Tulsi Gabbard Sets the Bar HIGH with Progressive Foreign Policy Vision

Tulsi Gabbard Sets the Bar HIGH with Progressive Foreign Policy Vision

you don't have to be a political commentator to see that even the most centrist neo liberal establishment friendly 2020 Democratic Party presidential contender is sounding more and more like Bernie Sanders at least when it comes to the economy and economic issues however when it comes to the issue of foreign policy thus far even if it's still early there is a serious lack of anyone really laying out a truly progressive foreign policy vision with the exception of one person Tulsi Gabbard and if you are running to be the commander in chief then foreign policy should be something that you talk about quite extensively but really nobody's talking about that do you have a foreign policy vision where you try to nation-build and direct you know the Empire just to different regimes in different countries or are you actually going to bring the troops home and stop advocating for more Wars stop being the party that goes along with neo-cons and Republicans when they opt for more regime change Wars and at this point it just doesn't look very good take the issue of Venezuela for example Kirsten Gillibrand actually supports the u.s. coup saying we should recognize one guy though as the president of Venezuela john delaney says pretty much the same thing Cory Booker and Amy Klobuchar have expressed reservations about Maduro but still haven't really said much we have others like sherrod Brown Elizabeth Warren and Pete bootie judge giving vague responses about Venezuela needing free and fair elections not really saying much we have Bernie Sanders putting out a really milquetoast response speaking out against a regime change and military intervention but not really straying too far from the DC consensus here in other words nobody no candidate thus far has really taken a strong unequivocal stance against any US meddling in Venezuela except for Tulsi Gabbard she said this the US needs to stop using our military for regime change and stop intervening in Venezuela's military throughout history us-led regime change has been waged in the name of humanitarianism but has resulted in more suffering destruction and lives lost hands off Venezuela and that's not the only statement that she gave because she also called out Donald from sin Sidious agenda for Venezuela when she launched her campaign just a couple of weeks ago now president Trump campaigned against regime change wars when he ran for president but now he vows to the wishes of the neo cons who surround him clamoring for regime change wars that he claimed to oppose this time in Venezuela and in Iran these powerful politicians dishonor the sacrifices made by every one of my brothers and sisters in uniform their families as they are the ones who pay the price for these wars in fact every American pays the price for these wars that have cost us trillions of dollars since 9/11 every dollar that we spend on regime change wars are on the new Cold War and this nuclear arms race is a dollar coming out of our pockets dollars that should be used to address the very real urgent needs of our people and our communities right here at home now in case you missed it she also did something that no other 2020 candidate has been willing to do thus far she called out the saber-rattling against Russia because I mean it's easy to see that there's this new DC consensus in both parties that we have to take an adversarial stance against Russia when normal Americans don't want that we don't want to live through another Cold War stop saber rattling stop being hawkish stop escalating stop using NATO troops to intimidate Russia at their border stop trying to push for more escalations now they do this because the military-industrial complex makes profits from this even if there's not warm they still make money from saber rattling they still have their stocks increase when candidates in both parties talk about war our talk in a really hawkish manner so what Tulsi is doing here is something that no other candidate at this point has been willing to do now also she called out war mongers and she took a snippet of her launch speech and she turned it into an ad that I thought was phenomenal we must stand up stand up against powerful politicians from both parties who sit in their ivory towers thinking up new Wars to wage new places for people to die wasting trillions of our taxpayer dollars hundreds of thousands of lives and undermining our economy and our security and destroying our middle class it was short but sweet very concise it got right to the point that she needed to make that is what candidates should be doing you run an ad that is 100% substance base cut out all the about your personal stories cut out all the platitudes and just say it take a stand against war so that was phenomenal she also did something that was really clever and she criticized neo-cons and neoliberal taneous Lee because this is something we don't really talk about much but neoliberalism and neoconservatism are often fused because you have this regime change mentality that also is complemented by capitalism and free markets because not only do you want intervention for purposes of u.s. national interests but you want because that helps out defense contractors and in this next ad here towstee Gabbard calls them both out because that's actually what's happening we must stand united and stand strong against those in both parties who never tire of war neo-cons and neo lips who dragged us from one regime-change war to the next and who are exacerbating the new Cold War pushing us to the brink of nuclear war we deserve better our country deserves better so that was absolutely fantastic and thus far tulsi gabbard is the only candidate who is serious about promoting an anti regime change anti-war agenda now with that being said you all know that I have my questions about tulsi gabbard uh what does she say about torture now her voting record has been pretty much anti torture that's great what about drone strikes are you against drone strikes because even if you're against regime change Wars you still have to stop these drone strikes because that violates the territorial integrity and sovereignty of these other countries and quite frankly they're illegal they're against international law now you might say well why does that matter Mike we'll put it this way if you had a Russia doing drone strikes in Texas would you not feel as if they didn't have the right to do that of course we are terrorizing citizens in these countries so she once said that she is a hawk when it comes to fighting terrorism but she's a dove when it comes to regime change wars I want to hear more about that I want to know her stance on israel-palestine so these are things that I want to know more about but at this point it's safe to say that Tulsi Gabbard is really the only person who is talking about this and she's setting a bar that's very high and she's basically elevating this issue and putting it in the conversation when it's been completely absent up until this point now you all know that I'm a bernie guy and either Elizabeth Warren or Tulsi Gabbard is my number two but with that being said seeing Tulsi campaign since she's launched launched she's only gone up in my book she's only gone up in my book Elizabeth Warren has kind of stayed the same she's done things that on my nerves for example she stood up in a plotted Donald Trump when he said that America will never be a socialist nation to be fair I don't know if Tulsi did or not because I can't see her in the video but I'm that irritated me but then at her launch event she actually talked about an economic agenda that was very bold that was very progressive so I mean it's difficult to say who's my true number two but this is what I will say initially I was leaning towards a Bernie Warren ticket but I'm starting to lean more and more towards the combination of either a Bernie tulsi ticket or an Elizabeth Warren tulsi ticket because if you have Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren on the same ticket even if that may be I think more acceptable to the establishment well you're just getting a lot of overlap because they're both really good on economic issues but we need someone who's actually going to be good on foreign policy issues because there's been this consensus that has been crafted over the past couple of years where both parties have essentially become neoconservative we see saber-rattling we see Democrats taking in opposition to Donald Trump trying to do peace and North Korea and even if he's in over his head and doesn't know what he's doing you shouldn't just by default be against him because it's Donald Trump and any and all things he does is bad if he's doing something good then let him do something good but they actually tried to stop him when he tried to put forward this plan to stop these military games and exercises that the United States does with South Korea near North Korea so there's too many Pro Ward Democrats but they need to get back to the party that is anti-war that's against the Iraq war that's against intervention and u.s. imperialism at this point Tulsi Gabbard is the only person who's serious when it comes to that so that's why increasingly I'm leaning more and more towards a Tulsi and Warren or a Tulsi and Sanders ticket because if you've got Bernie and Warren even though that'd be a great ticket there's just gonna be a lot of overlap and no real urge to make the Democratic Party less hawkish and you know less militaristic which i think is incredibly important now and that's also gonna appeal to libertarian so Tulsi Gabbard is definitely someone to watch because even if there's a virtual blackout of her campaign in the mainstream media you know when there you see these articles by harry anton of CNN who will talk about how diverse the field is and talk about how all of these candidates could be poised to make history they don't talk about Tulsi Gabbard who checks the most box it's not only would she be the first female president she'd be the first hindu president and woman of color president she checks all of those boxes so you know there's this black out there's also the smears there's the McCarthyite smear by NBC but i don't think that these things are going to hurt her there's real support for Tulsi Gabbard on the ground and that's a good thing I am worried admittedly about vote splitting on the progressive left I think it's best if we consolidate our votes but without being said what Tulsi is adding to the conversation is important foreign policy matters and the fact that she's really the only person thus far who's talking about foreign policy and who has put forth a real anti-war agenda that's important it says a lot subscribe if you like this video folks makes tremendous and he's doing a really really good job many people are telling me about how wonderful the humanist report is Bigley

