Trumps Unpatriotic ‘Salute to America’ & ‘Fake Politics’

Trumps Unpatriotic ‘Salute to America’ & ‘Fake Politics’

greetings and salutations the United States celebrates its 240 third birthday this week on July the 4th and like all great US holidays and the president Donald Trump era not even our birthday is without controversy Washington DC is buzzing this week after the Washington Post revealed but according to sources Trump is asking for military tanks on the National Mall as prouder of the grandiose July 4th event yes it appears that this year's planned festivities on the National Mall could be taking a very militaristic turn over the normal red white and blue burgers brats and beer flag waving fireworks extravaganza normally is Rolling Stone reports that the Donald is act actually been receiving regular briefings about it from Interior Secretary David Bernhardt and that the president has advised on just about every aspect of the events aesthetics which if he gets his wish will indeed feature tanks or other armed military vehicles stationed around the mall cue the outraged but it's not just tanks Trump and the gang are also reportedly planning a military flyover including not only the Blue Angels but Air Force One as well along with the usual and along with the usual National Mall fireworks displays president Trump's planned a salute to America will also feature the man himself giving a speech to all of us huddled masses Democratic majority leader in the House Representative Steny Hoyer and other Democrats are naturally calling foul in a letter to the administration they wrote that the events will give an appearance of a televised partisan campaign rally on the mall at public expense frankly that's not what July 4th is about so is president Trump militarizing our holidays to ramp up national jingoism and an effort to boost his re-election campaign let's find some answers and start watching the Hawks city in your Street never back down like Tyrell then the treatments what you sleep to analyze investigate from the bottom to the top you know whether they like it but not with the wisdom and the the hearts welcome everyone to watching the Hawks I am Tyrel Ventura so you ready for this July 4th tab I'm not going anywhere near the military tanks on the mall potentially I would rather go to the mall that the Oscars are held in and get an Orange Julius on Oscar day then then go to the mall and deal with this no absolutely not if not this is I mean there's nothing new about the idea of sort of having these you know military like parades ok like I get it I get the 4th of July I think it's strange that it came so quickly like this why wouldn't you do that the first year why wouldn't you salute America your first year in office why did you wait until you're getting reelected but I think what's interesting is people's outrage about that I mean for me I'm like now whatever that's as much as I feel because the idea that this is somehow like new with Trump I think is interesting and my favorite former Pentagon and State Department spokesman under President Obama mr. Kirby actually tweeted he ordered military flyovers for his big speech on the 4th now according to the Washington Post Trump is pushing for military attacks here's the scenery this is not who we are we should be better than this and far above this sort of crass jingoism John I hate to break it to you but this is exactly who we are welcome to DC we're like 75% of the people walking around are being paid in some fashion by a military industrial complex how much of our money goes to pay for all of this stuff how much of our safety goes away to make sure these people get more money for planes that fall out of the sky I mean I'm just thinking maybe yeah Ravens the outrageous doesn't it does nothing for me I mean I you know I tap I gotta agree there I understand you know the Democrats side hey you're turning this you know which should be a national celebration that could potentially turn into one big campaign rally I get that criticism I understand that but look I mean I'm not a fan I don't want to see tanks on the streets here in Washington DC but at the end of the day yeah like you said the fact that like people are outraged how dare he celebrates the military like that this isn't us yes it is says the former military guy who didn't know that NATO is an anti Russian organization thank you let's not play this like oh no the military how scary for we we celebrate the military through you know you cell and its vehicles constantly in this kind of in this country I mean we got what fighter jets fly over and I felt football games all the time in the Comptroller at the Pentagon estimates that just in 2018 we spent one point seven billion dollars on recruitment and here's the keyword advertising for the military 1.7 billion Wow we we spend 750 billion on the on the budget for the word planning – in the year 2020 that's what they want to try to spend 7 or 50 billion for the military in 2020 more than half of US discretionary spending in our budgets goes to the US military but we're not a jingoistic Society you know we don't we're not over here trumpeting the military oh that's all we do it's absolutely nuts but what's interesting tab is you know this isn't like you said earlier this isn't the first time Trump wanted to do this he's been pushing for this since Bastille was he saw that Bastille Day Parade in France which is hilarious because if we were in the French Revolution Trump would be the first person drugged from his home and brought up to the guillotine like the idea that that was the thing that really made him excited sort of makes me laugh also there's the problem with this whole thing as bringing tanks this was was brought up before when he wanted to do a military parade here and try to do what the French did here's the problem our tanks will rip up every street in DC and if you Benz do you see the streets are bad enough already so unless they're ripping them up so that they can more easily replace them the day after work I don't I'm sorry but I think that my ancestors who fought in the Revolutionary War and helped get us that independence that we are so celebrating this weekend would sort of roll their eyes at the whole for the idea of tanks rolling down and this sort of weird monarchy that's happening over here with you know bring me planes that was a thing that got me to the one other thing that kind of upset me about this too is it the whole like well I'm gonna