25 thoughts on “Where Beijing's 'bottom of society' live

  1. Yeah well, like africans and arabs most of asians just breed too much and it will not be sustainable. There will always be fever jobs because of modern inventions. China will have even bigger issues very soon.

  2. I Think China need new Capital City, to spread its Growth for every Province , like Louyang ,Changan or Xiang Yang in Han Dynasti Era .

  3. You know… Indonesia also once faced the same problem in their capital city, Jakarta.

    The immigrants come after the Ramadan month
    They come with the exact reason and mindset like the people in the video

    But instead of the increase of Housing price, the people choose to live in the town surrounding the capital:
    Bekasi (most populated)

    Hence the Nickname JaBoDeTaBek

  4. Don’t leave cigarettes burning like that please it’s so unsafe in such a small place

  5. What a legend of a man. To never forget the struggles he came from and to lift others rather than putting them down. Not enough people like him in this world.

  6. What nice fella. He knows how it feels so he tries his best to make it a little easier for others.

  7. Educated young people from the country side are going back to their farms and bring home new ideas for their villages. In some cases, the former students figured out how to market their village so they earn more income. Land farmed the traditional way with no chemical pesticides can be marketed at the health conscious market as organically grown and charge 2 times or more what they sold their produce for previously. Knowledge is power. White tourists who want to visit China with its original charm and quaintness

  8. sigh. i will never understand economics. why is it that farmers earn so little when they are the ones with proper knowledge of caring for nature, doing the hard work putting food in our mouths. so machines have taken over and will soon eradicate the need for any human food producers?? this is insane.

  9. The Chinese government can send a rocket to the far side of the moon, create 5G, and build the belt and road, but they can’t help the destitute farmers in those remote villages??? What the heck!!

  10. Chinese people always hard working af, put all they got into something to make money so their family will be proud of them, well it's a pro while it's also a con.

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