Uno The Activist On Smoking Laced Blunt At Age 14, Car Running Over Foot, Macy's Stealing Sneakers

Uno The Activist On Smoking Laced Blunt At Age 14, Car Running Over Foot, Macy's Stealing Sneakers

you smoke a lot smoking does marijuana smoking does different things for different people what does it do for you specifically smoking marijuana what does it do for you sad to say we don't really it smells so much weed that original du cinéma sad to say miss smokers like 13 but for real I really with it when I first smoked smoked bro I was going crazy like it she was euphoric just fuck like but now it's just like chief it relax you a little bit it would like some ice effects without you even knowing it forever but like mentally ill do shit for negative it's just relax relax my body when y'all say I got too much energy don't say you know where niggas be like they just like antsy and she all the time I'm not really se but I do be having a lot of energy you know sir smoking that shit just comin eating down for it you're in Cali a lot yeah there's different strains I'm on smoking gas only the gas gas or the gaseous gas no Sun sunny and they don't make no you first she to put an egg asleep egg pack put an egg asleep take us back to that first time you were you actually smoked back when you were 13 can you paint that picture for us the first time I smoked I was 13 be like like that wasn't that was only hit that shit the first time I really really really smoked I once I was 14 and it was first time I got introduced so real smoke was bad all right it was bad no saying first time I cancer just a smoky like like smoking like on the regular you know saying like just one day I was like man fuckin I'm trying to be smoking that like we're not to the gang like now for the smoke niggas looking at me like you finna smoke what the fuck they are everybody smoking already I'm the young I'm the young they got to get our ways these only be realizing that just because my knowledge superior but I'm always the onion I'm only 21 right now so I think I'm with the gang and shit my often smoke man pass me that shit like they like what the fuck they passed me I'm getting geek tonic another Nate come on handy my partner on TV no just Nick but they knew this Nick why'd they say yeah we finna gig crush down promethazine pill in the blunt on top of the gas some strong we Schmucks crunk on top of guys crushed promethazine peddling that bitch so really I'm smoking the lace blunt I'm not even knowing realizing nothing it means his big hip tripping like now I'm like damn I'm trippin like at the time I ain't he know thinking I was like my first time is smoking and shit I'm so much yeah just got so almost smoking that shit niggas die laughing there's no way that shit right when we get in the car we get in the con shit me and my nigga Mike Mike damn but I miss my nigga Mike Mike I mean my nigga Mike Mike Brown I'm John the fuck out isn't it we join each other on stupid I'm John the fuck got him he's on the fuck out of me that nigga was hilarious that's one funny and they got ever knew in my life he's one of them niggas I wasn't trying to be funny you know saying but everything he'd say was just funny cuz he's stupid he's here you know saying so we joined this shit I'm in the car John dinners like I just felt my body nothing and it's like everything to slow down like everything in slow everything was in slow motion I'm in the Congo like this I show my hands I kid you not Brown going like this with my hands I'm licking that bread like didn't want to fuck my arms keep moving like this but like what the fuck Ron just guys like you know I'm doing this shit things like brie tripping right Trivedi like chill out Barry tripping and I'm thinking like y'all niggas trip my stars on they ass and shit you know I'm saying oh so we went to we was getting haircuts and shit wait in the car they finally pulled up you have to Hitchcock John I'm doing that shit of his car you know saying so we go into the barbershop I never get this Monday you had on the rainbow the rainbow dudes with the wings mm-hmm nothing Jeremy Scotts Jeremy Scott I had to borrow for first thinking I was gonna crash so boom how dr. Carson with Joe rainbow-colored I said what's a rainbow-colored what the fuck I say that nigga I was going crazy on there's a rainbow color coded shooter no stupid boss and that shit my car ran over my foot broke problem so geeked up any filler I'm just looking out loud and shit ran over this ain't a night I didn't even happen to my foot bro I'm so hot like my muscles are like so I guess that she just went flat she ran over my whole time I'm up this promethazine guys but maybe so we walk in the barber shop money getting a haircut nothing problem in the marriage he's going crazy dancing this shit I usually when I was a kid I used to go crazy to taking the shit I think I'm in the mirror dancing you know saying in the barber shop my my 14 so that's I guess that's some yelling shit so are the guys though my buddy my brother he getting cut he like 18 you know I'm saying he did laughing in my eyes get cut I never get done in a car and then was black his hair teeth where I just fucked up you know saying just smiling they had to look cool ways and shit just laughing at my house yeah okay you know saying they used to smoking blunts like this you know saying this is my first time what I'm saying they thinking I'm older than what I you but I'm really only 14 and they like 18 so smoking the gases shielding them niggas and then I'm dancing in the mirror the barber like oh you you like to dance why you fired that shit fuck it couldnt get a free haircut Wow nigga start cutting me up as you cutting me up just make car started dancing in America see gig so boom I got the free haircut we in the middle of the street bro cars coming we we on some 2k on some of it on some uh you got sir shit okay dance in the middle of the street going crazy really hitting that shit no you know I'm saying keep the fuck up so I just had broken went to Macy's bro we went to Macy's the message was closing you know I'm saying went up enough leaking my shoes off like nigga need some new shoes before you're talking about I need some new Chuck walked up in that bitch took the Chuck's got ghost on the app you know I'm saying bunk bunk gang I thought the after a magazine strong blood tripping so yes I think after that I think that she started to wear off and shit and I said Miami knows I did all that shit you know saying back then they're just on some natural shit but nothing about it I was hot as fuck I said it was a euphoric feeling yes but like I say I was in the car going like this bro like what the fuck going on play it so the first time you smoked when you were 13 you didn't get hot you just no I definitely got heartburn I ain't realized I was high either I only had that bitch two times though but I know I was hard because it was my bro birthday I'm no I'm saying it's my bro birthday and he had some niggas in that bitch and this one nigga he came to his little brother and his little brother was dumb pussy dumb pussy so everybody in the party was bullying his that but we are high as fuck – no I'm saying so we not even noticed and we really just brilliant like we smacking this and they go in the back got the baby powder I put the baby on my hand smacked assassin back you know I said we just doing trace on his ass like it's