sanction off the area in the front yeah well half of the from like the front of the Lincoln Memorial back about halfway down on the halfway down the reflecting pond is all VIP if you pay enough or you gave enough whoa so America a series of planned but unpermitted marches by far right and far left organizations class clashed both with each other and police this weekend in Portland Oregon leaving at least one journalist three police officers and over a dozen civilians injured injured demonstrations were planned by the patriot prayer proud boys and men's rights group him to which were then counter pro stead protested by a number of Anti Fog groups while police trying to separate the groups to avoid violence it seems according to Portland PD that the groups in Chapman Square and Lewiston Park square merged then began marching toward Waterfront Park this is when an unpermitted March was impeding vehicular traffic for a short time it was then that fights and assaults broke out as at least five separate regional National far right and far left groups converged in this convergence and EEO an editor and photo journalist for Australian online magazine the quill it was attacked by those identifying with the antiphon movement and this isn't the first time andino has been harassed or attacked by antiphon protestors it's literally a TAS Twitter bio that they hate him it isn't even the first time that it's been caught on camera however it does shine a light on the fact that no matter what actually happened this weekend years of media conglomerates turning our political landscape into which sporting event has had its consequences that is a brilliant observation Tabitha you're right all this does feel like that doesn't it the big it all feels like teams it feels like instead of going to the park on Saturday and playing bocce ball or doing your dart league you're like oh let's go March against Nazis oh let's go be Nazis let's go do this and yeah you know the thing I just don't think they take it very seriously to be honest well and the thing is too is it's like when I when you were showing me these reports you know we were looking at all these reports we're looking at the vid and all that the thing that really jumped out at me too was the the amount after the initial thing happened and everyone went crazy on Twitter talking about it was the amount of dishonesty that came out of it the amount of half-truths that got cycled out my media sphere and the blogosphere and all that like you know what were some of the biggest ones that you saw that like really well what are the biggest ones I think was this the milk shake theory so you know but I'm a few weeks ago Nigel Farage in the UK had a milkshake thrown on him okay so that became a big thing became a sort of protest thing about throwing milkshakes you know throw milkshakes on all the Nazis know it was her idea so a group had brought them there and was giving out vegan milkshakes by the way these are vegan milkshakes there were reports that were brought in that were sent in during the protests of the Portland PD that said that that these live that liberal protesters connected to Auntie Fah were handing out milkshakes laced with quick dry cement to throw it okay so it turned out that's not true there was no quick dry cement they never found one and the problem with is that these things were being handed out and people were drinking it was part of a shake back the streets people were drinking the milkshake so if you would put a yeah I guess yeah there were sense of people filmed people had them thrown in their face with Andy no here's the thing this is someone who in his Twitter bio says aunt if I hates me he goes to these and he puts himself in situations where he's filming them and he's in the middle of these things and like I said there's many you get the same reactions whenever he goes there to do it his gig is he shows up they don't like he says he's allowed to be there the whole thing happens but when you look at this I mean yeah I don't see the point of this what does this tell anyone does that suddenly make and hoon Andy no suddenly everything he writes his pointless and oh my gosh who's ever gonna follow him again it just it all of it feels so childish and when you watch the videos you have a bunch of these quote-unquote antiphon protesters which here my thing about that I never trust a grassroots political organization or any kind of movement that comes out of nowhere and almost everybody involved with it is wearing a mask because I've read and I've done my research on the CIA doing that in the 50s and 60s and 70s to everyone from you know black power movements to students organizations and the fact that you're out there doing that and purposely saying I am going to cause problems makes me believe more than nothing more than anything else that these people out there they're to cause a problem to make a political point because they may be part of something else yeah and that that's for everyone the proud boys and whatever men – all of it there's something not right about any of these organizations extremism versus extremism isn't gonna solve any problems at the end of the day I think you made a great point tablet sleep you know throwing milkshakes and throwing all this stuff on this on this writer and keying him up like I said that's not gonna change his views that's not gonna change the views of anything you know and the one thing that gets me the anti-fog I'm sorry we were talking about earlier you made a great point to me earlier that I have to commend you for is I don't see them out in soup lines given out soup to the homeless I don't see antiphon out making people's lives better the others dead Black Panthers at the only time I see auntie fuzz when they're dressed in black causing a ruckus at a protest now they did do some good things you know they've done some good things like protecting people during a protest that got heated but I don't see them doing anything outside of that all I see is just extremism met with extremism and people fighting each other in the streets well please have to try to figure it out doesn't gonna solve this world's problems I'm sorry all right as we go to break cock watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics we've covered on Facebook YouTube and Twitter and be sure to check out watching the Hawks the podcast now available on Spotify Apple music and everywhere you listen to your podcasts on and of course of course do not forget to