What is COMMUNISM ALL ABOUT? – VisualPolitik EN

What is COMMUNISM ALL ABOUT? – VisualPolitik EN

Many of you have asked us for a video explaining
what communism is all about so… here you have it!
If you have been following this channel, you know we’re not exactly on the communist
side of the spectrum… But before having an opinion about something,
it’s important to be informed about it. Plus, at the end of this video, we’ll share
some takeaways from Marx that might surprise you.
The internet is full of trolls who either praise Marx, or hate him, without ever having
read him. That´s why people end up believing a lot of wrong stereotypes about communism.
Before we start, I will say that this is a summary of Karl Marx’s and Friedrich Engels
ideas only! We’ve only got 10 minutes, so it’s going to be impossible to cover the
authors who came after or the Soviet Union. With that out of the way, let’s get started! The first thing we need to know, and that
will be a surprise to many of you, is that Marx is a materialist thinker.
That means he thinks the main driver of historical and social change is material goods. The foundation
of Marxism is to determine which goods have more value than others. But be warned. We
are talking about value here, not the market price, (this can be influenced by other things
like taxes or monopolies…). TITLE: THE THEORY OF VALUE
For Marx, the value of a good is measured by the work needed to manufacture it.
An example!: How much is this chair worth? It would be the sum of the carpenter´s working
hours, who had to put all the things together, but also those from the lumberjack, who who
chopped down the tree, the blacksmith who made the nails, and on, and on… In summary
it’s all the work from all the people who is been involved in the production process
to make this chair. Don´t forget this: it´s very important to
understand the concept of the capitalist exploitation. (This has nothing to do with the workers conditions
or their wages.) Imagine an assembly line in a car factory
where there are 100 workers. Under Marx the wealth generated here is the sum of all these
100 people work, right? But, these people only get a share of the value they create.
The rest is profit for the factory´s owner. This means, if they work 8 hours a day, they
might only get for themselves the result of the first 3 or 4 hours work. The other part
(the one that the businessman receives) is what we call the SURPLUS VALUE.
“The surplus value is, therefore, the exact expression of the exploitation degree of the
working force by the capital, or the worker by the capitalist”
(Das Kapital, Vol. I). So you might be wondering: How is it possible
that the owner can exploit the workers so easily? Why don’t the workers get the whole
value they generate? The answer: They can´t because they need
the tools to turn the raw materials into a useful thing; a factory, a workshop, whatever…
This is what, in economic jargon is called MEANS OF PRODUCTION or CAPITAL MEANS. This
is why the one who owns these is called a CAPITALIST.
Despite what some people think, Marx has no issue if you wanna own a fancy car or a mobile
phone. The problem, according to him, comes when you want to own the means of production.
This means having a company. So, why is that a problem? We’ll let’s have a look…
TITLE: THE CONTRADICTIONS OF CAPITALISM Marx divides society between two classes.
On one hand, you have the capitalists, the bourgeoisie, they control the production process
and survive thanks to their exploitation of the other class: the workers, or proletarians,
who are the actual wealth producers even though they don´t get nothing but the crumbs given
by this higher class. Therefore, we a confrontation, or a class
struggle, that you might have heard of before. And this, is the “original sin” of a market
economy. As you can see, it has nothing to do with poverty or inequality.
In fact, in Nordic countries, where the differences between the wealthy and the poor are relatively
small, there is still capitalist exploitation as long as there is private property involved
in the production of goods. This is why Marx doesn´t focus his critics on capitalists
but also on social democrats. “A second modality less systematic, but
yet more practical, of socialismo, tries to freeze any revolutionary will from the working
class claiming is not a political reform what will give them a benefit but only the modification
of their material life conditions”. (The Communist Manifesto)
In summary, the working relations in capitalismo are based on one group living from the other.
This is what Marx calls the “INFRASTRUCTURE of capitalism”. Nevertheless, in order to
make this work, the bourgeoisie needs some secret weapon that guarantees their supremacy.
That´s why they create a government, laws, culture, even religion… all of this is called
the SUPERSTRUCTURE. So what´s Marx solution to end with all this
Obviously, destroying the private property of capital means so the workers will be the
owners of all the wealth they generate. This implies breaking the capitalist system.
“Communists (…) claim that their goals can be only achieved by the violent overthrow
of every existing social order” (The Communist Manifesto)
Futher, Marx understands capitalism is unsustainable. In fact. He even predicts the first countries
to fall will be those with the biggest industries, specially, the United Kingdom (the leading
industrial nation of his time). “bourgeoisie is forgint their own destruction
and their own undertaker: the proletariat” (The Communist Manifesto)
And here is the most ironic part of the story… If you look at the facts, you will see that
all the countries where Marxist revolutions have been are those with no industrial revolution
and with no bourgeoisie… Countries like Russia or China which never had a capitalist
system. At least, not like the one described by Marx… But there’s more…
Those countries with advanced capitalism NEVER even had a revolution. Maybe, the only exceptions
would be Hungary and Czechoslovakia, but these were cases where communism didn´t come through
a revolution but by a Russian invasion after the World War II.
In fact, the key question all the Marxist philosophers had during the 20th Century,
at least in Western Europe was: Why haven’t we have the revolution Marx
promised us? (If you are interested in Marxism, some of
these philosophers are well worth a read. I recommend you to read those authors. Specially,
Jurgen Habermas and Antonio Gramsci. They conducted fascinating research into how language
works and how human beings perceive reality. And this is why, despite what it looks, Marxism
offers really good takeaways for the less Marxist area you would imagine: MARKETING!
But this will come in another video. If you really want to know how to apply Marxism to
a marketing campaign, you can let me know in the comments.
Our Spanish channel host Sr Fonseca, actually wrote a book on this… But it’s in Spanish.
If you read Spanish check it out in the link right HERE. It’s called “Marxist marketing
for non-marxist political parties”. And now it´s your time to tell me your opinion.
Do you think Marx’s theories are still relevant in the world today? Let me know your thoughts
in the comments. And don´t forget we’ll be uploading new
videos every Monday and Thursday so don´t miss any of our updates and please subscribe!
If you liked this video, thumbs up and see you next time!

