What Is "Corporatism"?

What Is "Corporatism"?

marcelina people of New York wake up and you have a true hero he is the true server of international corporate financial you must serve Bloomberg and vote for him for president people wake up Bloomberg is alone of Russia's destiny look at your history it is his destiny to be the fascist leader of America forget the Constitution forget the principle of the general welfare forget Roosevelt he was a communist in 1920s Italy Benito Mussolini was brought in as Prime Minister by popular demand to deal with the country's economic and social crisis Mussolini had courted both sides of the political spectrum and was welcomed in as the nation's dictator however his real support came from the British Venetian oligarchy their agent count Volpe de Misurata served as Italy's finance minister at the time shortly after Mussolini came to power under the direction of the Misurata Mussolini broke his promises and sold out his popular support base to the interests of the international financier oligarchy in the first five years of Mussolini's reign banking was completely deregulated taxes for the wealthy were eliminated and public utilities were deregulated and privatized the crisis in the Italian lira became the occasion for Mussolini's controllers to craft a bank bailout and later push the sell-off of public infrastructure to private interests today known as public-private partnerships throughout history these have been some of the most prized methods the British Empire has used to undermine and break up the nation-state today as in the early 20th century we call it corporatism in 2007 when dictator of New York Michael Bloomberg was flirting with the presidency he began positioning himself as the nonpartisan unity candidate courting both sides of the political process it was said that what made Bloomberg's campaign unique was that he was an outsider to the political process and a successful businessman claiming that he could run government more efficiently after all he is worth 40 billion dollars at a January 19th press conference called building America's future alongside his soul mate Arnold Schwarzenegger Bloomberg unveiled his program to address America's infrastructure crisis Bloomberg demanded an increase in his PP ppp's public-private partnerships to build infrastructure projects for the wealthy since the free markets have bankrupted nearly every state in the Union Bloomberg proposed that the states sell off their infrastructure and utilities to the private sector who will reward these states by allowing them to use that infrastructure or an arm in the lake next he proposed an interstate tolling scheme to keep poor people off the roads so there would be less pollution and more people will be unable to get from their first job to the second job so the third job or even back home when confronted on these proposals at the building of America's future conference here's what was said yes this one's for Governor Schwarzenegger Mayor Bloomberg how do you answer those that given both of your records in Killer philic fiscal austerity policies we'll just say that this infrastructure initiative is another form of Mussolini corporatism whatever you call it the bottom line is that we need to build a infrastructure because you have heard older arguments and why built infrastructure infrastructure is the most populous thing you can do it may be populist among our nation's people but being looted is not furthermore when their government moves from an institution of administering policy improving the standard of living and protecting the rights of the citizenry of a sovereign Republic to merely enforcing the demands of private interests populism means fascism who are these private interests the New York City partnership was founded by David Rockefeller in 1979 after it took over the New York Chamber of Commerce this was done after New York's industrial base was gutted and strapped with enormous debt which the financiers demanded the city pay the partnership whose interest are not those of the people of New York is a major supporter and funder of Bloomberg's corporative initiatives for example Bloomberg's defeated initiative to oppose an eight dollar congestion tax when Laura Manhattan was actually authored by London's former deputy mayor and Fabian Society member Nicolette Nicky Gavin Gavin also served as the head of the London planning advisory committee and was a champion of the nonprofit organization London first whose small membership represents over a quarter of London's GDP according to her own account these advisory committees take the place of city governments they consist of top financiers and corporate leaders who are not elected but forced on the population and run the policy of entire municipalities reminiscent of Felix Rohit ins municipal Assistance corporation of the 1970s Big Mac the partnership is to New York what London first is to London and both overlap so who's running New York the mouse and Lainie Bloomberg plot is only typical of the London centered financier interests whose particular interests for the United States are corporatist fascism on September 29th the House of Representatives voted down on Treasury secretary Paulson's bailout bill 228 to 205 with 2/3 of Republicans and 1 thirds of Democrats opposing the measure the weekend prior to the vote the Congress went back to their districts to try to sell the bailout only to be greeted by the rebellious outrage of the population when it came time to vote they voted accordingly on October 1st and 2nd the Congress passed the Hank Paulson bailout bill against the massive opposition in the population elpac received reports of massive pressure campaign against elected members of Congress to go along the bailout personal threats and even blackmail were used to force the bailout through paulson barney frank pelosi and even the presidential candidates insisted that the bailout had to be done and that it was in the nation's best interest that we adopt Paulson's proposals they lied on behalf of international finance here are some of the lies our goal here in attempting to come to an agreement is to do the best to protect American taxpayers we totally understand the gravity of the moment but you cannot just turn over 700 billion dollars of taxpayer money and not insist that the taxpayer is gonna be protected I won't bet against the American people we'll work through this I wouldn't bet against the long-term fundamentals of the US economy the initial plan was to spend seven hundred billion dollars to buy up the bad paper of the banks ironically this must have bail out only last of the week the situation was as LaRouche called it a complete breakdown of the international financial system not some subprime or credit crisis the real situation is that since 1968 we've looted the physical productive base of the United States in the world and we can no longer physically provide the means to support our own populations therefore it is impossible and stupid to pay off the quadrillions of dollars of speculative debt the money doesn't exist therefore either cancel the debt or their zeal to bail out the quadrillions of dollars in order to save the system will cause the inevitable hyperinflationary blowout of the international financial system no nation will benefit from this only the City of London and related financial interests British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and his top economic adviser alan greenspan knows a thing or two about this brown ram through a new five point bailout package at the October 10th g7 meeting of finance ministers the proposal was to have government's directly invest in the preferred stocks of selected banks and therefore hold huge stocks in the banks selves so the government's will go under not the banks as we see currently selected banks have been chosen to survive absorbing the smaller banks this process of bank consolidation puts nations under a contract to a financier dictatorship that governments have agreed to honor so what are we talking about here corporatism