see our full shows at Artie comm coming up we delve into the world of the corporate and political hijacking of grassroots movements with author and journalist Jason bhisma stay tuned watching dear viewer thank you for finally changing of the channel I understand you're tired of networks that blurred news with views you're tired of commentary you know me I'm famous for my views and you'll get them and the news and me yours truly Scottie Nell Hughes do you know what you've got in your hand you might think it's a phone but in the news we see it as TV with Pluto TV the free and unlimited TV app you can get TV everywhere for free and since TV is everywhere so is RT streaming on all your favorite devices outdoors are inside any time of day or night catch all of our award-winning shows news and cutting-edge analysis everywhere you look and wherever you go question more the United States of America was built on a grassroots movement Hawk Watchers what started as a small grassroots set of demonstrations against over taxation grew into a Boston Tea Party and then evolved into a full-on revolution it eventually saw the birth of a brand-new country but grassroots movements for change the United States didn't end in 1776 from the fight for unions and women's rights in the 1800s to the civil rights movement in the 1950s and 60s to the 21st century's Occupy Wall Street and black lives matter grassroots movements are an interwoven fabric of US political history one could argue that they are one of the purest forms of political expression but what happens when a grassroots movement is co-opted by the very powers it seeks to change or even worse was started by those very powers in order to influence public opinion in favor of a corrupt government or corporation well that's called astroturf egg and it is one of the many themes journalists photographer and author Jason bismuth explores in his new book fake politics how corporate and government groups create and maintain a monopoly on truth and he joins us today now from New York City to take us down the rabbit hole of fake politics thank you for joining us Jason thanks for having me guys yeah Jason I I think just so people get an idea of what this is what what is astroturf when you see it in politics and can you give our audience sort of a real-world example of it that you've seen used in our political system well typically rather than simply throwing money at a campaign or doing a lot of the other things that wealthy people do to influence politics that they'd like to see come to fruition this is where you set up a much deeper network of advocacy it could be think tanks that are often cited in studies that are conveniently towards one goal that's one of the more common things the examples range from a single issue Big Tobacco trying to delay regulation to bigger sustained campaigns like the Koch brothers pretty much holding back climate legislation for going on two decades so you mentioned major corporations have also used a sort of astroturfing to push her agenda you brought up the the idea of sir tobacco corporations but how does that work in in a corporate world and and who are besides a big tobacco who are some of those biggest offenders big tobacco definitely is very good at what they do gas companies Walmart had instance in the book it's basically I mean you got to keep mind you're never breaking the law but it's greatly dishonest it can be through PR companies it can be through blogs but it's easier now than ever because the Internet has democratized information and that's what's interesting is that it's it's so simple I think and the people don't get is that they're their own ideas that you think kind of like grew up in your own had that like oh I kind of support this or I really like this it could be something that's completely influenced by these kind of behind-the-scenes operators and you're suddenly now joining like it like I said a political movement or you know or getting information that is completely untrue that then is being used to influence your politics at the end at the end of the day I'm curious are these types of influencing operations exclusive to you know one I mean look we have the two-party tragically a two-party system here in the United States but are these kind of things exclusive to one political party or the other or are there offenders on the whole spectrum of politics here I don't think it's a party specific thing in my book openly there are a couple examples that are right-of-center but that's because the Koch brothers and the Mercer's are particularly wealthy and had particular views they wanted to see enacted but they also typically you know wealthier people do tend to vote right-of-center as well so that that creates a connection but it really isn't one specific side and when you say how scary it is to not be able to find it it took me months to research this book so in a day to day life trying to get work done trying to live your life these are the kind of things you're not gonna realize are impacting decision making both for individuals and in Washington now we've seen those what's interesting is is that we've seen this in certain kinds of government situations in which you know certain ideas get pushed forward certain things become a much more important thing in the in the press or in the media than they do then they they seem to be to the rest of us in real life is this one of those situations where you know you turn on the news and they're saying Americans are so worried about X Y & Z and yet you can't find any people who actually care about that is that kind of where this pulls in is making an issue seem like your neighbors are more upset about it than they really are I don't know if I found these two these examples of that actually know that that's incorrect I mean people talking about different reasons for I'm not your neighbors aren't as concerned about X they're concerned about gas prices so it usually is to a bigger thing there's a bigger set of ideals at mind but the bigger thing is that there's an agenda to be had and often on the contrary they want it to be as under the radar as possible they don't want the news talking about it because if you do the digging that I had the time to do you're gonna find that all these organizations happen to have donations from one group so in sort of writing and researching the book was there any instance you found of a specific kind of manipulation a specific instance of Astroturf 'ok that even you