Victoria Police – CIRT

Victoria Police – CIRT

Hey guys, Bec here from Explore Careers Today we are joined by Laura Fuller from Victoria police and she’s part of the Critical Incident Response Team Let’s jump in and have a chat Thanks for having me in your CIRT van Lauren No problem I must say I’ve never been in one before Why did you decide to join Victoria Police? When I was finishing school I didn’t really want to study
anymore I wanted to do something that’s active I thought Victoria Police would be a great fit It’s definitely a rewarding career and I applied straight out of school What age were you? You would have been straight out of year twelve when you applied? Yes, I applied straight from finishing VCE I recruited for approximately a year and got into the Academy when I was nineteen You obviously don’t go straight to CIRT you have to be a General Duties Police Officer first? Yes, you have to do two years of General Duties before you can apply to go anywhere specialized What is CIRT? Critical Incident Response Team? Yes, that’s correct CIRT is a specialized unit within Victoria Police and our criteria is that we come to any armed offenders and any sieges anything that’s just beyond the scope for General Duties policing We have more equipment that could help general policing You have to be pretty fit I’m assuming? Are there additional fitness requirements? from just a standard Police Officer to be in CIRT? Yes, when you join Victoria Police you have to pass a fitness test But when you apply for CIRT it’s an additional fitness test that one’s pretty hard compared to the normal at Victoria Police. We have a higher level of fitness we have to maintain that Training every day? Yes, we have to train at work which is really good It’s a really good part of CIRT We get to train every day Are there different parts of CIRT? Different specialized areas? Yes, definitely so within CIRT there’s four
additional areas You’ve got your Close Personal Protection they help out whenever the Prime Minister is in town they help do the security for them We also have the Negotiators they help CIRT, as well as just general CIRT whenever there’s a job anywhere in Victoria CIRT will go out to that The other specialization is Task Operations they help with warrants and things like that A lot of people think that you can’t apply to be a Police Officer straight
out of year twelve but obviously that’s not the case What are the requirements to apply to be a Police Officer? Well I was actually told that I couldn’t apply straight after leaving school they said that I needed more life experience Was that your career advisor? Yes, my career advisor just said “no wait a bit” I went online and I researched it as long as you’ve passed your VCE or your VCAL you can apply straight out of school I went home and did that, and I got in And you’re loving it? Loving it! Just gone four years now and it’s a great job Thank you so much for joining us today No problem! You can find out more information about a career at Victoria Police via You can also jump on the Explore Careers website

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