Unlock the Hidden Powers Within You – Applying Your Larger Abilities (law of attraction)

Unlock the Hidden Powers Within You – Applying Your Larger Abilities (law of attraction)

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66 thoughts on “Unlock the Hidden Powers Within You – Applying Your Larger Abilities (law of attraction)

  1. "open your eyes and look within ,are you satisfied with the life your living " nice video, but its just unfortunate that only a few persons may truly understand the depht

  2. "open your eyes and look within ,are you satisfied with the life your living " nice video, but its just unfortunate that only a few persons may truly understand the depht

  3. I have watched so many of these for years ether I dint get it I'm not dp it right or god just has a better idea abd to be honest I'm feeling disconnected and hurt meditation really feel it I buzz yet nothing no manifestation what so ever no signs no dream symbols nothing I am about ready to say I'm a mug and I'm not ready for any of this send me back yo dlerpmobviosly thst where I bring

  4. Wow great video as always! Thanks so much for this in depth information. Could you possibly do a video on ways to practice elevating your higher conscious and thinking above just the body? Thanks again this was really great!!

  5. A very positive message, and I hope we al awake to see how beautiful we can be. But pls be cautious to mention the term "superior race", it rings a lot of very nasty bells.

  6. Just wonder why there is 38 people who don't like this it's amazing the power we have in our body's and minds they obviously have no concept of that , you can be anything you want with the power of your mind.

  7. I'm still watching but the part where it states the "I Am" originated the thoughts kind of not sure about that just yet, I think a lot on thoughts and notice random ones just come and can be very contradicting or even just out right lies sometimes. not sure yet but I'll continue and maybe it will make more sense later

  8. Thank you Universe

    I Unlock all of my hidden POWERS & become part of a New & Superior Race.

    I am so Grateful & Thankful

  9. Jesus,is coming very soon.
    Please,let us all obey the words
    of the Lord and repent and turn
    back from our bad ways before
    it's too late..
    God bless all 🎶💕💖

  10. I thought the EGO lives in the past (subconscious) and in the future..not in the present where we ought be dreaming our manifestation into reality….?

  11. As always, the video speaks to my heart. So grateful for all of you for taking the time to make them. Also, who created the background music? So soothing. Love!

  12. I am rich money love me and I love money I am abundant I am prosperity I am love I am wealthy I am happy a river of money is flowing to
    me right now.

  13. FOUND HER. MY TRUE LOVER AGAIN While listening to this I travel back to my childhood home 66 Farm View Taunton, clean up the front garden, pick up all the tools left on the lawn, take them into the conservatory, its a mess in there, but my bro(rip) is there being a pain as he always was to me, then she is on the lawn, I grab hold of her wanting to never let go, then we are in some crazy city an get seperated, but I read a book a big book like a text book on Quantum connextions, once finished I run down the hill and find her on the back of a truck with some guru, the back of the truck is filled with books an she, they are sitting there,I throw the book up onto the truck but miss an it lands on the street, the truck a flat bed tipper is parked, we start talking about how we are to have the mystical wedding, He says there needs to be a final connection, a sex act, I say we need a final consummation, A QUANTUM CONSUMMATION, we see a very big suv go by like the un trucks or something. Wake up coz' my beautiful hound dogs are crying an its the end of this film-talk. HER NAME IS FUSCIA SAVILLE-SMITH, LIKES TO BE CALLED RUBY (ruby I called my Daughter – Amazing RubyLucyGrace how sweet the sound, I never heard…. now 17)….


  15. Imagine what man was like before Adam Sinned, when there was no such as junk DNA and everything was fully operational the way God intended.

  16. If U want to know the truth of the whole universe watch the rajyoga course of bhramakumaris which is made by real SUPREME one and the only God Shiva. (The SUPREME SOUL) and we all are his child (the souls).

  17. How can anyone handle a heartbreaking death in the family? Your child, your spouse, your sister, brother? How strong you have to be? Like almost to be a heartless loving person to not react to a such a tragedy.. You have to become a strong person or be in denial to ignore anything bad like that to test your might and strength.. Somebody show me how this can be mastered????

  18. 18:30 you can not control anything in your life however, until you're above it you can not control what is in your body until you realize that you are above your body, you can not control what is in your mind until you realize that you are above your mind and therefore, no one can use the portions within them to any extent so long as they think of themselves as being the body or as being the mind.

  19. This is a very helpful video and I would recommend you doing a few more if these I have finally found out how to unlock my hidden powers

  20. I love this… Use the power we are born with to unlock 🔑 our lives to our fullest potential!! ⭐️🙌🏻🙋🏻👏🏻

  21. What a pleasure it is to listen to such a wonderful vibrant voice conveying such important info. So many thanks, much love and God bless you x

  22. In June I had an experience of cosmic awareness. It has totally changed everything I thought I knew. I would enjoy the ability at will to maintain the perception and enter the realm at liberty. I Am learning, waking, becoming more aware. This is a fantastic Channel. Thank you!

  23. Thank you, THANK YOU. That was, quite possibly, THE most awe-inspiring eye opener I have heard, and I FEEL so different; that is to say, now I understand the "I Am…" ! Wow. Wow. Hi. 😀🤗

  24. Wait…I haven't listened all the way yet, but did I hear you all promoting EGO as a good thing or associating Ego w/I Am ? Just wondering…I have a different association. Interesting concepts tho. Thx for posting.

  25. Hopefully you know this is not a means of being “superior”. Unless by superior you mean as a servant to others before yourself. Otherwise your gains will be dust in the wind 🌬

  26. Thank you for sharing this I have a family now and I'll do anything to protect them this will help me I am very grateful that you shared this I owe you one

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