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15 thoughts on “What Is "Corporatism"?

  1. We've never had capitalism or socialism in the west we've had corporatism controlling our governments asset stripping making us their slaves.How do we fight this Goliath?

  2. FRD's policies were not only called Socialist, Communist, Marxist but also Fascist on the lines of II Duce (Government, business and labor working together). I guess there could be a form of democratic corporatism (France, Fed. Rep. of Germany, etc.) as there is democratic socialist (Sweden, Denmark, Norway)

  3. I'm guessing what you did was hear the word 'coporatism' in reference to Fascist Italy amd assume it meant corporatocracy. This is not the case. Mussolini was a strict anti-capitalist, and a corporatist. It is a part of Fascism which encourages a guild system.

  4. But, you don't explain what corporatism (corporativisimo in italian) is? Corporatism in fascism is a system of guilds, of labour, agriculture, scientific affiliations, clergy, ethnic groups, military, and so on, on the basis of common interests to represent the people in the parliament. It has NOTHING to do with financial corporations (società in italian). It's just that the words sound similar in english! "Corpus" means "body" in latin. In the political corporatism it means "bodies" synonymous to guilds.

    Americans are often uneducated or so isolated in their thoughts that they don't understand how the world works. When americans are against something they are seldom embarrassed for lying, make up false history or making false quotes that they can claim stems from "Hitler" or "Mussolini". Most americans don't know much about the history of Europe anyway, so the lies can go unnoticed.

  5. Good info in this video!
    Think global, act local
    Global corporatism has lauched their diabolic plan on ignorant masses; an high tech cashless society based on the model of soviet's theory of revolution in military affairs, the "big idea" which is the vision of UN founders. The dangerous Venus Slavery Project
    End corporate personhood statute. Perhaps a second republic is needed, this time for the people not for corporate bureaucrats

  6. Critical Thinking is not taught as in philosophy till 13 -20 grades.
    Only Rote learning is drilled from K-12 & why it's so boring.

    I learned about corporatism in the 9th grade during lunch dialoging with my Italian history professor. He was forbidden to teach it – Outside of the curriculum & too philsophical.
    I told him my parents had given me permission to ask this, cause they didn't even understand the question.

  7. Hm – this would explain completely why, during Reagan's Back to the Basics program, many history classes were dropped or dumbed down, and why history in general is taught in a bizarre, boring way that drives students away from it.

  8. The best indicator of the future is hidden in the past! If we can't learn from it we are doomed to repeat it.

    Here we are in the present. Let's review this again every year! I'm sure we'll be well done by then!

    The game plan is exposed just like in the game of Risk or Chess!

    It is known as a Paradigm!

  9. 2 years later, history is documented 100118ce!

    Corporatism is corporateCannibalism…

    Where only the fittest survive even if it has to eat it's own!

    The banksters are foreclosing…
    The Hmo's & Ppo's are cannibalizing
    the living of all their currency!

    The Dems & GOoPs smile with their crafted mandated healthcare poison pill.
    Here their gamePlan is exposed!

    Single Payer or we'll all die broke!

    What hope is there for our children when politicians are in bed with cannibals!

  10. It amazes me how long the common American was led to believe that the economy was just too complex for him to understand, so it was all best left to experts who knew what was best for everyone. Now it comes out that this trust has been horribly misplaced, not just by the common voter but by government regulators, legislators, and everyone outside of the inner circle. Why did we waste so much time in school memorizing when learning these simple truths would have been possible?

  11. Actually he is a member of the LaRouche Youth.
    They post regular videos, almost daily updates in the battle against Fascism, and the bailout, at LaRouchepacdotcom

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