Trump says Jewish voters who vote Democratic shows ‘great disloyalty’

Trump says Jewish voters who vote Democratic shows ‘great disloyalty’

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100 thoughts on “Trump says Jewish voters who vote Democratic shows ‘great disloyalty’

  1. Yeah why won't Jewish folks vote for the guy who thinks people saying "Jews will not replace us." are "fine people"? That's mind-blowing…

  2. I’m not anti-Semitic nor am I anti-Israel, my husband is Jewish. I was visiting Lebanon with a college roommate. We were at her Uncles cafe in a lovely section of Beirut and all of a sudden, an Israeli Air Force fighter plane flies very low over the city and proceeded to break the sound barrier also known as a Sonic Boom. It was not just the one plane. All of the windows broke showering us with glass from the buildings above us, everyone is screaming and looking for their kids and friends and family. It was absolute mayhem. Her Uncle was only concerned about 2 things. 1- was he going to be able to get plywood that day or would he have to wait for it. And 2- that I would not be having a nice visit to Beirut. I have served in the United States Navy as an AMS3rd/cL and enjoyed most of my service but I NEVER witnessed our soldiers or sailors doing a horrendous thing like breaking the sound barrier over a known urban tourist, shopping and market area. Just remembering something that happened to me, that I was a witness too.

  3. The powerful Jewish-Homosexual alliance in the Democratic Party has brainwashed many; however, regardless what political party both suck up to the Jews and Israel. Sadly.

  4. Trump demands loyalty to him, but a real politician owes allegiance and loyalty to America, its Constitution and the citizens they represent.

  5. Interesting how he says Jews would be disloyal voting against him, yet he courts the white supremest nazi faction. This should show all that he doesn’t want unity, just votes.

  6. Trump, the U.S. government, Congress, C.I.A, CNN, Fox News, CBS, BBC all said Al Assad was behind chemical attacks in Syria. I said on Facebook back in 2016, 2017 and 2018 that it was ISIS and U.S. backed rebels that carried out the Chemical attack. Now their is evidence that the Chemical attacks were conducted by ISIS and U.S. backed rebels. I did this for the beautiful people of Syria. I as a simple American civilian did a better job communicating with people who had information than Obama, Trump, Congress, News Agency's, the C.I.A, the British Government and the French Government!!!! 😠 Shame on you all. Director Haspel I want a paycheck and you can donate it to Syria families. 😎

  7. Translation: Those who do not vote for me are traitors to America!

    Trump hates it when people don’t jerk him off. I hope he loses 2020 and then get arrested when he leaves office.

  8. I already denounced the oath I took back in 1992.

    I believe us constitution should be null and void should this orange face jew loving bastard continue to demand loyalty to Israel every time America is mentioned.

  9. I saw, Tlaib in a hijab at Trump Rallies!

    She stuck out like a sore thumb, because

    she was with a Mariachi Band doing

    the Mexican hat dance and acting violent and crazy!. As if she would have gotten past the parking lot and into the rally in the first place! . Lmao

  10. He doesn’t buy it? Lol Trump doesn’t buy anything. He takes money under the table, he doesn’t pay taxes on it, he defiantly stiffs contractors, & submits massive bills to the government. Something like 108 million just spent on golf, violating the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution

  11. Trump demanding a religious group vote a certain way…shocker, he's against independent thinking (ask Fox News, who he just threw under the bus). Same guy who also calls everything anti semitic too

  12. AKA Trump wannabe brother of Beavis and ruler of the world as a dick-tator..
    Doesn't have clue one about the Jewish community or how they feel or how they vote or how they run their personal lives or public lives in the United States of America.. no matter your background no matter your ethnicity no matter your religious thoughts or needs..
    You may vote however you choose..
    they never has been and never will be any guilt over how you vote no matter your religious beliefs..
    AKA Trump and his clan of gold warts…
    They all come from a dystopian world in their own demented minds..
    this is the United States of America the freest country on planet Earth..
    no small human being a ka Trump with short arms soft skin small hands little fingers..
    And loves to eat fried foods in pork rinds dipped in mayonnaise..
    AKA Trump is a stupid..
    Bubble brand… Tropic minded endless conspiracy generator chaos making POTUS with no real experience whatsoever.. is such a devastating problem for the United..
    Hopefully we've learned from this experience of votingthis type of mindless individual into an office like this..
    And pray to our maker that this never ever ever happens again..
    Personally I don't care who you vote for.. whether it be Republican independent Democrat or other..
    Just do your homework.
    Know the truth.. follow the truth..
    And repeat only the truth..
    This current POTUS 45 has absolutely no relationship whatsoever or any knowledge of what the truth is..

