West Yorkshire Police Customer Contact Centre 999 Birthday

West Yorkshire Police Customer Contact Centre 999 Birthday

I’m Paula Lightfoot I’ve been here just over
two and a half years and I’m a calltaker dealing with nine nine nine and one oh one calls as
a calltaker it can be exciting and varied it can be a little be daunting at times as
well you never really know what’s going to come through on the system it’s always something
different the variation of the calls can be from the slightly ridiculous of the mum’s
turned the Wi-Fi off to feeling like you’ve really done something to help somebody somebody
in distress I’ve had one this morning quite a stressed female managed to get a lot of
information out of her about a lot of things that have been happening to her the long time
that will then assist her in looking towards a better future so it’s that being that ear
and listening to somebody it’s as distressing as it can be you feel like you’re helping.

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