14 thoughts on “Trump Lashes Out At Democrats Over Impeachment Probe

  1. Orange Fatty on the World stage,
    goes into an insane rampage,
    making America look bad,
    and all our old allies sad,
    he must be a GOP phage.

  2. What "tirade"? The President appeared "unhinged"? Really CBS? Pathetic Iibtard media, don't you realize you aren't fooling anyone who has a triple-digit IQ? Yes, you may have an army of loyal dullards behind you, but where will that get you?

  3. Bunch of idiots what they doing are horrible, all of this is in order no one talks about Biden and his son, and the media is corrupt wow unbelievable

  4. I can't wait until that social media Loose Cannon is out of the office! He always wants to scream about the Democrats it's all the Democrats fault! He forgets he's the president that he has the power to veto certain laws or just not letting those laws pass or even get to the ballot. I wish that orange faced Nazi would just shut up!

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