  13. This reminds me of the good old days when President Reagan would mock and put down and disparage individual members of Congress. What's that? Oh, he didn't? My bad.

  14. Mr. Trump is 100 percent right. If Omar, Tlaib and Ocasio- Cortez are " the face of the party" , Democrats have real problems.

  15. America is truly ruled by people of Israeli heritage. Hollywood. Congress. Senators. Wall Street .Media. All of them. Here two American legitimate congresswomen are now being denied entry to Israel by Israel, at the asking of a 🇺🇸 president! A country we give 100s of billions of our hard earned tax $s to! We might as well burn our USA constitution and our flag. Let’s all just pledge allegiance to Israel . Then Israelis will be happy 😢 . CNN ,Foxnews , US congress, Wall Street, Hollywood and all US media are too afraid of Israel 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 American Dream and experiment are dying. America is killing itself 😢😢😢

  16. Really a guy who said Nazis and Klansmen are very fine people has a problem with Jews, huh?

    Who’d a thunk it?!

  17. Trump is a mentally unstable sick minded person.
    Everyone of his conversations or addressing the American citizens
    are based on lies.
    He enjoys to lie and he can not help himself in stopping the chronic lies.
    This sick individual is out of control, his posse or cronies are afraid to
    stand up to him and give him a piece of their minds.
    If he makes a second term president then all hell will break loose.

  18. So Trump has been "loyal" to the "jewish people". Well, of course he has, thanks to Mr. money banks Sheldon Adelson and all the other zionists. What do they get for that "loyalty":
    – A generous increase in unwarranted aid for israel
    – Providing israel diplomatic cover at the UN even in light of obvious war crimes (IDF sniper fire of women and children)
    – Officially recognized Jerusalem as the capital of israel and moved the embassy
    – The Palestinian office in Jerusalem is downgraded
    – Pulls the U.S. out of the UN Human Rights Council on behalf of israel
    – Pulls the U.S. out of UNESCO on behalf of israel
    – Blocks UN Security Council statement on Israel's decision to end UN mission in the occupied West Bank city of Hebron
    – Looking the other way as israel increases illegal settlement expansion
    – Looking the other way when nuttyahoo declares Israel is ‘not a state of all its citizens’ and was a ‘nation state only of the Jewish people’ definitively proving israel is not a democracy
    – Bans Entry To Officials Pursuing International Court Charges Against Israelis
    – Preventing publication of a blacklist of Israeli and international firms that profit directly from Israel’s illegal settlements in the occupied territories
    – Pulling the U.S. out of JCPOA
    – Appointment of rabid israel-firsters like Haley, Bolton, Kushner, Pompeo, Friedman, etc. in key influential positions

    The list goes on and on….

  19. This is the same rant he fired off at his rallies last month and what did he get out of that..? 2 Mass Shootings.!!

    First time it was not Trumps fault, because he didn't know better..?


    If any police officer, FBI, CIA or NSA reading this, incarcerate the President for insisting racial and ethnic Hate violence, false claims, abuse of executive power to slander, degrade and causing great psykologisk harm to a person.

  20. Yeah, they don't have DUAL LOYALTIES! Funny how Freshmen congress women speak of 'dual loyalties' it is Un-American and anti-Semitic, and is condemned.

  21. Somebody has to explain this loyalty almost fanatical support for Israel to me. I am black and I don’t get it. England is our oldest and most loyal ally and he shreds them all the time.

  22. Hoopla calling a gang of wanna bee's and how many dooped by those who believe they are superior to all others… BLAH.

  23. The Jewish community remembers how your disgraceful words caused the mass shooting not too long ago. Any Jewish person who votes for trump is a fool. In 2020 they will remember the carnage trumps hateful rhetoric caused. He cares nothing for the Jewish communities and his actions and words are proof of this.

