Why Gerard Butler Doesn’t Get Many Movie Offers Anymore

Why Gerard Butler Doesn’t Get Many Movie Offers Anymore

Scottish actor Gerard Butler first came to
the attention of the masses as King Leonidas in the 2007 epic 300, bursting onto the Hollywood
scene in a blur of muscle and blood. “This is Sparta!” Zack Snyder’s take on Frank Miller’s popular
graphic novel became a huge hit, with audiences digging the unique style of action and the
finely crafted physiques of Leonidas and his Spartan warriors. But was too much of the acclaim heaped on
the cast, Butler in particular? The real test would come after 300, when the
leading man would be forced to cover up his pecs and do some actual acting. So far, Butler seems to have had some trouble
in movies where he keeps his shirt on…and here’s why. Late bloomer Butler came to acting relatively late in his
life, and at times it shows. The Scotsman didn’t even consider becoming
an actor until the age of 27 when he saw a production of Trainspotting at the Edinburgh
Festival and decided he wanted to be up on stage himself. He was working at corporate law firm after
graduating from Glasgow University with a law degree, though he was fired a week before
he was scheduled to be promoted from trainee to solicitor due to his erratic behavior. Butler moved to London to pursue his dream
and landed a part in the production of Trainspotting that inspired him to leave the legal profession
in the first place, returning to the Edinburgh Festival the following year as part of the
cast. It was the start of his journey to Hollywood
stardom, though the time he spent training to become a solicitor rather than an actor
has left him at a disadvantage. The skills that it takes most top actors years
of hard work to fine tune may not be present in him, and as Butler’s seemingly limited
range is further exposed with every role he takes, his options become equally limited. Accent accidents One skill that Butler hasn’t been able to
develop — though not for lack of trying — is how to mimic accents. “Well, I’m actually from the states. I’m practicing my Scottish accent.” For foreigners, making it in Hollywood usually
depends on whether or not they can produce something close to an American accent, yet
Butler can’t seem to go more than a few sentences without his broad Scottish brogue breaking
through and giving the game up. An American dialect isn’t the only accent
he has had trouble with, either. Despite having been exposed to it throughout
his youth by Irish family members, the actor personally apologized for his butchering of
the Irish accent in the 2007 romantic drama P.S. I Love You. Box office blunders The alternative to having Butler adopt an
accent is allowing him to keep his Scottish one, though this doesn’t always work out for
the best either. Gods of Egypt director Alex Proyas discovered
that first hand. Proyas was too busy apologizing for the whitewashing
of a film set on the African continent to field less serious questions about Butler’s
accent, though numerous critics questioned why an Egyptian god sounded like an extra
from Braveheart. Accent aside, Butler’s status as an A-list
leading man was on a knife’s edge in the lead up to 2016’s Gods of Egypt, and the film’s
staggering losses served as proof that he doesn’t seem to be much of a box office draw. Critical drain train While he and the rest of the cast certainly
took it on the chin for Gods of Egypt, it wasn’t the first time Butler has felt the
wrath of critics. The year 2016 was a particularly bad year
for the Scotsman, with pretty much all of his projects universally panned. Low key drama The Headhunter’s Calling failed
to earn any respect, and his action sequel London Has Fallen didn’t fare much better,
