Trump Is Right: The Dems Hate Jews | Ep 326

Trump Is Right: The Dems Hate Jews | Ep 326

all right so we've got this terrifying anti-semitic Muslim girl working at the highest levels of government and the Democrats they just adore her oh they think she's fabulous and everyone knows who I mean I'm talking of course about representative Ilhan Omar I mean this is a woman whose favorite pastime is hopping onto Twitter and blurting anti-semitic bio and then saying oh I'm sorry I'm just a cute little refugee from Somalia I didn't know any better and the Democrats are like oh of course you didn't sweetheart you're just as cute as a button I mean they rush to her defense while she flexes her Islamofascist muscles the Democrats they embolden her they should be calling for her to step down because of what a disgrace she is do we really have a political party in America in 2019 that openly embraces what this woman stands for because if so I am scared for what happens next because too many people in power are totally comfortable with this woman's Hitler esque views on our side on our side if there's even a whiff of racism Republicans are desperately like no no no no no get that away from us for instance personally I thought Trump's response to Charlottesville was perfect perfect but Republicans were like oh no we don't want to be perceived as racist so we're going to denounce the president's comments well the Democrats they are the exact opposite of that you've got the most powerful Democrat who I don't care what anyone says is of course aoc you've got the speaker of the house nasty Pelosi you've got several of the candidates who are running for president all of them who think omar is so courageous that they are offering full throated defenses of her full throated defenses of her not just anti-semitic dog whistles but anti-semitic air horns she's blowing air horns all right so essentially what you have is a party that when they're not you know pimping their ridiculous green commie takeover of the country they are defending full-blown racism I that's a really great combo authoritarianism and racism where has that led countries to give you a hint not good not good at all and I mean what's next because if you think that the Democrats are gonna scale it back you don't know the left if you think they're gonna dial it back a notch you don't know the left if you think that they are going to become more reasonable you've never met a progressive it will only get worse from here maybe you thought okay so the Democrat Party they believe in the economic elements of authoritarianism nope they also believe in the racial elements as well and and really are you surprised because all you have to do is look at their abysmal record on slavery and their abysmal record on civil rights and the record is clear we are seeing traces of history's ugliest moments right here with the modern American left and it really puts the country in a scary place the Democrats they had their test and they have officially failed and now they are fully on board with the ugliest elements of totalitarian ideology and I don't care what their reasons for feeling the need to stand up for Omar our oh well as to walk intersectional list we can't tear her down because she's this terrific black Muslim woman and she checks all the boxes well congratulations liberals checking all the boxes and not speaking out means you stand with her bigotry you are as hateful as she is if the leaders of the Democrat Party are not willing to call her out for her wretched anti-semitism and stand up for the people underneath the target of her ruthless bigotry then Trump is a hundred percent right that the Democrat Party is the party that hates Jews ladies and gentlemen you are watching the White House brief with me your humble correspondent John Miller humble lovable always right and remember we've got a podcast that you must subscribe to that will help us stay above the Krassin ste and soy bros and their stupid ridiculous high voices on the iTunes podcast charts tank crushing the soy boys it's a way of life here on the White House brief and to help us do that you must subscribe to our podcast and then rate it and review the program please okay so we've got Ilhan Omar the monster who thinks she's so adorable she's out there saying all of these awful anti-semitic things the president meanwhile reportedly told a crew quote the Democrats hate Jewish people oh my gosh the president's saying the Democrats hate Jews well I mean is he wrong I mean if not then why are they defending open anti-semites now Trump was talking to RNC donors in Florida and we have to go off word of mouth because security guards made the attendees put their cell phones and magnetized pouches until they until they left so there are no recordings of the speech but the Democrats are defending the Islamofascists comments Ilhan Omar Islamofascist I think because let's review what Omar has said back in 2012 Omar said that Israel has hypnotized the world may Allah Oh that's already sounding great to me may all awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel because obviously Jews have mystical powers and they use those powers of course to control the world and make all their dirty money which then they use to control the banks and the media I mean right right alone Omar now if you thought 2012 Ilhan Omar was different and now reformed Ilhan Omar has dropped her jew-hating ways think again because very recently she tweeted quote it's all about the Benjamins baby meaning that Jews only care about money shaking down the world for a buck now she also stated that American supporters of Israel they have a dual loyalty meaning that American Jews they cannot be trusted because they have the Jewish state of Israel interests in mind okay so I mean this woman obviously issues you could say with Jewish people and those issues needed to be addressed by the party she represents but it is how they addressed her problems that is scary now she has since offered a non-apology apology for those tweets saying that she has colleagues who are educating me on the painful history of anti-semitic tropes that she's so fond of I mean this is this is like someone tweeting Barack and Michelle show love them.they fried chicken oh I'm so sorry I didn't realize I didn't realize that was racist well rest assured I'm working with my colleagues to make sure I don't blurt any more painful racial stereotypes again but I do think it is important to show that they need to go back to Africa oh that's racist I mean but that's where their allegiance lies Oh what that's racist – listening