100 thoughts on “Video shows police shooting of 12-year-old

  1. the blue scums are at war with people and those trash murder and get away with it but blue scums are blue scums and those trash are at war with people

  2. He said officer ask to put his hands up then says drop the weapon. So then he says the kid reached for the gun….probably to drop the weapon. Awful commands.

  3. Anyone saying this is the kids fault is sad af. Of course the kid shouldnt be doing that and if you listen to the call that's what the guy was really calling about a kid with a probably fake gun scaring people that doesnt mean the cops having any sort of right to end this kid. If the dispatch would have explained the situation in a less frightening way shit would have been fine the kid would have been in trouble and learned a lesson instead of dying. Police need to stop having the mentality that everyone is out here to kill them making an us vs them type situation

  4. just drive 2 feet away from a BLACK man with a gun – how long does it take to exit a car now if it was a ACTIVE SHOOTER _ gay(really happy ) as name _ how keen would you be to park next to the gun man ( person )

  5. Why would the parents allow this ? Watch your kids black people.. this is the product of rap videos and music

  6. When you call the police and its a kid, don't say guy. I see White kids playing with guns in the parks all the time. Airsoft guns look real and the kids play with those everywhere. You never hear about someone calling the cops on one of those twelve year olds, calling them, guy. And what a bunch of jellyfish adults. When I was a kid, and adults didn't like something, they would tell you themselves.

  7. White guy with gun police come up you good black man when police arrive police get on the fucking ground shooting at black man

  8. I remember years ago when me and my cousins was playing with some toy guns we bought from the store. My grandmother came out yelling "you can't do things like this" and I was confused because we was just playing but now I see what she meant

  9. America instead of screaming to other countries about how you all free and what-not, raise your kids right. its sad to watch this but the truth is the fault is not with the police in this case. let us all be real

  10. How was there 3 orders given with such lil time of the cops arriving on scene an how didn’t the cop knw the difference between a Revolver an the fake pistol they recovered from the lil dude?

  11. White child, give the benefit of the doubt or talk him down. Black child, menace to society, shoot to kill. That’s the United States in a nutshell. It’s history has not changed nor do I see change on the horizon.

  12. Why the hell would a child pull a gun on police? It's his damn mother fault. I told my step child dad no guns. This kid had no business pulling out the gun. 10-19 yr old kids are dangerous. This kid asked for it. Plain & clear.

  13. Still not a reason to blame the dispatcher. The caller did know if its fake or not thats why he use "maybe" a real gun… police should train more 88x how to handle situation.. unless they just trigger happy and want to be peymus (famous).

  14. It’s illegal to brandish a pellet gun/ air rifle in public settings if it looks like a real gun. That’s why they put orange tips on them or make the air guns clear.

  15. Are parents of this one totally stupid? This is not a liberal Europe. This is a police state of America. You can’t allow your kids play outside like this

  16. I'm pretty sure a kid wouldn't shoot a police officer and even so why tell him to pull it out instead of he regular instructions no one ever really noticed that did they oh no it's the "parents fault for buying their kid a pellet gun and it's looks so real" no the cops just wanted to get it over with the way it should've been done is tell the kid to put his hands up turn around and walk towards them slowly but again they were lazy and just wanted to murder him even if he had no business doing what he did with that gun someone explain to me why the cops told him to pull it out if not then stfu with these comments about how it was the parents fault or the kid should've of been pointing it at people these cops are getting out of control seeing that they can hurt whoever they want and only get a Goddamn suspension I say we go back and put them in jail for at least 25 to life because if you can go to jail for 15 years for a pound of weed then you can do 25 for the murder of a damn child

  17. American drooling Christian imbeciles…. defending ANYTHING a pig does!
    I'm appalled!
    He was just a dumb young CHILD!!!

  18. I don't think it would matter if the 911 dispatcher said it might be fake or not police handle every situation like it's a real gun

  19. 911 dispatch once threatened my ex-husband if he didn't perform CPR on his cold, dead uncle who had obviously already been through rigor mortis. About twenty minutes the 911 dispatcher forced him to perform CPR on a beloved family member.

    There are mentally ill people in positions that the public generally trust. Imagine being forced to perform CPR on someone who has been dead awhile. No amount of therapy makes memories like that disappear.

