Ukraine Whistleblower, Transcript, Complaint & Impeachment — Real Law Review

Ukraine Whistleblower, Transcript, Complaint & Impeachment — Real Law Review

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100 thoughts on “Ukraine Whistleblower, Transcript, Complaint & Impeachment — Real Law Review

  1. UGH, sorry about the typos. I wanted to get this video out ASAP. But you can learn to avoid those errors by checking out this week’s sponsor: Skillshare!

  2. Objection: misleading. They announced they were formally opening an inquiry however they never voted on it so there is no official house inquiry.

  3. You repeatedly mention that AG Barr would be "required to be recused." One of the repeating themes in this administration is demonstrating that things people seem to believe are requirements are, instead, merely institutional norms. Where are these requirements stipulated, what is the penalty for failing to recuse oneself where required, and who is responsible for identifying and enforcing these requirements and associated penalties?

  4. Who could possible expect anything less from the Donald? Republicans or ANYONE backing him should be ashamed of how impossibly corrupt or stupid they are!

    America, the oblivious..

  5. This video is nothing but a lie misinformation and back on Russia and Trump this is propaganda Russia never invaded Ukraine that is fact what we have here it's another liar like everyone else in Washington.

  6. Why is it an impeachable offence to make an inquiry about an individual that may have committed a crime with the leader of another country where those actions are also a crime?

  7. If the facts keep changing then they're not facts. They're hearsay at best or tissues of lies at worst. They don't deserve the elevation to a fact as that is something that is provable and repeatable. Sort of like Newton's theory of gravity.

  8. No bias here…think like a lawyer…act like a lawyer and research some facts, before parroting MSM narratives. Entire convo was in relation to 2016 DNC / Intel attempts to sabotage Trump

  9. You are successfully filling a vacuum for facts-only reporting. Thank you so much! I will be using this video when friends and family want to know what’s going on so far.

  10. There was already an investigation going on in March 28 on Burisma Holdings so their goes that narrative! At that time the new president was not elected.

  11. Do you think that they did this when the DNC asked to get dirt from Ukrainian officials & used Russian sources for the Steel Dossier that was used for a FISA warrant?

  12. So you think the President should have gotten skill share? Any ideas on getting the Trump party to acknowledge the law?

  13. I will trust Rudy Giuliani’s judgement over this guys any day. He looks like a DNC operative, peddling snake oil. Just like cnn and msnbc, he conveniently left out a bunch of stuff. Skillshare, no thanks

  14. meh Trump shouldnt get any legal advice at all lol he is definitely not fit to be anything other than a traitorous dog…

  15. I wish people would go after abuse of power with this much gusto at ALL levels ALL the time, bot just when it suits them.

  16. Honestly, I don't like the foundation of your opinions. You play games with words according to a rule book, and that rule book only has any credibility that it's supposed to adhere to actual true justice. Reminder, You're not an authority on justice no matter how many people on the internet rub your back side.

  17. How about Joe threatening to withhold 1 Billion in aid to Ukraine if the prosecutor looking into Burisma was not let go? And that the state dept. told Guliani to reach out and talk to Ukraine?

  18. Right, except the fact (which you left out) that Biden admitted he withheld the funds unless they fired the prosecutor in a speech for the CFR.

  19. This might be one of, if not THE MOST important video on the channel to date. It'll be buried beneath the videos going over cases in movies and TV, yes… but this will remain, quite possibly one of the most informative, investigative, and important videos on this channel.

    … Side-note. 11:15, that's where I queue the track "Logic and Tricks" from the Phoenix Wright OST; such perfect placement for summaries and timelines!

  20. Can't wait for part 2-10?😄
    Ukrainians paid by Russian who have one way tickets arrested. Trump says I don't know them. Former Rep. Curbelo says they were bragging their proximity to the White house and are possibly members at Mar-a-lago. Pics released with Trump, Don Jr. and videos with Ghouliani. Trump throws everyone under the bus. Then backs over them.

