Which Old Man Will Get Elected President In 2016? – Politics Be Like

Which Old Man Will Get Elected President In 2016? – Politics Be Like

[APPLAUSE] Ooh, I wish it was
a real audience. Welcome back to
“Politics Be Like.” I’m William Haynes. And this week, I asked
you guys what you wanted to hear about on the show. And I got Bernie Sanders,
Bernie Sanders, Bernie Sanders, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump. Basically, you guys want to
know which old man is going to get elected president next. [MUSIC PLAYING] You ever notice this country
is run exclusively by old men? George Bush, old ass man. Bill Clinton, old ass man. Barack Obama, wasn’t an
old man until he sat down in the oval office desk,
which apparently ages you twice as fast. And now, America wants to
know what old ass person are we going to elect next? Well, last week Bernie Sanders
had about 10,000 people attend an even in
Madison, Wisconsin, which is considerably amazing. You know who does shows
for 10,000 people? Katy Perry. And Sanders didn’t even have
to rent any shark costumes. There he announced that he
raised $15 million dollars in the first three
months of his campaign. $15 million dollars. Do you know how
much money that is? $15 million dollars
is so much money that if I have that much money
and a robber busted in my house and said, I’m either taking
your credit card or your life, I’d say blast my brains out. Researchers are stating
that Sanders is now doing almost as well
with liberal voters in 2008 as President Obama did. Which amazes me
because President Obama was so young back then. Whether you agree with
his policies or not, he was so in touch
with the youth. And Bernie Sanders is,
for sure, an old ass man. And yet, he’s
doing just as well. I think I know why. Because Bernie Sanders
doesn’t give a damn. Youth love that. He’s an angry old man and
will say whatever he wants. That establishment politics
and establishment economics is not working for
the middle class. He is literally hunched
over in that clip, and he’s still doing it. [CHEERING] This is incredible. I still personally think Senator
Sanders is a little crazy running against people like
Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton. Openly referring to
himself as a socialist in a country that does
nothing but praise capitalism. It takes guts. At least he’s got more hair than
his adversary, Donald Trump, who claims he’s going to, and
I quote “Win the Latino vote.” I’m sure I don’t need to
remind you, but I will. Mr. Trump’s statements
towards Mexican people, especially under Hillary
Clinton’s supposed immigration plan. Hillary would let
everybody come in. Killers, criminals,
drug dealers. I just want to
say, Mr. Trump, you do realize America has its own
killers and drug dealers too, right? You realise we have so many
people arrested every year here because we just keep
popping criminals out here. And we’ve got even worse
types of criminals, because we also have
the kind that rob you without ever even meeting you. I’m talking about insurance
agents, credit card companies, and damn, even
sometimes your boss. Rich people like you love to
keep their billionaire status, so they pay other humans so
little that they can’t survive. We are making criminals by
saying, here, take $0.15 and make the rest in the street. Trump stated, “I have
a great relationship with the Mexican people. I have many people
working for me. Look at the job in Washington. I have many legal
immigrants working with me. And many of them
come from Mexico. They love me. I love them.” Yo, Trump. Once again, you can’t speak
for an entire race of people just because they work for you,
it doesn’t mean they love you. Matter of fact, they
probably hate your ass because you probably
pay them dog [BLEEP]. So what do you guys
think about all of this? Do you think either
of these old men have the potential to become
the next president of the United States? Or do you think Hillary
Clinton or Teddy Cruz has a chance of
beating them so we don’t have an old ass man for once? Who’s got your support so far. Let me know in the
comments down below. I’m William Haynes, and
that’s “Politics Be Like.” Who hates America more– Kim
Jong Un or Vladimir Putin? Right now, America is terrified
about entering another cold war with Russia. Remember the ’80s? Russia had Ronald Reagan like– Actually running for President
of the United States.

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100 thoughts on “Which Old Man Will Get Elected President In 2016? – Politics Be Like

  1. How about adding some level of intelligence to the debate here? Bernie Sanders is 75… so what? He's been arrested and beaten up by police for protesting at civil rights rallies in the 60s, he marched with Martin Luther King, he was campaigning for gay rights and equal pay for women in the 70s, I'm pretty sure he's the only person running that didn't vote in favour of the war in Iraq. He might be old, but he's MUCH more in touch with the values of young people than anyone else…

  2. Calling Mexicans a race is like calling Americans a race of people. So, I feel it would have been better to say, he 'can't speak for the citizens of an entire country'. I say vote for the socialist, let's change it up. The economy is already pretty screwed up everywhere, just go for it.  #raceisasocialconstruct   #beproudtobeethnic

  3. I'm disappointed in these questions. Comparing Sanders and Trump as equally valid candidates is an absolute joke even to most conservatives, and yes, of course Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz both stand phenomenally greater chances of winning than either of them. I wish Bernie could win, I think he's the only candidate who actually might be able to keep this country afloat (pun intended), but the media is working way to hard to paint him as a crazy old socialist, rather than the honest DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST he is. So many people fail to understand that socialism and democratic socialism are two entirely different things.

