What happens when women win elections

What happens when women win elections

The 2018 midterms were huge for women candidates. In Tennessee, Marsha Blackburn became the
state’s first woman senator. Over in Massachusetts, Ayanna Pressley is
the first African-American woman elected to the House from any state in New England. In Maine, voters chose Janet Mills to be the
state’s first woman governor. Sharice Davids and Deb Haaland became the
first Native American women elected to Congress. A total of 273 women were on the ballot in
the 2018 midterms, representing both parties. Now compare that to the past five elections
— that’s a big jump in women candidates vying for office. So, women must be pretty well represented
in the US government now, right? Not exactly. The share of women in the House and Senate
has increased over time….but it’s still well below the share of women in the US population. If you dig deeper, Congress looks even less
representative. Women of color make up 18% of the US population. But, before the 2018 midterms they accounted
for just 7% of Congress. And LGBT women make up 2.5% of the US population,
but there are only two openly LGBT women in Congress — that’s less than 1% Even with the recent wins by women candidates
in the 2018 midterms, there’s still a long way to go before they’re fully represented. This underrepresentation can have very real
policy consequences. Take a look at this chart showing what 2018
congressional candidates spent time talking about. Women were much more likely than men to discuss
issues — like education, climate change, and minimum wage. There’s even evidence that women make better
lawmakers. One study found that female lawmakers bring
in 9% more federal spending for their constituents than their male counterparts. And that’s on top of the fact that women
lawmakers sponsor more bills than male legislators. This success might actually help explain why
women are less likely to run for office than men in the first place. Many women underestimate their qualifications
and perceive gender bias among voters, which discourages them from running. Because of these extra hurdles, only the most
talented and ambitious women seek office. While there’s still more room for growth
for women to be accurately represented in government, there’s evidence to show that
the more women are elected, the more they inspire other women to run. One study found that if a state elected a
woman senator or governor, an average of seven additional women would run for the state government
in the following election cycle. The women that were elected during the 2018
midterms will help inspire other women to run for office in the future. And as more women join government, their representation
will become more and more normalized. And eventually — a video like this won’t
even be necessary.

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100 thoughts on “What happens when women win elections

  1. Note: Ayanna Pressley from Massachusetts and Jahana Hayes from Connecticut are the first black women elected to congress from New England. We mistakenly left out Hayes. We regret the oversight.

  2. I love the fact that makes most anti feminists take the victim route, that they love to complain over. Buhu I am a white straight male, I am hated by society!
    (I do not identify as a feminist.)

  3. Yesterday merit was the measure by which we elected people. Today it's useless factors like sex, race and sexual orientation. Will we consider length of feet, number of teeth or ear lobes tomorrow? Identity politics is a cesspool of stupidities created by morons to bypass merits, because they wouldn't be able to get the jobs they want otherwise.

  4. I wonder if women get more funding because they run in more democratic places like cities, which typically have more economic activity and people

  5. May I ask why the heck this video actually exists. Nobody except the far left actually gives a crap about this. All I care is that the person has good views. Also, maybe there are less LBGT people in Congress because they are a MINORITY. I don't care if my governor is a fricking lasagna as long as they have good views. From this video, it seems like there should be quotas on how many woman/blacks/gays should be in the government. WHO THE HECK DOES THAT HELP. your people complain about how white men are ruining the government but believe me, I know plenty of women who could do just as bad, if not worse.

    In today's society I should put some B.S. statement here about how I don't hope to offend anyone, but… I think that if you are offended simply by my opinion, you've got some problems so i won't say that

  6. You can always predict which videos will be full of comments by people who paid no attention to what the point of the video actually was.

    At no point in the video does he say that we must vote for incompetent people because of their genitals. He's just pointing out that the number of female politicians winning seats is growing, and what, if any, effect that could have. That's it. Why is this so upsetting to people?

  7. This video seemed to have rustled a lot of jimmies, people who claim gender doesn't matter but are also overtly defensive about it.

  8. Does it really matter if you are black, white, Asian, or whatever? I really do not care as long as they are just a good candidate.

  9. Identity politics has taken over America. You literally care more about their sex, religion or race than their actual competency or policies.

  10. Still fail to see how superficial differences in appearence has any realtion to the political policies of an individual or their choice in representatives. Unless you're a biggot.