hamstrung by allegations of casual racism and a poor reaction to Butler as Secret Service
Agent Mike Banning. Of course, none of this is anything new to
Butler, seeing as his films are rarely reviewed positively. In fact, his Rotten Tomatoes filmography features
34 films — with just 5 awarded the coveted Certified Fresh rating, and 23 of them scoring
50 percent or lower on the Tomatometer. CGI reliance Unless you count 1997’s Tomorrow Never Dies,
where Butler had a minor role in the Pierce Brosnan Bond flick, only three Gerard Butler
films have managed to break that golden $100 million barrier in terms of lifetime gross. And those were DreamWorks’ animated smash
hit How To Train Your Dragon, How to Train Your Dragon 2, and 300. All three of these films rely heavily on CGI
in one way or another, and the fact that Butler has only managed to find this level of success
thanks to the work of talented animators begs the question — can Butler carry the load
when things are stripped down to the bare bones? Rom-com stomp It wasn’t too long ago that every other phrase
searched on Google was – “Gerard Butler 300 workout”, and that physique is still the only thing that pops in your head today when you hear his name. Zack Snyder’s fantasy epic launched Butler
to stardom and set the stage for a career as an action hero, but the actor decided to
go in the opposite direction. While he kept up the tough guy act with appearances
in Guy Ritchie’s RocknRolla and crime thriller Law Abiding Citizen, his most notable roles
in the years that followed 300 were in romantic comedies. P.S. I Love You, The Ugly Truth, and The Bounty
Hunter were all slammed by critics and failed to transform his tough guy image into any
kind of heartthrob status. Behind-the-scenes letdowns The 2013 presidential action thriller Olympus
Has Fallen was a real labor of love for Butler, a film he was passionate about and involved
with from start to finish. Butler told The Independent that he “…worked so much on the script, ripping
it apart and putting it back together, really putting flesh on the bones of it and trying
to give it some real substance and meaning in terms of a fun, action thriller that is
going be a rousing experience.” He also revealed that he tries to separate
the “nasty and mean” comments from the “constructive criticism” when it comes to reviews, though
he has his work cut out for him there, not only as the film’s star, but as a writer and
producer, too. Unfortunately, he had to wade through a lot
of bad to get to the good because Olympus Has Fallen was criticized on almost every
level. Luckily it still performed well enough at
the box office to spawn a sequel…and he’ll get at least one more shot to see if audiences
want to watch a third thing fall. What’s next? What’s next for Gerard Butler? Well, more of the same from the look of it. The Scotsman filmed an action flick called
Hunter Killer in 2017, where he plays a submarine captain tasked with rescuing a president — though
this time it’s the Russian head of state kidnapped by terrorists. And yes, Angel Has Fallen, the third film
in the Fallen franchise is still on deck for release in 2018 despite the fact that the
previous two films were railed by critics. Reviewers might talk, but money walks, and
both films made enough money at the worldwide box office to justify squeezing one more adventure
thriller out. He’ll also once again provide the voice of
Stoick the Vast in How To Train Your Dragon 3, slated for 2019, so we haven’t heard the
last from Gerard Butler just yet… Thanks for watching! Click the Looper icon to subscribe to our
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100 thoughts on “Why Gerard Butler Doesn’t Get Many Movie Offers Anymore