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100 thoughts on “What is COMMUNISM ALL ABOUT? – VisualPolitik EN

  1. Marxism is a self led attack by the finance elite against themselves to give the masses the illusion of potential equality.
    However the equality is not enforced between the elite and the masses, but amongst the masses themselves.
    It’s a crabs in the bucket scenario that is this created eliminating any real threat against the finance nobility.
    That’s why communism was and is always funded by the financial elite.
    Fascism is the only way for real justice, that’s why it is demonized to no end.
    It’s that simple! It’s just another version of yet another Semitic cult of equality, like Christianity or Liberalism to gain power, dominate and subdue.That’s all!

  2. Marxism is a Christian heresy. The stages of history follow the Judaeo-Christian narrative – creation, Garden of Eden, fall, life on Earth, purgatory and kingdom of Heaven. This is expressed as materialist creation – despite the fact that not all things are necessarily materialist, Eden is primitive communism in which people expressed their true selves, slave states as the fall, socialism as purgatory and communism as Heaven.
    You have to be a total cretin or an intellectual, skilled in avoidance of truth and logic, to avoid the many idiocies in this morally cretinous and morally appalling system. Nazism grew out of socialism – it seems like the inevitable end of such a wretched and selfish doctrine. At least the Nazi variant of socialism was more honest about the gross selfishness and willingness to make 'will' a determinant of truth.

  3. It all seems to make sense if you have no idea what money is, or where it comes from.
    That's why everybody fails to recognize the biggest exploitation of all – our debt money system.
    They're encouraging us to rebel against the forces that are visible, but they're not the forces that are in power.
    Marx neglected to mention that his cousins the Rothchilds create all the money out of thin air.
    I don't blame you for not understanding square one about the financial system. Almost nobody understands how they're getting robbed blind and who is doing the robbing.