were surprised or or couldn't believe was actually a work you kind of a say like we all assumed what were some of the big ones that surprised you yeah for me when you look at you know stuff like the koch brothers not to keep mentioning them but everybody kind of knows at this point that they're very politically active their names are on Lincoln Center here in New York City but little things like Walmart setting up a blog making it sound like all these Walmart employees are so happy I was it was two people who went driving across the country in an RV and we're parking in Walmart parking lots kids free to park they just happened to be running into like the happiest Walmart employees in the world every time they stopped so little stuff that that's innocent was surprising but it's also surprised I mean you really think about the influence that could have if enough people read it if it gets picked up in a local news broad and undoes a lot of the preconceived notions we have about Walmart not treating their workers the way they should yeah and that's kind of stuff is so insidious to me when I see it you know taking place because I think anyone would be offended by that it's one thing if you know if politician gets on TV and says I believe in you know Big Oil or I believe I don't believe in climate change okay that's the politician saying that but when you're reading a blog or you're reading a paper you're reading something that's supposed to be legit or someone's just personal feelings and suddenly you find out oh no they're getting paid oh no no this money is like going in there influencers yes the influencer so we probably shouldn't be surprised if someone says they like that shampoo probably question it so we found that it's a much bigger problem yeah I want to ask you is how how do you feel how can citizens better spot these kind of these fake outz what what can they do like you said you were researching a book and you know it's a lot of research there's a lot of time but is there any advice that you can give to kind of help people better spot these moments where they might be being manipulated this could be a complete manipulation the problem is there there are some you can question the motives of something that happens to be way too convenient for big companies big entities big industries that usually don't have things happen that conveniently for them but my bigger solution is to make this a political show you care about citizens united being dissolved is something that is politically has some political momentum public more public financing of campaigns there's less money in politics it's something that has political momentum really the solution to this is making politics less for sale that's a really big I don't know I mean DCA so I'm like what don't say that too loud you might scare people and it's out that way because most I think what people maybe people don't realize or they assume is that you know most of our politics most of these parties most of these issues are bought and paid for whether it's a we've seen it you know throughout this of corporations sort of getting their wing into public issues in a way that whether it's a terrible Pepsi ad or you know some sort of of sale of something there's definitely a difference in the way that things are perceived what do you know what we could you know what are the things that people I guess what what can we do as the media to better report on certain things so that we were better informing the public so that they can make informed choices about this um this is gonna sound like a journalist being advocating for the industry I'm in but investments in journalism are important local journalism is important if you look at a lot of the people I cite in the story they did work that I didn't have the resources to do Jane Mayer at The New Yorker did work over years because someone paid her to research the same thing for years which made my book even possible so investing in journalism is important but more than anything I bring it back to the first bill that came to the house when the house was flipped was to was HR 1 which does a lot to further democratize this country that's the actual substantive change that's actually had a chance at fighting you know the Koch brothers are the fourth and sixth richest people in America it's quite an opposition it is it is and I think you've got a lot of people I think a lot of people are waking up to the wealth gap you know that's in this country a lot of you know people like the Sanders campaign and now it's become a major issue on the 20/20 ticket the wealth gap is one thing but I think people still have yet to really comprehend the influence that that wealth gap has wrought all over our politics and all over art you know what we buy in this country and why we buy it or what we think is even cool we're marketed to constantly things like that and I think people like yourself putting out this book is a good way to help combat that I want to thank you so much for coming on today and telling us about your new book I definitely hope people have the time to go pick it up Jason business the new book fake politics how corporate and government groups create and maintain a monopoly on truth let's help break that monopoly thank you so much for coming on today Jason thanks guys the Mexican Weather Service warned of strong rain however I don't think they expected anything quite like this in fact this natural phenomenon has never be recorded in the area in which it occurred a powerful hailstorm hit one of Mexico's most populous cities Guadalajara leaving behind neither an item nearly a meter and a half of pack tail behind that freak storm as you can see left cars and streets buried though no fatalities or major injuries were reported of course children also took the chance to the time to have to have snowball fights and make snow angels as these summer heat makes the cleanup a little easier as long as they get to it before it can cause flooding in the area meteorologists believe that the hailstorm was in part due to increasing and record-breaking temperatures in places like Guadalajara it's almost as if the climate is trying to tell us something about change what would that be we'll find out tomorrow all right that is our show for you today remember everyone in this world we're not told that we're loved enough so I tell you all I love you I am Tyrel Ventura I don't have a car keep on watching all those hawks out there and have a great day and night