  11. "The most talented and ambitious women seek office"
    Perhaps this is also why they are 9% better at bringing federal spending and getting more bills sponsored. Because you got the most ambitious women running, I would think they are also more likely to try harder compared to those who aren't as ambitious. It will be interesting in the future to see if those increased spending and sponsored bills will hold up in the future if those with lower ambitions start running for election and enter congress.

  12. Hey, people in the comments; if a person's gender, appearance or status doesn't matter when you vote shouldn't the background of the representatives match that of the population? What makes you think the people in this video got more votes because of their gender or status than anyone else?

  13. When women win elections society loses. Women like to ban things based on thier feelings and generally make life a living hell. Look around at places that have a lot of women in power the men of the fifties knew something the manginas of today forgot.

  14. Have we ever considered that no one represents the poor in the state and federal government, and even a poor is elected then after that he/she is no longer be poor.

  15. If you vote based on gender you are sexist. That’s it. You should vote based on honesty and competence regardless of gender. Is is that difficult to understand? You do realize that by making a video like this YOU are the problem.

  16. People don’t vote for a man or a women they vote for a candidat, if you are dumb enough to care more about someone genitalia than their ideas you are pathetic. We don’t need more women in power, no no no, what we need is competent people the gender or race doesn’t matter at all what’s important is their policies

  17. Hilda Heine is a good president and she's a woman so I guess okay, plus you don't vote for someone for their race, gender or age you vote for their ideas and the future of your country. My friend Omir is from the Marshall Islands and he voted for Hilda Heine.

  18. As a Chinese when I see videos like this it tells me if the western countries goes to war against China we are so going to F you guys, HARD.

    And trust me when I say we Chinese are not racist, sexists or whatever Ist the retarded left in the west likes to call it.

    We will kill anything that move, the old, sick, young, old, male female. The western civilization are going down because of people on the so call left. Time to step a side for a new superpower. 😀

  19. The day a woman starts talking about good conservative values, I'll vote for her. Alas, Washington State has nothing but screaming liberal women. So I vote for men

  20. Yello, at 1:09 you cite that 'before the 2018 midterms [women of color] accounted for just 7% of congress.' You didn't actually look at the representation after the midterms. Now there are 47 women of color in congress, 37% of all women, meaning among women in congress people of color are fairly adequately represented. This line of argument detracted from the salient point: women in general are underrepresented. I really want to like Vox, but y'all seem to keep using incomplete or misleading statistics to your own ends. If you really wanted to inform us with this video you wouldn't have been telling us only the numbers from before the midterms you're claiming to report on.

  21. I want to revoke the right to vote from people who think diversity is an important part of electing people into our countries government.
    For real I'd rather vote a man who doesn't know how the government works instead of a woman who wants to invade Poland and imprison anyone who follows the Jewish religion. Why? Because I'm not blind with a PC moral code that would put me on the spectrum.

  22. I think that what it's saying is that more women need to run for office. The more that run, the more that will be elected. It's unbalanced in part because, as was stated in the video, many women don't run because they feel that they aren't qualified, but they actually are qualified. There are many more reasons, that's just one.

  23. So elect women because their women. Is that the point? So everyone is represented fairly? Okay well lets elect some pedophiles/sex offenders to represent those communities. Sounds great

  24. Oh my God! I'm so happy there is a political movement in which we obsess over race and gender, even better we have designated good races and bad races, well one bad race at least(you know who you are), and we've assigned good gender and bad gender. Oh my lord I'm so happy we are bringing everyone together. I love progressive politics!!!

  25. Women aren't in sewers, men aren't nurses, see a problem everyone. #womenworkinginsewers
    #equailty am I right people.

  26. Reasons why men will and should always dominante the political landscape:
    Although men and women have the same average iq, there are a lot more men who are geniuses than women. Likewise, there are more men who are idiots than women.
    Men are more disagreeable than women on average, meaning that they tend to thrive more in competitive environments. There’s nothing more competitive than politics.
    Women like people more than things, men like things more than people (roughly speaking). This is why 90% of engineers are male and 90% of nurses are female.

  27. I don't understand all of the criticism this video is getting. We need more human beings with vaginas in Congress. No further justification is needed.

