Why Isn’t Communism as Hated as Nazism?

Why Isn’t Communism as Hated as Nazism?

When people describe particularly evil individuals
or regimes, why is it that they use the terms “Nazi” or “fascist,” but almost never
“communist?” Given the unparalleled amount of human suffering
communists have caused, why is “communist” so much less a term of revulsion than “Nazi?” Communists killed 70 million people in China,
more than 20 million people in the Soviet Union (not including about 5 million Ukrainians),
and almost one out of every three Cambodians. And communists enslaved entire nations in
Russia, Vietnam, China, Eastern Europe, North Korea, Cuba and much of Central Asia. They ruined the lives of well over a billion
people. So, why doesn’t communism have the same
terrible reputation as Nazism? Reason Number 1: There is, simply put, widespread
ignorance of the communist record. Whereas both right and left loathe Nazism
and teach its evil history, the left – and I’m talking about the left, not traditional
liberals like Harry Truman or John F. Kennedy – has never loathed communism. And since the left dominates academia, almost
no one teaches communism’s evil history. Reason Number 2: The Nazis carried out the
Holocaust. Nothing matches the Holocaust for pure evil. The rounding up of virtually every Jewish
man, woman, child, and baby on the European continent and sending them to die is unprecedented
and unparalleled. The communists killed far more people than
the Nazis, but never matched the Holocaust in the systemization of genocide. The uniqueness of the Holocaust and the enormous
attention rightly paid to it have helped ensure that Nazism has a worse name than communism. Reason Number 3: Communism is based on nice
sounding theories; Nazism isn’t. It’s based on heinous sounding theories. Intellectuals in general – including, of
course, the intellectuals who write history – are seduced by words – so much so, that
they deem actions as less significant than words. For that reason, they haven’t focused nearly
as much attention on the horrific actions of communists as they have on the horrific
actions of the Nazis. They dismiss the evils of communists as perversions
of “true communism.” But they regard Nazi atrocities (correctly)
as the logical and inevitable results of Nazism. Reason Number 4: Germans have thoroughly exposed
the evils of Nazism, have taken responsibility for them, and have attempted to atone for
them. Russians have not done anything similar regarding
Lenin’s or Stalin’s horrors. To the contrary, Lenin, the father of Soviet
communism, is still widely venerated in Russia. And as regards Stalin, as University of London
Russian historian Donald Rayfield puts it, “People still deny, by assertion or implication,
Stalin’s holocaust.” Even less so has China exposed the greatest
mass murderer and enslaver of them all, Mao Zedong. Mao remains revered in China. Every Chinese currency note has his picture
on it. Until Russia and China – and Vietnam, and
Cuba, and North Korea – acknowledge the evils their countries committed under communism,
communism’s evils will remain less known than the evils of the German state under Hitler. Reason Number 5: Communists murdered mostly
their own people. The Nazis, on the other hand, killed very
few fellow Germans. “World opinion” – that largely meaningless
and amoral term – deems the murder of members of one’s own group far less noteworthy than
the murder of outsiders. That’s why, for example, blacks killing
millions of fellow blacks in Africa elicits almost no attention from “world opinion.” And Reason Number 6: In the view of the left,
the last “good war” was World War II, the war against German Nazism and Japanese
fascism. The left does not regard wars against communist
regimes as “good wars.” For example, the American war against Vietnamese
communism is regarded as immoral, and the war against Korean communism – and its Chinese
communist backers – is simply ignored. Until the left, and all the institutions influenced
by the left, acknowledge how evil communism has been, we will continue to live in a morally
confused world. In the meantime, all good people owe it to
the victims of communism to learn what happened to them. Even worse than being murdered or enslaved
is a world that doesn’t even know that you were. I’m Dennis Prager.

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100 thoughts on “Why Isn’t Communism as Hated as Nazism?

  1. I have a Kia car and a Samsung phone. Both great. Don't own shit from North Korea, which rumor has it is poorer than the country that sold me a nice car and a great phone.

