White Nationalist Terrorist ARRESTED

White Nationalist Terrorist ARRESTED

hey if you're watching this nice clip without a VPN your IP address can be used for spying or tracking keep your IP address and Internet activity private whether you're at home or on the go with Nord VPN now stay tuned to see how you can save 75% on a three-year plan federal officials have foiled a terrorist plot here in the United States involving a self-proclaimed white nationalist who stockpiled weapons and planned on targeting liberal politicians and members of the media now his name is Christopher Paul Hassan and apparently he called for focused violence to establish a white homeland and dreamed of ways to kill almost every last person on earth and this is according to court documents filed in the US District Court of Maryland he was a former US no.not former he is a u.s. Coast Guard lieutenant and he used to be in the military according to and what I mean by the military is he was briefly in the Marine Corps 293 he was the Army National Guard for about two years in the mid 90s yes according to the reports he had been amassing supplies and weapons since at least 2017 developed a spreadsheet of targets that included House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and searched the internet using phrases such as best place in DC to see Congress people and our Supreme Court justices protected Wow to give you an idea of other people that he had targeted on that spreadsheet the list includes Joey what prosecutors say is a reference to former Senator Joe Scarborough of MSNBC Cortes I think we all know who he's targeting when he refers to Cortes Alexandria Castillo Cortes and Senator bloomin Jew as the spreadsheet says presumably the US Senator Richard Blumenthal a Democrat from Connecticut so let's keep it real guys there's far more violence on the right wing anybody who tells you otherwise is lying to not hurt their ratings with right-wing voters so are there left wing lunatics in the country I'm sure there are right and from time damn very rarely they will pop up like the guy who shot Steve Scalise right but is the overwhelming overwhelming majority of the violence of political violence country committed by the right wing yes that's a fact the ADL anti-defamation league just put out a report saying that every major terrorist attack that involved a killing in 2018 was done by a right-wing terrorist organization everyone okay so you can the right wing can then get all angry about that and do stockpile more weapons but that's a fact the mainstream media can ignore it and say well I do I don't know what offend anyone and then Republicans will yell at me and I might lose my Republican viewers guy encounters free you don't have any of those anyway okay but we're here to tell you the facts so this is yet another time another right wing terrorists targeting liberals and reporters and journalists and gee I wonder who egged him on so Joe Scarborough made this is hilarious that now that he's viewed a since he attacked Trump all the time is now making it onto lists as a progressive to attack he's nowhere near progressive but yes he takes on trunk very forcefully that's why he's probably on this list super obvious why Richard Blumenthal now that's the kind of random a person to put on now it might be that this guy's a neo-nazi in your fascist that's certainly true and I'm sure huge part of it as to why Blumenthal is on the list but also Trump often targets Blumenthal so if your neo-nazi you actually have many Jewish congressmen and Senators to choose from and it's such a six thought that that's how people decide things unfortunately right but in this case Trump goes after Blumenthal for his record on Vietnam which is again super ironic this Trump ran from Vietnam did not go at all okay because of alleged bone spurs but anyway this is a who's who of Trump's wish list the people to murder and Trump goes around saying oh well the journalists were there the enemy of the people hey Christopher Hasson aren't you gonna do anything about it now he never name's Hassan he doesn't have to it's called stochastic terror where you encourage generalized violence and then random acts of terror pop up to meet your encouragement and so look we mentioned the guy's name on the first day that's our policy that we don't mention it we try our best not to mention of going forward but so that's we just found out about the guy by the way great work by the FBI in stopping this plot before he started executing it and I'm sure they looks like they were tracking it for a long time one of the things they have to do to in law enforcement is wait for some concrete act to take place so that you can convict them because with what the defense will do is well no he was just kidding about the you know the the Jews and the liberals and the traitors and the journalists etc etc and that's why they wait for a specific act in this case On January 19th he seemed to get more animated about this issue he put together a list of quote traitors and targets also stockpiled certain types of drugs including steroids and he had been reading what Anders Breivik had written that was a terrorist who murdered 77 people in Norway and he also stockpiled these weapons so he had taken some actions luckily the FBI had foiled this before he could actually cause harm to anyone you know two more things what what about this why arrest him now he's also animated about defending Trump and what he was gonna act of Trump was impeached now in a related or unrelated story today the new Attorney General is saying that the malla report might come out as early as next week now if you're the FBI you're tracking this guy and he's triggered