in, going after a corporate democrat. You’re basically a corporate Democrat, challenging
somebody who is slightly less corporate than you. You’re actually worse, but they feel entitled
to it. And that’s what’s happening with the Trump
family. And if Brad Parscale has his way, he’s going
to make damn sure that we do have decades of Trump rule here in the United States. If, of course there is a United States left
by the time Trump
leaves office.

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100 thoughts on “Trump Campaign Manager Says Trump Family Dynasty Will Rule For Decades

  1. I dont think they will be able to win a national election again but they can go to any red state and win as governor or senator…in that sense they can be dynasty as they can win elections in at least 20 states – deep red ones

  2. Thanks for keeping track of the wannabe dictator and his sycophants. parscale maybe as crazy as the liar in chief. I will credit trump with being a conman and one hell of a liar but everyone knows he's just a conman now. trump jr on the other hand is not good at anything, as a conman he'll be busted soon as he opens his mouth. Dynasty,. only if you call a possible 4 year run by a lying, criminal, egotistical, draft dodging, crybaby a dynasty. After daddy gets done being tried for his crimes jr will be next.

  3. russia could hack the voting machines and that would make trump the winner. Time to write you state and federal congress men/women and demand we go back to the paper vote, the russians can hack that. The problem is trump's homeland security has done nothing to protect our voting machies from hackers. Well the traitor in chief has a stooge in charge of Homeland Sec.

  4. Even if, God forbid, Don Junior got elected his Daddy would HATE it. Why? Because he can't stand to share the spotlight in any capacity. He fought with Martha Stewart and Arnold Schwarzenegger over "The Apprentice" because he was jealous of the attention they were getting (And bear in mind he was fucking President when Arnold hosted) and now he's feuding with Pence because Pence is allegedly more popular. Or less hated anyway. If Don Jr. took his spot he'd probably cut him out of the will.

  5. Ha ha ha… Yea, like from a jail cell… Ivanka might be somewhat competent but Don Junior is an imbecile and he is still to answer for his transparent lies to Mueller's investigators…

  6. If there's one good thing about trump in office, even one, it would be that the world especially the country, is seeing whom the swamps really full of now, since a lot of them are coming out of hiding to try and help trumpler rule

  7. "dynasty"? … buwahahahahahahahahahaha! Buwahahahahahahahahahahah! what a load of bullshit… please don't tell me anybody really believes that?

  8. More bullshit from the lying Von dump crime family and their pathetic and brain dead lackeys. Jr has NO chance of winning an election to be a dog catcher let alone potus. I’ll admit that this shit show and train wreck was funny to watch but know it’s boring and sad. It’s time to change the channel folks, vote out this orange turd out so we can all watch him swinging in the wind while a whole bunch of indictments rain down on him.

  9. He benefited from the FBI stating that Clinton was under investigation by them 3 or 4 days out from the election. And the moron still couldn't win the vote

  10. That campaign manager is another delusional liar like his conman boss. This family is totally discredited as their corruption has been exposed.

  11. These Republican claimed Obama was going to stay in office with Marshall law. Texas was going crazy that there were military convos on trains and on highways. It was just a military training but these republicans where scared that they will be gathered up and put in at abandon Walmarts. Paranoid idiots.

  12. Anyone that attempts to become a kingdom and dynasty here is fucked….just know. We are not having it. Fuck everything with a Trump related molecule in their DNA.

  13. If Olympians cheat they're disqualified so why is this jerk still in office. He said he's going to cheat again and again and again

  14. No, only HALF of the people want change, Farron – the other half want Donald to stay and usher the Second Coming of Christ. Do not underestimate the power of their delusion again. It may cost the US and the entire world dearly.