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24 thoughts on “Tulsi Gabbard Sets the Bar HIGH with Progressive Foreign Policy Vision

  1. Stop the war? How much people did she kill in Irak War/ Irak Regime Change? She is also a very bad actress. Is not easy to play the freedom dove when she's in reality a milatry Killer. Tulsinator ist a very dangerous person for USA and the rest of World!

  2. Tulsa reminds me of Eisenhower's speech about every dollar that goes to war is an injustice towards the poor. All Democrats in the 2020 race should take note, even if she doesn't get the nomination.

  3. ❤We all want PEACE

    in the WORLD… DON't YOU?? ❤

    📌Tulsi Gabbard for President of the USA 2020📌

    💕Tulsi is the REAL DEAL and is 100% for WORLD PEACE 💕

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    Dear friends all over the WORLD as we all know USA GOVERMENT is always interfere in Other countries by imposing inhumane sanctions and waving Regime Change Wars NOT because they CARE for HUMANITY but because of the OIL, POWER and the BENJAMINS ($) for the RICH 10%!

    📌Lets End this Inhumane Useless wars (IRAK, AFGHANISTAN, SYRIA, PALESTINE through Iraël and maybe VENUZUELA )and go for PEACE !

    Lets FOCUS and Pray for TULSI GABBARD to be PRESIDENT in USA. LETS PRAY and Focus for PEACE for everyone in the WORLD!

    📌Watch all her interviews and please SHARE it for more WorldPeace AWARENESS 📌

    💚💜 PEACE brothers and sisters where ever you are ❤
    💙 LOVE from Suriname South America ❤💚


  4. Tulsi is dropping hints that she will continue rendering babies abroad into blood mist, just as Obama did. If they are Islamic, she would have no problem with it. Neither would Bernie.

  5. TulsiGabbard2020.com to donate to Tulsi. Get her 65,000 donations for that first debate stage in June.

  6. Tulsi Gabbard is not a neoliberal or a centrist. #Tulsi2020

    Please donate so she gets on the debate stage!


  7. Tulsi is the hope, but obviously she has not yet been tapped on her shoulder, by the Zionist rulers of America's foreign policy.

  8. Tulsi is the MOST practical and qualified candidate. Tulsi Gabbard for President 2020!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  9. The people need to intelligently demand that their government use debt-free
    money. USA 1846-1913 and see www.lincolnamendment.net
    Dr. Larry Engel Psy. D. We need a fourth branch of government in the people’s
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