by any attacks on Donald Trump and a mother reports gonna come out next week this would be a good time to go ahead and get him okay because you know what a way to long because then he's gonna act on it and and go get you know all the people on his list by the way I'm get a look and this is so spot-on for how the right-wing mind thinks he thought well maybe I'll agitate black lives matter to create even more violence because they'll be easily triggered into by us you're the terrorist idiot you're the terrorists that are planning all this violence meanwhile he's singing all black lives matter they'll want to do vice no the whole point of the group is to stop the violence against black people this guy wants to start a race war and thinks oh I'll go get the blacks they're the violent ones while in the middle of plotting terrorist attacks you know what the great thing that we instituted a travel ban on Muslim majority countries because we know we want to protect Americans from terrorists and good thing there's this giant fighting government right now over building a giant hate monument at the southern border because we want to keep rapists and criminals out oh yeah except we have a ton of rapists and murderers and terrorists of our own many of whom go unnoticed luckily in this case it didn't go unnoticed but I mean what about homegrown terrorism I mean we have that oftentimes it's not even referred to as terrorism because the person who would either commit the terrorist act it doesn't have the right skin color to be considered a terrorist no this is this is insane I mean the you know what he wrote about in one of the writings that the FBI or the court filing mentions he talks about the Charlottesville Virginia hate March and he said something along the lines of you're not gonna get anything done with protests you needs hot targeted violence in order to get a point across what's your point your point is what that this should just be a white nationalist country and that's it you want to murder other people and why do you want to murder other people because you think the others are violent because you think the others are dangerous he's dangerous we apparently threw bin Laden in the ocean because we didn't want to have a great because we thought a grave might somehow mobilize radical Muslims into attacking more it might become but we leave out right-wing manifestos all over the internet that are encouraging race Wars terrorism and said oh my god the right-wingers rush limbaugh would have be offended FoxNews would be offended guys and red hats would be offended so let's just you know that you do whatever you want if you're a right winger okay that doesn't mean you can do terrorism that's why the FBI did a great job stopping him here but in terms of spreading the hate over and over and over again so look since 9/11 the overwhelming majority of the terrorist attacks in America have been right-wingers you want to cry about it that's your issue that's your problem okay that's fine you need a safe space from the facts that's fine I know your emotions don't care about facts and I know that you get triggered easily and put you're prone to more prone to violence and fear and paranoia if you're a right winger I understand all that stuff okay but they are still facts and over the last couple of years it's almost been exclusively right-wing terrorists but political correctness does not allow us to call it by its name and the reality is it is right-wing leaders like Donald Trump that are egging these people on and then they then put up to put together Trump's enemies list and then go and think about how to murder them and so that they that's what the the bomber did that set all the pipe bombs – CNN – Trump's political enemies – Soros etc here it is again so I'm tired of people not calling it what it is because they're so deathly afraid of offending the right wing who are so precious as so fragile it's so thin-skinned so unlike the right wing I will clarify every time we do not believe in generalizations that because there are right-wing terrorists that means every right winger in the country is a terrorist of course not we don't believe in profiling right-wingers we don't believe in banning right-wingers we're not idiots like the right-wing who just categorize people and and based on certain qualities and by the way being right-wing in terms of ideology is definitely different than a race a religion and center that you were born into okay but all we're asking for is for law enforcement to do its job and to appropriate the right amount of resources to fighting right-wing terrorism do not ignore it do not get cowed by the loud voices on the right because that is what happened under Obama and under Trump they de-emphasize right-wing terrorism luckily there's some great people working at the FBI that stopped us anyway by the way people that Donald Trump will turn around and attack tomorrow oh the FBI they're not doing anything they do witch hunts was this a witch hunt God knows I don't know last time there was the neo-nazis marching in charlottesville Trump said there was very good people on that side I don't know if he's gonna think there's a very good person here that's it is this another FBI witch-hunt Donald Trump was he just targeting the enemy of the people Donald Trump you're getting people killed so media do your job call it the facts don't call it neutral and for federal law enforcement overall yes for God's sake put in a lot of effort tracking right-wing extremists not regular right-wingers or Republicans but rate right-wing extremists the TYT Plus app is now available on iOS and Android download to get more Tea Party content at TYT com / app

