US budget deficit tops $1 trillion as government spending increases

US budget deficit tops $1 trillion as government spending increases

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100 thoughts on “US budget deficit tops $1 trillion as government spending increases

  1. WHY Worry ??? 😂🤣😂 DemoCracks & Congress Voted on 💰💰💰💰💰
    An they Don't Care !!! FACT !!! An they Want More !!! 😂🤣😂
    SUCKER'S 😂🤣😂. They also want ILEGAL'S to take OVER your JOB'S 😂🤣😂
    AntiChrist Obama 🔥 👹🔥 took Congress for a Dirty Ride !!! 💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰He Took From US 💀🇺🇸💀😥😥😥

  2. NASA budget just for 2019. 21.5 Billion. While democrats want to raise tax to pay Social Security. We can not afford NASA anymore. We can not afford democrats anymore.

  3. There are 22 Trillion missing from the pentagon when President Trump took office. Explain that? Obarry gutted the military. What happened? He also raised the deficit 10 trillion in 8 years.

  4. Our money is based on the governments promise to bond buyers to tax you in order to make the bonds good. That’s what backs US currency.

  5. US can't stop spending more than earns. And there is one reason. Being global empire is a costy thing. The only way to get the trade and budget deficit lesser is to lose status and influence overseas. Current US establishment is not ready for this.

  6. US budget deficit tops $1 trillion as government spending increases
    Now if Obama did it? Well, we all know the answer to that…don't we now.
    Fiscal conservative seems to be taking one for the team…
    Either that…or they have been sold a pup.
    A democrat in sheep's clothing

    When will anyone get it….' it's a rigged system.
    It's only an illusion of choice…
    What?, you think a 'real' republican would do a 'deal' with a communists…No, not unless it's unconditional surrender.
    This farce will end, sooner or later…the Republican party will recover from this 'psychosis'


  8. How can the GOP still support this President with this economic mayhem. This $1,000,000,000,000 yearly deficit is when the economy is booming.

  9. Hey slime ball Cavuto. Why don't you show a graphic of Exactly how much Deficit went up while your boy Obama was in office?

  10. If the Dems would have worked with Trump instead of playing all or games the deficit would probably be half of what it is

  11. All these illegals! Illegal immigration is wrong on so many levels! When you have over a 100,000 poor people many illegally enter your country EACH MONTH what did you think was going to happen to the deficit🤔they are a drain on money and resources a very big drain! It will only get worse. Oh but now we only have 64,000 coming through🙄and who is paying all these illegals healthcare who are here with these debilitating diseases that claim they too sick to leave?

  12. This should be a bipartisan issue. It’s time to start tackling this issue. American voters have to be willing to support the cuts that need to be made.

  13. "I don't know how that all works out". Really? You seriously dont understand how getting fair trade with the nation that owns our debt fixes the debt? Is this your first day dealing with economics?

    My finger creeps closer and closer to that unsubscribe button every single day. Fox is nearly indistinguishable MSNBS now.

  14. billion 10 to the 9th power of ten
    TRILLION 10 to the 12th power of ten
    quadrillion 10 to the 15th power of ten
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    centillion 10 to the 303rd power of ten
    …what was that about a dictionary ceiling ???…

  15. Barack Obama's deficit was due to walking into the White House and the US was in a recession you have to spend to come out of that recession the budget is supposed to been the greatest ever right now at least that's their story but the deficit is still spiraling out of control

  16. LOL,..of course because Trump is an idiot. He's good at pretending he's rich while being bankrupt. He's doing the same for the country.

  17. L G you're a typical pay for nothing republican. Just let your children and grandchildren pay for your mistakes. The next ten generations in my family will be paying taxes for the Trump family spending alone.

  18. So be it. When a family falls upon hard times, the parents don't say "kids we're going to make you live in the car until I can pay down my debts." No! Good parents will do all it takes to make sure their kids keep having good quality of life, creditors be damned! The national debt is always a secondary issue for normal citizens. It only scares the elites who have nothing else to worry about that could hurt them. The People will go down from a thousand more pressing crises the elites will never feel long before the national debt gets us. The distant, unlikely possibility of the national debt taking everyone down is the only risk the elites suffer and they can't handle even that.

  19. Since last October, increased military spending, rising interest rates on government debt, and weak revenues earlier in the year have all caused the deficit to rise by 19%, to $1.07 trillion—compared with $898 billion a year earlier, according to data released on Thursday by the Treasury Department. Government spending rose 7% to $4.1 trillion, eclipsing federal tax receipts, which only grew 3% to $3.1 trillion.  Trump stated Balancing the budget is easy.

  20. Obama added $10 trillion to the debt, but it looks like Trump (if he gets a second term) will add another $10 trillion. I'm sure he'll find some way to blame Obama for this.

  21. People asking about tea party, that is "taxed enough already" not tax more to pay deficit. We need to realize debt won't be paid and will accelerate. China, Europe, Canada all in process of endless debt. We will all soon match Venezuela.

    The dollar value is too high, to decrease means print more, cut borrowing costs/taxes. In devaluing we get more exports which brings in money and jobs.

  22. Weren't the Democrat's in House passed heavy budget bills and raised hour rate? And still sanctuary cities filled with homelessness tent's, condom's, needle's.
    Even after such STUPID spending by Democrat's, the KING President did NOT stop building Border wall and ALLOCATED funds from Pentagon & FEMA. That's a SMART way of Presidency.