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29 thoughts on “Trumps Unpatriotic ‘Salute to America’ & ‘Fake Politics’

  1. Also, while I get that they were using a rhetorical device to set up a thread of continuity to the subject of their guest interview, the apparent lack of research into AntiFa was incredibly disappointing. The comparisons to the BPP was entirely inappropriate, because the Black Panthers organized around and through their party. AntiFa is a very purpose-driven "organization", as it's a loose banner that activists group together under for the specific purpose of confronting fascists in public spaces. Furthermore, the lion's share of those individuals actually are involved in other avenues of activism, and those individuals actually do work on those soup lines you mentioned, just not as representatives of AntiFa. The reason being, that's not what AntiFa is .

    I think they missed out on a prime opportunity to really set themselves apart from all other newscasters by providing a view based in an understanding of what that loose grouping of individuals actually is.

    Speaking on the point of method of organization and design of group hierarchy, AntiFa has much more in common with the late Occupy movement than with the Black Panther Party, in that it isn't an organization in the modern Western sense. It is a fluid means of group affiliation to mobilize individuals who have a shared strategic idea, and not a political organization that seeks to establish broad support or a greater implementation of a shared ideology. The only codified political idea of AntiFa is to counter fascists and their sympathizers in public arenas, using the tactical palette drawn from direct action. People who are anarchists and/or socialists of many different traditions tend to make up the vast majority of individuals who operate under the banner of AntiFa, though others of various ideological traditions also participate. The greatest part of these people live their day-to-day political lives through entirely unrelated channels.

