What it’s like to report on an election | CBC Kids News

What it’s like to report on an election | CBC Kids News

Arjun: Andrew Scheer, the leader
of theConservative Partyis campaigning to be the next
prime minister of Canada. ♪ ♪ He’s a lot taller
than I thought. ♪ ♪ I’m Arjun Ram and since I’ve never covered
an election campaign like this before, I’m gonna be
getting some helpful tips fromCBCreporter
David Cochrane, to explain to me
the do’s and don’ts of covering an election
campaign media scrum. Thanks for meeting
with me today, David. What should I expect from this
whole process today? You’re going to get to ask a
question to one of the people who wants to be
the prime minister of Canada. They’re auditioning
for an important job, so you need to ask him an
important question. The way these things work
is you get one question and one follow-up and having a plan for that
and a structure for that is important for you
to get what you want out of that opportunity. What can I do in that situation when I ask a question and maybe
Mr Scheer doesn’t give me the answer that I was looking
for or a descriptive answer? Sometimes the question is as
important as the answer because if they dodge it or
evade it or don’t answer it, that’s very telling.
And the audience can see that. What’s the format of the scrum
gonna be like? The way it normally works is
all the reporters will get together and say, “Okay, who wants
to ask about what?” Mr Scheer will give his speech
and make his announcement and then he will
open it up for questions and then we all
line up at a microphone and ask our questions in turn. So you get in that line,
you will get to ask a question. Can you explain to me
the don’ts of covering an election media scrum? What shouldn’t I do? Don’t be disrespectful. You can be assertive
and you can be pushy and you can be strong,
but don’t be a jerk about it. ♪ ♪ Hi, how are you? Nice
to meet you. So here’s is your
representation. Awesome. It’s official.
I’m in. ♪ ♪ David told me there’s gonna be a reporter’s huddle
before the scrum. I think I found it. Looks like that’s the huddle,
I’m going to see if I can join. So what goes on
in this huddle here? Well, we’re going
to just try to figure out who is gonna ask what question and what order we’re
going to do it. We want to make
sure we cover every topic. [applause] Well, good morning,
everyone. It is so great to be here today with Markham Mayor
Frank Scarpitti and Richmond Hill
Mayor David Barrow. Time to go ask the question. Let’s do this. Scheer: Thank you very much.
Merci beaucoup. Happy to take your questions. [applause] Cochrane: Get you through
this at at every stop, just about every stop,
with candidates along the campaign,
no matter which party something like this happens. I mean the reporters line for
the scrum and I’m pretty sure I’m the shortest one here. I don’t even know
if I can reach the mike. ♪ ♪ Hi, Mr Scheer, Arjun Ram,
CBC Kids News.
Welcome aboard. Arjun: Thank you. We met at the Raptors’
parade actually. Unfortunately it ended in a sour
way with the shooting. [static] Reporter: In this witness video
you hear four gunshots. Four people were taken to
hospital with gunshot wounds. The shooting left many upset. [static] I was scared and terrified
as so were many kids. As prime minister,
what would you do in order to strengthen
our gun laws? Our plan for a safer Canada goes after
the gangsters and criminals. We’re going to invest in new
resources to help our Border Service
agents get more illegal guns that are coming into
Canada and we’re going to name criminal
organizations as gangs so that prosecutors don’t
have to keep proving the same thing
over and over again. Arjun: How can you reassure kids
such events won’t be repeated? Scheer: Well, by going
after the gangsters and the illegal firearms –
that is the best way to reduce the likelihood of
these types of things happening in the future. Thank you. Scheer:
Thank you very much. ♪ ♪ That was pretty cool. I think it was
a pretty good answer. I think that went pretty well, but I’m going to go
ask David what he thought. How do you
think that went? I think you got a good
answer from him. It’s an answer we’ve
kind of heard before but he took it…he took
you seriously and he gave you the answer
you were looking for, it’s what you wanted right? Arjun: Politics is something
that matters to me. And of course for many people voting is something
that matters should to them. We should care because
we’re the next generation, we’re the next people
that have to vote, we’re the next people
that have to decide who’s going to run our country. My name’s Daniel Schow, I’m Mr Scheer’s
press secretary. And as you saw today I thought
you got a good feel for usually how the process works
for our message events in the mornings
during the campaign. Now that everybody’s finished
you’ll notice that the media is packing up and we’re going
to go to our media bus. So we’ve got one bus for
Mr Scheer and for his team. And then we’ve got…
because we have about 12 to 15 media travelling
with us at all times and they need filing room, we’ve got a second
bus just for them. You ever get on
the wrong bus and realize “Oh, shoot, this
is the wrong one.” Absolutely. Isn’t it kind of weird for Mr Scheer to have
his face on a bus. That whole picture. Arjun:
Yeah. We got it one morning er… It was really, really
early in the morning a we were on
a tight, tight deadline – we had a bunch
of other events to do – so it was like this
triumph of team effort to pull it all together. It was really, really cool. Arjun:
Wow. Daniel:
All right. So this is
the media tour bus. We’ve got Wi-Fi on
here as you can see, we’ve got desks
so that they can type, pretty much everything you need
including snacks. [ding] Jackpot. Let’s find out what type of
snacks they have on the Andrew Scheer
campaign bus. So… A Kit-Kat.
[ding] See what else they…
Oooh! Ooooh! Oh, I love these – gummies.
[ding] [ding]
Ketchup chips. Strawberry flavoured cookies. [ding]
Tastes like oatmeal. Lotta good food here.
[chuckles] [chews on something] Mmmm, a cookie.
These are actually good. [beep] That was pretty cool. [beep] I got it. I got it.
I got it. [beep] [beep] That was, honestly,
pretty cool. And now I know
the dos and don’ts of covering an election
media day scrum. ForCBC Kids News,
I’m Arjun Ram. ♪ ♪

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