pitch black I recorded its pitch black in the room just nigger land on like a little sofa in the middle between hotel between the beds they brought a little blow a bit heel and on my bitch I'm recording that shit all night bro watch they put the title in my head Magda's i how the fuck I said smash in the dark fucking smack the fuck out there so boom he get up he start crying and shit like but we are high self you know saying we kids them just get up open the door just run out run down the hallway all the way out to the lobby all the way out to the parking lot and then around all the way to the other hotel you know I'm saying just running just hides foot you know I'm saying we are everybody trying to catch his ass you know I'm saying we are house fuck so it's like a whole bunch of badass kids running through the hallway you know I'm saying highs it was a crazy shit now the way you describe you smoke you've been smoking since 13 14 years old and you're 21 smoking marijuana can be an expensive habit is it expensive for you have you spent a lot of money on this habit hey have you ever thought about start bus time now only my way for how about we like every cage about we occasionally now cuz I not always free for it but I only had to buy weed sometimes no sir because of your status yeah there's no but yeah your face card our name really be buying weed but still nothing when I do buy we all be trying to spend so much on it because I used to spent all my money and we like I just spent all my money on gas have you ever thought about okay in the last five six years I've spent this amount of money on marijuana have you ever just calculated it just like hell no but if I had to when we what we would you think that number would be rough estimate a rough estimate on some gas I probably say my 15th yeah my 15,000 bro you could buy a car with that okay thanks these shoes I got on cost like I think they cost like nah honey these recon sweats cost like a thousand like close to a thousand you know saying cliche now is is it worth it you spend fifteen thousand on marijuana was it worth it spending that amount but I see it is bro money is infinite but only I never think about brokeness nothing I just always think about getting money it's like that money is always gonna come I don't think about worried about spending that shit because I really money is infinite for him have you ever tried to quit niggas got a lock that shit you know sir have you ever tried to quit marijuana I know you'd say they try to quit smoking weed of course of course I try to quit smoking weed man and what happened over it's just too many influences going on bro it's 2 minutes too much right you'll never stop smoking weed let's just go to rehab and you just say enough that's all the way naked start luckily they go to rehab cuz you got then you try smoke start smoke weed but everyone your friend smoke weed is over in the studio everywhere no matter oh nice more fun folks 24/7 nig smoke what's the long as you went though without weed you ever thought about that probably like six my seven months that's so lengthy amount of time and that's with you like purposely I'm not smoking or was did just happen organically that way it was awesome I feel a explain that shit okay now not every high is a good sometimes there are bad highs do you have a horror high story a bad experience while you were high and this doesn't have to be smoking can be any drug bro yes I feel like I did though I feel like using a same situation none saying I feel like a nigga rages crushed crushed up – he peed on the blunt I just hit that hole and I said I wasn't aware that shit hate that bitch I'm still youngest Harold oh right horror I stood I'm our house come when I was like 14 hmm no I'm saying 14 age of 14 that was very pivotal more than my life like I'm not saying for some reason so I hit another blunt bra and oh no like I just started walking around like I walked around the fucking crib like seven times and I said walked around the kid credit like seven times as hot as fuck walking around that bitch fake threw up like you know how you'd be gagging you wanna throw up and then come up just that feeling good wonder zoom house fuck so hard that mind it's just but this is dry as my eyes ever been burned my whole entire life that was so dry it felt like sandpaper like I couldn't close my shit like I couldn't open my shit without clothes bro them shits felt dead dry how you just feel like that she was just friending just like crack in you know saying I was dead dry I fade it bro I never want to be too high again bro nah be like what the fuck you put in it what type of we said no sir was that the last time you had a lace blunt was that horror hi bro believe it or not I think I don't know burn niggas out here is crazy bro things is crazy but I don't need to tell you what they be doing you know say it be like because some people like that should not fake them how they affect other people you know say you know if you're Nick and therefore nigga not aware not saying that also changed shit too you know saying nigga where where he's smoking he ain't really gonna be tripping like that cuz he knows what's going on and I mean I don't know it's mostly smoke blown what just need my partner from a long time ago I was like in 11th grade you know saying like Tim going on to 11 grand when do I think it for some reason that I hit that shot you got sick as hell I have I had vowed to shake our pharyngitis in my throat we're not saying like right here I should just like swollen lymph nodes my necklace wall is fucked for a little bit like couldn't he talk I'm definitely not from the gasps – I never heard of that yeah I'm we all left Oh swell swell up you know saying oh that's just some weird shit you have to get like antibiotics or something to bring it down back to normal time realistically that should go down by itself they just swell up anything they still should go down by setting some sort waters you know my grandma was always on the old remedy Saint ritas on that shit I was on the good original remedies that didn't want to tell you about natural herbalist exactly so that never happened again that held up where I was where everything that is ugly when it comes to being high under the influence and it comes to that moment where you get a craving of something to eat people call that the munchies what is at the top of your list whether you can have it at that moment in time or not it just seems to always just be a craving for it um peanut butter and cheese crackers it's number one is it a certain type a certain brand it's wrong when someone fucks with the little elves on she oh I know what you're talking about I can picture the logo in my head but I don't know exactly the name yeah yeah okay on I think so okay I don't keep not the Keebler oh yes Keebler elves Keebler's keeps backs that's much sneaky shit best munchies then like I don't know for some reason like when I began when I began hi it's fuck I just want to eat some how to shit healthy like fruits and shit like alright about a little thing fruit or some shit or sometimes let me just I don't know I always get the same thing I began like the fruit granola bars what some shit Scott are there some bars cranberry card bar or I get a blueberry vanilla combo nothing some shit like we should like that I get some orange juice I mean I'm sure like that healthy munchies you

