Trump Loses Wisconsin to Cruz – Does this mark the end of his race to the White House?

Trump Loses Wisconsin to Cruz – Does this mark the end of his race to the White House?

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver Today is Wednesday 6th April 2016 and we are
asking the question Does Wisconsin mark the end of Donald Trump’s race to the Whitehouse.
Donald Trump has, almost from the very beginning been the leader in the Presidential Republican
Nomination Race and just over 2 weeks ago, seemed unstoppable. However, yesterday the
vote in Wisconsin may have put an end to his electoral success, and here is why:
Prior to the Wisconsin vote, Donald Trump held 737 of the 1,237 delegates needed to
win the Republican Presidential nomination outright, but if his opponents could keep
him from that, the hope is the Republican establishment can deny him victory with a
contested convention at the Republican National Convention in July.
The best chance for that to happen was for Cruz, the U.S. Senator from Texas with 475
delegates, to continue to gain on Trump’s lead.
Well yesterday, Cruz did just that. He won 33 delegates leaving Trump with just 3. This
means that the delegate count now stands at: Trump : 740
Cruz : 514 Kasich : 143
There are just 888 delegate seats still available and the candidate who wins must have at least
1237. This means that even though he is in the lead, Donald Trump must now win 56% of
the available delegates. Although mathematically this is possible, in view of past performance
it’s exceedingly unlikely. Now admittedly, Cruz has to win 81% of the available delegates
which is certainly not going to happen. So this means that neither of the two leading
candidates will have enough votes to win automatically. Then a ‘contested convention’ is likely
to occur whereby the delegates will be freed up to vote for whomever they wish. It is rumoured
that Cruz has been successful in persuading a number of Trump’s delegates to vote for
him in the second ballot and he is hoping that Kasich’s and Rubio’s delegates will
transfer their vote to him. If this is achieved, then it is quite possible that Cruz will win,
and this is what the Establishment would prefer. Their ultimate preference of course would
be for all those votes to transfer to Kasich as he is the preferred of the 3, from the
Establishment’s point of view, but we doubt whether that will actually happen.
April 5th may indeed go down in History as the day Donald Trump lost the Republican Party
nomination. What do you think? We hope you have found this video interesting
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20 thoughts on “Trump Loses Wisconsin to Cruz – Does this mark the end of his race to the White House?

  1. This is what I thought could happen. The delegates from other candidates would likely go to Cruz if Trump doesn't have enough delegates.

  2. This race is far from over. It's completely laughable at how career politicians are condemning the process so far. These tone deaf idiots are the very ones responsible for this mess by being completely out of touch with their constituencies. The citizens are well past sick and tired of the status quo. Enough is enough and it's time for actual change. Political correctness has castrated the process. Time for someone to rock the boat that needs rocking Trump calls it the way he sees it, which shows courage. The system is broken- do not replace it with even more fail.

  3. The establishment hasn't lost an election in VERY long time and likely will win again in November. What are the chances for a BREXIT and what would that do to the PM market?

  4. I have read that Buckingham Palace has said that if Trump were to win the Presidency, the Queen would authorize whatever means possible to take America back under colonial rule. Have you heard this circling around England? As far as Cruz is concerned, this man is the biggest empty suit I have seen in years. If I were Trump, I would have targeted his wife, but not in the way he has done it. Rather, I would illuminate her career at Goldman Sachs, Teddy receiving LARGE loans from Goldman and Citi…I mean come on. There is a rabbit hole here and it's deep. But, come to think of it, Goldman probably threatened the Trump campaign. I mean it is Goldman Sachs after all. The Goldman- Jesuit Order connection is enough to scare anyone. Remember the famous quote: "we are doing God's work". Pope Benedict XVI is the first one who said it. Lloyd Blankfein just repeated it…lol!

  5. Two points. Cruz hasalways been, in my view, the REAL anti-establishment candidate. You should at least say "Silver" in these videos.

  6. What happened to this channel? I use to come here for silver insight, now it's all about an Englishman commenting on U.S politics, something he has little knowledge in. SMH-

  7. Im thinking of buying some platinum its down right this min going to pick up a few of those crazy Viking boat coins…..isle of man my favorite motorcycle track if you have never watched a GP race on that track you have not lived!

  8. If Trump doesn't win this country is going down the toilet. Cruz is a piece of crap, he's in with all the establishment crooks that are running this county in to the ground. TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Illuminati silver there are also about 150 unpledged delegates on the first vote so if trump is 40 from 1237 then he could promise unpledged delegates ambassadorships or other favors to procure the nomination on the first ballot


  11. Trump is going to win big in his home state of New York and that will put him back on track,
    beyond that, Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania are winner takes all states and it is unlikely that Trump will not win all three.
    Finally California, the big 172 delegate winner takes it all state is also one that Trump is bound to win.
    All in all there aren't many hillbilly states left that Cruz have a chance of winning in, and these will ultimately not matter.

  12. Since I have been rather vocal about this topic…
    I find it very telling that RNC-types have been, themselves very vocal about convention rules, and how the party picks the candidate and NOT the voters. My positions remains… the party will not allow trump to have the party nomination. HOWEVER… its a very delicate issue for them. They can't just deny Trump and thumb thier noses at all the voters… because at that point Trump has only need go third party and be the defacto underdog and hero to the voters that were snubbed at the convention. So.. the party has to make it SEEM like there was a chance.. that they were very fair and that the somehow the convention delegates denied Trump and NOT the party itself. Maybe they will "blame" Kasich or for splitting Trumps votes and thus "allowing" Cruz the win. There are many many ways to make this work.

    As for me, Cruz was not the party first choice as long as Bush (and several others) were in the race. Afterall, I was told to my face after Ron paul was not allowed to be voted for in the state convention…" Well its all about beating Obama anyway". Funny how I ended up voting for him after that ( who in the hell wants Romney?). Cruz is NOT going to grab any democrat votes. That just leaves independents,and of that group Cruz only appeals to the very right/conservative. In the overall scheme of things… Cruz as a candidate could be a loser for the presidency… while FUNNY enough Trump could be a winner. (Just not a winner that the party wants to work with)

    Pines who could win:
    Trump > Hillery
    Cruz < Hillery
    Kasich << Hillery
    Trump ? Sanders
    Cruz > Sanders
    Kasich < Sanders

    What is either party to do? Even the DNC seems frustrated with Sanders. As it stands they have about the same situation as the RNC does with Trump. If it gets much worse, Hillary may have to threaten to investigate the banks (again). Though of course thats not really very scary for the banks… whats another tiny fine?

  13. cruz will get his full scandal made evident before or right at convention then his and rubios delegates go to Kasich , then trump runs third party with Bernie as his vp and pormises free college to pull Bernie and his supporters

  14. Last year it was reported in the UK that the USA home land security had purchased a large amount of ammunition from the UK, I wrongly thought that there may of been a riot last year, it looks like it will be used this year. The other way to keep Trump out would be to rig the vote!

  15. Cruz spent billions in Wisconsin and where do you think that money came from. Who owns Cruz now. It's not the American people. The banks own Cruz.

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