28 thoughts on “Why I no Longer Speak on Social Issues

  1. Which is why prostitution should be legal. Men would get what they want and so would women. The men would get sex and the women would get their resources.

  2. Not only do you have to know the right people…. you have to offer the right people something only you can provide.
    The intelligent people realize not only is it too late, they are dealing with constant thoughts of a higher level than most mindless people never even consider.
    Attractive girls don’t have to ask to stay in contact because they don’t have to. They have plenty of guys chasing them and willing to play all their games until they get bored and move to the next again and again.

  3. I remember you from way back when I made videos. Man, alot of men still whining about women instead of learning and leaving. Dude focus on your career and never give up. Always be in the sun. We all need it!

  4. "Talking about women is a complete waste of time, money and energy." of course it is, unless your successful and raking in the 6 figure salary, AW see you as a useless bum. unfortunately, when I make it to cloud 9, THEYRE the ones who're gonna get rejected!

  5. "Americans are not anti-social. That's not it. Americans are quite social. For instance, I took a hike today at a popular trail in Tucson, and I passed about 11 people who happily greeted me with "Hello!".

    The problem is that Americans don't really like each other.

    Our relationships are more surface level than anything else. Our real priorities are in personal monetary success. Not everyone, of course. Just many of us. Especially in suburbia and the vast reaches of mainstream American society (delving into alternative culture may lend differences).

    There is no NATURAL sense of comradery as I feel when I am in certain parts of Europe or hanging out with foreign students. When I am around people from other cultures, I'll meet a guy and find there's an instant 'brotherly' connection. Or, I meet a girl that I am attracted to and discover an instant sexual chemistry that doesn't require strain or effort to maintain (such as running "game" or trying to constantly demonstrate alpha behavior.)

    I don't experience this among my fellow Americans, and this is what's led to my general dissatisfaction.

    I have some good friends, for sure, and I do meet new people fairly often. But, it just requires so much more effort than it should. It's as if to be spiritual and inter-connected means to flow AGAINST the stream. And in a society built on foundations of materialism and selfishness, this makes sense. Furthermore, so many of us are deluded into believing the USA is "the greatest country in the world" (statistically, it absolutely isn't), so it does not occur to the xenophobic masses that America suffers from drastic social problems, leading to what I believe is vast unhappiness for most Americans.

    In the wonderful, cliquey world of being at a big Pac-10 university, MANY people are impossible to know on a personal level. Here at the U of A, there is a pandemic of students who don't really think for themselves. You know them as the roving bands of guys and girls–all dressed the same, talking the same, and sharing no real bonds with each other at all. Some may have fraternities or sororities in common, or they play the same sports, but it's rare as gold to find people happily interacting with each other and enjoying the human experience. Even the romantic relationships are generally surface-level only.

    It's like these people are so self-consumed they don't even stop to become aware of life outside of their heads. And, they always have that vacant stare on their faces. I can't accurately describe it, but it's their mouths are just slightly agape, eyes lethargically slanted, as if they are sedated to the world around them.

    Is this a problem for me? It isn't. I immediately filter out people who are infected by this pandemic, and I gravitate toward the real and authentic people. I'm so used to this that I barely noticed these fake people until last semester, when it occurred to me how much I feel sorry for them. Do they have any true friends at all, besides that bottle of Jack Daniels? (It's true, I think half the students on this campus have real alcohol problems).

    After college, enter Suburbia. Same problem, different environment. Fake neighbors, fake friends, fake careers continue to haunt you long after high school and college. "American Beauty" was a great film to satirize this, especially when Kevin Spacey's character comments that his wife is treating their children like employees. Again, in a country built on materialism, children are taught the virtues of ruthless self-success, Darwinian capitalism, and how to be apathetic and without compassion. The cycle continues."

  6. I wonder why people don't care. Taboo topic? People afraid to admit America and the West is not what it seems, especially socially?

    Hopefully you will still talk about money and the economy..

  7. Slide, self-defeatism is not the answer. I'm 35, born in 1983, and quitting my job NEXT WEEK.
    I'm going into monk mode to reflect, and it sounds like you should do the same. If anybody asks why I was unemployed, I'll tell them I was self-employed.

    The point is, men don't hit their wall till about 42-45. You still have time to get a career in a field with labor shortages, like Computer Coding or Truck driving.

