WATCH: What 2020 Democrats would do first as president | 2019 Democratic Debates

WATCH: What 2020 Democrats would do first as president | 2019 Democratic Debates

I’m gonna go down the line here and I’m asking you please for one or two words only All right, please Really President Obama in his first year wanted to address both health care and climate And he could only get one signature issue accomplished it was obviously health care He didn’t get to do climate change you may only get one shot in your first Issue that you’re going to push you get one shot that it may be the only thing you get passed What is that first issue for your presidency? Erik Swalwell your’re first For Parkland for Orlando for every community affected by gun violence ending gun violence Senator Bennet [Applause] Climate change and the lack of economic mobility Bernie talks about Senator Gillibrand Passing a family Bill of Rights that includes a national paid leave plan universal pre-K Affordable day care and making sure that women and families can thrive in the workplace no matter who they are Ooh, I like that! Okay Senator Harris So passing a middle class and working families tax cut. Uh DACA, guns I can keep going I’ve given you credit for the first thing you said, the tax cut. I got you Senator Sanders. First thing I reject the premise that there’s only one or two issues out there This country faces enormous crises We need a political revolution. People have got to stand up and take on the special interest We can transform this country Vice President Biden, your first issue Mr. Vice President I think you’re so underestimating what Barack Obama did. He’s the first man to bring together the entire world 196 nations to commit to deal with climate change. Immediately So I don’t buy that But the first, the first thing I would do is make sure that we defeat Donald Trump. Period Mayor Buttigieg, your first priority your first issue as president that you were going to block and tackle We got to fix our democracy before it’s too late get that right climate immigration taxes and every other issue gets better Mister, Mr. Yang I would pass a $1,000 freedom dividend for every American adult starting at age 18 which would speed us up on climate change because if you get the boot Off of people’s throats, they’ll focus on climate change much more clearly Governor Hickenlooper I will do a collaborative approach to climate change and I would Pronounce it well before the election to make sure we don’t reelect the worst president in American history And Ms. Williamson with the last word My first call is to the Prime misister of New Zealand who said that her goal is to make New Zealand the place where it’s the best place in the world for a child to grow up And I would have a girlfriend you were so on Because the United States of America is going to be the best place in the world for a child to grow up We are going to have Thank you. You guys were close with the short at least it was shorter response Not at all [Laughter] All right. C minus

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