When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong – Vernon Franklin – Chappelle’s Show

When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong – Vernon Franklin – Chappelle’s Show

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When “Keeping it Real” Goes Wrong. Vernon Franklin was
an exceptional young man. He was the valedictorian
of his high school class, won several scholarships, and became the first person
in his family to attend college. He got a good job and worked
14-hour days, 6 days a week, quickly becoming
the youngest vice president in the history
of the Via Corp Corporation, ending the cycle of violence
and drug addiction that had plagued
his family for generations. The officers of his company
were wrapping up the usual Thursday meeting
in the South Conference Room when Frank Murphy,
the man who had mentored Vernon, made an awkward comment. Vernon, great job, buddy. You the man.
Give me some skin, huh? Vernon got along with all
of the people he worked with, which in his heart of hearts
made him feel like an Uncle Tom. Though he could have ignored
the simple comment his mentor made,
Vernon decided to keep it real. Get your motherfucking hand
out of my face. You heard me, motherfucker.
Get your hands outta my face. What you think this is, man?
Just shake my hand like a man. “All right, give me some five
on the backhand side with all this crazy jive.” It’s bullshit.
Want a little soft shoe? Should I juggle some
watermelons for you, boss? Fuck all that, nigger. Hey, Vernon, buddy. Get your motherfucking hands
off me, Frank. This ain’t a game. This isn’t the Vernon I know. Allow me to reintroduce myself.
My name is Hov You never heard that before,
have you? Rap music is dangerous.
I used to beat motherfuckers up just like you just for
walking around my way, nigger. Vernon, Vernon, buddy. You better sit the fuck down,
Frank. Excuse me? I said sit down, bitch.
Thug life. You think this
is a game, nigger? Wu-Tang. Today, Vernon works
at Sonny’s Fill ‘Er Up on Route 80 in New Jersey. He makes $6.45 an hour
and stinks of gasoline, even when he’s not
at the station. It’s as real as it can be. Dollar? What I’m gonna
get with a dollar, nigger? I got kids,
and that’s real. Vernon Franklin, once a heart-
warming story of perseverance. Wu-Tang. Today, a sparkling example
of when keeping it real goes wrong.

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100 thoughts on “When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong – Vernon Franklin – Chappelle’s Show

  1. Perhaps it's because I'm not American, but I don't get it..
    I don't even understand why he got offended by a guy asking a high five

  2. This is very ironic that this clip comes up, now that Dave Chappelle has so much controversy going on with his new comedy show on Netflix… Coincidence?? I think not🤔🤔

  3. This is what’s funny that niggas would think white people are coming from a disrespectful or evil place. They aren’t the slave owners of 300 years ago.

  4. what makes this skit legendary is not only the outtake but the fact that we should all KNOW who FRANK is!! That actor is very unique.

  5. Whenever you quote DMX you put your job in jeopardy. Now you can't afford a sweet white girlfriend or a sweet tasty chocolate girl.

  6. Happened to me for calling antifa supporter a little boy with growing up to do. I could've let his comments slide. I could've kept my opinion of him to myself. I got fired, but that BOY openly endorses domestic terrorism in the workplace. "Sit the fuck down!" – Dave Chapelle

  7. Nowaday's: "That was some funny ass shit!"

    Early and mid 2000's: "Gosh darn giggity glue! That was such a funny ass skit!"
    Am i right though?… U.u

  8. Frank Murphy? Isn’t that the dad’s name on that Bill Burr show, F is for Family? What a giant fucking easter egg that I never thought of.

  9. It's cringey when that shit happens, but I'm white and other white people still try that cringey ass shit with me sometimes and it's just kinda weird honestly

  10. Irony is Chappelle became a victim of his own joke. He kept it real…dumm,when he quit his show,just couse Bill Burr was laughing in the back. I always thought Chappelle is racist,just undercover.

  11. I'm from eastern KY. I got an engineering job and people will periodically talk with my accent. I have to suppress my desire to "keep it real" every time it happens.

  12. He makes comedy worth watching he don't let up on nobody . People need to not take life so serious.dave is by far one of the best at what he does with comedy

  13. The company Viacorp is referencing Viacom who runs Comedy Central. In his Sticks and Stones special, he talks about how the executives would always be subtly condescending. Both are examples

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