What is Democratic Socialism? | Mashable Explains

What is Democratic Socialism? | Mashable Explains

The word socialism is a bit of a taboo here
in America, where capitalism reigns supreme. We want our businesses and economic markets
to be freer than a bald eagle flying through the sky eating a big mac. But clearly the stigma of socialism is lifting
as one of our presidential contenders Bernie “feel the Bern” Sanders, has brought socialism,
and in particular democratic socialism, to the forefront of the national conversation. Socialism, at its root, stands for the
belief that a group of people can work together for the betterment of all the members of that
population, not just for the benefit of the few Not to be confused with its more extreme totalitarian
form – communism socialism isn’t about how much the government
controls, but that its people control and share its resources. Democratic socialism is the enactment of socialist
principles through the means of the democratic process Democratic socialists believe that the government
and the economy should be run by the people it is representing rather than a small handful
of people working against the interests of the majority. So it makes sense that socialism is making
a sort of come-back here in America, right? Thanks to unfettered capitalism, the top one-tenth
of the 1% wealthiest people in this country now own more wealth than the bottom 90%. CEOs are making 300 times what their workers
make – and some aren’t even giving their workers liveable wages or benefits. Now you may be looking at me right now and
saying “well he’s just a communist” but I assure you I am not a communist, I’m just
a millennial. And we love socialism. And what a lot of people may not realize is
that America is kind of already a socialist country Think about it Medicare, free k-12 education, the Postal
Service, even the Army are all socialist programs. Hell, if you drive on a road or highway, you’re
utilizing socialism. It still remains to be seen if socialism will
catch on with Americans enough to elect a boisterous democratic socialist to the executive
office. Jaded from the Cold War, and weary of bigger
and more costly government programs it seems like democratic socialists have more
work to do to move past the stigma created against socialism in this country. And Americans only need to look to other countries
to see that Socialist parties can thrive and work in conjunction with capitalists to have
a free market that works for everyone. The important thing to remember is that there
are good things and bad things about both socialism and capitalism, and that we only
need to strike the right balance to make them both work And you know what really doesn’t work? Facism.

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100 thoughts on “What is Democratic Socialism? | Mashable Explains

  1. Best way to describe how socialism doesn't work. Lets pretend you are sitting in class and your teacher says that everyone will receive the same grade based on the class average. At the beginning, all the students who work hard for their grade will get a lower grade because of the students who slack off. This will then cause the students who try hard to not try as hard and the students who don't try hard remain being lazy. Over time, the class average will begin to drop and the whole class will end up failing. To make this into a real life scenario, if everyone gets paid the same, why would someone go to college for 8 years and dedicate their life to be a doctor when they will get paid the same being a bum on the street. They won't. People will begin to be lazy knowing they will be paid the same if they work hard or not. If nobody is working, that means no one will be paying taxes. If no taxes are being paid, the economy will drop, prices across America will skyrocket, and we would end up just like Venezuela. That is Socialism in a nutshell.

  2. Explain how u got your head out of your ass long enough to make video's? By the way public school is paid by taxpayers it isn't free..

  3. Please do a fun video explaining how American taxes work, how big corporations are not being taxed and how it would work under democratic socialism… Please 😊🙏💚

  4. What if im a selfish prick who doesnt care about the population? Thats some fuckin bootlicker shit. Kill the Fed. Cut my taxes. Fuck the government.

  5. Socialism is workers controlling the means of production either directly or indirectly. Capitalism is capitalists controlling the means of production. These 2 ideas cannot coexist by definition. Furthermore what Bernie Sanders proposes is not socialism, it's social democracy that's capitalism + some programs that aim to redistribute wealth alongside.

  6. Not much difference between Democratic socialism and any other Garden variety of socialism which is the gateway drug to Communism. But any form of control over resources, productivity, labor, and outcome means that philosophically there is little difference between the aforementioned and fascism–they all seek artificial control.

    What you refer to as "unfettered capitalism" is actually corruption in both the economy and government.

    So people have been conned into socialism rather than a true free market, and the defence of individual liberty in government.