  4. Karl Marx is ideologist. Vladimir Lenin is professional revolutionist, who was devoted to explore social revolution. Josef Stalin is authoritarianist. Russia had never ever had a proper capitalism revolution. There s not possible that a feudal society directly take a huge advance to socialism. Because the backward production capacity can not accommodate the socialism which is a very advanced regime.
    Capitalism is a science of create fortune.
    Socialism is a science of rational allocation of the fortune in the whole society.
    The USSR didn’t even have enough fortune. What can be distributed to their citizens? ? NOTHING!
    Under the long period of mispairing of the resource from the Stalin’s era (Heavy industry), the productions didn’t meet the demand of the people (light industry products).
    In the end, the frustrated Russian people chose to end up this Red Imperial.

  5. Boris Yeltsin is worse. That dumbass used the economic benefits to exchange the political safety. He sold the whole Russia.

  6. Turn your fucking transition music down! Every single video it blares out louder than the talking Simon! Please or I'm done watching

  7. One reason I think a communist revolution never really happened in an industrialist country is that most industrial and capitalist countries are mostly individualists over collectivists. Marx I believe was a collectivist. Has anyone ever seen how often injustices go unnoticed. For example large scale slave revolts? They may and do happen, but not all the time and often not without some other external stimuli. Most people fear reprisals, so banding together in a class war is very difficult because of everyone worrying about what will happen to me. In many people’s eyes the personal risk of fighting appears to high in comparison to the group risk of doing nothing.

  8. If anybody still believes that communism is better than capitalism , he must be fucking idiot. People never learn from history. People always believe what they want to believe.

  9. So… the marxism theory depends on capitalists to go on? That is, it needs capitalists but not capitalism? (I need an expert to answer)

  10. The (Soviet) Bolshevik and (Chinese) Long march revolutions are NOT "Marxist revolutions".
    They are in fact "French revolutions" ! (ENDING FEUDAL SOCIETY).
    Instituting a singular "owner of the means of production" (the Soviet State) is still falling short of Marx & Engels's goals.
    No matter if such super Bourgeois assumes it's social duties and responsibilities towards it's population.
    On his death bed, Lenin correctly concluded that he had only managed to accomplish STATE CAPITALISM.

  11. the interest of labors for individuals, only work under capitalism, under communist we will end up with one size fit all situations, for somebody are the right answer for all equal. but the reality of working, work, or influence humans is not so equal, capitalism center well care humans need, can allow both market economy, and the necessary economy for the living, with a government of people, can change policy to benefit both, ideas, reduce bad capitalism, the key point allows private own ships, but channel tax in to living for support human living, not profit, on destruction of human.

  12. The Tools are also made by workers and there for, they have generated the wealth(usefull work) to own it. But they dont. The revolution is slow and not very violent. which i thin is better. You may have noticed the continues archivement towards the direction of empowering the peoples rights. Its hard to get rid of healthcare in europe. And its even harder to archive a religous state(Exeptions exist like Israel, and i like the jews cultre tho i critisise religion in general)

  13. Marx was wrong, market values are regulated by market itself, defining prices by how much people are willing to pay to acquire a product or service, and how many products or services are being offered on the market.

  14. Bull Shit! The U.S was designed to allow entrepreneurs to thrive. Most Americans owned small farms or small businesses and did most of the labor themselves. The spirt of the entrepreneur is still strong in the U.S.

    Don’t listen to this communist leftist.

  15. Communism creates one class while destroying the existing class. It is the human nature to form groups, even if there are 3 people, two will form a group by excluding the third person. As long as effort of a person is not rewarded appropriately, the society will not move forward.

  16. Well, as far as capitalism is concerned, I believe it is the largest bane in present existence on our planet. It is capitalism that has driven planned obsolescence. The deliberate action of making ones work imperfect for the sole purpose of profiting again down the road. While planned obsolescence has funded development of new technologies, they are ultimately deployed in a mode designed for failure and all too often with no lifecycle management. While stating it is a bane, I do not try to undermine the rate of developmental push capitalism it has inspired. Just simply stating a fact that development ought to have occurred with everyone trying their best, and recognizing that a job well done is a job that need not be done again for quite some time. It's not simply about making the day's buck and ensuring I can exploit my endeavors from the past to earn tomorrows buck.