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40 thoughts on “Uno The Activist On Smoking Laced Blunt At Age 14, Car Running Over Foot, Macy's Stealing Sneakers

  1. I fw uno heavyy but promethazine don’t do shit to nobody lmao, it’s the codeine that slow you down bruh bruh

  2. When you realize promethazine is a nausea pill😂😂😂 my nigga was smoking nausea pills 😂🤯

  3. "and I'm smoking some gas and shit, and I'm smoking some gas and shit, and I'm smoking some gas and shit"

  4. I aint gonna lie.. once i popped 4 promethazine pills alone and i was kind of hallucinating id look at my cousin and shed have threee eyes on her face and my vision would be tripplle vision and walking was really hard kept falling everywhere worst pill ever 😂😂

  5. Got so high when I took the milk out of the door of the fridge and finally shut it . I continued to look for milk that was in my hand the entire time . A nice 2 mins of my time wasted😂😂

  6. he's wrong
    all my friends smoke weed and I smoked daily for like a year and a half

    quit it all one day and haven't smoked in like a year u don't need rehab it's easy asf

  7. The pill form of Promethazine does nothing if burt all your smoking is the fillers that bind the pill together at the point. Promethazine is nothing but a sedative my guy. Your ass was just high..

  8. Dudes an uninformed weirdo. Promethazine by itself is prescribed for vertigo and stomach nausea. It has no intoxicating effects at all

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