Victor Davis Hanson: Democrats trying to impeach Trump over ‘thought crimes’

Victor Davis Hanson: Democrats trying to impeach Trump over ‘thought crimes’

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100 thoughts on “Victor Davis Hanson: Democrats trying to impeach Trump over ‘thought crimes’

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  2. Hahhja I just come here to remind myself how blind trump supporters keep choosing to stay blind lol u can't go back on it now so you're doubling up!

  3. Hay Eddy, do us all a favor. Read the US Constitution the Bill of Rights and the first 10 Amendments. You might learn something, and stop asking foolish questions.

  4. How can you call yourself journalists? Are you not ashamed to mislead your viewers. Independent of who is the whistleblower or what the wittnesses suggest, the facts confirmed my Mr. Trump and the white house are provable and confirm that Mr. Trump holded back the aid money and the white-house investigations by asking Ukraine to tell in an official statement that they are investigating Burisma and the Bidens…. So about what are you speaking???

  5. Some Thoughts on Obstruction

    Obstruction is a serious crime. From Day 1 of Mr. Donald J Trump’s Presidency, Democrats have been obstructing the President Elect, from discharging his Presidential duties that is expected of him by the citizens of United States America.

    So, there should a new investigative body with clear mandate to investigate the Obstruction gang and furthermore, investigate Conspiracy, to overthrow an Elected President. When Donald J. Trump ran for the office, the Obama administration instructed FBI to put trump under surveillance during the presidential campaign to give political advantage to Hilary Clinton.

    Isn’t the Democrat accusing the President of same thing? The answer is Yes, but there are fundamental differences:

    1. This is not an Election Year

    2. There are no Presidential Campaigns

    3. Jo Biden is not a confirmed democratic candidate, but Trump was during the last election.

    4. The President has the right and duty to withhold any US Aid if there are concerns of corruption and there is. ** Note, Biden did the same, but the difference is his son and the employer were under investigation. Some would argue, well Biden had nothing to hide because he said it openly.

    That is B.S, but if we accept that openness factor, then take this ultimate FACT into consideration which is – The President Elect was not secretive in his phone call. There was more than a dozen of specialists who listened in and in the history of United States of America, he is the only sitting president who has released the transcript of the call.

  6. Victor David Hanson is a liar. No wonder he is backing Trump liars of a feather stick together, it's not a thought crime he actually withheld aid to the Ukraine and only released that after He found out Congress knew what he was doing,That's not a thought crime that bribery

  7. Presumptions, Assumptions, and Interpretations, he said, she said, they said, I heard from Jo, and Jo was told by Nan, and Nan read it in NY, and NY published a story citing anonymous “official” are not “admissible” in any court in any part of the world. So, to build a case on these categories are simply stupid, and absolutely crazy.

  8. Of course not. Ridiculous! There's testimony and paper trails all over. Let's see if GOP cares more about money or Russia than America and democracy!!! They should be arrested Everytime they repeat Russia propaganda!!!

  9. The great thing for President Trump is he brings hope for America people; create more jobs, bring jobs back from overseas, build the wall, drain the swamps, tough on crime and illegal immigrants, low taxes and more..

  10. It’s funny. Because there are legal ways to do the illegal things they’re getting in trouble for.

    Fox viewers are really stupid.
    “Joe Biden, Obama, Hillary…”
    Ok…what’s stopping you from investigating them? Seriously what’s stopping the republicans from starting these investigations? Is it the same things that stopped them from starting them in 2017? How about 2018? When they controlled the government….

    But now it’s really important to always bring up old news that you’re not doing anything about? So are all republicans this stupid? Because there’s still nothing stopping you.

    Republican Logic

    I have a bank account.
    I need money.
    The ATM is open and the teller isn’t with anyone.

    Puts on ski mask and pulls out gun

    Gets arrested
    “But…I have an account….”

