Tuesday night’s round of voting left both political parties checking their game plans

Tuesday night’s round of voting left both political parties checking their game plans

every election 2018 last night’s round of voting across five states left both parties looking at their political game plans Republicans got serious alarm bells from a special election in Ohio while Democrats learned that staying closer to the center is still effective in the Midwest karin caifa is in washington to break down all of this Karen well tarik plenty of takeaways for both parties from those primaries in Kansas Michigan Missouri and Washington State last night but it’s that special election for a House seat in Ohio that may have told us the most about what to expect in November tribe alderson had both President Trump and history on his side for last night’s special election in Ohio’s 12th congressional district Republicans have held the seat for over three decades instead a tight race sounded alarm bells for the GOP and boosted Democrats enthusiasm about flipping dozens of other seats and the house in November the energy on the ground the enthusiasm for Democrats across the country whether it was in Ohio or elsewhere it has been spectacular and then most importantly we’re fighting for the issues that people care about Democrats were encouraged by the district’s turnout in urban and suburban areas but Republicans in Washington believe they could win on what they’ve done people are happy that they’re finally seeing jobs that are available and their pays going up so in the end that’s the message and we’ve got to make sure people aware of that and then we got to make sure they’re aware that if we change direction that could be reversed much like the 2016 presidential campaign Midwest states like Ohio and Missouri and Michigan are shaping up to be make or break in these midterms Democrats advocating pushing the party further to the left is a winning strategy face some setbacks Tuesday progressive candidates Abdul Elsayed in Michigan’s governor’s race and Cory Bush in Missouri’s first congressional district had the backing of Alexandria Acacio Cortes but fell to establishment candidates Alexandria Ocasio Cortes herself shocked the establishment in June with a surprise primary victory in New York in another topic of conversation today president Trump’s endorsements of course in Ohio he and her Republicans but he also may have energized Democrats to boost their turnout it’s a similar situation in Kansas where in the governor’s race among Republicans it still also remains too close to call and while Trump’s endorsement may have buoyed his own choice Kris Kobach the Secretary of State there it may work against him in the general election in November Tareq Karen the Department of Justice announced insider trading charges against Republican congressman Chris Collins of New York today how rare is this so close to an election and what happens to Collins seat now yeah this is not something that is typically done this close to an election but obviously the DOJ feeling it was time to bring these charges forward Collins represents a very red district in western New York State but this kind of attention both on a House seat if Collins should decide to not pursue his re-election bid would certainly not be than what Republicans want heading into November attorneys for Collins say he will fight the charges and be vindicated House Speaker Paul Ryan has already removed Collins from the House Energy and Commerce Committee until the matter is settled as he said but this immediately became a talking point for Democrats not just surrounding Collins’s seat but for Democrats across the country House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi in a statement today said regarding Collins the charges against congressman Collins show the rampant culture of corruption and self enrichment among Republicans in Washington today so Democrats already seizing upon this just a net gain of 23 seats that the Democrats are looking right now to flip the majority in the house in November certainly not something Republicans want this close to those midterm elections Tareq elsie karin caifa reporting to us from washington DC thank you if you’re still undecided about who should be Florida’s next governor join us at eight o’clock Republican candidates Adam Putnam and Rhonda sandesh will go head-to-head and a live debate right here on news four jacks then tomorrow night all five leading Democrats join us for a town hall forum both events will be at Jacksonville University you can watch them both nights live right here on channel 4 and own line in East for Jax comm and we want to know that we we want you to know that we invited candidates who averaged 5 or higher in a variety of polls and the Florida governor’s race in both the Republican and a Democratic races new sir Jax is helping you stay informed on all the races that you’ll see on the ballot on August 26 just go to news for Jax come slash voters – guide

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