WATCH: Chaos Ensues When Alabama GOP Tries to Sneakily Pass Abortion Ban

WATCH: Chaos Ensues When Alabama GOP Tries to Sneakily Pass Abortion Ban

the Alabama state Senate just tried to sneak through one of the most insane draconian and razan lis unconstitutional anti-abortion laws yet and we all know that this week Georgia Governor Brian Kemp signed I believe the fourth heartbeat bill in the nation into law so they're getting more and more extreme but what they introduced and tried to push through in the Alabama State Senate is bananas so as our Len Parsa explains this bill that they're trying to push would make nearly all abortions a felony punishable up to 99 years in prison so I mean what we're seeing here is them basically trying to emulate the theocratic regimes in the Middle East so this is them living up to the expectations of the religious extremists in the TV show The Handmaid's Tale and if you haven't watched it basically it's a show about what would happen if Mike Pence was a dictator and was able to implement whatever he wanted in the United States that's basically what the show is about in a nutshell and we're kind of seeing that play out here now what's crazy about this is not only does it demonstrate how to radical the Republican Party is becoming but they tried to pass this without even holding a roll call vote so I mean when they tried to push this through you're gonna see I'm gonna play you a video here where the other lawmakers were like what are you doing wait stop you you can't do this so take a look because shit got crazy you you you you you that is just unreal now thankfully the bill was delayed if I had a guess I'd say probably will ultimately end up passing and they're just completely at this point disregarding the Constitution disregarding Supreme Court precedent disregarding Roe and Casey they don't care because they are trying to provoke a constitutional challenge that's what they want because they ultimately would like to see roe v– wade overturn this is what they're doing I've talked about this in the video that I made about Bryant and Kemp signing the heartbeat bill into law and this is what states across the country are trying to do which is why we're seeing so many heartbeat bills pop up now with the Georgia law where he essentially signed a bill into law Brian Kemp that is that effectively banned abortions after six weeks think about how insane that is just step back and think about that so if you are two weeks late on your period and you're a woman you can't have an abortion how bizarre is that how insane is that it is a fetus that has not developed a nervous system is not capable of feeling pain is not viable outside of the womb and a woman may not even know she's pregnant but it's already too late for her to have an abortion that is fucking insane it's insane and any time I post one of these videos I love how the conservatives always comment saying oh well you're just a baby killer Mike okay so you're pro-life and you have more credibility right so why aren't you screeching about the bombs that we're giving to Saudi Arabia to drop on babies in Yemen that's okay right so I think that what you need to understand if you aren't able to fathom why liberals don't like this and think that you're a hypocrite is because you have no problem when Donald Trump murders babies and children in the Middle East of North Africa and drones them but when it comes to fetuses that's what you would care about so maybe if you were more consistent in your quote-unquote pro-life position people would actually take you more seriously but because you're an idiot and you were duped by what is obviously a wedge issue an issue that Republicans are trying to exploit well you think we're the baby killers no motherfucker you're the baby killers stop voting for baby killers like Donald Trump who's dropping bombs on the Middle East and North Africa who killed an American girl in his very first military raid that he botched he's currently loosening the restrictions on the rules of war so they don't have to worry about killing innocent civilians and you're gonna care about undeveloped babies you're gonna talk about fetuses get the fuck out of here I mean the hypocrisy from the right is mind-boggling to me if you're pro-life you've got to be consistent buddy otherwise you don't get to call yourself pro-life ben shapiro will rant and rave about this and how this is the moral thing to do I mean we all go back to 2002 he has articles where he literally talks about not giving a shit about civilians are being killed now say you know I was young I was naive and I've since moved away from that well you still like wars you still support every single war so you don't get to call yourself pro-life and support Wars or at least remain silent when it comes to wars or even if you're not as equally outraged about wars because I would just respectfully disagree with you if you didn't support abortion but you were at least consistent in your view and you also rejected wars but conservatives don't do that they don't do that and then they have the nerve to call liberals baby killers so this is just infuriating and we all know why they're doing it this is about the endgame they want roe v– wade overturned and this is just a means to an end they know that these policies can't stand because they're against the Constitution but their goal is to change that permanently

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27 thoughts on “WATCH: Chaos Ensues When Alabama GOP Tries to Sneakily Pass Abortion Ban

  1. You're looking at the men who would have been slave owners had it not been abolished! You're looking at the worst scum our country has to offer right along with our "Sworn to protect and serve" KKKops!

  2. You are looking at the same kind of white men who would have fought to keep me enslaved. Not all white people are evil but the ones whom are, seem to be the ones running the damn show! If you dont have a uterus don't dare think for a second i'll let you tell me what the fuck to do with mine. It will be a cold day in hell before that happens to me ever! No white man will ever rule over us in any way, shape or form! These people are fucking INSANE!

  3. Black People should be the rightful rulers of this world. They would do it with compassion, fairness, peacefulness and love. The only people speaking up against those White Men , Draconian, Hateful law against woman-in that room are Black People.

  4. I think we should be able to dismember little babies inside the womb and then sell there individual parts out to whoever wants them for money, do what feels good , no regrets, sacrifice the unborn

  5. Unfortunately Ametican people are sleeping, just watch a video where Donald talks about Saudi on the bill he veto, where he is killing innocent people on Yemen,his awnser my friend, my buddy can't do that to the prince his givin6us 200 billion.
    The crazy thing is American people cheer up his decision just WOW!!

  6. Millions of women get abused everyday and sometimes they get abortions to get away from that violence, they should not be damned for their choice, This law they are passing and will pass opens the flood gates to treat every race like slaves. Because of this law , every color will be suppressed to where no one can vote just like it was before President Lincoln. It violates our freedom of choice, Our freedom of voice, Our freedom to be free.

  7. If you have money you can have any procedure made anywhere in the world at any time…this is a law designed by the rich to strangle the poor.

  8. Another despicable display by a totally corrupt party. Passing health care laws specifically regarding women with only men. Just to satisfy their so-called religious alt-right stereotypes. This type of people should be jailed! If they want to hold their beliefs no matter how antiquated they may be go ahead, but don't try to force them on others.

  9. This comment is by no means meant to be pro-life, I actually believe in pro-choice. But if "Conservatives", "Republicans", "The Right" what ever they want to call themselves want make decisions about abortion, how about these a-holes fix everything that leads woman towards abortion. Make laws that stick it to deadbeat dads. No more of this people going to court to fight over child support and have a judge rule in favor of the mother and then the father walks out of the court and says 'screw that' and doesn't pay and the mother has to pay a lawyer again to go after these guys again so they can say "screw it" over and over. Fix that first. Make medical and day care available to everyone, not just those with money but everyone. Get that shite right first and then move towards you abortion argument. I am sure we would find less of these a-holes beaking up for anti-abortion laws if they couldn't just ignore their ex gfs, mistresses or had to pay more in taxes for medical and day care.

  10. so its against the law and body automy to force someone to give you a kidney even if it savesΒ your life but a pre-human with no working brain yet has more rights now than every living being.

  11. well this isnt shocking that they want to secretly ban something that isnt bad at all its a good thing to let a woman do what she wants

  12. Southern Males. 🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽

  13. Conservatives : Saving embryos good! And killing of actual children also good! Conservatives can't do morality or logic very well, can they?

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