Trump’s CREEPY Epstein Friendship Exposed

Trump’s CREEPY Epstein Friendship Exposed

>>The ongoing and developing Epstein legal
drama has dominated the news this week. And unfortunately, in terms of what’s going
to happen to him, we don’t have much new there. But people are re-digging into some of the
fairly disgusting details of what he’s been up to the past few decades. And thanks to the case once again being in
the national spotlight, we also have a new accuser, which we’re gonna get to in just
a little bit. First, we do have all of his high profile
friends fleeing for the hills, effectively, saying they didn’t know him as well as they’re
rumored to have. They didn’t necessarily like him if they did
know him. And Donald Trump is certainly one of the most
high profile examples of that, because, as you’ve probably heard this quote before, he
was quoted in 2002, saying in New York magazine, I’ve known Jeff for 15 years. Terrific guy, he’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women
as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. It’s just creepy, in so many different ways. And so, because of that, and because their
picture’s been taken together, and Epstein claims that he was responsible for Trump getting
together with Melania in the first place, both of their numbers where in his black book
when that was revealed a few years back. People want more details and we’re getting
them and they’re pretty disgusting, too. So there’s a new reporting from New York Times
talking about a party that Donald Trump went to with Epstein. And so Trump in 1992 directed a Florida businessman,
George Houraney who would later accused Trump of sexually harassing his former girlfriend
and business partner, Jill hearth, it’s a separate story, to organize the members only
calendar girl competition in Mar-a-Lago. After her and he arranged to have some contestants
fly in, he told The Times in an interview Monday, he discovered that there would be
only two attendees at the very first party. I said, who’s coming tonight? I have 28 girls coming. It was him and Epstein, Houraney recalled. I said, Donald, this is supposed to be a party
with VIPs. You’re telling me it’s you and Epstein? And indeed it was. So they had a big group of more than a couple
of dozen girls, and just those two having fun times and appreciating beautiful women,
some on the young side perhaps.>>Yeah, so listen.>>That’s all the details we have.>>Yeah, yeah, yeah.>>One added wrinkle before you jump in. Well, Trump is now saying, I didn’t approve,
not a big fan of him. At the time, said he was terrific guy. Horaney, at least now, is saying even back
then, Horaney was worried about Epstein. He said he pretty much had to ban Jeff from
my events, Trump didn’t care about that.>>So that goes to the same thing that the
Donald Trump quote goes to. They knew back then Donald Trump doesn’t go
around saying, man, Jeff Epstein likes girls young. When, for no reason, remember Donald Trump
liked girls young. And I’m not saying that to put him in the
same boat as Epstein, I’m saying that like, and I have evidence of that. Remember there’s the story of how he used
to surprise the younger pageant girls, Donald Trump, and would walk into their dressing
room when they were half naked. And he has, on a number of occasions, and
some of it is on video, talked to really young girls and said, you’re going to be a beauty
when you grow up, etc. If Donald Trump is saying that Epstein, who
he knew really well back then likes girls really young, man, that means he likes them
really, really young, and they all knew. Trump once joked around about how he went
to a pool party at Epstein’s place, or he went to Epstein’s place and there was a bunch
of kids in the pool. And he’s like, what’d you get like something
like you have that.>>So this is coming, unfortunately from a
book by Roger stone, but he said that Trump visited Epstein at his Palm Beach home and
later seen the joke about the scene of underage girls you witness they’re saying, the swimming
pool was filled with beautiful young girls. Trump apparently told the Mar-a-Lago member,
how nice I thought he let the neighborhood kids use his pool.>>Now remember, Roger Stone is not saying
this as a criticism of Trump, who he is great friends with, or necessarily even of Epstein. He’s just saying, hey, these are my buddies. And Trump said this about another friend of
his. He left the neighborhood kids use his school. Now they know why he liked the neighborhood
kids use the pool. So he could molest them. They all knew, and so and people who are decent
back then would ban him from events cuz he was a predator. Trump on the other hand thought, that’s my
kind of guy, hung out with him, went to parties with him, went to invited 28 calendar girls
to party with him. These guys are all scum.>>Yeah and look, I was very clear this morning
when we talked about this in the damage report that all this looks really bad but we don’t
know anything for sure. And in all likelihood, I mean, we know how