and learning as Ilhan omar would say but standing strong listen you don't stand strong when you are caught spewing racist stuff I think it's clear the Democrats little anti-semitic darling needs to go out of Congress but what is scary is that her colleagues apparently don't have a problem with Omar's repeated anti-semitic comments here is how nasty Pelosi brushed it away I don't think our colleague is anti-semitic I think she has a different experience in the use of words doesn't understand that some of them are fraught with meaning that she what didn't realize oh she didn't realize didn't realize that when you say Jews are all about money that I don't know I might be perceived as hateful just like you know when a OC called black Republicans tokens that wasn't meant to be hateful it's just you know meant to be a smear and smear a whole group of people with a negative brush that's all different experience with words I mean what the hell does that even mean but Pelosi was hardly the only Democrat to stand up for their little anti-semite in fact those running for the highest office in the land those Democrats running for president they stood up for Omar and her hateful rhetoric senator Elizabeth Warren said that criticism of Armagh Omar was creating a chilling effect on our public discourse because it was actually branding ISM of Israel as actually anti-semitic and then comma comma comma comma comma Kamala says if you speak out against Omar you are putting her you are putting Omar at risk and then Bernie Sanders says we must not equate anti-semitism with legitimate criticism of the right wing Netanyahu government in Israel all right I Got News for You Bernie saying Jews only care about money and saying that Jews have witch-like powers is not exactly legitimate criticism of the Israeli government I mean Bernie Sanders who was a secular man and has always played down being Jewish he knows this and he knows better but implementing an ironclad authoritarian socialist regime right here in America that is more important to Bernie than sticking up for his own people now of course I mean how could we not have her we've got AOC sticking up for Ilhan omar calling omar an important voice representative Omar a survivor of war is one of the most effective voices right now at cutting through the authoritarian foreign policy tendencies of this administration Omar is an anti-semite they are the racist and anti-semitism is a racist ideology that feeds authoritarianism or or did the Democrats suddenly forget about how much they supposedly hate the Nazis I mean I thought that was their thing I mean the Democrats they couldn't even bring themselves to introduce a resolution that narrowly called out anti-semitism for what it is instead they broadly condemned hatred hatred of all kinds and they put the emphasis on Islamophobia Islamophobia we're not talking about Islamophobia we're talking about a Jew hater we're talking about anti-semitism the Democrats their anti-semitism unfortunately doesn't just start and stop with Omar we've got a rashida impeach the mf'er Talib who follows an Instagram account that quote routinely shares blatantly anti-semitic posts and 9/11 conspiracy theories oh that's great good for you Rashida Salim the account tally follows shares post comparing Jews to vermin and Hitler posts asserting that Jews wield an enormous amount of power and post claiming that Israel did 9/11 yeah Israel did it and they support Isis now keep in mind talib only follows about 1,100 people so it's not like it was just an algorithm no this is likely a conscious choice now this account posted this photo the real plague Jews are rats I mean Talib that's not very nice of you to say about Jews especially because you're so progressive and so welcoming and so kind I think this comes from a party that embraces a guy saying Jews are termites louis farrakhan so it's not exactly surprising coming from them but this account that telly follows also blames the Jews for 9/11 of course 9/11 was good for Israel that's why we did it okay crazies I mean let's be honest about it this is who they are this is what they believe the anti-semitism on the left is so rabid so rabid that former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke is out there now praising Ilhan Omar by defiance to Zionist occupation government that's what GOG is ill hanno mark is now the most important member of the US Congress but when you have KKK members praising you you know you're on the right side of Han I mean surely surely the Democrats are shouting from the rooftops she needs to denounce David Duke you know just like they did with Trump who was forced to disavow his comments like what I don't know three million times forced to disavow David Duke oh wait no the Democrats are silent on this now David Duke is a guy who ran for office as a Democrat because the Democrats are totally comfortable with racism and anti-semitism that is the dirty little secret authoritarianism runs in Democrats blood it is who they are Democrats are oppressors by nature they are inspired by dictators and their phony Proclamation to care for the people is only true in as much as they view it as a method to control the people and their Proclamation rings about as hollow as the compassion of Mussolini or the compassion of Pol Pot or the compassion of che che by the way is a favorite of theirs they literally worship him and wear him on t-shirts I really want to know how will these people how will they look their children in the eye and tell them that they turned a blind eye to their colleagues anti-semitism to their colleagues hate because this is how it always starts right it always starts slowly and then before you even know it that becomes the norm you cannot let that happen everyone everyone needs to wake up and realize that we have a party here in the United States that has embraced openly embraced socialism and now appears to be well on its way to national socialism racism I mean these racial overtones that we are seeing with representative Ilhan Omar they are horrifying but we've always known this is the end game for progressives it doesn't just stop with a little bit you don't need a violent overthrow of capitalism to reach a comprehensive socialist state you can actually achieve it with the slow increase of state power extended Social Services taxation regulation what do you think the green New Deal is the green New Deal it's wonderful no it is socialism and ultimately we are going to see a transition from an individualist society to an ironclad authoritarian state if these radicals are not ejected from power you you

