What is the Political Science program at King’s?

What is the Political Science program at King’s?

It’s way more than being a politician. Most students that study politcal science,
don’t become politicians, and don’t necessarily work for government. But we do have student who have graduated in recent years
and have gone on to do things like run election campaigns for candidates. The world is a rapidly changing place, our courses reflect that. And students who are able to cope with this, as our students are, become people who are very valued in the job market. I think they type of student that would do well
in the Political Science program at King’s is somebody who is always eager to learn and branch out. Somebody that is very passionate about making a difference, whether that is in your local community or if you want to do international things. If you want to get involved with different partnerships with others who share the same values as you. We are not just readng textbooks anymore here at King’s, we are doing the real work that gets done in the political world.

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