U.S. Government Shutdown EXPLAINED

U.S. Government Shutdown EXPLAINED

Who’s to blame for this government shutdown? I believe there are 3 people in particular… The first is Trump because to be a successful
politician one must be able to play political chess and think multiple moves ahead. To your average person this notion of political
maneuvering is distasteful, but if you want to see things get done then you want a president,
especially if you agree with his agenda, to know how to navigate the behemoth that is
the federal government, but unfortunately Americans like to elect political novices
to the most powerful political position in the world and then question why nothing gets
done. Trump’s lack of political experience has
caused him to drop the ball on several occasions, such as immediately upon taking the oath of
office he should have spent his first 2 years focused on passing as much legislation as
possible and then saved renegotiating trade deals and other executive actions for the
latter part of his presidency because midterms are usually harsh on the incumbent political
party. Now that the democrats retook the House it
will be very difficult for Trump to get any meaningful legislation passed during the next
2 years (Obama failed to get much done legislatively the last 6 years of his presidency because
the House was controlled by republicans). Therefore we can blame Trump for lacking the
political foresight to fully fund the wall before the midterms. And then we can blame him for wrongly thinking
that democrats would come to the table because as I wrote immediately upon the democrats
retaking the House… it’s not in the democrat’s political interest to negotiate. Their base and the mainstream media HATE Trump
so even if the president supported something that democrats have traditionally supported
such as a “middle class tax cut” I think such a piece of legislation would still fail
to get enough votes in a democratically controlled House because the democrats will attach to
the bill something like a major tax hike on the rich so that the bill will PURPOSELY FAIL
because republicans won’t support it and therefore Democrats can weaponize a “middle
class tax cut” as a 2020 campaign issue. The democratic party’s main objective is
to retake the White House in 2020 and their chances will only increase the more dysfunctional
the government and economy are because they can put all the blame squarely on the president’s
shoulders. Shutdown, good for democrats! Recession, good for democrats! Gridlock, good for democrats! This then leads me to who I believe deservers
the most blame – we the people. Voters need to be smarter by seeing through
the political gamesmanship! Putting aside the merit of building more wall,
let me ask my democratic friends… do you believe global warming is a serious threat
to humanity? Do you believe income inequality is a serious
threat to the middle class? This is where the rubber meets the road. Congressional democrats refusal to negotiate
should signal to everyone that there is no single issue congressional democrats care
about more than stopping the building of more wall, which obviously isn’t true, but is
the only rational explanation for why they wouldn’t negotiate because the only other
explanation then is that they care less about advancing the issues they say they care about
such as global warming or income inequality and care more about making Trump look bad
so they increase their odds of reelection and retaking the White House in 2020. This shutdown could have easily been avoided
if Americans still punished politicians for doing nothing instead of rewarding them for
finger-pointing. In order for our diverse and multicultural
republic to work then compromise must remain its cornerstone.

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