  4. Hi, its Raven. Look, we all know that Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush and Donald Trump are running for president. Don't vote! Here's why, Hillary- the only thing that will change is she a woman, that's it. Shes backed by shell companys and has ties to people with terrorist backgrounds. Jeb- we've seen what his brother did, do we really want a repeat? He will have the same views. Donald- Really? This guy thinks the Mexican government is after him. He's stated that all Mexicans are rapests and then said he thinks he'll get the Hispanic vote! What the fuck?! I think we the people don't have to choose the lesser evil. Let's not decide between drowning or be eaten alive, let's change our choices. If everyone was to not vote in protest of what our government has become, one of two things would happen. The government would either say "oh shit. We gotta change things for the better." OR "shame on you for not voting! This guy is president now." If its the later then we the people know that our government is really a tyrannical group of warmongers and NOT the democracy we have be led to believe in. We need the government to change, to want to help in its people's endeavors instead of doing the bare minimum and impoverishing its people. Please don't vote for any government officials and let our voices be heard not as a whisper, but as a loud shout of change!

  5. Trump, no. Sanders, while I do support him, will not win because he is too liberal. Bush wont win for sure, so it comes down to Hillary. And I guarantee you one of the main reasons why she'll win is simply because she's a woman. But hey, apparently a meritocracy is a myth according to a lot of feminists, so why should we care if people are actually capable of running countries?

  6. I honestly don't want either of them to be president, and I'm not going to say who I want to win because that would start a flame wa-

    Oh… Wait…

  7. I really hope its Rand Paul. Socialism didn't work out for Russia, Cuba, North Korea (yes, it was originally a socialist country) ,or most other places. It works out well to start with but falls off after a few years. Ex: North Korea. Capitalism is the way to go. Competition fuels productivity and productivity makes money, which is what everyone is tryinig to get

  8. The battle of the two white men that no one wants as there president but we have to vote for one of the two

  9. If Hillary wins just because she's a woman, I will lose what faith I have left in America.
    If Trump wins, I will lose all faith in humanity.
    …Ted who?

    Bernie is the obvious choice.

  10. Bernie sanders is so unproblematic !!!!! I'm not American but I want ha to win!!! Yas bitch!!!

  11. Donald trump talking about the Mexicans sounds like a female pop star talking about the gays

  12. Our vote shouldn't be based on how old these guys are. It should be based on their integrity and beliefs. Capitalism is putting the world into shit and it's only because, as a low middle class American, that we don't see the very, very dark other end of the spectrum. Bernie Sanders has my vote because he believes in a better world where all peole rule, not money.

  13. I bet the ladle gonna win them after that a Mexican will be pre and then a black and other stuff will happen then the end :I seen the future or its the other way around with Mexican and black.

  14. I don't want either Donald Trump or Ted Cruz, Hillary I don't really know about but Bernie, I would love that.

  15. Bernie Sanders would be the first non-Christian president in US history which I find more important then having the first Woman president or the first young president.

  16. Call me crazy but I'm a fan of both, they are both honest something you don't see with many politicians.

  17. Bernie Sanders is a Democratic Socialist, not a Socialist. Though similar, the "Democratic" makes a huge difference. I wish ppl would stop calling him a Socialist.

  18. I am independant, raised by a conservative family, I think Bernie Sanders should become president. He's better than D.T anyday.

  19. Bernie sanders is what we need, I feel like he might actually make the government transparent, thank god, vote for Sanders!

  20. I prefer to vote libertarian, but if I was forced to vote between anyone else, I'd probably vote Sanders.

  21. he is talking so bad about trump and so good about sanders but trump has more voters i hope he knows that

  22. Yo, Ted Cruz is my homie though. If you want to be truly enlightened go watch some of his speeches or any interview really. Just don't listen to what the media has to say about him or any candidate for that matter. Learn their policies and beliefs. I'm begging you, fellow members of the youthful American community.

