What to know about Colorado politics in 2019

What to know about Colorado politics in 2019

I’m Scott Adler and I am the director of
the American Politics Research lab. So this is the third year of our Colorado
political climate survey. Party affiliation returned back to what we think
is more natural levels in the state of Colorado. So a slight down-tick in terms
of the number of voters who identify as Democrats. We think that it was in an
unnaturally high level in 2017 in reaction to the beginning of the
Trump administration. So we saw a little improvement in the approval for Trump
from 2017, an uptick of about 5, 6 percent for Senator Gardner whose
approval ratings had gone down considerably in our poll last year. That
recovered by a fair amount. His approval rating went up about 11 percent. John
Hickenlooper remains the most popular of our high profile statewide lawmakers, and
that of course is going to be important as he is considering and very likely to
jump into a presidential race. Oil and gas is definitely going to be on the
radar in the state legislature. We think that Coloradans are very split
on this. Over three-quarters of the respondents were supportive of a legal way that dreamers could stay in the United States. There was fairly good
support across the state for allowing sports gambling. This was both among
Democrats and independents, but even a plurality of Republicans.

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