“Where There’s Power, There’s Politics” – Elif Shafak

“Where There’s Power, There’s Politics” – Elif Shafak

This is an age in which
storytellers can contribute more and into the public space. And maybe as writers who
come from wounded democracies or wobbly democracies like
Turkey, Pakistan, Egypt, Venezuela, Philippines– – Brazil, now. –Brazil. The list is so long and it’s
getting longer and longer. Maybe we never had
the luxury of being non-political or apolitical. You can’t say I’m only
going to write my stories and I don’t really– I’m not interested in what’s
happening beyond the window. You don’t have that luxury. Also, I am a feminist. And one of the many things
I’ve learned from feminism’s of past generations is
politics is not only about political parties, it’s not only
about the parliament– what’s happening there, wherever
there’s power there’s politics. So if you describe politics
in such a wide broad way, again, you can’t be apolitical.

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