  15. OMG. The end of the USA. Republican and Evangelist friends, everything Trump touches, dies. (UPDATED AT END)
    Trump University SCAM.
    Trump steaks FAILED.
    Trump Water FAILED.
    Trump Vodka FAILED.
    Trump casinos 6 BANKRUPTCIES.
    Trump games FAILED.
    Trump Airlines FAILED.
    Trump Magazine FAILED.
    Trump Entertainment FAILED.
    Trump search engine FAILED.
    Trump Mexican Towers SCAM.
    Trump Russian Towers FAILED.
    Trump Organization CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE.
    Trump Marriages FAILED.
    Trump Billionaires Friends. GREAT.
    Trump Mafia of Republicans Con Artists GREAT.
    Trump U.S. Goverment (on life support). CHAOS.
    Trump White House CHAOS.
    Trump AG CHAOS.
    Trump CIA CHAOS.
    Trump FBI CHAOS.
    Trump NSA CHAOS.
    Trump Supreme Court CHAOS.
    Trump Republican Party CHAOS.
    Trump EPA CHAOS.
    Trump Education CHAOS.
    Trump Housing CHAOS.
    Trump Care CHAOS.
    Trump Insurance. CHAOS.
    Trump FEMA. CHAOS.
    Trump ICE Prisons. GREAT.
    Trump DHS. CHAOS.
    Trump Team. CHAOS.
    Trump Russia. GREAT.
    And you. SCREWED.
    Etc, Etc, Etc.
    Collateral Damage:
    IVANKA Business FAILED.
    Paul Manafort JAILED.
    Michael Cohen JAILED.
    Roseanne. WRECKED.
    Giuliani. WRECKED.
    Donny Trump Jr. WRECKED.
    Eric Trump WRECKED.
    Alex Jones. WRECKED.
    Roy Moore. WRECKED.
    Brett Kavanaugh CHAOS.
    Walk of Fame Star GONE.
    Syria LOST.
    Crimea LOST.
    North Korea FAILED.
    Afghanistan CHAOS.
    Africa. SH%HOLE.
    Irak CHAOS.
    Iran FAILED.
    US Allies ALIENATED.
    Russia GREAT.
    Adultery. GREAT.
    Sarah Huckabee WRECKED.
    Melania Trump MESSED UP.
    Donald J Trump. MENTAL
    Russian Mob Friends GREAT.
    Saudis Mob Friends GREAT.
    Trump foundation SCAM.
    Trump Shutdown PURE EVIL.
    Kurds BETRAYED.
    National Debt +2 TRILLION.
    Federal Budget Deficit 1 TRILLION.
    1 million Americans (800k Feds + families + pets) HOSTAGE.
    Trump TSA. WRECKED.
    Trump ATC CHAOS.
    Trump NTSB CHAOS.
    Trump FAA CHAOS.
    Trump USDA CHAOS.
    Trump FDA CHAOS.
    US Coast Guard. CHAOS.
    Trump Polls RIGGED.
    State of The Union CHAOS.
    Sec. Wilbur Ross DEMENTIA.
    Food Stamps CHAOS.
    Roger Stone ARRESTED.
    Russia Nuke deal DESTROYED.
    Trump DOJ WRECKED.
    Saudis Buy US Media GREAT.
    Saudi Crown Prince GREAT.
    Trump’s Credit DOESN’T PAY BILLS.
    Military Housing DANGEROUS.
    U.S. Constitution. SHREDDED.
    National Emergency FAKE.
    Democracy DESTROYED.
    Hate Crimes GREAT AGAIN.
    Record Homeless INCREASED.
    Unaffordable Housing CRITICAL.
    Massive Poverty INCREASED.
    Veteran Suicides INCREASED.
    Divisive Hate Speech INCREASED.
    Infrastructure CRUMBLING.
    Massive Debt INCREASED.
    Low Wage Jobs DESTRUCTIVE.
    Mass Shooting INCREASED.
    Jared Kushner TRAITOR.
    The Press ENEMY.
    Kellyanne Marriage MESSED UP.
    Dead Man vs Trump MCCAIN WINNING.
    Tariffs DESTROYING US.
    FAA Boeing 737 MAX RIGGED.
    Kirstjen Nielsen DHS UNHIREABLE
    Trump Tax Returns CLASSIFIED.
    WikiLeaks. NEVER HEARD OF IT.
    Collusion TRUMP CAN’T RECALL.
    Obst. of Justice EXONERATED.
    Sarah Sanders BIG LIAR.
    William Barr DISGRACEFUL LIAR.
    White House Aides DISOBEDIENT.
    Trump Admin. SCAM.
    CDC Measles CHAOS.
    Lindsay Graham HYPOCRITE.
    Mitch McConnell GRIM REAPER.
    GM Workers SCREWED.
    Palestinian & Israel CHAOS.
    Venezuela FAILED.
    Trump’s 85-94 Taxes BIGGEST LOSER. $1.17 BILLION LOSS
    Trump Businesses LOSING $.
    Farmer Bankruptcy INCREASING.
    Farmer Suicides HORRIBLE.
    American Consumer SCREWED.
    Alabama TALIBANMA.
    American Women SCREWED.
    Democracy DESTROYED.
    Trump Admin. MONARCHY.
    Remembrance Day DESECRATED.
    USS John McCain VIOLATED.
    Tariff+Dow Stocks $2 TRILLION LOSS.
    Tariff+Investors $5 TRILLION LOSS.
    UK Politics CHAOTIC.
    Kim Jong-Un Letter BEAUTIFUL.
    Ask Russia 4 Dem Dirt TWICE.
    Kellyanne Hatch Law VIOLATED.
    Coughing in interview ILLEGAL.
    US Cyberattacking Russia TRUMP NOT TRUSTED BY U.S. INTEL.
    AA Buys 50 Airbuses BIG BLOW.
    Philadelphia Police FB RACISTS.
    $110 Million Drone SHOT DOWN.
    Sec Defense CHAOS, MISSING.
    Huawei’s Future BRIGHT.
    Google’s Future HUAWEI WINS.
    Police Officers Suicide RISING.
    4th Of July HIGHJACKED.
    4th Of July Speech IDIOTIC.
    Trump Parade TOTAL DISASTER.
    Vets At Parade NOT INVITED.
    Trump Census Info USELESS.
    Jeffrey Epstein TERRIFIC GUY.
    Trump’s Type UNDERAGE GIRLS.
    Sec. Alex Acosta RESIGNED.
    Trump To Rep Squad GO BACK …
    House Condemn Him As RACIST.
    Racism In The US GREAT AGAIN.
    Fortune 500 List USA SECOND.
    Presidential Seal RUSSIAN SEAL.
    Russian Interfering DJT LOVES IT
    Air Force Suicide EPIDEMIC.
    Coal Miners DECEIVED.
    Moscow Mitch TRE45ONOUS.
    Domestic Terrorism EPIDEMIC.
    White Supremacists TERRORISTS.
    White Nationalists. TERRORISTS.
    Trump’s ICE Troopers GESTAPO.
    The 45th President TERRORIST.
    Jeffrey Epstein ”KILLED HIMSELF”
    New Air Force One COSTS SOAR.
    New Immigrants MUST BE RICH.
    U.S. Congress in Israel BANNED.
    U.S. 2019 Recession CHAOS.
    Bold Eagle ENDANGERED.
    Greenland Purchase ABSURD.
    New Trump KING OF THE JEWS.
    God Trump DI CHOSEN ONE.
    Trump Resorts BEDBUG INFESTED
    VA Medical Center 10 HOMICIDES.
    St. Louis MO Children MURDERED.
    1000 Steel Workers LAID OFF.
    Underperforming Trump Resorts SAVED BY TAXPAYERS.
    Republican Primaries RIGGED.
    Trump Campaign Mgr RIP USA.
    Environment DON’T ASK.