    Socialism in all of its forms fails everywhere it is tried..

  7. Genuinely curious of what this is. Then I see the dislikes. Ooookayyy. Damn lol.

    Disliked as well for calling Trump a facist. I never voted for him, but you're wrong. Be objective, don't just slander your opposition.

  8. There is no such thing as Democratic socialism that is a deliberate attempt buy unamericans Like Bernie Sanders too. It young people the mimimimimimi lineals uneducated even though they have a little silly College pieces of paper call student loan debt. You either someone who believes in democracy or you believe in communism because socialism always has been a stepping stone to Communism and always will be a stepping stone to Communism. Unfortunately America's people who have been given everything and not had to work for a freaking thing I have never picked up a history book. So it were to the young people of this country smarten up and remember that Bernie Sanders and the Democratic nope scuse me don't call them the Democratic party anymore call them what they really have become the Communist Party Don't Be fooled and don't give up your second amendment because you're going to need them. The Communist Democrat Party is out to kill democracy it wants to throw away all your constitutional rights not just ban your guns but ban your light. young people today want to take the easy way out because they're lazy they've never been tested but let me remind you if you take the easy way out you will pay a heavy price for it

  9. Driving on highways huh? Like our roads are something to be proud of? If that’s the kind of work that the socialist-style government agencies can produce, no thanks. I don’t think the solution to anything is to keep piling on more layers of bureaucracy and throwing tax money on it. What do I know though? I’m just a middle-class healthcare worker who is forced to put money into a system that I have no control over.

  10. Dull prick. Go educate yourself then tell me which socialist country is working ? Millennials! Watch Jericho Green and see how hard working Americans think and feel.

  11. 🖕🏻🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  12. You do realize all that government control you handed over will be under Republican control in a maximum of 8 years right…….

  13. no taxation without representation also taxation is theft because if you don't pay the IRS will send men with guns to come and take you away

  14. I have to create a socialist government from scratch for one of my classes so I've been going around youtube to hear the basic principles and ideas behind socialism on youtube and my findings are… I can't find anyone thats not retarded to explain this to me

  15. Democratic Socialism is a contradiction in terms. Socialism can only exist as a police state because it requires a police state to take 100% of production away from the producers. https://www.bitchute.com/video/rlwNZ2mrmsNy/

  16. We do NNNNNNOT WANT SOCIALISM its buullshit……i gtta work so you can eat????…..fuck that how about i work so i can eat.

  17. Seems like it would work…. work until you want that highly unvalued freedom of speech or religion or the right to even defend yourself…
    How's it really working in these other countries? Oh wait I know vennisala the people or revolting and leaving to go where ? Oh that's right here or Mexico or or or ! Demacrats supported slavery .they supported Jim Crow a.k.a leader of the K K K ( that Lil tid bit for people foolish enough to believe that they raceist ) what was Hitler? Socialist ! What was the first thing he did? Oh that's right disarmed the people . well we saw what happened after that . But anyways I realize that leftest live in fairy world and no amount of reason can change thier minds because that would be raceist right? BULLSHIT !!!!!!!! I think if you like it so well then leave!!!! Go to anyone of these other countries that have it and leave freedom to the ones of us who know just how valuable it is ! You think Lefty's aren't racest? Think again they fired a lady just because she wasn't white and that's only one example . I submit to you to look into this before jumping on the band wagon of this stupidity . look at everything the government controls now .do you really want more ? THEN MOVE TO CHINA ! They got all that !!! Look at the price tag .is worth giving up all your rights ?

  18. A 12 year old could pick apart your video and see the inconsistencies and how you flip flop around saying it doesn't mean state run yet then use examples of state run successes in capitalism… Weak. Crowder destroyed you and you fascistically try to get his facts taken down in favor of your opinions, feelings and propaganda

  19. This is the exact reason why socialism sucks everybody who like socialism looks like this guy and this country is not a little bit socialist anyway Social Security things like that is not socialism socialism is the halfway point to Communism you get people used to that and then you can easily go from socialism to Communism nobody wants to give up their stuff and their money so that everyone can be equally miserable

  20. Socialism is coming back because hard work is dying millennials are very lazy and want to reap the rewards of hard workers blood sweat and tears

  21. Lol so many dumb conservative snowflakes crying in the comments, because some idiotic "rebuttal" of their sugardaddy got taken down by Youtube.