  11. scenario…….A man is on a business call with his secretary, He tells her This………… You know I'm glad we're friends and even though you hadn't been around to long I'm glad we are off to a good start .He than says……. I have been a pretty good boss so far, I lent you money ,I let you off early to attend to your family when needed, so I'm pretty nice right. And then he says………. you know Christmas is coming and I'm looking forward to giving out huge bonuses ,that will come out of the stockowners contributions. And then he says……. Can you do me a favor and pick my dry cleaning up from the cleaners and bring it to my office around 6 and if you can ,and get their earlier than me can you go over to Johns office and see if any of mine or the stockholders reports are in his desk because he has one of the worst histories of stealing and also selling things to other competitors and we don't know him all that well and since he has been here we have been losing a lot of money and it's all pointing to him .And then he says……. I need it done because the meeting is at 7 and I have to make sure our company doesn't lose this deal because it could be the end for our company. And lastly he says….. I'm counting on you. So while he was on the phone one of his business partners sitting beside him heard the conversation and thought it was wrong to expect that of the secretary and took it as a threat she would receive no Christmas bonus if she didn't do what she was asked to do. So a few days after he heard that phone call between them, He called the head of ethics but they were out for the week so he told another person in the office and they told their brother and also one of the highest people in the company that wanted to get rid of the boss whom he didnt like over unresolved differences. In the middle of everything Christmas came and went. The secretary got a huge bonus even though she was late with the dry cleaning she picked up for him and never checked the desk for him either. Her boss was threatened to be fired because they assumed she was being intimidated to do things for him in return for her bonus. In the end she told them that it did not seem that way to her and that she got a huge and better bonus from him than her previous boss. But….. they still kept fighting to get him fired so they didn't lose their own jobs over numerous inaccuracies that were affecting their company in a negative way.

  12. It’s not a thought he literally delayed it and said he wants Ukraine to do a favor for him and to work with Rudy. He wanted them to find dirt on his political opponent.

  13. Thought crimes…Fox News has now acquired tweaker status. What's next, boys? One hour of orange grandpa stroking his "ego" on Fox and Fiends? Ewwhhh!

  14. Remove this tool from fox
    This isn't news
    I pay taxes to give Iran, Ukraine, and Corrupt Democrats who do no work for the last three years, and during the Obama, Bush, Clinton all the way to Bush Sr.
    Our Government is a JOKE and all of these alphabet agencies need to go

  15. Ed is a "wad". If ya know what; I believe, I think that means, what you thought, I might have meant. GO BACK TO CNN, ED! Fait Accompli. You belong 8right back where you started…8 AND HEY DUMBF*CK!!!!!! EVERY SINGLE WORLD LEADER IS GUILTY OF "THOUGHT CRIMES" Just go away, eddie… just go away…

  16. I heard it from a friend who heard it from another BS SHUT THIS CRAP DOWN OR START ARRESTING THE REAL CRIMINALS THE DEMS THE RHINOS

    Great Thought Crimes
    The Dems are reaching out of the pits of hell

  17. President Trump is moving away from 'AGENDA 21' for an open society that's why Democrats are trying to remove the President! What other reason is there? The economy is going gang busters, great employment rate etc. There is no other reason!


  19. This guy conveniently skips over things so that he can push his narrative. Mueller did point out several instances of obstruction by Trump, but he felt that it was not his place to make that accusation. He left it to congress.

  20. 51%?! Sorry, most Americans are against your position. Winking an election and having majority support of the public is not the same.

  21. Even once the aid is approved doesn't mean the administration shouldn't be checking out that the aid is needed and going where its meant to.

  22. Schiff has lied and lied and lied! FACT _ He wont be a wttness if he is put under oath !!! Subpoena him and just see how much he BACK TRACKS AND HIDES UNDER PELOSIS DRESS !!

  23. I thought this whilst watching the hearings. These people DID NOT hear anything. They said as much, over and over. The Dems are just hearing what they want to hear.


