Welsh Youth Parliament 2018

Welsh Youth Parliament 2018

With everything that’s going on in the
world at the moment, we need this now more than ever. Young people have a unique perspective that needs to be shared in the world. It’s gonna be our future we’re
the ones who’s going to be growing up in it. It’s for young people, it’s been
set up with young people. It’ll make Wales a better place to grow up. When we are affected by something that others make, that’s concerning for us. There’s a massive want for political change. There’s a want for actual
politics to be decided by young people. This is the perfect start to get politicians
from Wales and beyond to listen to us. It’s all about moving on,
moving forward with a better society. With a fairer society as well. This is a golden opportunity to ensure
that young people’s voices are heard at the forefront of Welsh matters. A lot of people like my age now have got some really good ideas
about changing the world. And we’ve got to start somewhere like.

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