100 thoughts on “Tucker: Impeachment witnesses had no evidence, only opinions

  1. That is so true about the these overly educated individuals who can be petty and down right stupid! They can be well educated but have no wisdom or common sense!

  2. The best thing would be if Trump testified himself (using his own words). He'd teach these professors a thing or two about what the founding fathers really intended.

  3. Adam Schiff should be charged for attempting coup to the President .👺
    He is the one using the house power as his power. 👹

  4. So the Democrats bring professors to the Judiciary Committee as witnesses that are Democrats donors, have proven animus towards Trump, wanted him impeached with no evidence, and the Republicans brought a professor that voted AGAINST Trump, yet knows there is nothing to impeach him on. Now objectively, which side looks more credible here?

    The Democrats are out of their minds LOL.

  5. I'd trust fox out of all the news media. The only thing that can save the democrats is legalizing cannabis and pushing that bill through. All the democratic presidential candidates may as well drop out for 2020, they only assured Trump is going to win it again.

  6. The only political commentator worth watching. Some of his stuff is silly nonsense but he puts some real gems into his show. He's first 10 minutes is usually pretty fun to watch. Much much better than his competitors.

  7. Tucker has no idea that some witnesses are “fact witnesses” and some witnesses are legal experts which are crucial for outlining precedent and matters of legal dispute. Seems like CooCoo Carlson wants fact witnesses to attest to matters of law, and legal witnesses to attest to matters of fact! He is tricking his audience and he knows it!

  8. Tucker is a joke. Lmao his laugh is just as fake as his president. If there's no impeachment because of yall idiots, he won't be reelected. Come back to me in 2020

  9. You can parrot this guy all you want, but you know he bribed a country's leader just like he bribed his porn star hookers ..and he'll keep doing it…so i imagine a percentage of Fox viewers will continue to parrot this wormy guy…turn their back on intolerable behavior unfit of a president…but hopefully enough will open their eyes….so to those with eyes opened…PLEASE LISTEN TO YOUR CONSCIENCE. Don't allow these (Fox) enablers to steer you away from the truth…….

  10. So we should have one of every race in these hearings? What if they aren't relevant? And three of the four definitely were not! What difference does skin color make.

  11. Not one person of color is testifying…Because they know how it feels to be Crucified, unjustly, with no reason other than Bias. Nothing changes….ever!

  12. All this baloney over inferences and opinions. Sorry law professors, but you sound like hyper-partisan political hacks.

  13. fox fake news. what we had we're three knowledgeable people who did nothing but give the facts of the constitution. And here ya have fox doing what they do the 45 talk andconfuse distract whatever it takes to keep 45 lies as gospel truth .I actually did listen and all agreed that according to the us con. He did wrong and needs to be held accountable

  14. Present Trump’s problem is his is a business man not a POLITICIAN! So it’s hard for the Democrats to admit they lost to an outsider who is messing up thier playhouse!!

  15. Tucker Carlson : Opinion show host, provides zero evidence.
    Shouts and bawls, makes irrelevant assumptions about how other people feel.
    Fox crowd : Confused mumbling, eats another pork rind, waves flies away.

  16. the whole of Academia is scattered with these sorts of academics, more spotters than educators: there, in the process of the higher education, which is controlled by the Judeo-Zionist foundations, they select the "elements" of their liking, of their agenda. of course, Tribe´s spawns which enjoy the front seats & are never a bit awkward: printed money pay for them..

  17. FYI: Dear maga fans… If you are true Americans as you say you are, remember this, you are who you are because of our Constitution and our laws which our great founders of this great nation put together to assure no one person ever takes total control of this beautiful Free Nation. Plain and simple, Trump has broken, ignored and missed used just about every rule in our Constitution and laws of the land. I find it extremely difficult to hear maga supporters always touting "WE ARE LAW ABIDING CITIZENS" proudly using it as a shield as if every one else that does not fit their beliefs are nothing but law breakers.

    Well here it is and here we are, it's now a fact Trump has broken every law there is, and is now saying he can do what ever he wants, just shy of saying he is a king and is above the law.

    Tell me now… Maga supporters, if you support what Trump is doing, then you are no longer an American or a Law Abiding Citizen. What you are now is a subject of a King, and your new ruler King is Donald Trump.

    Just a reminder, your new King Donald Trump, is going to be a Puppet King under total control by the Russian Ruler "Putin"".

    This is not a rant or left or right conspiracy theory, this is now a fact. If for some reason our Constitution fails to remove Trump, America is no longer a Free Nation, America will only be just a name that will function and be controlled by a King dictatorship giving all control to Putin. And as we all know, dictators do not tolerate their subjects (meaning you), owning weapons. Why? This is so their subjects can not raise up and over throw the King.

    Maga supporters, you can kiss your 2nd Amendment and all your Guns Good By. Meaning your red blooded American soul will be ripped out of your body like your heart. If you think you can hide your guns and plan a quo to overthrow your new king, well I just hope all your guns can over power everything our current American Military has to bare, because it will all be used against anyone who dares to try. And if I remember correctly, those secret maga militia folk out in the hills don't have nuclear submarines.

    Think hard about who you are as an American and who you are supporting because these are now facts, and you are now allowing Russia to finally take over our Great Nation.



    A 63 year old American, who does not want to become a subject of a King.