  2. The holocaust is not unparalleled . Look at what the Japanese did in WWII . Even the nazis had to intervene . History is full of horror and genocide . The holocaust is another example in the long and brutal history of the human race . Hollywood has released hundreds of holocaust movies and documentaries . Maybe if there were more movies and documentaries etc about other atrocities then maybe the nazis responsible would just seem more like the rest of the assholes Throughout history …

  3. Communism is more KOSHER, Then the ideology of European cultures. The people who push communism / modern socialism are afraid of the swastika symbol and what it has represented throughout the world for thousands of years before media and societal censorship!

  4. The question should be “why should it be?” Why must the rest of the world think the way the west does? Communism as an ideology promotes total equality and freedom, the furthest thing away from white supremacy, so why should it be hated? 🤔
    I always find it funny how the western world led by the USA has been so terrified of communism. Relax guys, it makes just as much sense as the Bible 😂

  5. Prager is condescending to listen. The holier and smarter then thou tine in unwatchable. PragerU has good content just get rid of this windbag.

  6. probably the same reasons britain and america allied with communists to beat the nazis just a thought also because the vast majority of mankind is not wealthy so equal rights for women and free health care full employment to be honest lads the list goes on and on

  7. Because genocide was literally the goal of the Nazis. Sure commies like Stalin committed genocide, but they did it for reasons other than "muh ideology"

  8. Why Capitalism is not as hated like others
    Cause new generation is brainwashed completely by legendary supernatural destroyer super ultra duper heroes like u

  9. А так вообще неполживо. 70 миллионов съеденных личных Сталином. И похуй,что через ГУЛАГ прошло всего 4 миллиона. По политической статье и то только 400тыс.

  10. Because your brains are cleaned up with burgeouse prapoganda. Stalin and Lenin gave to my Homeland happyness and made us free. You Americans will never get the happyness of prolaterean govermant.

  11. 70 millions?
    20 millions?
    5 millions?

    Where do you get these numbers? Сan you have access to secret chinese or soviet archives? Or maybe you lived there at that time, or at least have relatives / friends from there? I do not think so. You are either brainwashed or you brainwash to other people

  12. Because Hitler was a socialist, and Stalin was a communist.
    In this leftist world, everything that goes to the right of Stalin is classified as bad.
    That's why Hiter is hated world wide and not Stalin

  13. Born and having lived for decades in the USSR, I know first-hand that Communism was much more horrible than Nazism! It has well deserved its Nuremberg trial, much more than Hitler did.

  14. Many historians were just bribed and influenced by the Soviet Union, who spent huge money on underhand influence in the West.

  15. Well I have to disagree with many of these points!! 1) Why is Communism not HATED? The Name Karl Marx and Marx was born into a certain ethnic group that the group won't take responsibility for! 2) Many people are not told the situation of the world from 1918 – 1939 even in America Jews were viewed with suspicion and many were supporters of Communist ideologies!! National Socialism was admired and thought to be a equal alternative to Capitalism even by Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh 2 popular Americans of this age! No Hitler had No Plans to Rule America in the least the greatest lie ever made nor the world nor Europe But he didn't want as many Western European Nations didn't want was a Bolshevik Europe as in Russia! Marxism is atheistic, Globalist (RULE THE WORLD) National Socialist wanted a United Europe as today and Hitler even being the Father of the so called EU and under a National Socialist Idea and many nations also wanted as the alternative to Marxism!! The UK had Mosley and other Nations had there other leaders of this movement and almost were embraced even a type or form in America!! Stop being told how evil it was and if Hitler didn't kill a so called 6 million mostly Bolshevik sympathizers say just those who actually were History would and most likely would of been different today!!

  16. Because nazism was inherently built for the sole purpose of eradicating those considered unfit to be part of “aryan”society. It’s whole purpose was to peddle racist propaganda, and it eventually lead to mass murder. Communism first of all is not even a real form of government that has been implemented anywhere in human history. Communism is Karl Marx ultimate vision, a “utopian” society if you will, it has never existed nor will we ever see it, because it doesn’t conform to basic human instincts. Socialism is what you guys are referring to, that is the penultimate step in Marx vision, the reason why it isn’t considered in the same category as nazism is simply because, it’s ideology is not inherently destructive or bigoted, in fact socialism is probably the most moral of political ideologies in modern history. Like all extreme political ideologies that negate basic human freedoms, socialism has policies that were ultimately detrimental to its societies and led to the deaths of countless people. It wasn’t just socialist policies however but also we have to take into account, the corruption, and authoritarian governments that came along with it. Blockades, sanctions and proxy wars started by ideological rivals like the United States also contributed to countless deaths, that have been falsely attributed to socialism. Ultimately I don’t agree with socialist ideology nor do I agree with totally unfettered capitalist ideology, but comparing socialism to nazism is intellectually dishonest at the very least. The world isn’t black and white, neither is history.