  23. Bernie Sanders is more in touch with regular people. Donald Trump has his head up his ass. I just hope that Republicans will nominate a candidate that with lose the Presidential Election. I would vote for Hilary, not because I think she will help end poverty, but because she will win.

  24. Research the candidates first of and I believe age or gender has nothing to do with running a country.  I have done my research and Bernie Sanders is the best.  He has been consistent and has passion in what he believes.  Hillary is not to be trusted and she lusts for power only.  I have noticed she flip flops all the time and that is because she wants your vote.  We do not want another Obama and I am tired that the Rich are getting richer and the rest are left behind.

    BERNIE FOR 2016

  25. I like Bernie the most, but it appears Hilary will win the votes. Either way, they both stand for similar things, which I appreciate. HARD CORE LIBERALISM FOR THE WIN!

  26. I don't want to offend anybody but don't vote for Hilary just cause she's a woman yeah it'd be nice to have a female president but don't do it just cause she's a woman just…
    I hope you don't get offended by this in any way

  27. You want someone that really says what he thinks and doesn't care about political correctness? It's gonna be someone who speaks his mind and doesn't use talking points. Not Bernie, but #DonaldTrump2016

  28. I'm fucking tired of the white presidents! Lets get a Mexican president! We had white, black, now lets get brown! I'm just tired of being scared of getting thrown out of a country my ancestors have lived in longer than the white people. Native Americans + Spanish = Mexicans. No more racist assholes that hate blacks and Mexicans and Asians and everyone else. Don't blame us for your problems

  29. I get that people want free health care and free school tuition but that can't happen without taxes that would make half of America becoming broke.

  30. You know whats funny is that he is winning the vote of the mexicans i like how your video of prediction is wrong and shows how much of a communist you are and where your favor lies.This is not a beauty contest and far as im concerned i want the 20 trillion dollar deficit fixed i want jobs thats one thing this country has lost thanks to bill clinton who sent all our jobs over seas along with barack aiding that bill i want these social programs wiped out for the people like they say come over here and then we have to take care of them thats making the deficiet worse pretty soon we have people like you and rest of communist loving kids preaching to our generation there will be no freedom left at all so go head vote for that socialist communist prick!O ya and shave that thing your wiping other people asses off the top your head,pretty funny that your making fun of his hair yours is a catastrophic nightmare LOL damnnnnn,and if ya already did it probably looks like some other kind of dead animal road kill!

  31. If the Clint-on-bot gets the nomination I stay home. Hell I might even vote Trump in the general out of spite. To hell with the pre chosen carefully cultivated establishment lap dog. Over turn that applecart Bernie!

  32. That fact Trump don't ask me for campaign contributions and everyone in the Democratic party running for any level of Office will beg you daily once they have your email address, to send them money, suggest to me who's going to benefit my pocket-book if elected. It's a no brainer "TRUMP for 2016 POTUS" he might actually find a way for me to make more money, as Sanders don't have a clue except asking people to fund his existence and lifestyle etc.

  33. the difference between these two angry yelling old man, is one is speaking the truth and the other is spitting bullshit.

  34. He's not saying whatever he wants. You just think that. It is all a GAME. ALL of it! It doesn't take "guts" young buck…it takes saying "yeah, I will play the game when my time comes". This is all pretty much nonsense of a dog and pony show… and ya'll don't even realize when you're being marketed to. It's like a "good game"..you have to have all sorts of characters, protagonists etc to run to. It's emotional manipulation and in the end you think you'll choose a president. Well fact is, the show is rigged and the president is already chosen…It's all a story you nimrods. "Madison Avenue" said..hmmm…"what have we done in the last few years to grab the attention of the people.." Then..when they had the answer, they put on a show for you. There ya go…

    Wake up. Refocus.

  35. question: did  isis  or psyops  operations stop or took a break while the American electoral process?  goes to show that CNN makes  up or creates its own news.

  36. Bernie will pander to you to get your vote. He promises to free all the black druggies from prison and put them in college so they can disrupt the people that deserve to be there. Hilary isn't much better. Don't force me to vote republican, because they are dumb as dirt.

  37. Bernie has a stump speech with no way to implement any of his promises .
    Trump's a dumb bottle blonde running a campaign that's a bad imitation of WWE
    Someone needs to tell these two candidates that the presidency is not an entry level position .

  38. Bernie is the chosen one! one vote. one person. otherwise this is all for naught! This dictatorship must desolve… or accept!

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