  22. Help I’m in 2019 and the far right has taken over the country and people like Steven crowder are popular.

    Bernie lost Donald trump took over like a fash

  23. What a load of crap! For example how are roads socialism. Roads were first created as part of trade routes!!!! It doesn’t get more Capitalist than that you dope.

  24. The purpose of the US Constitution is to decentralize power. "Domestic enemies" of the Constitution transfer power from "We The People" and over to the government through taxation, regulation, and social policy that create dependents on the government. Through tax cuts, deregulation, and lowering the number of government dependents, President Trump has demonstrated the most effective defense of the Constitution in our lifetime. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fdfru9NHGvE

  25. Socialists. Just read book animal farm. People like free shit. Visualize Perfection because communism seems so great on paper. Then look at USSR and North Korea. And Cuba. And yugoslovaki. And chekloslovaki. And all the other communist countries and how the bread lines and hand outs got toooooo Long

  26. I literally looked up “would socialism work in America” and this was my first click. Look up those flags again dummy because socialism is destroying mines

  27. Man democrats will really fuck this country up lol. We were never great as a socialist country and we never will. Sad were loosing our capitalist identity.

  28. I'm a proud socialist giraffe to the end. We shall chop down the short necks of the capitalist scum and raise the flag of unity over the entire western civilization. FOR THE MOTHER LAND!!!!

  29. Socialism bring us Nazis, Fascism and Comunism
    also the worst dictators in history and also in present times.
    You can defend socialism but dom say is nice tell the truth.
    It never works for the workings class but it does womders for politicians on the left.

  30. Keep being socailist America and you will become broke. Just like Venezuela Come on Mashable. I know you have more common sense than that. Why are you so uninformed? Pay attention. Do you think the people in Venezuela are stupid
    They are not. They tried it along with everyone else who tried it. It doesn't work. That's why people still consider America to be "Heaven on earth" and are trying so hard to get here

  31. The nay saying "capitalist" negative socialist argument no longer holds when the biggest "capitalist socialist" bailout of them all includes too big to fail elite banks. Capitalists have put their lips on the nipple of the biggest socialism program of them all while publicly demonizing all other socialistic milk sucking from the mother tit of America. All this is goes on while the tit milk is dripping from their two faced wannabe capitalist lips.

  32. Could you do a video explaining the difference between a Socialist Democrat and a Democratic Socialist Since one falls under the archtype of Capitalism and the other Socialism

  33. Take note of the Up Vote to Down Vote ratio. Those that down voted are voting Trump in 2020 compared to the leftist up votes. MAGA2020. Dems stand no chance.

  34. There is no such things as an ecomic policy that cannot be abused. With all respect to those who promote socialism although I agree with you that capitalism is not safe to abuse, this is also not different from socialism. Furthermore the country that is ran in a capitalist system and is filled with corrupt officials has more chance of survival compared to socialism that is full of the same corrupt people. Socialism even with decent leaderships would not stand in a long time, not sustainable. Ofcourse it will feel great for the starting generations around it; and a couple geberations more the people will start to realize how their country is starting to become less and less suficient and further crumbling into bunkruptcy.

    Take China for example. Socialism didn't work for them. They are already adopting some economic strategies similar to America but I believe they still have some policies that might hint a little bit of socialism. Now some will say they are a good example of how good socialism would be because China is a powerful country. Yes China is a powerful country but do you know what made them this rich? Where all this money came from? You gussed it. USA. They have been ripping the US for a number of years already thanks to the politcians that allowed money into their pocket to sell our sovereignity and also the safety of the international community. They act rouge against our country as if those military power is not primarily sourced by the wealth of other country which is America.