  21. Instead of being a mediocre at best political channel, go back to being a great legal channel.
    You get your politics from the news so you're usually wrong.. always wrong… It's not hard to disprove this.
    There have been plenty of Supreme Court cases and rulings lately… No episodes on those.
    But withholding the money part was completely ginned up by the media/DNC, Ukraine had no idea money was held up.. by the way there's a sworn testimony by the Ukraine prosecutor who was fired saying he was investigating Hunter Biden and also says the gas company paid Biden nearly a million once he was out of office for lobbying.
    Try not to jump the shark next time and wait for more information my lawyer friend.

  22. You're going to become a meme if you keep doing this. You should have waited it's Friday… Everything in this video is basically obsolete and debunked…
    We all know you hate the president but you really should learn to take the news media with with a pinch of salt. If it's early reporting it breaking news, don't believe anything. Learn to wait.

  23. I just really don't understand why Ukraine wouldn't tell Trump, 'Give us the money, Congress approved, or we will tell them of this gross abuse of power.' Trump had no right to impose this "favor". It's really that simple.

  24. trump can always hire shillary to get him off the hook like how nexon hired shillary to get him off the hook :^)

  25. I'm sorry but you just glossed right over Trump's actual stated interest as a weird conspiracy theory. It's important to the case to at least understand more about that than outright dismissal.

  26. If the evidence is so overwhelming, why no House vote. Right now it's a one sided investigation and smear campaign, not even in the right committee. A vote would allow Republicans and the administration to cross examine and call witnesses, which they can't do now. Either vote and move forward or leave it for the voters. The Democrats have turned our government into a circus and they've accomplished absolutely nothing but waste tens of millions of tax dollars on investigations. I could've sworn they were part of the legislative branch but I've seen no legislation. A total waste of Congress.

  27. 8:31 just like how Hillary Consistently led Trump in 2016's Election? I'm not believing said polls. They massively falsified or all of them hit the less than 0.05% of having a non representative sample.

  28. As I understand it, going by precedent to determine what constitutes "high crimes and misdemeanors" is problematic because a) there have been very few presidential impeachments and b) Congress is not a court. Eating well done steak with ketchup could be a high crime if enough representatives voted on articles of impeachment for it.

  29. Conveniently left out an enormous amount of facts that show an incredible amount of corruption by the Democrats and twist facts the whole way through! You sir are a perfect example of how lawyers are viewed as crooks and liars!

  30. Wouldnt a foreign country giving multi million positions to the son of the front runner for an ellection and allegedly protecting said position by not investigating be possibly a conflict of interest since Ukraine has allegedy tried to influence the lections before?

    Furthermore, if there's no corruption on Biden son's side, then nothing happens, and if it does, then corruption is done. Now, if the biden's son not having said position afects the election, then having it ALSO DOES, therefore that would constitute foreign interference with the election!!!

    How come making ukraine investigate is corruption but stating that Biden's son being fire would be damaging for Biden is not an assumption of foreign interference.

    If i'm getting promoted in my job it doesnt matter if my mother was just fired for stealing on the job. And if there is no foreign interference, then Biden Jr's employment is irrelevant to the election and Trump would not be liable for tampering with the election

  31. First off, awesome video. I needed somebody explaining things without making punchlines every other sentence.
    Secondly: 37:25 "draw-jopping" ;D

  32. "may have threatened to withhold" — DID NOT threaten to withhold. The transcript is in and the Ukrainian president has spoken.

    The gun went off half-cocked, LegalEagle. It would be well for you, as one who analyzes legal matters, to wait before shooting … a video.

  33. Obviously, you don't have all the facts. The House changed the whistleblower requirements in August changing the vital "Must have first-hand knowledge" to allowing hearsay having spoken with the spy…ah-whistleblower prior to his/her making the complaint. Why there is still conjecture over this- I heard from a friend who heard it from a friend when the transcript has been made public is beyond me. Why keep milking the cow when she is drying up?

  34. Wow, this is the longest and most expensive circus I've ever attended! Almost four years now? You'd think the clowns would get tired….

  35. For being a lawyer you sure do skirt around evidence a lot. You put up that quote from trump like Joe Biden didn’t say it in a video that we have all seen. Something smells funny in your storytelling.