difficult it’s been how many attempts it’s taken for Epstein to have any real legal consequences. Donald Trump is much more powerful than Epstein. The idea that if anything happened that we
don’t know that it did that there would ever be any consequences for Donald Trump. I think it’s pretty hard to imagine. He’s effect I mean, how many times you’ve
been credibly accused of doing some sexual assault, rape those sorts of things already
and it’s meant nothing. The idea that a few more that would tip the
scales, I kind of doubt it at this point.>>Now I’m-
>>And we don’t know that anything happened.>>No, look, look, look. I’m so tired of the rich having different
rules. I can’t stand it anymore. This story is making me snap on that. I mean look, we all hated it from day one. We covered the affluenza stories, the Stanford
kid who did the rape and got away with it. The original affluenza story of I think four
people died and they’re like, but he’s rich. It’s okay, etc. Who when he was drunk driving. In this case, Epstein, they let him out for
16 hours in the day when he was supposed to be in jail. He had his own private suite inside the jail
when he went to go sleep there for eight hours. It was a goddamn hotel. They gave him every advantage. Now, if you’re a bleeding heart Liberal and
you say, well look, I don’t know that we need to take the guy and break his back and put
him in and have the other guys to terrible things to him in prison, etc. But they do that to poor people all the time. They do it to middle class people all the
time. And if you’re a middle class person was caught
molesting dozens of girls, you think he’s gonna have his private suite where he only
sleeps there and in his out for 16 hours a day six out of the seven days? Do you think any of that is going to happen? Of course, not. And I’m so, I can’t stand it anymore. Now when you turn to Trump and Clinton. Look, John is right. We have no idea if Trump or Clinton did anything
with underage girls. We don’t know that. We do know, at least Trump is on the record
as having known that Epstein likes young girls. By young, Trump clearly means under aged. So if you say no, it’s not clear, maybe he
was just talking about 18 and 19-year-olds. Okay, you could believe any fantasy you like. But look at the quarter that, the neighborhood
kids in the pool, they knew, they knew, they knew. If you knew and protected a child molester
in your neighborhood that had molested dozes of kids, you’d be in the world of trouble. Prosecutors would be all over you where you
an accessory. What did you know, when did you know it? What crimes did you cover up? But hey, nope, Trump, Clinton, rich and powerful,
so you think there’s going to be justice? It took decades, to now even think about justice
for Epstein, who’s the guy who we know did it in the first place. Remember, he plead guilty last time around,
for the nonsense sentence, but he did plead guilty. And by the way it was for what they said solicitation
of prostitutes. So the girls were 14 years old. They were not prostitutes.>>They can’t be prostitutes.>>By legal definition, they can’t be prostitutes,
but by the way, most of them were not engaged in that. He co-opted them into it. It’s, just give me a massage. I’ll just be half naked, I’ll just be naked. And he’s a predator and they called those
14-year-old girls prostitute, just so they can let Epstein off easier. And now, since some of the most powerful people
in the country were Epstein’s buddies, there’s not gonna be any justice for them. Nobody is gonna be talking about accessories. Nobody is gonna be talking about, hey, did
they know about Epstein’s crimes? Who’s gonna hold him accountable, Nancy Pelosi?>>Well, no-
>>Don’t be ridiculous!>>I mean, William Barr said that he’s not
gonna recuse himself, which means he wants to be the sheriff on the beat. He wants to make sure there’s consequences-
>>That’s why he’s recusing himself.>>And so, if you’re wondering about, why
would William Barr, the Attorney General, I get why he wants to protect Trump. That’s the whole point of why he was put into
office. But why does he care about protecting Epstein
or Acosta. One, it comes back to Trump, so there’s William
Barr, no, no, no, no, no. You know what, Trump did build a wall. He built a wall around himself with William
Barr by appointing him Attorney General. So Barr is like on the scene, whatever you
do you’re not allowed to touch Donald Trump, okay? So you will not be going after him. But on top of that, you know that Acosta,
before he was a prosecutor on the Epstein case, worked at Kirkland Ellis. The recently in bar, one of the reasons that
he was gonna recuse himself from the entire case but now is only recuse himself from part
of the case, was because bar also worked at Kirkland Ellis and wait for it. You wanna know who represented Epstein? Cohor and Alice. So it’s a nice little club they got going
there. The problem isn’t pizza parlors. The problem is that the rich and powerful
have an army of lawyers. They’re all connected. They’re all in the same goddamn club. So the only punishment that ever comes is
that the average American and they escaped every time and I can’t stand it anymore.