    Need I say more?
    A fake president with ULTIMATE POWER and minimal intelligence.
    GOP, please put country over Party.
    Please vote responsibly. Anyone but Trump.

  16. No chance? Consider….
    1. Voter suppression, removing minorities from voting lists.
    2. Republican politicians do not object or resist Trump, thus supporting and backing him.
    3. Programming voting machines to elect Republicans… no matter how citizens vote.
    4. Russian disinformation campaign, to confuse and divide us.
    5 Russian hacking and controlling our voting machines to elect who they want.
    6. Both Democrats and Republicans not protecting our Constitution, allowing Trump & family to break laws, and to rule by fiat.
    No chance of a Trump Family Imperium??
    Don't bet on it?

  17. Says who ! That INBRED MF should be in HIDING if he wants to live ! Somebody will get him or one of his RETARDED children..

  18. I will move to Canada. I will ask for political asylum as I am a democrat who is under attack by the dictator in the white house. He hates my political ideology/party and that makes me feel threatened and unrepresented. I swear to God me and my WHITE kids will leave, and my family came here in the 1600's!

  19. Trump kisses Israels butt because their world class secret service who is known to do all the dirty work world wide could have him dealt with easily. As dumb as he is he was smart enough to know not to cross them or Putin. Putin will hack elections for him and Isreal will keep him alive if he keeps funding and defense flowing. I wish he would threaten Isreal, they have creative solutions to deal with threats. lol.

  20. I don't think Baron has the ability to hold a job. I don't think he full understand who his father is. Baron is the only one I like because he developmentally disable.

  21. surly he misspoke,he meant ruin.the last laugh will be on the trumps,they cant survive without those they despise.who will cook,clean,raise their spawn?they have no skills,so if we can cut the gravy train off,they will wither for slapping trump,hed enjoy that too much,a dart board with lawn darts would be a great stress reliever for all though who hate him. whoever sells this will be famous,as the haters number higher than the intellectually challenged.

  22. Is this the same campaign manager that lied to Forbes to get on the top 100 list !!! I think his name was JOHN BARON OH THAT'S RIGHT IT WAS DONALD J TRUMP 🃏

  23. No someone would kill him & all his children to keep that from happening. People are already, sick of him & his children's stupid ass! They are nothing like the Kennedy's. The trump's are pure trash.

  24. Dynasty in the jail kingdom. Without James Comey handed the upset voters and without russian's melding our election, he would have lost by a large margin. Lock up the criminal orange !

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