Trump’s SECRET Taliban Meeting Fails

Trump’s SECRET Taliban Meeting Fails

>>President Trump revealed in a series of
bombshell tweets late Saturday that he planned to secretly meet with Taliban leaders and
the president of Afghanistan Sunday at Camp David. Now that meeting came as a surprise and it
was abruptly cancelled. And we found out about that through a series
of tweets that Trump put out. And I’m gonna go ahead and read those tweets
to you and give you some more details about what this meeting was supposed to be about. Trump Tweets, unbeknownst to almost everyone,
the major Taliban leaders and, separately, the President of Afghanistan, were going to
secretly meet with me at Camp David on Saturday. They were coming to the United States tonight,
this is a tweet from Saturday night. Unfortunately, in order to build false leverage,
they admitted to an attack in Kabul that killed one of our great soldiers and 11 other people. I immediately cancel the meeting, and called
off peace negotiations. What kind of people would kill so many in
order to seemingly strengthen their bargaining position? I don’t know we should take a look at what’s
happening in Yemen. They didn’t, they didn’t they only made it
worse, then he continues to write. If they cannot agree to a ceasefire during
these very important peace talks, and would even kill 12 innocent people. Then they probably don’t have the power to
negotiate a meaningful agreement anyway. How many more decades are they willing to
fight? Now as we all know, Donald Trump has wanted
to pull out of Afghanistan and now that the 2020 election is quickly approaching. If he succeeds in it, it’s one of the things
he wants to point to as a success in his first term. However, as with anything Trump tweets, what’s
happening behind the scenes is very different from what he’s putting out there publicly. So we’re gonna get into the details of why
these negotiations really fell apart. But first, let me give you the background
on how this meeting came about in the first place. At some point during the meeting, the idea
was floated to finalize the negotiations in Washington. Trump suggested that he would even invite
President Ashraf Ghani of Afghanistan, whose government has not been party to these negotiation
talks, and get him to sign on. So I want to stop there for a second, so the
United States and the Taliban have been negotiating a peace deal. Without any type of involvement from the actual
government of Afghanistan. And in the meantime, Trump is making concessions
on behalf of the Afghan government as part of these negotiations. So as soon as the Afghan government got involved
clearly there were some issues. And there were disagreements about the concessions
that Trump provided to the Taliban. Namely that the Afghan government would release
Taliban prisoners, which is not something that Afghanistan agreed to do. Now in the days that followed Trump embraced
an even more remarkable idea. He would not only bring the Taliban to Washington,
but to Camp David, the crown jewel of the American presidency. The leaders of a militant organization, and
this is writing from the New York Times. Deems terrorists by the United States would
be hosted in the mountain getaway used for presidents, prime ministers and kings. Just three days before the anniversary of
the Sept 11, 2001 attacks that led to the Afghan war. All right, so let’s open this up for discussion. I just want to say right off the bat, I am
not one to say that you should never negotiate with so called terrorists. We have negotiated with terrorists in the
past. We’re actually fighting a war for terror terrorists
in Yemen right now. So I’m not in the camp of no, you should not
negotiate with the Taliban. However, the way Trump wanted to do this and
the way he wanted to bring the Taliban to Camp David days prior to September 11, I think
was not a good idea to say the least. And the way the negotiations have gone down
so far, have been pretty bad, especially when he hasn’t involved the Afghan government. And based on reporting, Trump wasn’t even
really involved in the negotiations himself until the very end, because he wanted that
spectacle.>>Well, I mean that’s somewhat common, right,
that you do this stuff at the staff level and then you bring the world leaders in at
the end to close and seal the deal. The real problem here is that I mean let’s
take a step back. The Afghan government controls like four streets
in Kabul and that’s about it. And the Americans do in fact leave which in
my view we should. The government is going to likely collapse. It’s going to fall to the Taliban. No American presidents been willing to take
that risk. We thought maybe Trump was so desirous of
saying, I brought the troops back. And so uncaring of the fallout that he might
but no he’s not willing to do that either. So apparently we’re locked into the Afghanistan
for 100 years doing nothing of consequence. For stalling an inevitable solution or an
inevitable consequence of our eventually leaving if we ever do.>>But the Taliban and the Afghan government
despite how marginalized the Afghan government is both want the United States troops to leave
their nation. So if Trump and his team if you’re saying
that, it’s more gonna be on the, lower levels that are having these conversations. If they had the shred of competency, they
would know that that is a common goal to bring those two groups together to have a conversation
if they actually wanted peace. The reality is that Trump acts impulsively,
he sort of wants peace and has these anti interventionist inclinations. But when it comes down to it, it’s the establishment
of the republican party that will always put a wall up in front of him. And he wants to be liked by that his covert
of people around him and by his supporters so much. So that’s what’s going to win out dirt at
the end of the day. And he’s so easily swayed by who’s the last
person in the room.>>True.>>So while that might be his initial instinct
to be anti interventionist. It’s never going to get past the first step
and this is just another another example of it. And it’s frustrating because he could be the
