Watch: House Rules Committee debates impeachment vote rules (FULL LIVE STREAM)

Watch: House Rules Committee debates impeachment vote rules (FULL LIVE STREAM)

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100 thoughts on “Watch: House Rules Committee debates impeachment vote rules (FULL LIVE STREAM)

  1. Trump,Graham,Ponpeo,Malveiny,
    McConnel,Nunes,Pense and Giuliani should also be Impeached and Removed from any Government Duties. Because Impeachment is the cleansing of the House.

  2. Trump is and will be the greatest president in the nations history. Despite the constant attacks by democrats trump has turned this country around. You people are so blind and oblivious to the real crimes democrats are involved in. Trump 2020

  3. Has anyone else noticed that The Washington Post kept labeling Tom Cole as a democrat? Did I miss something? Did he change parties? I think not…

  4. The stupidly Absurdity what these guys have been saying this whole time is they want to impeach Trump on what he may or may not do.

  5. plenty of bold faced lies from both sides, sad they cant live up to our founders ideals, we will have to do better

  6. It is sad some people here talk about fairness and rights…and refuse rights to others, when others disagree with them…..and even call others names who do not agree with them… one here would want their civil rights denied them..But want to deny others right that a person is innocent until proven guilty…..some of you here who have been arrested know what I am talking about…When a person who claims to be an adult starts calling people names because of their looks, size of their head, neck, slim or fat and makes filthy remarks about their family …is stain one their credibility to even be taken seriously

  7. Ridiculous…….do we expect the democrat reps to admit they are wrong in anything? Do we expect the republicans to admit they are wrong….a democrat questioner knows what the democrat rep will say like a puppet………and republicans when questioning another republican do not expect to be disagreed with……..the only one that seemed unbiased was professor Turley………they have left out Horowitz report like it never took place….next comes Durham….I hope

  8. hey Dems, we are watching, we see your lies and corruption. Americans are not stupid. alot of you will be asked to leave in the next election. KAG

  9. I heard democrats quoting bible verses at last meeting……..don't they read in the bible what God says about murdering little babies (abortion and sodomy same sex marriage)


  11. If it was DEMOlition head liberal president in office getting accused of what they're accusing trump of. They wouldn't even care, it just would of been swept under the rug… It's a bullshit. They didn't have a chance in the 2020 election so they resort to this. Which they've been plotting since the day trump was elected.

  12. We the people can't comment on the live streams, so let's do it here! This hearing is a F**cking joke! Are the Democrats serious? We Americans can see right through this sham! The Democrats have been gunning for Our President since his Inauguration. No crimes have been committed yet they still pursue this impeachment while their districts fall apart. They don't care about the country, the plain and simple truth is, they just don't like Trump! Father God in Heaven, I pray for our President, and our country. Please bring light to the darkness that surrounds the Democratic party, and expose them for what they are. This joke they call an Impeachment is not funny and should be stopped now before further harm comes to our beautiful nation! Amen…

  13. I guarantee this impeachment will be expunged as soon as Republicans gain majority in the house. This farce will be removed from history

  14. 4:49:10 Mr. Collin just blow up all the talk of Hastings your talk just like the majority interpretation for the call done with u

  15. So let me get this straight. They/the Democrats want to impeach Trump for investigating Joe Biden and his sons ties to Ukraine. What exactly did Trump do wrong?????

  16. What is this guy doug collins cry for he said that if you run for president you can do anything you want to do in other countries and he's defending the man who want to do actually the thing he complaining what!This is another oj trial known were tom cole strands at

  17. This is why America is in debt this kind of bullshit Obama should have been tried for treason and sentenced to max penalty

  18. Donald Trump is so corrupt that he’s calling for Civil War in America and chaos if he’s not reelected or impeach. This is the mentality of a dictator most white America cannot see this because he speak to their fears and their bigotry and their hatred.

  19. Democrats know the truth that president Trump is doing a great job for the people of this country. They are making up these lies because the Democrats work for the pharmaceutical companies that are killing us. What has happened to the Democrats that they go this low to serve their corporate overlords, shame on them.