  17. A lot of the sources for the communist death tolls are misleading at best.

    The "20 million deaths under Stalin" includes all civilians who died of unnatural causes under Stalin's reign. And as you know, World War II happened while Stalin was in power. So all the Soviet civilians who died because of the Nazis are included in "deaths under Stalin", including Soviet Holocaust victims. If 24 million Soviets had died from World War II, AND Stalin killed another 20-30 million on top of that, there would hardly have been any people left at all. The math doesn't add up. Like yeah, without a doubt not all of those "20 million deaths under Stalin" were only because of World War II, but the majority of them were. If I recall correctly, the number of people who died as a direct result of Stalin's policies would only be like 2-3 million. And absolutely, 2-3 million deaths is still a major tragedy, I'm not trying to say it isn't. But Stalin isn't anywhere near comparable to Adolf Hitler, King Leopold II, or many other mass murderers of history.

    And then the figures for communist China are even more sketchy. The study often cited for the 70+ million deaths includes declining birth rate as deaths. I'll even quote it. "Chinese journalist Yang Jisheng concluded there were 36 million deaths due to starvation, while another 40 million others failed to be born, so that China's total population loss during the Great Famine then comes to 76 million". Anyone with any common sense will see that including a declining birthrate as "deaths" is just ridiculous. American families went from having 10-15 kids to only having 2-3 in less than a century. So by that same logic, any country with a declining birth rate is guilty of the same crime we're accusing China of. Again though, 30 million deaths to starvation is still a tragedy by anyone's standards, and notably far worse than the number of deaths under Stalin.

    As for Cambodia, Cambodia was not communist. Pol Pot was a dictator who was actually supported by the CIA for the purpose of opposing the new communist regimes in Vietnam and Laos. I don't think the CIA would give any support to him if he was a real communist…besides, it was the communist Vietnamese government that eventually deposed the Khmer Rouge and destroyed most of their forces in 1979.

    Anyways, sorry for the long post, but I'm hoping people will read this to shed some more light on some of the figures of death featured in this video.

  18. Tbh, I prefer Lenin and his form of communism, because it had some success, and wasn't nearly as bad as Stalin and his regime.

  19. And what of the horrors of Capitalism? Not only nowadays, with unscrupulous business-owners kicking ordinary workers to the curb for the sake of replacing them with more autonomous or labor-saving technologies, or disregarding costs to the environment in an effort to "cut corners", but also back during the rise and fall of Imperialism, where whole ethnic groups were enslaved, displaced or even outright massacred, all in the name of "profit" and "progress"? How would those evils compare to the ones committed by Fascist nations, let alone "Communist" nations?

    Point is that I seriously doubt any of these 3 ideologies were innocent of bloodshed and misery.

  20. "Germans killed very few of their fellow Germans" who's gonna tell this smart guy that German Jewish /Gay/Black/Brown/Disabled/Dissenting people were STILL GERMAN?

  21. "The nazis killed very few Germans." -Dennis Prager
    Does this guy even listen to himself? Their definition of German was so much more narrowly defined than any other regime, and targeted people solely because of their existence. They would have probably killed way more people than the USSR did if they were given the chance.

  22. because communism has an arguably moral basis. Nazism is based on pseudoscience, and had it lasted as long as communism would have done much more damage.

  23. because communism has an arguably moral basis. Nazism is based on pseudoscience, and had it lasted as long as communism would have done much more damage.

  24. Lmao capitalism death count is like 9 million a year because of hunger and thirst and wars/conflicts. So capitalism has killed 252 million people since the USSR fell. And oh lets count colonization done by capitalist countries which killed 50 million.

  25. Because it wasn't founded on explicitly racist, genocidal principles? This isn't hard, unless you don't think explicitly racist, genocidal principles are bad things. Which apparently Prager U doesn't. Good to know

  26. So much dislikes, left ideas are so fu****g popular, it’s terrible, communism not better than fascism, same peace of totalitarian shit. Oh, i’m sorry, different color totalitarian shit, red and brown.