    The main point I would like to respectfully bring to you is that please take a pause and ponder for a while. Think not only in the short term but also the long term effects it will cause. If it us too good to be true, then it really is. If you like to be a beacon for better economy, then I urge you to look closely on the central bank and study how it causes a country to expect a recession about every 50 years and how it is not helping a countries economy but instead cripples it into pieces. You can ask mr. Alan Greenspan how the central bank caused the great recession that this country, USA recently has suffered. I say let us return to the gold standard for a much stable form of curerncy. Big respect to you all.

  35. And the irony of this all still is that use a platform and technology that was the result of capitalism to spread their “socialism will work” idiocy! God I swear we really need to smack some people upside their head.

  36. What country invented the computer, internet, YouTube, smart phones and all the technologies we take for granted today. Hmmmm🤔 Was it communist China…Russia…oh how about Cuba…damn this really is a tough one Hmmmm…um…gee which country was it??

  37. All the current government programs he mentions are already mismanaged. The post office, an ancient 18th century system that loses billions a year. Our pothole infested roads, highways, and bridges are falling apart. State and local pension funds are going broke. Why would we want to give these bureaucrats more control of anything. And if you believe under democratic socialism that the "people" will have control I have a bridge I would like to sell you.

  38. Straight socialism is just wrong, socialism and capitalism go hand and hand, capitalism produces an economy to produce "free" services from socialism, we've got it good now why change it, if your broke maybe work harder?

  39. that is not the definition of socialism a group trying to work together for the betterment of the few… no its government system where the government controls social aspects like healthcare, fire arms and weapons, jobs and high taxes to cover the cost of it all. what you defined is like a churches motto

  40. We don't have fascism even with Trump. You will learn that of course to late. You pay 45 to 55 percent of your pay taxes or they try MMT with country very tied to global markets and not self contained market and the Utopia never comes. Yes we have some socialist programs and people so far are willing pay tax for them. Roads guests such gov control that for safety. Sadly private industry not got good track record and people willing pay tax. Collage I think gov paid for do able if student had to give back community in service then people would accept the tax medical that bigger issue insurance didn't work Medicaid for all – insurance. The industry got be over hauled. Again forth correctly people again might accept tax. Yes you not just wealthy and corporations are going to pay. Taxing those two enough to get started sustain everyone pays. Corruption killed socialism past will do so again. Germany and Denmark Norway are not socialist countries Airlines want you to send their countries with socialist programs or policies like the US. They generate the tax revenue through a capitalist system. They also allow privatization of a lot of stuff that's they're giving of incentive for tax.

  41. 1. Capitalism doesn't reign supreme. False claim right off the bat. This should be good.
    2. Capitalism doesn't work against the interests of the majority. Corporatism, or Crony Capitalism does. Corporations don't like capitalism, as it allows for competition that forces them to compete on a fair playing field, and thus not be able to maximize profits. Strike 2.
    3. Capitalism didn't create the top 1%. Government regulations that allowed the richest corporations to buy politicians and enact legislation that prevented competition did.
    4. Medicare, education, police, fire, military, etc.,etc.,etc. are NOT socialism. They are social WELFARE programs. They neither require, nor function based on the public ownership of the means of production. Do you get to give orders to the troops? Nope. Didn't think so. Nor do you get to tell police how to do their job. Strike 3. Not looking good.
    5. Fascism was borne out of the split from the Socialist party of Italy, as Mussolini felt that liberal (true liberal, meaning the pursuit of personal liberty as the core tenet of governance) was the problem preventing true socialism from succeeding. As such, he opted to do away with democratic legislatures, in favour of a state that would be based not on the "tyranny of the majority", but rather on the "quality" of the social values of the collective "progressive" group (Mussolini's words). His idea was that liberty, such as ownership, free speech, etc., should be limited for the social protection of the nation as a whole, to preserve the values of progressivism. In fact, he stated in the Doctrine of Fascism, and I quote: "A nation, as expressed in the State, is a living, ethical entity only in so far as it is progressive."

    Fascism is LITERALLY what "antifa" advocate for. No one else.

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