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100 thoughts on “Trump’s CREEPY Epstein Friendship Exposed

  1. And this is our president!!! Leopards do not change their spots. I really do hope something like this is not true. Because I'm sure you are thinking the same thing I am.

  2. Nade Trump the bad guy, skated with Ckintons. Filthy liberal lying pigs. Trump only one to come forward to testify against epstein. You dont nention that or epstein banned from nar logo permanently. No mention of that. You are creating a false opi ion based on absolutely no facts just conjecture. You are 2 bit lying pigs. You left out the truth to create your bullshit just like chspter 2 of mueller report. Get the facts before creating your lies based on what? Throw down some proven facts ot stfu. No facts, just liberal bullshit. Did you find Trump on the roster of epsteins plane? Did you asswipes? Nope. Just clinton and hillary the lesbo.

  3. They’re all a bunch of perverts, round them all up and hang them high!!! All the SOBs tired of hearing all the nasty shit and how they get away with it.

  4. No not creepy, was 27 yrs ago and Trump formally cut ties boring Epstein from his Mar-A-Lago hotels 15 years ago because he didn't like Epstein's propensity for young girls. What is recent however is Epstein's connection to the clintons including co-founder of the Clinton foundation, the Clinton foundation's trafficking of children and Bill's 27 rides on the Lolita Express. How come you never talk about that? Hmmm

  5. The Smut Peddlers are trying so hard to tie Trump to this sick crap! These two losers, of couse, wouldn't go to a Party of 28 NY whores! RIGHT! Trump likes HOs and HOs like Trump and his money! Trump doesn't drink, smoke, do drugs and I guarantee you he is picky who he sleeps with! He has his choice of women and it's not some dirty Ho!

  6. All these people ever try to do is to discredit President Trump that's their lot in life they can't find one positive thing to say ever it's quite disgusting! I wanna how many times they said he was a Russian agent maybe not as many as MSNBC I wonder?

  7. I think , Mr. Epstein also help some women to meet men to be their husbands in the future. And today, they became a wife of a millionaire.

  8. Bill Clinton had his own bedroom on Pedophile Island and Epstein's consort/pump was a guest of honor at Chelsea Clinton's wedding!

  9. Cheap Mainstream reporting …
    … Sex trafficking remains so MONUMENTAL a topic !!!
    !!! How would any serious person/body use it in an expedientary pattern ???

  10. Reading too much into this, attaching something for worse to something , more than likely, not what it seems. Typically taking things to the extreme scenario.

  11. If Trump did have sex with underage girls and did sacrifice them he should be fully prosecuted. I'm a Christian 1st then a Republican. However, you did dance around the issue a lot. I was looking for proof, there was none presented but you were fair and said that. All I want is truth even if ugly. The Clintons (both H & B) are known for sacrifices, child molestation and rape. Too many reports, too many witnesses that didn't conveniently die, yet.

  12. Nice try, Libtards, but Trump wasn't involved with Epstein's filth! That would be Slick Willie, the Pedophile Rapist and his Satan Worshipping Baby-cooking-eating wife! Where are those two perverts? Not a peep since Epstein was arrested?? Hope Epstein is protected from the NY killers and singing like a bird!


  14. Democrats ought to concentrate on trumps policies, not him. I think the more they DUMP on trump the more he sees to get more popular.

  15. Dude you're so transparent,when did trump sever ties with Epstein?did you know Clinton had Epstein in the whitehouse or that Hillary had a high priestess in the white hous channeling dead spirits or after the Haiti earthquake a woman who worked for the Clinton foundation was caught trafficking children out of the country whose parents were looking for them?why aren't you talking about slick willie who had 26 flights on Lolita express? Why if Trump was involved in this pedophile ring would Trump draw attention to Bill and Epstein out of the blue when in 2015 hannity asked him what he thought of the clintons he said Bill had big problems with Epstein and that island,why when it wasn't really a topic at all at the time would Trump come out of left field with that nugget if he knew he had something to hide?he wouldn't he was putting it out there for those still asleep and wondering what he's talking about to look it up,



  18. President Trump is brilliant at exposing Democrats and you hypocritical phonies for what you are! Wait till it all comes out! He's timing it perfectly!

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  20. Trump raped at least one 13 year old. The base people in trumps base are too stupid to see the truth no matter how obvious.

  21. Barr is nothing but a yes man you see how he turned the Muller Report around,but the W.H guy's people can't see it because they don't want to admit to being Con'ed.