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38 thoughts on “Trump Is Right: The Dems Hate Jews | Ep 326

  1. Buddy you really need to be educated a lot because, you really know nothing as of yet. While I think nothing of Islam I really think nothing of Judaism either. Read Dr Kevin MacDonald’s book The Culture of Critique, Louis Farrakhan’s books on the relationship between blacks and Jews,, David Duke’s book on Jewish Racism, all of E Micheal Jones books, all of Victor Thorn’s books, and all of Micheal Collins Piper’s books if you really want to know the truth about the Jews.The only “semites” are the Palestinian people period. There is no such thing as Israel.Check out many other books by Jews who have said the same-thing, either in books or on youtube like brother Nathaniel! She’s right in what she said about Jews, who have really taken over your country, and my country in Canada; and the entire Western European countries. The Jews own and control all of Hollywood, the media, all academia from kindergarten up, feminism, marxist ideology, abortion, porn, lgbtq…. all queer ideology, all wars …. world war 1 and world 2, the federal reserve bank, aipac etc and so much more! Start studying,…. start with the Talmud….. you’ll figure it out!

  2. This is what God says about anti-semiticism : "“I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.”
    – Genesis 12:1-3

  3. #IslamISPoison #BanSharia #RemoveIslamFromTheUS #BanIslamFromTheWest #DeportIslam #DeportAllMuslimImmigrants #MuhammadWasAPedophile
    I refuse to coexist with a "religion" that calls for my death or subjugation. (Just in case you're still in the dark, that would be Islam).

  4. that muslim fucktard ISIS worshiper should be deported back to her miserable 3rd world shithole she loves so much.
    She's clearly un-American souly for being a fucking muslim fucktard, let alone the rest of the fucking propaganda she believes in.

  5. The old democrats are not in control pelosi a puppet schumer a puppet and the rest the same puppets of the three new stooges of that party ! the two muslim radicals and crazy face ocasio cortez they are the ones in charge ! scary because cortez is a muslim lover I think that that guy behind her always the one sticking it to her ? is a muslim , plus she is an f" socialist lover also ! , scary God help us all .

  6. Anyone who supports Hamas Ms a terrorist organisation anyone who raises money for these organisations to kill innocent Jews should not be in the position that they are in anyone who supports the Muslim Brotherhood who is the head of the organisation in America openly supports the introducing of Muslim law over the laws of America and the evolution of the constitution is this person really fit to be in your government anyone who promotes terrorism and we have one called Jeremy Corbyn in Britain who supports Hamas and the introducing of Islamic law into Britain is not a person you really want in your country as a leader or a representative of your people we don't like racist that promote the causes of minorities who wish to undermine the Christian values that we have in our countries the freedom of speech and the liberties that would be come to enjoy it but must always be on guard to those governments who would take them away from us

  7. jew isnt jew. there are jews that dont rape women. but they are, measured by their religion bad jews. like a muslim is bad if he dint kill kaffir. tbh i prefer a real jew, where i know i got an enemy than those whishywhashys

  8. I think Bernie Sanders should have been on that talk show, i think it was on Jennie, back in the early 90's, mid 90's, where they talked about people who hate their own race.

