What’s the difference between your city, state and county government?

What’s the difference between your city, state and county government?

Howdy! I’m proud to be a Texan. Me too. But I’m a McLennan County gal at heart. I live in Waco, which I guess is also
McLennan County And don’t get me wrong, I’m proud to be a Texan, But I’m a city girl at heart. All that county stuff is in the country, right? Uh, hold on there missy… Whether you live in the city or not, you’re just as much a part of the county
as anyone else. [That’s right!] [And your state, your city and your county
all have important jobs to do.] Uh, are you saying that we’ve got three
governments running the show here? Yeah, that seems like a lot. What do they all do anyway? [Well! I’m glad you asked!] [Let’s start with you, cowboy.] [We all love living in the Lone Star State] [But the government has a limited purpose and scope.] [That’s one of the reasons
the legislature only meets every other year.] [When it does,] [it has to make decisions and laws that apply
to the entire state as a whole.] [And it needs a local partner
to implement its laws and policies.] So, who does that? [I’m glad you asked!] [That’s where the counties come in.] [They were created to implement state policies] [and enforce state laws at the local level.] [It’s where the rubber meets the road
on carrying out the state’s priorities.] [You see, the county enforces the state’s laws
and policies.] [Counties provide services locally–tailored to fit the needs of the local residents.] [And they can do this] [because they’re run by the locals] [and connected to the people.] Yeah, but isn’t the city even more local
than the county? [That’s a great question!] [One that I’m glad you asked.] [Cities are local, and they provide services] [but with limits] [and within the city limits.] [If you live in a city, they may provide things like] [water, electricity and waste removal.] [Bigger cities have a police force,] [and the city made build certain streets.] Well, that sounds like everything I need. What else is there? [Well, I’m glad you asked.] [That brings me back to your county.] [Your county government fills the gap,] [providing things that
the state and city government do not.] [It provides law enforcement countywide] [it runs the court system] [When there are bad guys,
it keeps the jails where they stay.] [It registers voters] [and holds elections] [for everything from local government offices] [to the President of the United States.] [Counties keep track of records] [like deeds, birth certificates and death certificates.] [Counties build and maintain
about half the roads in Texas.] [The county provides health care
to lower-income residents] [It provides emergency management
during times of crisis] [And counties often collect taxes on behalf of] [other entities like school district and cities…] [Are you… gettin’ the picture?] Wow, that’s a lot. [Yes, it is.] Oh, so I get it. The county is actually the political
subdivision enabled by the Texas Constitution to carry out state laws but
with direct and connected relationship to the people it serves! [Very good, city gal!] [Yes you are Texans] [and may live in the city] [but remember you are also proud county residents, too.] … Thank you big voice in the sky… Yeah, do you have a name or something? [well..] [uh…] Uh, yeah… Huh?!? Oh. Hey guys… uh… It’s me. Chet. I guess I’m just a guy who
thinks county government’s cool, and I, uh, thought y’all should know about some of this stuff. Uhm… Anyway, uh… See you later! Okay… Well, I hope you learned something, because… [Texas Counties Deliver!]

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21 thoughts on “What’s the difference between your city, state and county government?

  1. Thanks, I'll be passing the links for these 3 videos on to friends – this is great knowledge for kids (and any grownups new to the state). Great job partnering with Chet!

  2. Texas our Texas
    All hail the mighty state
    Texas Our Texas
    So Wonderful so Great
    Boldest and Grandest
    Withstanding every test
    Oh, Empire wide and glorious
    You reign supremely best
    God bless you Texas
    And keep you brave and strong
    And may you grow in power and worth
    Through out the ages long!

  3. I'm not from Texas, but in my state the county does a lot more than just enact state legislation. They are a legislative body of their own.

    Is this true? That Texas counties have no power to legislate? That they only implement state law?

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