  18. Tucker C says " impeachment witnesses have no evidence just opinions, thats funny because his show has no facts, just conspiracy theories….

  19. show's what yale is teaching ! ,,,, hmmm bush sr talked about NWO ,Clinton said the same and bush jr said the same , all from yale ,,lol go figure!

  20. Anyone have youtube block video on these 'controversial' videos? There's no picture, just audio. It only happens on videos like impeachment.

  21. they must carry on this Kabuki theater. remember Hillary´s prophecy: "if we don´t get the White House, a lot of us may end up on lamp posts".


  23. It's not their job to provide evidence. They're constitutional scholars and they were giving their views on if the evidence presented to Congress is grounds for impeachment.

  24. I am not know much about the law. I did not go to law school. I did not understand what the whole meaning of the law books but I do know that it need hard evidence or witness to accuse any person of wrong doing. We live in America not in Vietnam, China….


  26. @10:27 So, you should have called upon your own colleague to be a witness, the brilliant man named Rep. Hank Johnson. Not only was he a practicing lawyer and judge, he is also an expert on geophysics! Most importantly, he is not white, and therefore the best possible expert on Constitutional law.

  27. Who cares what Washington, Jefferson and Madison would think? They are WHITE NATIONALIST SLAVEHOLDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When the first Immigration and Nationalization Act of 1790 restricted citizenship to "free white persons of good character", they were ALL in favor of it. Washington even SIGNED it. Oh my God, Please, get me a couch to faint on. My pearls! My pearls!

  28. When AG Barr and Durham get done these scholars will have given leftists a road map to show the dems are the traitors.

  29. Are you doing a Stephen Colbert Bit? Lol I can’t wait till Vic Berger turns you into a video.

    Btw you’re asking why people are giving their recollection and opinions during a deposition as though you don’t know what that is ya dingus.

  30. These geeky law professors accuse, but they dont explain in what way its high crimes and misdemeanors. Because that takes evidence and so far i havent seen any and all they had to offer was irrelevant history lessons and opinion.

  31. By the way that Stanford professor looks like an old cat lady. She is really angry because men find her unattractive and she has probably not had relations with men.

  32. The Intel Committee is keeping their investigation going because every time stupid Trump talks, he gives them more evidence.

  33. I still don't understand this idea that President Trump asking this new Ukraine President who ran for office promising to investigate all the PROVEN corruption of the past administration that if they find evidence that our LAST US VICE PRESIDENT used his position to EXTORT/BRIBE/QUID PRO QUO is "wrong" on ANY level to please inform our AG with it because it's his job to PROSECUTE high ranking officials who BREAK THE LAW WHILE IN OFFICE! It would have been WRONG to NOT ask because the US has no jurisdiction in the Ukraine and if they find PROOF of any crime(s) Biden was involved in, it's HIS JOB to ask as a favor from the Ukrainian govt to let the US know so he can take that information to the AG for legal investigations to 1. bring JUSTICE to corrupt lawmakers and 2. PROTECT OUR COUNTRY from Biden getting the power of the POTUS if he's really a corrupt and dirty man who could do a lot of damage to this country if he's prone to working on our behalf in this manner!! jEEZE, how can ANYBODY not see this?

  34. I love how they have these hearings when people are at work unable to see what is going on. The working Americans have to take the word of journalists on what is going on.

  35. So where all my tax dollars going? Oh ya to pay for this circus. How about they dont get paid until they pull their heads from their arsses!!! Ill wait.

  36. The Democrats have plotted together to lie and lie and lie. That's the foundation of their strategy…lie, lie, lie.

  37. Al Green is a racist. Who the f*$k cares what color the so called experts are. Get a life you moron. You are they class of idiots that keep racism alive

  38. Yep, the impeachment HAS LOST all meaning! It's a bad joke delivered by lame politicians and biased attorneys with huge egos.

  39. Waste of time, waste of money. These people really think we are stupid. I am extremely disappointed in our educational system. Stanford should be ashamed of this!

  40. Those three hateful stooges must have loved hating on our President. Sad to think they are teaching in our colleges! Yikes! One even attacked poor Barron Trump for his name!

  41. Pay close attention to this and the last 3 years….This is what a SOCIALIST attempt to take over our country looks like !!!

  42. The danger here, if you listen to the words they continue to use……… about undermining the election, soliciting foreign powers to interfere in the election, etc……. they are already accepting defeat in 2020 and are lying the groundwork for another 4 years of refusing to accept the outcome … this time the impeachment and Russia collusion crap is not going to start over…… this will lead to direct violence against conservatives, GOP officials and maybe even the President himself.

  43. After watching this, I just want to publicly apologize for having habitually voted for Democrats up until 2016. That was such a dumb thing to do. Sorry about that. Won't ever do it again.

  44. Karlan even made it clear under questioning (which blew my mind)…

    Dem – "Did Trump commit an impeachable offense?"
    Karlan – "In my opinion as a citizen, yes. I am not an expert in Con Law, so cannot provide an opinion."
    Dem – "We will accept your _citizen opinion_"

    When did a "citizen's opinion" become admissible in ANY legal procedure?

  45. Tucker & Donna are the only two people I trust in Mainstream Media. Without Tucker & Dobbs there would be no one reliable and honest.

    If you just type his name in, the comment will delete

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