  22. ya think Donny kept jeffie off the premises seeing the mess it could bring ??? but…. did donny slip over to and then ????
    just f….n askn…

  23. Ive been glued to this story an can see a huge conspiricy just remember u cant hide and run from death ur creater is waiting 4 u no matter how rich n connected u are u cannot escape death and judgement day , ameen .

  24. Calendar girl competition, you mean like Miss July? Which beauty contestant/Trump model age group are we talking about Junior Miss? How old are they?

  25. Warren Jackson.. Somebody needs to check
    Trumps flight records for his private jet and helicopter. Bill Clinton doesn't have a plane or copter. If he is found to be
    a participant any any of this he needs to go down
    too. Trump could have had his own plane flown to the island whenever he wanted. Ask Melania, "Boys will be Boys".

  26. Fake news!!!!the testimonies have come out and victims testify that trump had nothing to do with it, was never present, never had sex with them, never flirted with them – your narrative is busted! On the other hand want to look into why Bill Clinton flew on his jet 26 Times? And was photographed with several of the victims???

  27. These left wing lunatics dont wanna talk negative about their clinton hero's. No proof (trump) overwhelming proof (clinton). Hillary eats children and Bill fuk's them. Maybe Bill fuks them, and then, Hillary eats them?

  28. This is the most fake news ive seen from any channell. And its always the young turks getting it wrong. U guys are definately liberal propaganda. Always bashing trump but say nothing of the Clintons traveling to pediphile island 30 times….. trump was never on a flight log to the island. But don't speak of clinton? Why is that? Controlled opposition faggits

  29. My Trump’s link with Jeffrey Epstein should be investigated for the interest of American people who voted for him.

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  33. People better wake up this is a crooked government Congress you don't know how many mens in that messing with kids you know the president doing his thing

  34. This is the reason it has gone on for so long!! You are just now fed up?? Many are just now sick and tired of what others have been screaming foul for years!!!

  35. I was discussing this the other day but they're conservative friend of mine on Facebook. And I had specifically brought up how Trump used to go backstage at his Beauty contests to see underage naked girls or half naked girls just to " see if everything was okay". His response was well wouldn't everyone do that if they had the ability to do so? My response to him was only if you're a pedophile. Then I asked him if he was a pedophile. No response was given.

  36. Don't blame LIBERALS!


    BARR is a CLIENT!!!





  37. I could not believe when the MSM Photoshoped Bill Clintons face over Trumps wearing a blue dress and high heels. Obviously Trump paid someone to do that. The media has been catering to Trump long enough! He literally pays their salaries. CNN needs Trump. I bet CNN will have to start selling T-Shirts for the low low price of $24.99(+shipping) just to stay afloat.

  38. Fred Flinstone (Barr) doesn’t want to recuse himself because as tRUMP’s private attorney, he wants to protect his client and himself!!! Duhhh 🙄

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  40. This is Nuclear. Society is going to inSINerate these people. That Black Book is the End Game. Epstein had it planned.. The Dude is a Demon..History in the Making.. Stay Tuned

  41. Will the police/FBI tell the truth or cover up the truth I just wonder what's happening to our law enforcement have they lost their credibility? What happened to the oaths they took are they no longer important?

  42. Trump , Clinton are creeps and many unknown to public.
    26 flight to Epstein island by Clinton says something, he was not visiting his sick mother.

  43. I said Trump hooked up with his wife through Epstein, of course he did she was one of the hookers at Epstein parties and Trump fell in love with her. They were all sleeping with little girls.

  44. Show me any man who doesn't like fun, not to mention Donald. The difference between Donald and Clinton is that Donald kept it controlled. My Hero, Donald is the Greatest. 0094772503617 whatsapp.

  45. Trump is as bad if not worse than Epstein, Trump likes young girls even his own bitch iwanka the way he is around her is creepy. Sick cunts lock them all up , there seems to be two laws in America, for the haves and the have nots. Something has to change and why are the tramps who lured the under age kids free and living the high life

  46. Trump is as bad if not worse than Epstein, Trump likes young girls even his own bitch iwanka the way he is around her is creepy. Sick cunts lock them all up , there seems to be two laws in America, for the haves and the have nots. Something has to change and why are the tramps who lured the under age kids free and living the high life

  47. Trump is as bad if not worse than Epstein, Trump likes young girls even his own bitch iwanka the way he is around her is creepy. Sick cunts lock them all up , there seems to be two laws in America, for the haves and the have nots. Something has to change and why are the tramps who lured the under age kids free and living the high life

  48. Trump is as bad if not worse than Epstein, Trump likes young girls even his own bitch iwanka the way he is around her is creepy. Sick cunts lock them all up , there seems to be two laws in America, for the haves and the have nots. Something has to change and why are the tramps who lured the under age kids free and living the high life .