  24. If he thinks he is “winning” our vote by belittling and threatening us. But he is like the person who says they can say the n-word because he has a black friend.
    Hey, but he isn’t racist. But he makes sure his attorneys are Jewish- “they are better at it” How in a million years does this not spew Anti-Semitism. The worst part of that statement is that he thinks he was being “complimentary”. Trump is going after a race if people because if TWO people that he doesn’t like. Shameful shameful behavior.

  25. Trump's is a liar. Just because you denounce the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories and inhumane treatment toward Palestinians does not mean you hate Jews. Israel is not a Democracy, this is proven by the fact that the Right-Wing Israeli government denied entry to two US congresswoman just because they've denounced the discrimination against Palestinians. Why should the US give over 3 Billion dollars to a rich country that violates the human rights of minorities? And that also applies to many other countries including dictatorships & monarchies that the US gives billions of dollars to year by year.

  26. A mentally il, faux Christian, white guy is telling the Jews to be loyal. Let that sit in for a minute. Also, just for extra points, this man can't be loyal to the last sentence he just spewed but he's gonna try to pretend others aren't or should be? Haha!

  27. Israel always gets theirs no matter who is in office. All while the common man fights their wars and pays them a stipend.

  28. I’m a Jew from Israel and I take no offense to this. The Far Left seemingly doesn’t like Israel and have become post-modern neo-Marxists. Of course it’s okay to vote however you want, but it wouldn’t be far from the truth to say that those specific two Democrats don’t really like us or the country I’m from.

  29. Trump uses another dirty trick from the Hitler's playbook, when he says that Jews aren't loyal if they don't vote Republican. The Nazis claimed that Jews weren't loyal to Germany. Trump made this Anti-Semite comment while claiming that the "Squad" is Anti-Semite. I guess he made his Neo-Nazi base happy.

  30. Jews that allow such vicious anti Israel voices in their party, without confronting them, certainly lack credibility. Seems like some Jews will sell their souls strictly for political gain, while turning a blind eye to who their real enemies are. I guess to some Jews, destroying white Christian patriarchy is the only obsession they have. Very unfortunate.



  32. Trump is by far the most dangerous president America has never had. I really hope he will be persecuted after he leave the office.

  33. Jews should be loyal to him and his right-wing policy, or they are "disloyal"…Where have we heard that before? *cough* HITLER *cough.*

  34. The british government ruled Palestine for 30 years 1917 to 1947 .the un divided Palestine between the arabs and jews after the British left .the arabs didn't agree to the split and invaded Israel right away. .you know the rest of the story

  35. All four of those women are traitors to America, how they are still in office is just baffling. Anyone who supports them are in the same category, they are clearly antisemetic and racist people towards whites and Jewish people. Don’t let those hateful people ruin your country. Much love from Africa!! Cheers. Trump 2020 MAGA!!

  36. OK Jews you heard Big Daddy so pick sides. You want Big Macs for lunch…or do you wanna hit the showers?😨

  37. I've never subscribed to the idea of "My Country, right or wrong" but rather it is our patriotic duty to right the wrongs of our country. Similarly, if Israel, one of our allies, is breaking international law by continuing to build settlements in the Israeli occupied territories, we need to hold them accountable. Anyone who demands blind allegiance is most likely up to no good.

  38. As a religious jew I agree with Trump 100%. times had changed and the Democratic party have nothing democratic about it but it's name.

  39. Trump is pure, undiluted filth. US right, and extreme-right support for Israel but thinly disguises a deeper anti-semitism.
    The Charlottesville nutcases were at least honest.

  40. So the media wants to cut ties with Israel over a Twitter war basically. So stupid. And trump doesnt know how to speak, so frustrating.


  42. Trumps not “racist” he’s just saying what’s true…

    Says no one with a brain between their ears! Seriously, the only people that like him anymore ARE racist hate groups!

  43. Israeli people are just fine people indeed. Just need to keep a watch out on the people with ideologies along the same lines of Trotsky and ANTIFA.

  44. how is it this fat fuq still wakes up each day to spew this hate. I can't wait for the day we don't see his cheeto face on the news. That time can't come soon enuf.

  45. Jesus this comment section throw out some bait and look how many fish you rank in, no wonder it smells like low tide, wonder how many are female. 😂

  46. Is this the same Clown who said "They were fine people" to the men who were walking around with tiki torches yelling "Jews will not replace us."??? Oh yes he is!! What a bag of fucktards! America you can do better.

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