Trojan Horse for us people who love peace who want us to get out of these forever wars. And actually accomplish this goal because
only a republican can for the republicans to accept it. And democrats and liberals are principled
enough to say, okay, we’ll be fine with it even if Trump does it.>>Yeah, I mean, it was the idea that if anyone
could get away with this, it could be trial. And no, he’s he’s not willing to and and frankly
the the Afghan government and the Taliban’s concerns and wishes mean absolutely nothing
to US foreign policy in any fashion.>>Which is why we invaded them, we stay there
for decades.>>This is about an American president trying
to save face. And unfortunately, he’s going to continue
to have Americans there who are still in harm’s way as those tweets show.>>So I wanna get to the Warhawks, who surrounds
him and his administration in just a second. But I do also wanna give you some information
about the soldier who died in these Taliban attack. As I mentioned earlier, 12 innocent people
were killed. Including a soldier who, Army sergeant 1st
class Elis Angel Barreto Ortiz. Now he was cited, his death was cited as the
reason for why this meeting didn’t happen and why the negotiations fell apart. But in reality, these Taliban attacks have
never subsided, like they have continued more American military have died as a result of
these attacks. What really happened is there was so many
disagreements and there was so much chaos in the middle of these negotiations. That it just kind of fell apart and my interpretation
of this is that the administration is now pointing to this particular Taliban attack. For their reason to kind of leave the negotiations
behind at the moment.>>Definitely.>>They claim that they want to continue negotating
but we’ll see. Now, I want to go to Mike Pompeo because Pompeo’s
rhetoric here perfectly demonstrates and illustrates what you guys are talking about. The kind of hawkishness that you can expect
from someone like Pompeo and to an even greater degree John Bolton, take a look.>>We’re not gonna withdraw our forces without
making sure we achieve President Trump’s Twitter objectives. Any reduction of forces will be based on actual
conditions not commitments but actual conditions on the grounds.>>Okay, well giving that conditions appeared
to be worsening.>>Chuck that’s not true.>>You don’t believe, okay?>>I don’t believe that’s true. If you are the Taliban conditions have been
worsening and they’re about to get worse.>>Okay, what you say about to get worse? So you’re gonna, and does this mean we are
going to increase the military activity against the Taliban?>>We’re gonna make sure that everyone in
the region understands that America will always protect its national security interests. And I’ll leave to the Department of Defense
to talk about specifics, but no one should underestimate President Trump’s commitment
to achieving this goal.>>So it’s just clear who surrounds Donald
Trump. So you guys are right in that he has these
inclinations, he has this feeling that, hey, voters are sick of these forever wars, they
wanna get out. But when you surround yourself with the likes
of John Bolton, who’s even more hawkish than Pompeo is in this administration specifically. Well, you’re gonna have some issues, and I
wannna give you some details about what they were negotiating, what were the terms of the
deal as they stood? The deal called for a gradual withdraw the
remaining 14,000 American troops over 16 months, with about 5000 of them leaving within 135
days. In return, the Taliban would provide counterterrorism
assurances to ease American fears of a repeat September 11th from Afghans soil. But I mean, even in that case, do you trust
the Taliban to avoid another terrorist attack? I mean, I wouldn’t trust them. I would take the proper national security
measures to make sure that an attack like that doesn’t happen in the future.>>Well, but I mean, that is the doom loop
of this militarized policy that we’ve continued to see. We can’t leave, because what would happen
if we leave?>>Well, I wanna leave, don’t get me wrong. I wanna leave but like this whole notion that
like they’re gonna promise that they’re not gonna do any they’re not gonna be naughty
anymore. Of course they’re gonna throughout these negotiations
they’ve continued with their attacks.>>I mean nothing in that says we’re not going
to take over the government and rule the country. I mean they could not harbor a terrorist and
still subjugate women and do everything that the Taliban was doing and controlling Afghanistan. Which was not great situation for the Afghan
people.>>It wasn’t, I mean but,
>>And frankly though, that’s their business. I mean, we’ve invaded the,>>I heard.>>Yeah like I’m obviously sympathetic to
the plate of women and all of these individuals who have to suffer under these authoritarian
governments. These religious governments that are being
run by maniacs. I mean, but we fund one in Saudi Arabia. So the fact that we’re showing this false
concern about all what happens is the Taliban actually gains official control as opposed
to just 90% control of Afghanistan, is absurd. So we’re doing all of this in bad faith and
that’s what’s frustrating about this conversation.>>Yeah, I wanna leave you with one final
bit of information on this graphic 11. A senior Taleban leader on Sunday said that
Trump was fooling himself to think that he could bring the Taliban and President Ashrafj
Ghani together at Camp David. Because we do not recognize stooge government
in Kabul. So there were deep disagreements during these
negotiations. The way that the Trump Administration is trying
to spin it as if everything was hunky-dory they had agreed on everything, everything
was fine. It was just that one final terrorist attack
that they did the changed everything is just a lie. They hadn’t really come to an agreement. There were still deep differences and that
doesn’t mean that you should avoid pulling out of Afghanistan. But you should know what the facts are and
how the negotiations really went.

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