  36. THANK GOD someone laid ALL of this out for me. It (the news on it) was all coming in so fast I couldn’t keep up and just gave up. I feel bad asking this of you, but keep doing these videos to keep us all up to date. I prefer it in this format, just the facts with no FoxandFriends or RachelMaddow -style inflection and wording to make it seeem more (or less) interesting….

  37. I expected you to be a little more impartial but it is clear that you are one sided in your analysis of the information.

  38. It’s so sad how wrong you are about a lot of this information and it’s sad to see how partisan you are. Take care and good luck, I’m unsubscribing.

  39. The constant phone updates followed by the “OH F’’’’ ME” is such a nice touch. Also you did a better job explaining this then any news outlet has. Love the plug at the end

  40. Objection …
    Each president in my lifetime has faced a call for impeachment with may be the exception of Ford.
    You are misstating the facts in saying "this almost never happens". I think there have been 24 hearings into impeachment over 8 presidents.

  41. PEOPLE ON THE LEFT; stop letting flat earthers influence decisions in Congress? Maybe? Please?In description; "House votes beginning to impose impeachment inquiry."
    So if he's so guilty, why the Dems in house can't vote even majority in their own party? That's completely avoiding the Senate hurtle. Why are media's and Dems wasting our efing time with this? Ya think you can ever beat him with an even worse Mueller report, version 2.9.19BS might as well watch the movie Idiocracy and run Hillary again. If you want him out (like I do too, also yeah I'm conserv) stop these half measure lies. Go full fake video, go trial tampering, effing TAMMANY HALL would be more effective or more believable.

  42. Notice, I don't see former president Nobel peace prize speaking the stupid in public. Only the dummies who push lies, yet still vote against impeachment inquiries. I'm convinced Trump paying Dems to commit mass implosion of public preception
    Maybe he's breaking real laws and/or deserves Nobel. We will never know, I'm bored. America. You disappoint me.

  43. I really enjoy this channel when it sticks to movies & television. When it focuses on events in politics, the bias is palpable. I wouldn't even mind if there was honesty about the bias, but LegalEagle pretends to be objective & neutral. Don't believe me? Why don't any of these videos seem to focus on the scandals of the left? Take this video for example; the scandal of Joe Biden and his son is glossed over completely, and I don't see any videos about that topic. Again, if there was honesty about the bias, I don't see the problem. It's the pretending to be an objective arbiter (like much of the news media) that is troubling.

  44. I believe that if you are going to make a video like this one you may want to be balanced, which you failed to do. Many of your statements as well as your fascial expressions give away a lean, I am not going to state to which side due to it being clear to anyone who watches this video. I think you need to go back a review the information again and attempt to give a fair evaluation by looking at both sides of the argument.

  45. Have I said how awesome this analysis is?

    It's awesome.

    I'm amazing to me how many people I see on FB who don't understand just how deeply DJT has stepped in the poop.

    We're talking "ankle deep" — if he were to jump in head first.

    Great work!!

  46. All I can hear is Marilyn’s voice breathily singing “Happy birthday, Mr. President” to the head of the Justice Department, Robert Kennedy. Yeah, it’s clear who gets a pass for absolutely despicable, if not criminal, behavior, over the last half-century.

  47. So let me get this straight: A running democrat gave money and pressured a president of a foreign country to fire its prosecutor and it's ok, but Trump makes a phone call discussing what he already openly stated to the country about corruption by democrats and he should be impeached? He's trying to route what's wrong with the country and purge corruption and you all want to keep drinking the kool-aid.

  48. Why is Joe Biden immune to being investigated for corruption he bragged out on film? Just because he is a political candidate??

  49. Why does Trump always come across like he speaking like a toddler? He seems to not know many words beyond "great" for describing things and repeats himself so often that it's a chore to listen to him

  50. So it's illegal to ask a foreign leader to investigate illegal activity in their country? Biden did something illegal and he should be help accountable.

    It has nothing to do with the election. you all are just connecting the dots you want to.. the Democrats have been after trump since he won…. SMH

  51. It's a shame that now a days that because something can seem like something it must be something and people are considered guilty before being proven guilty. SMH

    Many things can seem like something doesn't meant it is.

    It could seem like that girl likes you, it could seem like your job it secure. It could seem like you're gonna get that promotion or raise yet you didn't and won't…

    Smh I hate humanity.