    So $22,000,000,000,000 deficit isn't from 2016 and deficit increased since Bushes-Clinton's-Obama's. Why these aren't questioned?

    To recover trillions of deficit the trade tariff's are must and those thief nations must have to pay to USA. And these thieves will have to pay and there is no other option left for them.

  23. And probably half of it spent has been waste like what Congress has been doing for the last two and a half years with Russian collusion and investigations that have not helped one single American person the country and so on but no matter what happens they just keep pushing the stupidity it has been non stop since January 2016 and still on going

  24. Well this is what happens when politicians waste and steal it faster than they collect it and it keeps growing and growing if half the political politicians in DC were gone fired it's not like they would be missed and less work would be done tell me what has Congress accomplish in the last 2.5 years nothing we could have had that with out any of them being there and being payed really I'm not kidding think about it they have turned a job that suppose to be working for the people completely upside down were the people are working to pay them for absolutely nothing in return this is exactly what's going on and they expect the American public to not be upset about it and praise them you don't need a college degree to see exactly what's going on here it's treason plain and simple bleeding the people for absolutely nothing in return that's why we have this unbelievable debt and it's so bad there is no light at the end of the tunnel sit back and watch these thiefs line there pockets while the whole country goes broke

  25. America has no idea how bad things could get if we don't reel in our spending. Greece has a 20% unemployment rate going on 8 years.

  26. The taxation ponzi scheme created by the politicians and the elite is crashing and will be the biggest mistake of Americas history. You cant keep spending more than you put in and expect to pay any of it back. All we are doing is creating an infinite debt for our future generations. Pure greed and corruption.

  27. The pentagon will need another couple trillion for Afghanistan and Iran and another trillion or two to compete with Russia and China by next year.

  28. National debt is 105% of GDP and growing at 6% per year while GDP is growing at 2% roughly. Basically what that means is if we had a balanced budget, we would have been in a recession for the past 3 years. It annoys me to no end when these analysts talk about how great the economy is when really it's just deficit based growth. Borrowing your way to prosperity doesn't last forever but unfortunately both parties don't seem to care at all and seem intent on letting our country become the next Greece.

  29. you news people are second guessing everything and seriously I do not care for you all slamming the only good that has happened to us normal americans in a long time. Obamas and clintons and even bush took from americans. trumps has helped americans more then anyone. your negative comments will come back to you later. TRUMP 2020

  30. We need to do the penny plan where 1 cent of every dollar we spend goes to paying Down the debt. Very simple way to address it without rocking the country

  31. How much are we spending on the illegals???? I think democrats are wanting to give them free healthcare, free college, and free housing as well.

  32. When people say jobs are growing and the economy is growing think back when Trump told his apprentice employees to lie about his ratings. He told everyone to say his rating were of the roof.

  33. This is what happens when you don't raise taxes. You make money in the bank less valuable, and money put into assets resilient.

  34. Bitcoin? So far it looks like a pyramid scheme like only Americans and no one else can build. One day, Bitcoin will be worth zero (0), and then, you'll pick up a pitch fork but realize that there is no one and nothing behind it. Not even a government promise. Could turn Monopoly money on a dime.

  35. I still think that if we evict all the illegals and their anchor babies, than we won't need as much money for schools, lesser pollution, better quality neighbors, full employment, lower rents, all good.

  36. HOW MANY TRILLIONS HAS TRUMP BROUGHT INTO THIS COUNTRY AND CREATED PERSONALLY IN THE PAST COUPLE OF YEARS? Cavuto, you have become an idiot and there is the door. Keep it up! sm

  37. President Trump expressed his concerns about national debt when he was elected. He tried to cut the size of the federal government when he first took office but congress wasn't interested. barak obamam added $10 trillion to the national debt all the while not publishing a budget. obamam gave the Iranian mullahs $150 billion in cash on pallets delivered in the middle of the night on private flights. President Trump is trying to clean up this mess. Get congress to cooperate. Stop illegal immigration it will help with the debt.

  38. Beth, who do you think hires illegals. Let's start with Trump. If republicans would quit using them, more than half of that problem would be solved.

  39. Unemployment at 3.5%? Aren't you forgetting something? Like the 105 million working-age people that are simply NOT counted because they aren't working and gave up looking so ……they are simply not acknowledged.? What a lie!

  40. You’ve got to fix what the Obama administration broke. It takes money to get America running again. It’s like taking over a failing business. It’s called an investment in America.
    Remember, Dems are for a large government that runs on your money being taxed and taxed and taxed, while Conservatives want you to have more of your income to be more independent .
    Dems want to keep you dumb in order to make your decisions for you

  41. Cowardly draft-dodger, decended of a coward banned by decree from ever returning home, anxious to start a war with Iran. We'll be in debt for generations.

  42. The deficit is truly scary because of the compounding interest on the debt. Interest rates are low now but wait until they increase significantly. Then the interest will go crazy and reach critical mass where the interest on the debt will be the largest item in the budget. Then there will have to be drastic cuts to everything including welfare, entitlements, social security, and Medicare to reduce the deficit. But by then it will be too late and there will be a monetary and economic collapse.

  43. Trump's deportations are REALLY saving America alot of money. So glad we got rid of those illegals wasting tax payer money. 🤨

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