  20. 2:38 Again, Mr. Collins. The President of Ukraine is not on trial. You need to visit a police station and ask them to show you and idiots like Hannity photos of what a battered wife looks like.

  21. So if an elected pesident promised to clean up the swamp doesn't he have a mandate from the people to do such? If i was a corrupt politicians with videos of me inappropriately touching and smelling and whispering in little girls ears in public, on stage and on camera and i wanted to avoid such prosecution i would immediately announce my candidacy so that the president could not clean me out of the swamp. Here's my question does the public mandate supersede a corrupt politicians political maneuvers when that "candidate" has no reasonable expectation of being elected? Were those laws enacted to protect political rivals that only announced candidacy to avoid prosecution on a public mandate?

  22. I as well as EVERYONE else should be VERY curious what the date & time was when Russia interfered with our election process. I'm curious bc personally I'd love to know if it was before or after Trump made his "Russia are you listening"? Remark. Why does it matter? Well, If it was BEFORE then…Trump isn't the one who invited Russia to the party. Sooo is it plausible that the CIA & FBI orchestrated it with the plan of Trump taking the bait & then blaming it ALL on him?🤔

  23. Collins clock and calendar mantra. It comes down to 17 witnesses. Put that on your calendar. What a waste of time it is to listen to your snide remarks.

  24. Shame on you people! So called democrats, voting to do this terrible thing to our President, to be sure, karma will get you all for doing this to our President Trump. We love you President Trump, May The Lord guide, guard, and protect you, your loved ones, friends, staff and guards.

  25. The Dummo-crats are done! Their hatred for this president and the use of impeachment will be etched in our minds for years to come.

  26. The only thing the Democrats are doing is,talking of previous crimes,of joe biden,withholding one billion in funds,live on tv,just to get his way. Was that a crime? Was it a crime,to vote out term limits? Was it a crime,for Obama to do exactly what the Democrats are accusing,this sitting president of? The Democrats are telling on themselves.

  27. None of them have an original thought. They have become robotic. They want war. It is all that is talked about. Stop screwing around. Do the job,you were truly hired for.

  28. To the tiny-brained, dangerously low-IQ plebeian cheerleaders of the impeachment, thank you for demonstrating eloquently that I had you accurately summarized 3 years ago.

    Your hysterical ignorance is breathtaking, mesmerizing and awe-inspiring.

    You are indisputably more cowardly than the Trillionaire Dynasties of the Eternal Rats whose interests you enthusiastically represent and whose serpentine lies you cosign.

    I appreciate you for the intensely delectable comedic gems you accidentally and unironically provide.

    Please do tell us how that kosher tubesteak taste once you remove it from your mouth, sharing is caring yo.

    That sun is shining extra sexy today.

    Try not to get run over gazing at it 🙂

    Count em, off the top:

    Shultz, Slotkin, Schiff, Nadler, Vindman, Feldman, Karlan, Gerhardt, Eisen, Weissman…

    Bash, Blitzer, King, Maddow, Tapper commenting and calling audibles on the sideline.

    Rabbi Santa's reindeer.

    Judaic Ventriloquism is ancient. You are not a historian.

  29. Bull Crap. I want to know why they are ignoring The Real corrupt politician who abused his public office. Joe Biden. THAT IS WRONG. I watched all of the hearings, I read the transcript. The President did nothing wrong unlike Joe Biden. You people better get your crap together before we march into Washington and throw you out. We know who the real corrupt people are. We arent blind or stupid.

  30. Interesting to me that Biden was undecided running for President when Trump called the Ukraine President. I think the Democrats strategically convinced Biden to run for the sole reason to impeach Trump on in 2020 election. Look at Biden. Biden appears he doesn’t want to be president. Democrats are using Biden to impeach Trump!! Dirty Democrat tactics to affect the election for sure!!

  31. Why should the Democrats votes count? Obviously they must be on Russia's payroll in discrediting democracy and the U.S presidency.
    Shouldn't we hold a 2 year hearing and spend tens of millions of dollars to determine whether the Democrats 'will' in this vote actually reflects that of the American people?
    Nope. No need. Just watch one of their 17 democrat presidential debates. They make a Maosist blush.