  49. Trump is as bad if not worse than Epstein, Trump likes young girls even his own bitch iwanka the way he is around her is creepy. Sick cunts lock them all up , there seems to be two laws in America, for the haves and the have nots. Something has to change and why are the tramps who lured the under age kids free and living the high life .

  50. Trump is as bad if not worse than Epstein, Trump likes young girls even his own hitch iwanka the way he is around her is creepy. Sick cunts lock them all up , there seems to be two laws in America, for the haves and the have nots. Something has to change and why are the tramps who lured the under age kids free and living the high life .

  51. Omg I heard one of trump and Epsteins victims tell that trump violently raped her with Epstein and threw her one hundred bucks when she was 12 years old. Sickos

  52. You can’t stand it anymore? Yeah, what about in the past then? You could stand it? Interesting such change of attitude. Better late than ever for sure, nevertheless one has to understand when one stand at all time, we are talking about adults no adolescents.

  53. Wouldn't be surprised if he was murdered . Orders from the top to keep them clean. No cameras, no inmate, no checking up on him? Hmmmm not stupid. Watching this unfold. Don't stop digging and rapporting

  54. I'm sure Trump had the fun that most of us horny men would have participated in if we would have had the same opportunity. And we all know about Bill Clinton. Remember Trump has said that he has never asked God for forgiveness. That in itself tells its own story.

  55. Here is why Barr won't recuse himself. Empstein had dirt on a lot of important people and now the FBI has that info. Barr wants access to that info so he can blackmail them for political gain.

  56. When the right made up "pizzagate" back in 2016 they were screaming that there must be an investigation, blah, blah, blah. Now that we have a real sex trafficking scandal the republicons are strangely quiet. I wonder why?

  57. They have very much in common. They both liked underage girls. They both r** and sexually assaulted woman for decades and got away with it. And now he will get away with it.

    I think Trump had Epstein murdered in prison to silence him. When you’re rich and powerful in America. You are untouchable and invisible. But Trump isn’t a smart person and he cannot keep a secret and will blab about about it at some point.

  58. In an interview last week with The Post, Mark Epstein said Trump flew on the plane “numerous times” but said he was only present for one flight. “They were good friends,” Mark Epstein told the Post recently. “I know [Trump] is trying to distance himself, but they were.”

    "Donald liked Epstein," said Steven Hoffenberg, a Trump acquaintance who was Epstein's business partner at a New York private equity firm in the 1980s and '90s, until Hoffenberg was convicted of running a massive Ponzi scheme. "But he was crazy about Maxwell, a very charming lady."

  59. They don't mention Trump's lawsuit against epstien banning him from his golf courses in 1995 for grouping his younger waitresses there's court ducmented eviedence!!! But there right the rich elite get away with everything rape murder pedophilia!!!!!!

  60. According To 4Chan they took him out of solitary and put him in a cell that night! They only put rape-ohs with Rape-Ohs! That Cop killer that was put in his cell was a ploy! Barr and Trump took Epstein out of there! He disappears with all his fortune to save their ass! He is NOT dead! Others would come forward if he died! Im sure they know that! I noticed the media changed everything the gaurd/prisoner posted! It had nothing to do with medical! So they have some huge crap to hide if the took the original post off the entire internet and changed the wording!

  61. Yeah, 🍭 anyone? Nice ULTRA vague debunk-tion of the S.R.A. &C.of.ChildrenEnMass&CelebratedWithMuchFanfare&ComedyInPublic&onS.MediaPlatforms.Within.the.VeryWallsoftheNationsCapitol. Well if that didnt succeed in starting a civil war in old R.W.&B.'s dazed & CON-ruled 'merryKuh home of the paedo-crave, then maybe when our High Arch Presence in the casa de cuernos blankers…errr blancos i mean….gets impeached by the CNN (Casa de Numerosos Nexusers) Blankchildren…err "ANKERMEN!" i said….then "they " (aka the deepstate, russia, china, the u.k., aussies?, ehhh everyone on "socialist – com-edy-ya-(dumb)..!!!! social media….and i dunno, aliens ?) will have "U.S" distracted so much they can nuke-traliz the shit out of the last civil hold-out against the N.W.O! Woot

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