  1. What Gerard Butler role was your favorite? The Phantom? Sam Childers? King Leonidas? Mike Banning? Stoick the Vast? Let us know in the comments below!

  2. I really never seen all the movies of Mr. Gerard Butler but what I've seen in his other movies tells all. His passionate on his work and he is flexible. His not just into action but an artist, a singer, a comedienne and a dramatic actor. As if his doing a movie like it was his last so he gave it all not just his best but with a heart and a soul in it. Love his scottish accent. God blessed you Mr. Gerard Butler sir!

  3. What the F?!!?!? Gerard is hands down the best actor I know and Olympus has fallen and London has fallen are one of the best movies I've ever watched. And I am sure I am not the only one. He's an amazing actor and the fact that he also is involved in producing and writing scripts adds only more value to him as a whole.

  4. I love anything Gerard does and we used to get around 3 movies a year but now, were lucky to get one a year.   It is rare I go to the movies these days they do not do good work anymore and the only ones I go to are to see him, with my kids.  He should get more credit for his work and does not!!  He is really awesome actor and who cares about the accent love it.  He is really great guy also you do not see him in the tabloids!!

  5. He is one of my favorite actor he's made nothing but outstanding movies he's one of the greatest he's a good actor outstanding actor I recommend to watch all his movies he's the best and I know there are many good actors out there but he is one of them I recommend all his movies I give him 100% And A Plus and higher I will watch all his movies always

  6. "critics" are just a bunch of people patting eachother on the backs for their sassy comebacks in reviews.
    SOME critics are right, but even if the movie is shit criticallywise, it doesn't mean it will fare badly at the box office, case and point the Transformers franchise. I don't like those movies, but they made shittons of money, so somebody must have liked them.

  7. Yes he has his share of flops over the years but most of the movies you mentioned have grossed well in the box office, at the end of the day what matters is what the audience thinks not critics cause the audiences are the ones buying tickets.

    PS I Love you 156,835,339mil
    London Has Fallen 205.8 milli
    Law Abiding Citizen 126.7 mill
    Ugly Truth 205.3 mill
    300 456.1 mil
    The Bounty Hunter 136.3 mill
    Geostorm 221.6 mil
    The Vanishing 5mill buget 15mil box office
    Den of Thieves 80.5 mil

  8. He seems ok to me. Nothing wrong with his Scottish accent. What I do not like is his public support for Israel’s genocidal treatment of Palestinians. That damns him for all time.

  9. Dude Gerard's an amazing actor. Not having range? the man has done romantic comedies, epic drama, action roles beyond convincingly. Love him & his talent

  10. Olympus Down, London Has Fallen, 300, Angel Has Fallen and Hunter Killer were doing well in the box office. Its just those perfectionist critics has problems

  11. What is this? Butler makes every movie he's in 100 times BETTER. Who cares about accents? Only mainstream critics and movie TROLLS criticize stupid shit like this. Movie goers will always support Gerard because he has SCREEN POWER! 😉

  12. His been in a lot of hit movies and is a great actor that can branch out into many roles. Alot of this review was shit and bias towards hating him rather than putting his negatives against his positives. Den of Thieves was an awesome movie i enjoyed recently with him playing a really good role.

  13. Never did Sean Connery any harm,he never tried any accent other than Scottish, even when he played an Irish policeman.

  14. Well I think he is a marvellous actor even though this posting seems invested in the idea that he is not. Watch his performance in Coriolanus going head to head with Raplh Fiennes and being his equal.
    I do accept that maybe he has taken roles that are limiting.
    I think we will see him for quite a while to come. I think he has great range and depth. I think the problem is Hollywood and its roles that dont require great range rather than his abilities.
    I would add that rather like Russel Crowe he really shines best in heroic historical roles.
    I hope he gets more of those. His Leonidas was one for the ages!

  15. I really like 100 killer and olympus has fallen as well as London has fallen I just really like Gerard Butler

  16. Gerard Butlers net worth is only 30 MILLION… Pathetic. your right looper he should have stuck to law LOL

  17. He is a decent actor. 300 was very cool very hard to top. Olympus is falling was pretty good. Its a movie not the meaning of life. How much acting range do you need to do action films?? Tom Hardy, the Rock,Jason Statham etc…Some parts of the Ugly Truth are very funny..Acting is not life its entertainnent.

  18. it is really funny how critics end up bring losers like you who could not act a single scene if their lives depended on it. you mentioned the angel sequel to olympus but completely ignored geostorm. land so much as a walk on part for a b grade low budget movie before you dump any more slop in the pig trough next time.

  19. I think Gerard Butler is a good actor I think the roles suck he’s portraying. I thought they were doing a remake of Escape from New York and Gerard was gonna play Snake

  20. Gerard Butler is a great actor and I love his films I could care less about his accent. Many others actors and actresses have access to and they don't do a very good job I'm covering this up either.

  21. Butler is a good actor and particularly in comedies. The writers of this vid have something
    against him.
    This is an unfair biased review. Like another rather said “Shit Review”

  22. Critic? No just mean. Its not like he phones in his performances, HE TRIES!! I mean have you seen ALL his movies?? Not all are stinkers!!