  17. It seems to make sense in the context of European Societies, there are many social classes in Europe than bourgeois vs workers. There are also aristocrats who are above the bourgeois, that the Marxists don't like. Today it doesn't seem relevant as most European workers don't vote for social democrats/labor parties or the further left parties, they are increasing voting for nationalist populist parties because they don't feel any solidarity with workers in every country in the world collectively together, but only workers in their own country. Ironically the hip bourgeois bohemians are voting for the left, those people are not workers don't adhere to Marxist ideals. The political binary in Western countries is increasingly blurring and flipping 180 degrees.

  18. Communism is evil. Now before you stop reading and assume I am just dissing his ideas and declaring them evil, please hear me out. All Marxism is is theft. In order for the system to begin, an angry mob must rise up and seize private property that doesn't belong to them. That right there is theft. All that stolen property might be able to satisfy people for a little while, but than when they run out, it's time to get to work and produce more. Now since there is no competition or even employers to incentivize workers to actually work, production will often run short causing shortages and famine. You know what happens then, people die. As I said before, communism is a terrible idea that has caused millions of deaths and ruined billions of lives. Dissing stalin or mao off as "not true communists" or even saying "at least it is good in theory" is as far from the truth as it gets. Communism is a bad idea in theory and immoral in practice.

  19. Marxist definition of value is wrong. in reality value is what end-user (consumer) is willing to pay for it. It's only this and nothing else. No wonder the rest of marxism is also idiotic.

  20. well i consider myself a sociaist live in sweden my family half of it is old nobility the other half socialdemocrats. i think the truth is always in the middle we need capitalism but we need to take some of the extra wealth to give to the poor to make the gaps smaller.

  21. Communism made everyone equally poor everywhere it was tried. Except of course the head communists. They lived like kings. But what was I thinking. That wasn't real communism or so said the lazy, humanities idiot.

  22. The thing is everyone and I mean everyone has the ability to own the means of production either they get investors or they save up or get a loan. Also workers have the ability to own a part of the company they work for. If your company is a public traded one you can own a piece of the company and therefore you own a portion of the means of production.

  23. please do marx-marketing!!!!!
    -A sociopolitical conceptual art student from the deep south (………./: ……..) DYING for leads to good opinions/sources!!!

  24. A video with this title must mention the absolute horrors and evils that the communist ideology has produced in the 20th century. It killed over 100 million people! That's like making a video with the title "What is race based fascism all about", saying how nice these ideas actually are, and then " forgetting" to mention that the nazis tried to exterminate the jews. You are wilfully blind. This channel is a joke.

  25. Reading the scholarly works of Jonathan Brent & Stephen Kotkin on communism. The history of communism is washed in great sorrow, broken lives, and poverty.
    The communist system has been tried in other countries other than China and Russia which had the effect which I stated.
    Simply speaking, who needs to create class struggle, enemies of the people for what goal?

  26. Simon..please make a beautiful video explaining the origin ,consequences and the current status of Brexit…looking forward to it to a great extent…..thank you .!!!!!!

  27. Oh ho ho! I resent the notion that the USSR, Soviet Union, China, Taiwan, or Vietnam never had any revolutions, worker's revolutions, and/or civil wars even. Hell, the entire origin of Ninjas were that they were vigilantes that were mostly farmers who were fighting against the feudalist structures within their societies like the Shogun and Samurai.

  28. I hate the loud and shitty guitar music, it muddies an otherwise fantastic video. Please lower the volume of the music and change it to something more chill and relaxing, like a piano or something.

    Hope you make the marx and marketing video. Sounds interesting!