  25. This is so stupid. White House Cabinet members, with first hand knowledge of what happened during a months long shakedown to get the Ukrainian President to say that they've started an investigation into Burisma and the Bidens and a White House meeting with the President in exchange for almost $400M dollars in military aid, have been subpoenaed to testify to congress but the President has blocked them from testifying. During the entire investigative phase it's… This process is so unfair. We haven't been able to defend ourselves. Now, when they have a chance to start defending the President before congress and ALL Americans… We won't show up because it's so unfair. This is political beyond reason.

  26. The poisoned Dwarf Nadler knows better than the Muller team does he really think so the T. D. S has eaten away his dwarf brain 🧠

  27. Heh… the last I saw the ONLY witness with first hand knowledge said that he was ordered by Trump "NO QUID PRO QUO". Pretty much wraps it up.

  28. I think Chuck Schumer’s banker bosses told him to keep out of this sham because they are currently making money in a good economy.

  29. So they’re passing the hot potato, Shiff and Nadler? Schiff wont be off the hook, he has too many questions to answer. The first and important one, where is the Whistleblower that lead to all this impeachment hoax inquiry against our President t?

    We pray for President Trump that God protects him and brings all the light of the truth.

  30. This presenter "ED" is as thick as 2 planks & has a one track mind. Victor hansen has given his answer nut "ED" does not like it as it does not fit his Demonrat narrative. so he asks it again. He needs to turn up the volume on his hearing aid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. I cannot understand why so many Democrats hate President Trump so much to do this! Can anyone tell me why? And Do not just say he is GUILTY, but tell me why, from day one after he was elected, before he did anything, they hated him so much to try to get rid of him anyway they can.

  32. we voters are not going to forget this do-nothing congress but spend and spend our money on investigation after investigation it time for both sides to come together for the betterment of this country come 2020 we the voters are going to get even voting out the blue

  33. Yes, only SOME of the witnesses had first-hand knowledge.
    The President asked for a PUBLIC announcement the investigations would be opened. Whenever possible, investigations should be done in private, both to prevent smearing the innocent, and to prevent guilty people from hiding evidence.
    That the President asked for a PUBLIC announcement shows that what he was doing was clearly politically-motivated, and NOT part of normal foreign policy.

  34. Trump totally has the PRIVATE right to look into the Biden’s, but he is NOT allowed to use government resources to do so.

    Trumps sole focus is on “domestic political errands”. Polar opposites of the nations interests. Sickening

  35. I can't remember, How many people were hung at one time when Lincoln was killed? It was a pretty long gallows.

  36. OPINION:





    ***** ***** *****

  37. I wish Trump's crimes were only thought crimes. A thought crime means you might be thinking it, but you keep your big mouth shut.

  38. I wonder how all these hipocrates that are defending Trump and Fox are going to react when a Democrat President commits the same acts as Trump !!!! LoL !!

  39. The President engaged in this effort to intimidate these public servants to prevent them from cooperating with Congress’ impeachment inquiry. He issued threats, openly discussed possible retaliation, made insinuations about their character and patriotism, and subjected them to mockery and derision—when they deserved the opposite. The President’s attacks were broadcast to millions of Americans—including witnesses’ families, friends, and coworkers. It is a federal crime to intimidate or seek to intimidate any witness appearing before Congress. This prohibition applies to anyone who knowingly “uses intimidation, threatens, or corruptly persuades” another person in order to “influence, delay, or prevent the testimony of any person in an official proceeding.” Violations of this law can carry a criminal sentence of up to 20 years in prison.

  40. NO MAN is above the LAW. The Emperor is Naked! Not wanting to see what is right in front of you is NOT my problem. It's yours! Look in the mirror and deal with it.

  41. NO MAN is above the LAW. The Emperor is Naked! Not wanting to see what is right in front of you is NOT my problem. It's yours! Look in the mirror and deal with it.

  42. NO MAN is above the LAW. The Emperor is Naked! Not wanting to see what is right in front of you is NOT my problem. It's yours! Look in the mirror and deal with it.

  43. NO MAN is above the LAW. The Emperor is Naked! Not wanting to see what is right in front of you is NOT my problem. It's yours! Look in the mirror and deal with it.

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