  23. Butler has made quite a few excellent films and has acted well in all. I love his accent. This is a bunch of baloney. He's highly underrated as an actor and is very attractive. He's a heck of a lot better actor than Brad Pitt yet we have to hear about him all the time. I thought Den of Thieves was great!!

  24. This review is grossly inaccurate..so many great movies ..versatile Actor..Olympus has Fallen is one of my favorite, Law Abiding Citizen, 300, and three Romantic Comedies I have seen him in with Jennifer Anniston, Katherine Heigl and Jessica Biel respectively..he is amazing 🙌🏾🔥🔥🔥

  25. Dude's acting maybe uniquely bad but I like him. 300 is one of my all time favs so I'll have a spot of tea with him when he's free;););)

  26. He has the ability to do high minded drama like "Mrs Brown" and still do a teen movie like "Dracula 2000". Range and talent are not the problem, cheap studios not wanting to pay quality actors is. Its less expensive to do a cgi laden reboot than it is to hire quality.

  27. Idk what they’re talking about, everyone i know likes him. I think he is great at what he does, i also appreciate the range of genres he’s played in. Fame is a funny thing, relevancy comes and goes, i don’t think it has much to do with acting or his accent. He’s a quiet guy when it comes to social media and otherwise, so i think that’s his biggest challenge of it all. Not that it’s a problem to me, i really dislike social media try hards, but that’s what people are into now a days.

  28. LOVE Gerard Butler! Sexy! Like his direct, honest, no BS, get it done, but be compassionate persona. Love all of the Fallen movies and PS I Love You.

  29. This review is rubbish..Looper..it’s a thumbs down for me for this one. What were you all thinking? The guy is a Box office magnet

  30. Some ppl don’t even know he is Scottish because his American accent is that good. Plus how should an Egyptian god sound like? News for you is that an Egyptian god will actually be believable WITHOUT an American accent ..in case you were wondering..pls take this down..it’s not your best work looper..GROSSLY INACCURATE!!!

  31. Some ppl don’t even know he is Scottish because his American accent is that good. Plus how should an Egyptian god sound like? News for you is that an Egyptian god will actually be believable WITHOUT an American accent ..in case you were wondering..pls take this down..it’s not your best work looper..GROSSLY INACCURATE!!!

  32. He has range and every now and then has problems with accents but he perfected the American accent in a few films. He's an action star who can do drama. I think he just needs good direction and dialect coach help. He's like Tom Cruise in that respect.

  33. Speak for yourself, he is a great actor and someone else that didn't need to change his accent was Sean Connery another great actor. The problem with people today, they wouldn't know real acting if it bit them in the ass. You guys rave over idiots that have the one facial expressions in every stupid movie they make. Gerard knows how to use facial expressions and his voice. The first movie I ever seen him in was Dracula 2000 and fell in love with him, he has had me ever since. His acting, his voice, his facial expressions. Keep your same boring actors that act the same in EVERY movie and give me actors like Gerard Butler.

  34. This review is absolutely disgusting. Jealous much, vile reviewer? Gerard Butler has presence, talent, charisma, good looks, brains and humanity. He is one hell of a man. Perhaps you need to review his performance in The Vanishing? Wonderful acting and screen presence. I really admire, respect and enjoy Gerard Butler's work. By the way, do you have Gerard's bank balance or legion of fans? I think not! You need only look at Gerard's eyes to see what a beautiful soul he is. People adore him because he is worthy of adoration.

  35. Looper is a dumpster fire, rotten tomatoes is disgustingly rigged. Also a Hollywood production white washing is like asking why Bollywood movies are brown washing their movies.

  36. The critics might have been fed money.A lot of politics is involved in every stage these days. Ralph Fiennes being such a great and versatile actor didn't receive many awards except for the theatrical drama, Hamlet. It's either you have some kind of connection or what I personally think is the movie has to have set involving American citizens.

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