    Had the white lady who thinks white people smell like balognia and wet dog, pretty sure that was just that woman being aware of her own smell. Then there was the black rapper who threw fried chicken and kool-aid into the audience. Those were the two I remember, but yeah, Bernie as a Dem standing quietly as Omar says such things… makes me think.

  9. These Muslims are lucky hat they are in this country, much less allowed into a office where they can even voice  their opinion. I get kicked off of FB, twitter and even Quora, and every time I speak out of turn, even less sarcastically  then  they do in their interviews, I get not only censored, but kicked off of most of them. They send me back a note saying that I was hurtful and give me a time out. These liberals are the kind that squeal all kinds of aspersions on others, but can't take even a little criticism, but they hate everyone and aren't expecting anyone to say anything against them.  —- They even  have that double sense of justice when it comes to anything of your constitutional rights. These asses seam to have their own constitution written and expect everyone to go it    although they are still writing it and they won't give anyone a look see what they have on it. They just kind of let you know as they go along what they are.

  10. these days if Hilter comes and says something, people will whitewash him too. "oh He was misled, poor boy""

  11. I hope they drop dead. We are all people and have a right to live these hateful people like this bitch and the democrats are demons. May the God of Abraham put them to shame and remove them so we don't have to hear their names mentioned.

  12. Congress Democratic socialist party. This circus need to leave your entertainment shows have the best communist clowns. Israel is a form of governments and yes enough money to israel she said it's all about the benjis. I agree it's not about jews it's about NETANYAHOO and the government killing Palestinians. Honestly this is true. Israel is killing innocents Christians Jews Catholics it's not a religion thing now she can keep her Allah in her toilet we don't care of your Allah you a

  13. Dems seem to hate Jews a lot.. Didn't Hitler hate Jews too? Dems are pushing socialism… didn't Nazi Germany start out as the National Socialist German Workers' Party? Hmmmm… there seems to be some parallels here… hmmmm…

  14. According to Nancy Pelosi – Ilhan Omar has a different experience in the use of words. No wonder she can make such an ABHORRENT statement of the HORROR of 9/11 as " some people did something ". So according to Ilhan Omar's " different experience in the use of words " she is ENTITLED to CALLOUSLY dismiss the the tragic deaths of 3,000 innocent people at the hands of jihadi islamic terrorists as somthing of minor consequence. If I read her MENTALITY right, the recent massacre of Catholics at three churches and people at four hotels in Sri Lanka resulting in the deaths of 350 people to-date and 500 people being injured, many seriously, would simply be " some people did something ". This woman is a CALLOUS, MURDEROUS muslim female.

  15. Jon,if omar has a different experience with words and the english language as a whole,then she is clearly unqualified and unfit and bordering on being illiterate to serve in the u s. Government on any level.gain complete command of the english language and think about what you are saying before you say it,otherwise,you will be perceived as utterly stupid and ignorant,and anybody agreeing with you will bear the same opinion,meaning,now we look stupid as americans,to the entire world,because we agree with you.dont make excuses fir your lack of knowledge and understanding of the very words that are coming out of your mouth.nobody is bying that..

  16. I've come to believe that our government has been infiltrated by muslim brotherhood. In the koran also spelled quran that Omar and a couple others used to be sworn in office on, it permit's a muslim to lie for the good of Islam, which is a political religon of war. The word Islam means to submit. They've no place in any position in USA government what so ever, yet they are. Islamic's long term plan is to take over the world including the USA. They've already taken Dearborn Mich & have gotten pretty close to taking quiet a few other area's over like in Ohio & Minn. Once they get a grip, history has shown that it takes a all out war to get a country back. History shows us they've already taken numerous countries & they will ours to if people don't wake up and grow some balls.

  17. it doesn't seem to surprise me that voter's put these types of people in congress,.these voters' make America look dumb.

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