‘We will not be silenced’: squad Democrats decry Trump attacks

‘We will not be silenced’: squad Democrats decry Trump attacks

Despite the occupant of
the White House attempts to marginalise us and
to silence us, please know that we are more
than four people. Our squad is big, our squad
includes any person committed to building a more
equitable and just world and that is the world that
we want to get back to. And given the size of this
squad and this great nation, we cannot, we will not,
be silenced. – He’s launching a blatantly
racist attack on four duly elected members of the
United States of House of Representatives, all of whom are
women of colour. This is the agenda of
white nationalists. Whether it is happening
in chatrooms or it’s happening on
national TV and now its reached
the White House garden. He would love nothing more
than to divide our country based on race, religion, gender,
orientation or immigration status because this is the only
way he knows he can prevent the solidarity
of us working together across all of our differences. So it is time for us to
stop allowing this president to make a mockery out
of our constitution. It’s time for us to impeach
this president. – No matter what the
president says, this country belongs to you
and it belongs to everyone. And today that notion,
that very notion, was challenged. This weekend, that
very notion was challenged. We should not take the bait. We can sit here and continue
to recycle his hateful rhetoric of which I cannot feign surprise
or inflated outrage because he is, if nothing else,
predictable. What we’re focused on
are the hateful policies that are Draconian and oppressive
and life-threatening and family-separating that is being rolled out by this
specific administration every day. – Now when people say, if you
say a negative thing about the policies in this
country, you hate this country, to me, it sort of speaks to
the hypocrisy and Alex and I were talking about this. When this president ran,
and up until today, he talked about everything
that was wrong in this country and how he was going
to make it great. And so for him to condemn
us and to say we are unamerican for wanting to work hard
to make this country be the country we all
deserve to live in? It’s completely hypocrisy. – Weak minds and leaders
challenge loyalty to our country in order to avoid challenging
and debating the policy. This president does not know
how to make the argument that Americans do not
deserve healthcare. He does not know how
to defend his policies so what he does is
attack us personally. And that is what this
is all about. He can’t look a child
in the face and he can’t look all
Americans in the face and justify why this country
is throwing them in cages. So instead, he tells us
that I should go back to the great borough of the
Bronx and make it better and that’s what I’m here
to do.

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100 thoughts on “‘We will not be silenced’: squad Democrats decry Trump attacks

  1. 'Do not take the bait': congresswomen denounce racist Trump attack ► https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/jul/15/congresswomen-trump-racist-attack-aoc-pressley-omar-tlaib

  2. The Squad needs one more member. Michael Moore. He would be the cherry on top.  An obese cherry but still a cherry.

  3. I listened again! I can’t believe what I’m hearing. “Our Squat is Big”! What in the hell does Squat mean. Why would they call themselves the Squat. That’s terrible. Demeaning and vulgar.

  4. Sedition is a crime. Does this qualify as sedition?
    incitement of discontent or rebellion against a government.
    any action, especially in speech or writing, promoting such discontent or rebellion.
    Archaic. rebellious disorder.

  5. They look pathetic up there. So whiny. I am not a Trump supporter but he is getting the best out of this party.

  6. Quite impressive
    What is their combined approval rating?? Maybe 30% combined??
    What a bunch of dipshits

  7. it just seems like
    "IGNORANCE IS BLISS" and anger is much more important than reason . . .
    we've become NARCISSIST and they are pointing their fingers at TRUMP???
    REALLY?? Oh, I'm African-American like that 3.25865% makes you KING or
    QUEEN of ZIMBABWE! They need to just
    STFU and be where you were born and act like you have a brain and some
    sense! You are not your CULTURE, you are YOU . . . not your ORIGINS or
    your ANCESTORS that lived 500 years ago . . . you are you NOW!
    Concentrate the F on that . . . that's hard enough as it is . . . stop
    trying to bring the NON-EXISTENT PAST to the totally FU Present that is
    already confusing enough as it is. It's the FUTURE that matters, not the
    PAST . . . that's GONE


  9. I'm laughing at the way Trump played the Democrats. He just revamped the entire US asylum policy without Democrats making a fuss because they were too busy fuming about tweets. LOL.

  10. I'm not a American, but they can see what is happening in there country, Why can't the UK speak up like Trump did for his people, our government are embarrassing.. Donald Trump 2020 don't let these people lie & try to dictate your nation.. I seek asylum in America I have no future here..I'm white British & born here.

  11. Congress' job is to debate and pass legislation NOT investigate The Presidents administration. Jail time if u ask me. You all R the sorest LOSERS in the history of life. We are NOT racist BC u cant be a part of THE SOLUTION…so u NEED to go back where u came from and fix that government!

  12. Does the term "People of color" includes Asians? The asians (chinese, japanese, koreans) never play the race card. If they fail, they just try harder to succeed. There are many poor white people in America too, and they have no race card to flash.

  13. Ok, what was the squad being silenced about again? I need to know why are they being threatned to leave?

  14. This sort of identity politics is going to hand trump his re-election. He has made the 4 congresswomen the face of the Democrats and it’s showing.

  15. I’m confused as to how AOc is calling herself “woman of color”. Am I blind here? She looks 80% white 20% Latino….

  16. These women are sick mentally. I love the USA and my President Trump , I will be voting for Trump AGAIN!!!!!

  17. Since the election of 2018 the Democrats haven't done anything for the Americans people, they were to
    busy working for the illegal migrants, and working on planning how to better their lives…….

  18. Why should we silence you? You are doing a great job in embarrassing your political party and showing us how insane the four of you are.

  19. Notice the only thing they want or care about is to get Trump out of the way so they can destroy the country.

  20. If you love this country PLEASE encourage these 4 to keep going. They will improved the lives of each and every American by single handley bringing down the Democratic party to better all of mankind.

  21. This country belongs to US Citizens. We don't hate each other as much as the "squad" wishes we did.

  22. Squad is a Quad of butthurt America-hating hoes … You don't have to go home … but JUST GET THE HELL OUT !

  23. These four women would disgrace any country and have no legitimate part to play in American society. They have no regard for the rule of law and order and support uncontrolled immigration. Omar shows little gratitude living in the states having arrived as a Somalian refugee. They refused to condemn a terrorist attack on an ICE facility, those disgraceful and degenerate women.

  24. The very thing they accuse others of they are doing themselves. Leukophobia, androphobia, and nomophobia are their only attributes. The are anti-American USA, and disrespect our country. The race card can go both ways cretins.

  25. your need to shut up. you are pushing Dems to the right and the democratic party is being laughed at and made a fool of by supports your inanity

  26. Keep talking girls, you are doing a great job or turning off all Democratic voters and those who aren't Democrat's will not vote your way for sure.

  27. Oh boy the irony when ilhan omar said trump wants to divide us by race, color, religion and origin. That's exactly what these people are doing. Phony politicians!

  28. They say women of color but really they dont represent minorities well. Just smug narcissists who like the sounds of their own voices. No real policies being brought to the table. They're all a joke.

  29. I love how they are running with this "squad" name haha. These 4 are so pathetic, they are frauds forsure, but they are also clearly being controlled by some radical entity that wants to destroy our nation.

  30. Gotta love the hypocrisy of the progressives! Preaching about unity yet they refuse to work with anyone else even in their own party

  31. The Aoc does nor know the meaning if the Constitution. The AOC is hatefull divicive, and Obama bought the cages.

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