  20. Im sorry but this kid brought that shit on himself, his fault for bringin a gun that looks real outside the house and pointing it at people, thats something you dont do now if its a orange tip bb gun thats different but pellet hell nah youre askin for death if you point it at people💯 kuz it can really injure someone and make them really sick from the pellet chemicals

  21. First of all who gave the little boy a fake gun? Haven't they ever heard of a Nerf gun? Kids now these days are getting smarter and I've some old documentaries from the past about kids who were actually serial killers. The way he was dressed, pacing back and forth like that, while holding the gun like that in public, POINTING at it towards people. To me that looks like it shows a sign of him trying to listen and/or resist the temptation of wanting to kill someone or something

  22. OMG A 12 year old boy This is unusual for me but I am at a loss for word. My sincerest condolences to this little boy's family and a plague on this pd and this cop

  23. That is kind of his fault who the fuck just walks around in points a BB gun at people I just wish he had been more responsible with it 😔

  24. The death of the kid is the Officer and the caller If i had a fake gun i would play with it it's kids it's what we do

  25. Who the fuck told the reporter to say all this shit. If someone says on a 911 call. "It MIGHT be fake" You heared them right, "MIGHT" A Might DOES not mean YES IT IS FAKE or NO IT ISN'T FAKE. These officers are 100% Justified, I mean I know this was 5 Years ago but this rages me. There was no Orange tip showing it was fake, Nothingf showing it was Fake. The Officers I GARANTEE thought it was real. Also If someone is pulling a gun I aint gonna be Sitting there waiting the, to either shoot or not. Im going to stop the threat.

  26. cops just love to murder. They need to be shown that its not free. How about the whole neighborhood firebomb the pig shop? And then the city officials houses? And then the courthouse?

  27. well this sort of thing will happen if you have a fake or toy gun that looks real enough. and police aren't always going to take the time to judge whether or not the gun is real before opening fire.

  28. if you point a gun or what looks like a gun at a police officer , you will get shot ! this seems to happen a lot , have no sympathy for this kid , its called bad parenting , they should be held accountable …

  29. This video was edited since it first came out. Original video shows cop opens passenger door, stands and shoots kid almost immediately. Another cover up by cops. Why did the cops drive up on him like? If that was a criminal instead of a kid those cops may have lost their lives! They were completely wrong the way this was handled, now a twelve year is dead because of two dummies. High paid DUMMIES!!! I feel sure they are still riding around protecting the town from twelve year olds. Almost forgot, the cop doesn't know a twelve year old kid from a twenty year old man; do you think saying the victim was a twenty year old man instead of a twelve year old kid would look better on his report? Of course it would and he knew it. Chief probably told these two that little mistakes happen don't worry about it, now get in that cruiser and keep our town safe!!!!!!

  30. all u have to do is pull up to him guns drawn and ask him u got a gun he says yes a fake one thou ok lay on ur stomach cops take gun away job done

  31. A pellet gun is a weapon no matter how you put it is a weapon shooting a projectile at i high rate of speed that can penetrate skin just as a knife or any other weapon would

  32. Now the police are killing kids in the street for playing with toy guns come on someone got to go too jail for this it first degree murder on a 12 year old child. you can see he only a kids the way he was walking up and down in he mind he playing the good army man in his mind.

  33. this almost happened to me when I was about the same age. i was walking to my friends house with my pellet rifle and bb pistol on my hip. i was going to go shoot targets with my friend in his backyard. a cop pulled up on me a drew down on me. I thought i might get shot so i paid very close attention to what the cop was saying and moved very slowly and deliberately. when cop realized they were bb guns he offered to ride me the rest of the way to my friends house so i don't scare everyone. legit tho panicked when i saw the cop draw on me, i just deadass stopped and waited for instructions.

  34. This mf saying he thinks the gun was fake but calls the cop on that little boy ohh not to mention you can tell that's a young boy so miss me with all that Bullshit!!!

  35. For him to be able to drop the weapon he first would need to take it out of his pants. The cops drop the ball on this one they should have told him to get his hands up and keep them there while one of them got out that dame car and removed it. They were gonna shut him regardless.

  36. It's a trap . the first officer yells put up your hands up . the Second Officer Yale's Throw Down the Gun . with his hands now up in the air . the suspect following the orders of the second police officer . reaches for the gun to throw it down . the first officer shoots him for non-compliance to put his hands up and keep them up . there should be a lead officer . it can be the officer who is driving that day . but there needs to be a lead officer ! the only one who can give orders to the suspect . so they stop shooting innocent people ! because of conflicting orders !

  37. A lot of people in the comment section are saying you shouldn't play with a real looking gun toy and point it at people while that is true you have to understand that kids do stupid stuff because they don't know better you're not talking to an adult the lesson here is not to stop children from playing with toy guns it's for the cops to follow protocol if you have a suspicion that he's carrying a gun don't park next to him stand at a distance and assess the situation if that happened they would have noticed that he was a child.



  40. That dispatcher should be the one who gets fired, leaves out the most critical info of course the police are gonna react the way they did, although how could they not tell between a 12 and 20 year old?

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