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30 thoughts on “White Nationalist Terrorist ARRESTED

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  2. Walls are anti-freedom and there is no such thing as immigration, its a made up term first made in 1492 by hate mongers.

  3. You're not 'born into' a religion the same way you're born into a race. When you reach an age where you're capable of rational thought, if your IQ is above 100, you should have abandoned religion at that point. It's pretty fair to categorize religious people as dangerous and stupid…because they are.

  4. Wow tyt just one white terrorist.. Why don't you idiots cover the jihadists in Minnesota defrauding the American tax payers for millions… Jackasses!!! But muh islamophobia!!! Up yours tyt, you guys are a joke!

  5. It's only on The Young Turks that you will see a white terrorists being described as a terrorist I'm not just some Disturbed individual

  6. wow. readin some of the different articles i found out that the term "lone wolf" was created by a vietnam vet who joined klan upon his return as part of what he called "leaderless resistance" im pretty sure he just stole it from the vietnamese' but what i wonder if any one realizes just how useful the tactic is for whites. see as soon as you speak the word "lone" you can deny culpability. you ever noticed that after 9-11 all muslims were terrorists? the entire Islamic faith became responsible for the actions of those who crashed the planes. fast forward to to the vegas shooting. hundred wounded dozens dead. then hop forward a little more to serial bomber. Not one story about how white culture could be responsible. that is quite the hypocrisy one bases a moral high ground on.

  7. You forgetting the terrorist they caught that wanted to shoot a missile into WH. Killing Trump and Pence so Pelosi becomes POTUS???

  8. You call them terrorists I call them
    Patriots. The white man of the west has had enough. Times are changing this is just the beginning. Here in England it’s growing and I love it

  9. So he wants to make a white homeland but wants to kill every single person on earth…. umm wouldnt that include white people?

  10. The biggest threat to America is "White Nationalists" not migrants. I think I have more chance of using my weapons against the rise of these neofascists then I do of an immigrant.

  11. Look at what they're using as proof (His google search history which isn't anywhere out of the norm.) Wtf is this some futuristic minority report shit where they can just accuse people of shit based on their search history? Shit is hilarious, people need to question everything they see on the news, whether it's coming from the right or left, Trump or Pelosi. Don't believe shit unless it can be verified.

  12. Chunk, You're so biased you are blinded on this. What you're saying would be the same as saying, Mark David Chapman who shot John Lennon because he saw some crazy message in The Catcher in The Rye was influenced by The Catcher in The Rye because the book itself is indoctrinating people. No the book nor fox news isn't indoctrinating people, the people that commit these acts are crazy. TYT, a reactionary network that claims to be a news network is literally indoctrinating people, they do not present evidence accurately and do so knowingly, they then selectively show clips to skew the truth as to peoples idea's and goals for everyone. They manipulate their base constantly KNOWINGLY. Atleast fox gives the news themselves and gives does it in their bias. But they are useful. You are manipulative cunts.

  13. Take all the white Terrorist attacks here in amerikkka… If these attacks was done by some other races of people it will be bombs raining down on there country, it will be a outcry worldwide for those white people but when they kill up lots of people the world must apply to this being normal and it's not terrorist action….

  14. "Cortez" That got to me.
    She is so young, so full of energy, I can't imagine the news of her being shot and killed. And yet, if this guy had her name on his spreadsheet, you can bet there is another 4 dudes out there with spreadsheets of their own.

    She must be protected.

  15. Bein a conservative or standing for the "right side" is not identical with "right wing"; the mere word "wing" represents extreme viewpoins including violent behavior and intentions, aka terrorism.

  16. Apparently, a foiled terrorist plot by a white nationalist is more news-worthy than a black man setting a white woman on fire just this week (nothing foiled about that I'm afraid).

    If it had been a white perpetrator, TYT would have been all over this story. They are so translparent it's a wonder there are still people who take them seriously.

  17. There is something strange about this case! What did the person DO besides possession of Tramadol
    (C-IV) and human growth hormones (HGH)? This Lieutenant will probably be discharged from the United States Coast guard. His military life will be over. Possession of weapons is not a crime! Neither his thoughts nor any of his writings are criminal. It seems he has already been convicted in the media as well as by the United States Coast Guard. This case is going way of so many fake news stories that we have just seen! This needs to be investigated further as it sounds very suspicious!

  18. Ask the IMPORTANT questions! If you’re this “white nationalist “ was employed by our government for 30years and we KNOW these scum of the earth punks kill more than any other terrorists in this country…why is there no task force to dedicated to searching out and prosecuting…? Could it be half the police force, district attorneys, attorney generals, congressmen, senators, judges, President would have to go!? (CIA & FBI too). Lol. Welcome to Amerikkka where racism is more treasured than apple pie & baseball…this country needs an enema!

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