100 thoughts on “Tucker: What happened to the Democratic party under Trump?

  1. None citizens SHOULD NEVER VOTE IN ELECTIONS. BUT the BOLSEVECK will fight to have all none citizens VOTING. I DID NOT VOTE FOE THESE POLITICIANS TO DO THIS. WHO ARE THEY FOLLOWING Not American Voters will. Come on

  2. i think the more important question is what happened to hillary going to prison. where she belongs.

  3. Obama also brought more anti american 'boots' over the border than any other president. Forcibly in fact, against the wishes of the American people.

  4. "Mainstream" apparently means abortions up to birth paid by taxes, no guns whatsoever, and open borders.

    Ladies and gentleman, the left really believes this. Gonna be fun watching them burn again.

  5. The real question is when will one of the sanctuary city politicians be charged with a crime. Time to close them down one at a time.

  6. I just watched for Tucker Carlson programs and each guest evaded the questions they have no answers they are all communists

  7. We have a out of control state government in California, a treasonous Atty General, idiot for a governor, dems in the legislature who never saw a tax they didn't like and you want us to be without firearms?

  8. There is no such thing as an assult weapon for sale to the general public, so what are you planning on banning mrs libby

  9. Its hilarious and sad. Every time they get asked a question they go all over the map to avoid really giving an answer!! USED CAR SALESMAN COMES TO MIND

  10. The Democrat party has openly said they don't think abortion's should be rare. Do your homework lady.

  11. Nobody has an assault weapon. Just because you don't know the difference doesn't mean they are assault weapon's.

  12. She is definitely not wanting to answer the question. Typical leftist always complaining about being mistreated. Confiscating guns in this country would lead to civil war . I don’t see that helping anything. There are too many people like her that think they speak for the majority but she’s wrong she doesn’t speak for the majority.

  13. They will wiggle and wiggle and wiggle.And when that doesn't work they will play the unfair question game.Democrats are a breed of very disturbed people . And I'm being nice.

  14. When tucker Carlson invites people to his program and they go against his beliefs he cuts them off. In other words do not go against Trump or you will be shut-up.

  15. Stop the TALK – – unless it leads to ACTION. Move talk to action. Please, you can still gain revenue by keeping talk, but your media should facilitate ACTION. Stop the talkers, paid? It’s an ethical decision, but, left as talk, Hillary walks. Do you want to tell your grandkids that you didn’t facilitate action? In your beautiful multi-million dollar house?

  16. Tell ya something, these politicians keep talking "gun confiscation" all they are gonna end up doing is waking up a sleeping giant in the form of the American people. Then they'll really be sorry.

  17. #1.Take guns away from democrats only. #2.They don't need any protection from security people either. #3. Jail all democrats. #4. Then we will be safe at last.

  18. God the left has the ugliest women. They care about children when it comes to guns but then not when it comes to abortion???

  19. We the people deserver answers, and not hiding behind oh that's not a fair question.

    Answer the question to the best of your ability, amd THEN add your caveats.

    I would perfer that then having nothing…

  20. You mean SOME citizens want stricter gun control. Not all. So far as immigration reform goes, Trump is reforming it. He's making sure that we don't see any worthless people that are going to be a leech on our society is going to be admitted to our country.

  21. Her not wanting to answer the question and saying that oh it's just a f**** question they put me in a corner or whatever is just showing how full of s*** she is

  22. Are you care about the children b** way more than that are being aborted every year okay so quit your f**** oh the children speech

  23. That's your typical dimwit Democrat can answer a straight question this is what we've come to people that can't answer questions when you ask them they just dance around it and but it's absurd who are these people why are they doing this to our country I don't understand it

  24. Five killed, twenty-one injured. Did this person have a stamp on his forehead. Just like all the other people that committed unspeakable acts. Know one knew. If you want to connect dots. But sometimes no one knows.

  25. Clinton speaks for no one she's a criminal….how many people have been murdered by this demonic witch!!! She definitely shouldn't have any firearms!!?

  26. ALL ASSUALT WEAPONS ARE BANNED NOW!! you cant buy m16's legally! all AR's are NOT assualt weapons. the gun HAS to be full AUTO to be an assualt weapon. READ, FOLKS. LEARN.

  27. Before they can do away with the First admendment they have to take out the second amendment.
    Does a politician ever have to pass a test in ethics before they become a lawmaker?
    the answer is all too obvious.

  28. A lot easier solution is to push BIRTH CONTROL, I guess self control is completely out of the picture! Exactly what does it say about having any kind of 'personal standards' any more?? Why the HUGE number of ABORTIONS every year? I remember the young woman, leaning over a platform rail, bemoaning the fact that now, with President Trump, "There go our abortions!" What exactly does she say about women now???

  29. I qonder what she thinks now i guarantee she is for third trimester abortions
    And look at every democratic presidential candidate and there all for total gun control

  30. Most of the media and political establishment have become a fifth column in the West. They actively profit from our decline!

  31. The woman is full of it. "The people" (Americans) at large do NOT want immigration law changed, nor more "gun control" (a phony euphemism for stopping citizens from having guns).

  32. This lady is delusional look at the 2020 democratic candidates and their positions. The details do matter and not all the people agree with your solutions so even if we agree on a problem which isn't always the case you still have to justify your positions and the solutions you offer.

  33. Our IQs are dropping thanks to the left taking over the education system. because of this, more people are too stupid to see that the democommunists are the enemy of america

    clinton had a plan and obama had a plan on immigration and look at what those plans got us. Worse now than ever. good plan dems. wish they wouod actually work with this president but they are evil

    what weapon isnt an assault
    weapon? there are background checks already
    democommunists need to leave and move to a socialist country

  34. Patriot Act means USA under martial law; therefore the election protocol will be defined by the US marshals. No more machine voting , paper ballots legalized by purple thumb print!

  35. Let’s de-regulate birth control and make it as easily accessible as Tylenol. It’s actually as safe as Tylenol. What many people don’t understand is that even if birth control is free of cost, there is still a painful and invasive medical exam involved that most teens will not do, or cant get to. Stop abortion by stopping pregnancy.

  36. We need more AR -15s: they are excellent weapons to defend the home. This democrat does not care about kids dying in schools.

  37. Playing the victim card, with in a few minuts… Head of communication, cant see why that failed. But as she sayed herself. Im a Women with nothing to loose, so she's allready lost everything . Working from Rock Buttom

  38. It’s like with progressive liberals anything goes if it’s the opposite of President Trump!

    Term limits for Congress!!!



  41. Her statements did not age well. Just 1 year later 3 Trimester abortions are OK with the Democrats. Gun grabs are happening despite not repealing the 2nd Amendment. Wonder where she is now? Come on back and explain your party now.

  42. Liberals always have to lie in order to get their plans passed. Always. It is their nature only to lie. It's why they wish to control speech so desperately.

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