  29. Mao Zedong was the one that expanded on why revolution is more likely in the 3rd world. There's a school of thought called Maoism-Third Woldism which basically states that 1st world revolution is extremely unlikely because the 1st world proletariat is paid wages beyond the means of subsistence and they therefore benefit from capitalism and imperialism. Therefore revolution and the conditions of revolution is only possible in the 3rd world where the people live in the worst possible conditions and don't benefit from things like welfare, minimum wage and social security. I personally think there's truth to that thinking because if you look at people in the 1st world they are more reactionary than revolutionary.

  30. Exept Germany and Hungary had their own revolutions during 1918, and France had Paris Commune. Revolutions only successed in the East. But thete were revolutions in the west as well

  31. Marxism only works under two conditions, undeveloped nations, or founding a country. If your nation is developed or you’re a already existing country then Marxism will only collapse your economy because the society’s capital is no longer determined by the free market, it’s controlled by the state. Bureaucracies are inefficient at the controlling anything other then the essential part of society like military, infrastructure, nature preserves, etc. That’s why any economists worth their salt will tell you that command systems don’t work; the reason being that command systems are temporary solutions and they become cumbersome if implemented for too long.

  32. My Dads civil Construction company makes 10 million turnover turnover , after expenses , government slice of the pie he keeps $400,000 . So how much profit do Democratic socialist arseholes in Government take more than half my parents profit left arsehole in New Zealand

  33. Small and medium business owners borrowed million from the Bank , to start a business so how are the workers entitled to half the profit . Get fucked left party

  34. Marxist thought as to surplus value and the issue of who owns the means of production are largely correct. The notion capitalism is unsustainable is false. The "solution" proposed, i.e. violent revolution involves murder and guarantees the leaders of the new order will be thugs. What was not covered is that there are many varieties or "species" of capitalism, just as there are many varieties or "species" of socialism. But for a ten minute video, not bad.

  35. communism is based on a lot of assumptions like
    the leader wont abuse the power
    the workers will always have maximum morale and trust in the system
    noone in the system will try to systematically engage in corruption, nepotism, grabbing more power
    there will be competent leadership
    rest of the world will not affect their country by means such as cutting off trade or stuff like that.
    communism is like taking a paper tent to a siberian trip.

  36. Marxism is relevant to study as long as there are people who believe it. Because it has been proven wrong in both theoretical terms and on practical examples, almost a century ago.

    Response: Is about poverty and suffering and how to distribute it equally.

  38. there were many revolutions in the west, however those countries had powerful enough governments to suppress them, in russia and china these underdeveloped and exploited nations were too weak to stop the revolutions. now today we are seeing massive political upheaval across the developed and developing worlds, such as in france , mexico, argentina, and to a lesser extent the US. as the western world weakens due to climate change, automation, china, and political corruption socialist movements will get more and more influence and apply more and more pressure until countries start to crack and shatter one by one. i give the developed world about 30 years before open communist revolutions begin, and 20 years for a global economic depression to happen.

  39. I always thought that fundamental Communism was more like John Lennon's "Imagine", but it sounds much more like Stalin's Russia. Fuck that hahaha. As I was growing up, i had a rebellious hippie spirit and pretty much rebelled against everything around me. As I get older, i recognize that a little bit of rebellion in a young person is healthy, but I am also starting to understand the value of capitalism and how it promotes opportunity for growth in America.

  40. The problem with all idealistic systems be it capitalism's drip down theory communism name any. They rely on altruism. This trait is visible in all levels of society, but genuine altruists will never lead or set an agenda. In reality the majority of us are greedy and self serving, so our leaders are the best at this. If not they are devoured. In order to change our environment and lives, we must change this basic human nature, a big ask!

  41. Communism is all about telling the peasant with one cow that the peasant with two cows is his enemy. So how about we kill the peasant with two cows and divide his two cows between us? Once the peasant with two cows is killed, we then kill the peasant with one cow so we can have all the three cows, Hahahaha!

    Seen another way, Communism is also all about knocking an apple cart over and stealing some apples in the ensuing confusion.

    It's a very successful model of grabbing power. Marx was the second greatest Genius that ever walked this earth. His work is always relevant because we can always use it to Shaft other human beings and groups to grab power. He is THE Super-Brahmin. Only one man in history was greater than him and he was a Kshatriya-Brahmin.