  52. CrowdStrike, not Cloud Strike, not to be a dick, just pointing that out so you know in the future, Trump is a traitor the US, its people, and our Constitution.

  53. One of these days him an mahk are gonna reveal they are in fact Ryan Reynolds and Mark wahlburg respectively.

    Pretending to be a lawyer who is in no way related to Ryan Reynolds is totally something Ryan Reynolds would do.

  54. Sorry this is not convincing. It isn't illegal for the President to ask Ukraine to look into the Biden stuff. You are basically saying that "temporally" the two things (the military aid, and the Biden investigation) are too close to each other. That is just a smear. If Trump asked Ukraine about Biden 3 days after mentioning the military aid, it would all be ok? Exactly. Nothing to see here folks.

  55. So, question. Foreign leaders staying at trump tower or properties, by their own decision. Automatically makes trump guilty? Using his power for profit… (… those dots can also be used for a long pause. Not, "oh, oh, three dots, means missing information!" What?). that's ridiculous. In that context. Are you a democrat?

  56. lawyer dude is either WAY out of his depth and brainwashed, or an intel agent. "cloudstrike"? lmao. dude doesnt know anything about the examination of DNC servers. its all just a "conspiracy theory". never mind the DOJ didnt even HAVE them to investigate! you are WRONG,

  57. so you KNOW this "lawyer" is WRONG, i will post this small excerpt from wikipedia……..Comey testified that the FBI requested, but did not receive, physical access to the DNC servers.[60][61] According to Comey, the FBI did obtain copies of the servers and all the information on them, as well as access to forensics from CrowdStrike, a third-party cybersecurity company that reviewed the DNC servers.[61] Comey said that access through Crowdstrike was an "appropriate substitute" and called the firm a "highly respected private company."[61][60]

  58. you say "trump alleges" what biden ADMITTED to ON VIDEO! yet you wont play the video, just like corporate media, cause it is downright damning.

  59. snowden and assange are REAL whistleblowers, not this spook doing what spooks do. undermining and controlling govts.

  60. Why was Biden's son on the board of directors of a Ukrainian oil and gas company again? He has no knowledge in the field and doesn't even speak the language.
    You fail to mention that the "whistle blower" had no first hand knowledge of the phone call.
    Oh, never mind. This was done before you even had all the facts. Typical MSM move. I came to YouTube to get away from rampant speculation.

  61. ….check out around the 11:22 mark..also it's CROWDSTRIKE….not CLOUDSTRIKE
    And this evidence below at 11:22 is from a Ukraine newspaper..and this is quid pro quo..on the part of JOE BIDEN

  62. You made a whole lot of inaccurate statements in this video. If you want I can list them and I started to keep track, but lost count after only 4 minutes. Just one large one is that it is not a formal impeachment inquiry, there has been no vote in the house for instance which is a requirement. You also refer to the "whistleblower" incorrectly as a whistleblower for the intelligence community as the President is not part of the intelligence community. I also love how you conveniently forgot to mention Joe Biden's $900,000 payment from Ukraine in this same timeframe. If you respond I'll list the rest of the inaccuracies. It seems that you were incapable of evaluating the evidence in this case due to extreme bias. I will be removing you from my subscriptions not because I'm a republican or large supporter of Trump as I am a Libertarian, instead I won't watch another video because of your bias invalidating your analytical abilities and make you a mouthpiece for corrupt legacy media. You should really evaluate your biases with a little more scrutiny you will only fool the ignorant and unintelligent.

  63. "A draw jopping abuse of power." Interesting new way to say "jaw dropping". ☺😉 I kid. Informative as always. Thank you for sharing your legal wisdom.

  64. 1:11 Not really true considering "Yanukovych was elected in 2010 in a free and fair election (an election judged so by outside observers)." Everything bad only started in November 2013 because he rejected an EU agreement and chose to align with Russia instead, before Euromaiden protests culminating in 2014. Also Donbass and Crimea are two different areas of conflict. In Crimea they chose to have a referendum, thus opening the door for Russia to annex it without any shots being fired. All the fighting with Russians is over in the Donbass area.

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