Welcome to the College of Business, Government & Law

Welcome to the College of Business, Government & Law

The College of Business, Government and
Law is a great place to study and research. Our academics are closely connected to their industry sectors, and are committed to developing motivated, adaptable learners. We provide our students with the wealth of opportunities to develop work-ready skills, including practical industry
placements. And we also provide them with the ability to develop personal
enterprise and innovation in order to develop rich, successful careers. Researchers in the new College are driven by the idea of making a
difference. We want our research to matter. That means that we want to have an international and national impact for our research in the fields of business
government, and law. For example, our researchers are working on legal frameworks associated with driverless cars and blockchains. We’re interested in social justice and what that means in context of environmental policy, in technological change, and in human rights. We’re also interested in the very
important area of the politics of the ballot box, and in international relations. Opportunities abound, students are able to gain hands-on experience with internships locally, nationally, and internationally. Opportunities include a seven-week placement program in the U.S. Congress through the Washington
Internship Program. Our College offers a wide range of experiences to enhance students’ career opportunities. We build students’ professional networks and skills through offering projects, placements, high quality teaching, and international study tour opportunities. Welcome to our College.

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