  42. There was never a communist revolution in a free and honest market economy because capitalism provided most of the things promised by communism but with a major difference; the freedom to advance one's self almost limitlessly. The capitalist regimes that failed were actually mercantilist (crony capitalism) and dysfunctionally corrupt (think Cuba) and almost always propped up by outside forces (usually Russia or Red China). The communist regimes that followed were unable to deliver a self-sustaining socio-economic system. By comparison, a market economy is basically self correcting as the needs of the people fulfilled by people/businesses that are free to respond to those wants and needs. The reason for communism's failing is actually a brutally simple one; a centralized, top-down system cannot adequately see to the wants and needs of an entire population. No person or bureaucracy has the resources or omniscience required to make it work as well as simply leaving people to their own devices or, in other words, small government is good government. I need to add a codasyl, capitalism, like democracy, only thrives in a moral populace.

  43. China + Vietnam: yeah I am the embodiment of lots of things… from Fascism to Communism, Capitalism to socialism, Internationalism to nationalism… Marxism to Neoliberalism…

  44. 2:15 – 2:18 seems to be a faulty take, you start a sentence and then cut to a new take where you restart it 😮

  45. Marxism has failed in every country it has been tried. This will tell you that human nature cannot be controlled by a government.

  46. in communism any one can do the're part, in (k)apitalism is a lost time e(f)ord plus luck couse nobody realy care

  47. in order to go further, it would have been good to talk about Marx's time, with the problems of Fordism, (2nd industrial revolution) which makes us understand Marx's conclusions.

  48. If the proletariat weren't all a bunch of drunk, sexually debauched, and petty fools they would become capitalists themselves. They spend their time and money on drinking, partying, entertainment, and sex. Then they blame those who actually invested time and money to created entire industries, while taking tremendous risks.

    If you punish the people for saving and investing capital, they will no longer do it. Your industries will falter and your people will starve, be forever poor, and drink themselves to death. This is what happened to all the communists countries.

    Marxism was a way to point fingers at those who had success, while conveniently ignoring the fact that most poor people are poor for a reason…. they are lazy, ignorant, immoral, and/or irresponsible.

  49. Can you talk about other Marxist theories such as Critical Theory/Cultural Marxism, Feminism, Social Justice, Greaenism?

  50. 然而法国才是第一个革命的….他们竟然就说没有这种革命….这种书你也推荐?为什么东方成功了?因为不管是沙俄还是旧中国资本主义力量都很薄弱,就算这样,中国的共产革命也非常地困难。

  51. Marx’s left out one other key person. The lazy fuckwit. That’s right that guy/girl who does nothing at work and gets by somehow not getting fired.

  52. I would love to see a video on Kazakhstan. Why is the west more interested in investing in it than Russia, and why is it rich, but poor at the same time? What could fix its situation?

  53. It happened in a small but highly industrial state of 70s in India called West Bengal.
    Decades of Indian and leftover British capitalism was overturned by workers n labour classes and they elected a communist govt at state level. It lasted for 35years and totally destroyed the economy of a once rich state which was seat of power in colonial India.

  54. So Marx's idea of value is capaitalist? Interesting. I actually have the same idea:
    I value a piece of handmade furniture proportional to the hard work that went into making it. Therefore, my IKEA furniture is perhaps a bit abused, as it has no value beyond it's function

  55. I DON'T LIKE THE PRESENTATION, you'd better go directly to the point remove those unnecessary clips inserted in you video

  56. I love this comment section; I've literally learnt more than I've ever been taught in my economics first semester program. Bless you guys. I've high hope🙏

  57. Marx's real intention of formulating communism was to destroy Christianity because Christian societies of the West have caused so much persecution of the Jews.

  58. I think you forget to mention chrony capitalism &, corruption ( buying politicians),
    Capitalist stops enterpreunship,and destroy small or single owned businesses eg( JIO by Reliance in India).

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