    But beyond that, you have to remember, "Expectation brings disappointment!" Plenty of rich miserable people out there. As long as you have more than one income stream, you will make it.

    Listen to MGTOW Money's videos, they will help you. Peace! ✌

  8. I understand why you want to take your laptop and smash it over someones head. You are feeling just like THOUSANDS OF OTHER MEN OUT THERE. Slide I cattle ranch for a living I have decent money I am not rich but money is not on my mind all the time. However, I have to babysit this ranch 7 days a week I do not get very much off time and the kicker is I am 41 no wife no kids. That is the kicker on keeping this kind of business going for the future , a family. I am cutting back the volume on the ranch so I can work a normal week and have some time to myself. But in the end when I get older I will have to sell it to someone else and watch as my thousands of hours of effort and a lifetime of knowledge goes down the drain. The red pill is hard to swallow but I would rather live in the truth then a facade about how "happiness" is right around the corner…..

  9. Slide there is not enough years in the human life to accomplish what this rigged system has laid out for us. Most of us are in school under "parents" 18 to 30 is only 12 years!!! then on the other hand they claim it takes 10,000 hours to become a professional at the trade. Well people have to sleep at some time socialize find a mate etc, it is impossible to accomplish all this bullshit they laid out for guys. Women have gotten lazy AF when back in the day a man and his mate would work together to get their little slice of pie. hence why so many people are on anti depressants. Money is the root of all evil. The most boring people I have every met had one thing in common…….they had decent money in there pockets.

  10. Slide Jones if I was you I would look for a "Buddha" type not a scam artist but someone that is enlightened. Do not waste your money travelling to far away places the same bullshit is going on over there. have your escape, i.e knowledge learn some martial arts meditate use the city to HELP you you have a mixed bag of people in Seattle. Women are sheep they have no independent thought process you would be better off teaching physics to people in a group home then to have intellect meaningfull conversation that could lead to more.

  11. Slide you are spot on with your vids. We have been lied to our entire lives. The greed is horrible these days we have no substance in our lives, no special moments just a cog on the corporate wheel.

  12. I hope you don't stop.. There may not be many of us, but there are people out there like me who like and are captivated by what you have to say.. I find it almost always totally relates to my situation or life.. In fact it's just what I needed to hear this morning before going in and having to deal with femme co workers.. Thanks Slide.. -Vancouver Island..

  13. If SHTF in the US..nothing would matter much anyways..Thats a big "IF" survival would be key!!

  14. Only type of women who would like to stay in contact with you are unattractive, undesirable, single mothers who have hit the wall. As long as she’s hot, she’s going to continue to act like she’s got all the time in the world to act like she can do whatever she wants to do

  15. This reminds me of a chapter on one of Solomons book's. Wisdom shouts in the streets. How long will you fools hate knowledge? “I called you so often, but you wouldn’t come. I reached out to you, but you paid no attention. You ignored my advice and rejected the correction I offered. So I will laugh when you are in trouble! I will mock you when disaster overtakes you— when calamity overtakes you like a storm, when disaster engulfs you like a cyclone, and anguish and distress overwhelm you. Therefore, they must eat the bitter fruit of living their own way, choking on their own schemes. For simpletons turn away from me—to death. Fools are destroyed by their own complacency.

  16. Slide still try to travel at least once a year please! Go to thailand or the Philippines…or somewhere…u need a mental break…

  17. Slide very good and intelligent video I may not comment every time but I really love your content…keep going if possible…and your smart try to open a business one day…you have the brains…

  18. i see myself working for an engineering company w/ a Master degree. i refuse to continue working minimum wage

  19. one of the best points ever! nobody wants it for free, because then it is cheap and nobody likes cheap. but once it costs something, the same people will complain. but i didnt get the point where you said that people will avoid you if you dont generate success. arent those the wrong ones in the first place? i personally don't want to have people walk up to me, only because i'm getting out of a porsche in the parking lot. those type of people can stay away from me!

  20. "Women out here in the Unites States are not worth anything." that and I dont see any benefit to dating an AW anymore. now a days their more boring than ever. they pretty much give me the cold shoulder which basically means settle for single life or find a foreign gal.

  21. Classy video…& Classic video

    I am still considering making content again, and if I do, I hope to have you on a big hangout with about 5 or 6 people

  22. Social media is becoming censorship and getting tired of speaking my mind of what's happening in society. You're not alone, slide

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