  28. So the most important characteristic of a person is their skin color and genitalia?

    How silly of me for thinking that some other part of a person's characteristics could be more important. Something such as what does a person think, feel and believe. We wouldn't want to focus on trivial things such as a person's mind, heart or soul. No no no.

    We gotta know what the key differences between people are- skin color and genitalia. Maybe throw in mental disorders for good measure. That's what we should be focusing on. Carry on the good work Vox! Don't ever let small things like the truth, objective reality and common sense stand in your way of doing social justice! It is all for the greater good after all.

  29. "Women make better lawmakers than men"
    The logical solution then is to have all members of Congress be female… right?

  30. You got 300 million to produce the biased horsecrap. America must be sexist because we dont vote women in at the same rate of men. Arent we a 50% male 50% female populace??

  31. I vote for the best cannidate for the position bassed on their ideas, not their gender. Voting for a woman over a man just because of her gender is absolutely discrimination!!! Vote for the cannidates with the best ideas to protect the constitution/bill of rights if you care about the future of our country!!! (Intellect>Libtardation) THE TRUTH WILL NOT BE SILENCED

  32. Does anyone believe a decision on a critical issue like invasion of our country or capital punishment would be the same by a female as a man? This is important. Our Nations future is in the hands of the leaders who make these decisions. Passive or aggressive?

  33. Forgive me as I step out onto a political limb with a
    prediction, the Democratic presidential ticket will include one female, either
    at the top or the bottom of the ticket, the gloomy part about this prediction,
    her head will be covered by a generous amount of hair dye, and on the heads of
    the news media personalities that will be covering this historical occurrence…The
    marketing phonies handy work can now be seen everywhere and at every level of
    American life…success in business, politics and entertainment can only be eased
    by a nice clean applied hair dyed appearance…

  34. It doesn’t matter if men or women get elected, what we need is just the best person for the job. If we don’t have people who were elected based on their actual ability to be good in office. And I don’t think Cortez won’t inspire anyone with a decent sense of mind honestly,..

  35. Women: We'd like our voices to be represented more in politics like men's have been for centuries.
    Cis Men: eXCuSe mE, i dOn't LIke YouR iDEntITy PoLiTIcS.

  36. Women aren't better than men at anything. Except for nagging and complaining. It's always been that way.

  37. Talking about people of color. Maybe more people of color could be more represented if democrats wouldnt keep them on foodstamps

  38. A video like this isn't necessary. I do not care how much woman man Dominican etc are in Congress I care how they do their jobs period

  39. Boys and young men, who are growing up right now, are developing a lifelong, festering hatred for women, and today's libturd buzzards are the reason why. Keep running your piss-flaps, ladies – us toxic males will have the last laugh. I'm looking forward to your suffering, you despicable harpies.

  40. what is so offensive is most, but not all, female politicians mimic mannerisms, speech patterns, hair styles, and vocabulary of males. some; at a minimum; act androgynous. some of them were just (allowed to be) b's to start with; before they sought the power in politics. they think they have to become men to be leaders; and the sad thing is; they do need to become men to be leaders. only problem is, women can not become men; no matter how hard they try. sure you dont want to rethink women's suffrage? it has ruined the u.s.. women so-called leaders in positions of power, have thoroughly and totally ruined the social makeup of the country. what's even worse is the fact that it was and is the men who allowed this to get started and continue to support it.

  41. Did you know it's "VERY REAL" that Conservatives & Democrats have a very difficult time finding women who want to run? @Vox doesn't know why women aren't running & most likely they'd rather do something else. Similar % of women are in the military? Do you share the same conspiracy on that or just maybe a large % of women wouldn't enjoy being in the military & would rather have a career in something different. You take #'s with no context & when you do have context it's usually an activist think tank who had the study done. If you wonder why trust in Liberals is so low it's likely bcuz they cheat, manipulate, & lie all while saying it's all for the greater good. Where have I heard this story before

  42. I would really appreciate it if Vox could at least leave citations for all of their sources. The video description only gives two links for sources, however the video shows more than two. It would help people who actually want to continue researching for themselves so we don't have to just take a video's word for things…

  43. I can't keep up, I thought men and women were the same… So a man does represent a woman and vice versa. Does a trans man represent men or does he represent trans people. Trying to follow the left is like playing cops and robbers with a 7 y/o… They always win cause they make the rules as they go.

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