  2. They should put a facade on every one of the tanks that they roll out to make them look like giant hamburgers, with Burger King crowns as the turrets, and vehicle-based short range missiles, with the missiles done up to look like Wendy's Frostees. Paint the jets up in McDonald's livery, so they look like boxes of fries. Carpet the mall with bones, skulls, and tattered clothing. Put on the military parade the world deserves!

  3. Who funds you Tyrel/Tabetha? You've got some brass balls to complain about dark money funded groups and astroturfing when you are doing exactly the same kind of work. All over RT, when there is more important shit going on, yet you have that ignorant "comedian without the funny" Lionel bleat about Antifa, and you are taking the same line – do you have editorial freedom? Tabetha, Antifa don't have food programs because they are fighting/protesting fascism, the panthers were also an armed militant left wing group, so you don't know shit about history. Try learning to read the cue cards straight for one show without chewing your words. Also change the fucking logo, and cut out the corny catchphrases – Jesus your production values are low, with a 250 million budget, not acceptable. Try to explain the difference between one side fighting fascism, and the other = actual fascists but you didn't really have much to say about the actual nazis? Masks are there to protect your face from the national security state, what do you have against them Tyrel, do they scare you? Awwww, wait wasn't daddy a wrestler, he never wore a mask? You big bald puss. Anyway, another shit job guys, had to let you know how bad you are – and where is Sean Stone, is he dead? Your graphics are so old he is still in the intro.

  4. Unpatriotic? Pffff. Looks like you commies have brought out the basement dwelling losers.

  5. A fly over of the blue angels is a good idea, though why anyone would want to see a shitty 747 flying over I don't know.

  6. Military fly-overs is no big event. Antifa, is a radicalized organization that is alarming to me, at best and on the other side; Antifa is a consequence of intentional radicalization of media and politics in "modern-day" America.

  7. They are never breaking the law but don't forget the Kochs are responsible for making the laws..

  8. The American revolution wasnt a revolution but an aristocratic revolt against taxes, meaning rich people crying for paying taxes, is that anything new?
    In general left wing movements are generally infiltrated by police and have anarchists who destroys things, but throwing Stones at the police are good because stand against us!

  9. after  TRUMP  government  2020 or 2024 where  will  USA  be?   What future  beholds  LAND OF FREE /  HOME  OF  THE  BRAVE?

  10. The CIA and illuminati will pit polaric organizations against one another and aid both. Conflict and bloodshed usually precede progress. Those who expose ugly facts usually suffer the most.

  11. I could care less what he does for a 4th of July celebration. I have more important things to worry about.

    The 4 of July is no reason for celebrating. No liberty, no freedom. No Justice. War on Peace.

  13. Trump is desperate to sell the tanks — I guess this his version of an auto clearance lot. Since the Obama Era of Drone Warfare, tanks just don’t sell as well — except probably to the Saudis. US can sell them anything; and the Saudis can sell any BS to the US, also.
    I don’t give a shit how Trump celebrates July 4. I won’t celebrate until America adheres to the freedoms that are SUPPOSED to be guaranteed in the Constitution—which I don’t expect in my lifetime.

  14. We are going to need masks and matching outfits just like in Hong Kong to fool the AI facial recognition surveillance software. But until America learns to come together and protest actual power like the people of Hong Kong it’s a waste of time. So much division and brainwashing.

  15. 5:20 The only ones being sucked into the military grinder are those who see no outlet for the future. That's why the establishment is pushing for the dumbing down of America… oops, Amerka.

  16. No amount of military bravado will make Trump look better. He has tainted the good name of soldiers by forcing the men into conflicts that we made.

  17. Great show, Tyrel and Tabetha. There are times when I wish the show was an hour long. This is one of those times. I heard about that ice/hail storm earlier today. I live in central Washington and have seen some fairly big rocks of ice in June. Thank goodness those storms don't happen regularly.

  18. ANITIFA is a CIA synthesized, funded and protected Divide and Conquer project. "Let's make everyone hate the animal rights, Green Peace types…….keep them fighting each other in the streets so they don't come after us………EXCELLENT" (rubs hands).

  19. I love watching the hawks
    Trump is a zio puppet who needs permission from Israel to use the white house facilities .

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