  32. What a effin disgrace to our Country and our President. This was the only way Dems could throw their middle finger at middle America. It is amazing that the power of the house are all from California and peewee Nader is from New York! The middle finger will be back at you in 11 months. I am one pissed off American

  33. Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, and their allies have turned Congress into their own personal kangaroo court in a desperate attempt to overturn the 2016 election.

  34. Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, and their allies have turned Congress into their own personal kangaroo court in a desperate attempt to overturn the 2016 election.

  35. Obstruction ??? … of busting their attempts to frame the president? Democrats are pathetic
    Innocent until Proven guilty
    No due process
    Do something productive for a change

    Swamp critters

  36. Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, and their allies have turned Congress into their own personal kangaroo court in a desperate attempt to overturn the 2016 election.

  37. Throughout the impeachment process, they've withheld and manipulated key documents, lied about witness statements, and relied on total hearsay to make their case against the president. They've even kept Republicans from calling their own witnesses and blocked them from asking hard questions of Democratic witnesses.

    This is nothing more than a political hitjob to rig the system against the man America sent to the White House to fight for them against a government run am

  38. He still is in the office because there are more republicans than democrats in the Senate, but this will hurt him in the next reelection process. I don't think he will be reelected.

  39. If this doesn't get rid of Trump, impeach him again, and again, and again until he's gone. Pelosi has promised to keep this going through 2024 if need be. Eventually, we will destroy this man. Vote Democrat in 2020 so we can keep the pressure on. Thanks you so much for your help Washington Post. It is media outlets like your who are helping get rid of this homophobic, racist, sexual predator who is destroying our country.

  40. WAPO, such a sorry excuse of a rag you have here. You really think A M E R I C A buys your crap?? Not in this Century or the next.
    You guys are only doing this because you need to keep a paycheck for your lease and the exorbitant rent you have to pay. If you were
    a PRACTICING REPUBLICAN you wouldn't have to lower your standards like you do. We pay off our stuff or pay cash. I actually
    paid cash for my house and drive junk cars. I don't need the latest, greatest like you do. Your lies are perpetuated by your lazy,
    dishonest life-style. The NON-Politician Donald Trump has come in and upset the DemonCrap applecart and Nancy and her thugs H A T E HIM!!
    She doesn't even know what true prayer is and will writhe in pain for representing herself as a true Christian. You WAPO's
    are completely without s o u l s and wouldn't know the truth if it bit you and your fat, lazy asses. Merry Christmas
    and enjoy the coming 5 years of d u l y e l e c t e d POTUS DONALD J. TRUMP. Impeach that!!!

  41. So lets see here Democrats are saying its okay to give military aid and aid money to a Country that has been proven to be corrupted not only by Ukraine officials but by American officials such as Hunter Biden and Joe Biden. Joe Biden asked Ukraine to fire a persecutor to be hired and he would give them one million dollars. I guess that is all okay and Trump is guilty for protecting our tax dollars from abuse? WOW democrats have balls. Enjoy being fired in 2020

  42. Typical leftist pigs.
    They lost a fair election, so they try to take out their political enemies by using the impeachment or their friends (the leftist judges) like in Italy with Salvini.
    But the more the commies attack them, the more they win…
    TRUMP 2020 SALVINI 2020!!!

  43. You idiots don’t get it! Trump will not be out of the White House until 2024. “He was impeached” means absolutely Nothing!! It won’t pass and your profound ignorance is
    laughable 😂😂😂Trump 2020
    N O Q U E S T I O N. Put your beer down and do your OWN investigation. Maybe you will discover your many errors.

  44. We get to vote someone in office but we don't have a say whether they remain because the truth is we have no say in anything. The government has became a massive unstoppable titan and soon we will have no alleged freedoms left at all.

  45. Show to dress up US to look like statue of liberty. President is there to dump all faults to make US government look good in the eyes of the world. Trump had tried to force money out of many nations around the world through economic sanctions and military cost sharing deals. If he was successful without world going against his demand this would not be in the news. American media and government are all crooks.

  46. Thatnk to our government Americans are becoming international thugs and our children in the future will be rejected around the world. Just wait and see it will happen. Nobody is going to let their children have anything to do with thugs children.

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