Understanding Sexual Consent and The Law

Understanding Sexual Consent and The Law

Hi, I’d like to come over to
the studio for a new tattoo. I’d like to get a
large flying dragon with flames coming
out of its mouth around a heart shaped– what? Oh, yes. Sure, I am. I’m 24. Yes, it’s me again. Sure. I’ll call back in a few years. The age of consent
is the legal age at which a person is
considered old enough to be able to consent to
engaging in sexual activity. In the United States,
the age of consent varies from state to state. In some states,
the age of consent is 16, while in
others it is 17 or 18. If an adult or someone
over the age of consent engages in sexual
activity with someone under the age of
consent, no matter the gender of either person, it
is considered statutory rape. The adult may be
charged with a crime even if the younger person
consented to sexual contact. Some, but not all states,
have Romeo and Juliet laws that recognize sex
between two consenting young people who
are close in age that may not be statutory rape. Ask if your state has
a Romeo and Juliet law. The age of consent
laws are not meant to hurt young people
but to protect them from adults who may try to
take advantage of someone younger than they are. This is important to understand. So if you’re under
the age of consent and engaging in sexual
activity, please don’t hesitate to talk
with a trusted adult or to visit a family
planning clinic to get birth control and
condoms or to test for an STI. Just call the clinic. You can ask if they’re
offering confidential services for minors. It’s also important to know
that most states have laws that require certain adults to
report suspected child abuse, including statutory rape. These people are called
mandated reporters. Mandated reporters vary
from state to state, but usually includes social
workers, guidance counselors, teachers, health professionals,
child care providers, law enforcement, and mental
health professionals. If you choose to speak with
one of these professionals, understand that they
may have to report the case to Family Services. It is important to understand
the laws in your state. Spend some time searching
the internet for the term age of consent in my state. Learning about your state
laws can help keep you safe. Until next time, don’t forget
to visit me at amaze.org or go to my YouTube
channel to watch more. Bye.

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96 thoughts on “Understanding Sexual Consent and The Law

  1. virgin america:
    -finite consent laws
    -crazily inconsistent
    -not always taught in school
    -consistent romeo and juliet laws
    -well-inforced and taught in school
    -tim hortons

  2. These videos are helpful but, I really need on on how to explain or help disphora. I can't really find a lot on the internet. (For ftm most of it if for mtf) also if you do, do this video can you talk about the surgeries. I mean only if you can.😊

  3. I really don't like my state's laws. We have the highest rates of child marriage and there's a lot of wording in the laws that implies that churches have control over sex education which is pretty messed up.

  4. You should not be asking for are age and gender. For that's stealing personal info. And if I'm not wrong IT A CRIME

  5. But I believe it’s still dependent on how close in age you are to the person as well in America until you are 18. Maybe ummm wrong though since every state is different🤷‍♂️

  6. Age of consent in bulgeria is 14. But please have in mind that even if you to to epxirience diffrent love interest or any sexual activities. You'll need to be careful and take care of yourself ♡

  7. My state (NEBRASKA) has an adult age of 19 which is the only one like this. Meaning two years can pass before you are not a minor and can have intercourse with an 80 year old and at 16 you can have intercourse with someone 4 years older. My brain is ?

  8. The "Age of Consent" is an arbitrary thing, that varies greatly from state to state, and doesn't seem to have any basis in scientific evidence.

  9. the age of consent is 16 here which I disagree with like why can high schoolers have sex with adults that’s kinda weird since they’re still teens

  10. In the mexican states of Tabasco the age of consent is when “the child is unable to understand consent” and in Nayarit it is when a child hits puberty 🤮

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