  27. Both nacizm and fascism were capitalistic regimes. Communism opposes itself against capitalism. So you should discuss how many peoples were held as slaves and disappeared from earth due to the capitalism firstly. Then you should take into account the fact there was no communist country in the world. There were some socialistic states, but socialism is a period moving from capitalism to communism. It preserves a lot of capitalism traits during this period i.e. money, government, laws and trials (courts), police and so on. Thus I can say that all that awful things all over the world have happened due to the capitalism not the communism.

  28. Пеннис как то сильно вырос, даже свое мнение появилось. Ну ка, быстро под столик, ШОвенист ебаный

  29. Obviously, because not everybody in the world is an american capitalistic pig. Americans tricked chinese and vietnam into the mess of a civil war, like they're not even a real humans. Taiwanese authorities sided with the mafia and ravaged across the chinese lands, like the good american puppets they are. They're almost as worst as japanese imperialists, but even worse. The history would not justify the evil that US brought to this world.

  30. I am thankful that the country i schooled in had very little leftist teachers. Most are liberals, and a few are conservatives, but barely any socialists and communists.

  31. Communism isn't one ideology. You have on the one hand extremely authoritarian, totalitarian regimes in ideologies like stalinism and maoism. If someone says they hate stalinism because it killed millions, that's like saying nazis were bad because they killed millions. But saying communism is bad because stalinism is part of it is like saying every right wing ideology is automatically bad because nazis were right wing.

  32. Something to go along with #6: I’ve seen a lot of comments on social media saying that communism has the moral high ground over nazism because it was the communists who took Berlin.

  33. All good people just shut up and continue shopping. We got to keep our capitalist masters filthy rich off our own misery.

  34. Simple. It's because, despite the suffering caused by Communist states, said suffering isn't the goal, unlike Fascism. Fascism's explicit intent is to be evil. Communism's is to do good, but has been perverted by power-hungry despots.

  35. The communism is hated because of Stalin because he was a terrible guy
    But if you knew about the communism you'll find that it was for justice and people
    (Specially Lenin one)

  36. I must wonder, given the degenerate state of our current society (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gK_0Yo-0r08&t=2s), if the American experiment has worked? We have half of our country that wants to destroy itself – throw open the borders, rip apart the Republic (Constitution/Bill of Rights), reduce all fair skinned people to 2nd Class Citizens, banish Judeo-Christian values, and impose economy killing socialist and communist ideas on us. Indeed, half of America has embraced a warped ideology that combines Eco-Socialism, Anarchism, and Cultural Marxism.

  37. Arbeidere som ikke har kontroll over arbeidet de utfører og produktene de lager, fører et liv som ikke er helt menneskelig, skjønt de greier seg med lønnen de får. I alminnelighet er det slik at forholdet mellom arbeidsgiver og arbeidstager, klasseforhold og relasjoner mellom kjønn og etniske grupper kan fremmedgjøre samfunnets medlemmer og frata dem muligheten til å bruke alle sine evner, selv når deres materielle behov er dekket.Det er ikke simpelthen slik at kapitalismen utbytter og derved er umoralsk. Eller at kapitalismen gir menneskene en lavere levestandard. Det er nok dette også, men det er viktig å fremheve at kapitalismens klasseinnhold leder til en fremmedgjøring. En fremmedgjøring av mennesker i vid forstand, b. la ved at folk identifiserer seg selv som simple arbeidere og ikke som mennesker med evner og muligheter. Og ved at de ikke griper den faktiske kontroll over egen hverdag, men manipuleres til passivitet (falsk bevissthet). Folk lever i en verden der den faktiske virkelighet stadig blir fjernere, mer fremmed, for folk flest.

    Den økologiske kritikken bygger på at man mener at den kapitalistiske grunntanken (og som mange mener – praksisen) vil føre til at jorden vil bli utarmet og gå til grunne som konsekvens av målet med økt profitt for de enkelte og ikke for fellesskapets beste.

  38. Meanwhile my high school’s librarian says that communism is good while capitalism is bad. Communism seems pretty bad to me.

  39. what do you mean by destroying life? The communists have give the poor people things from rich people. I think you are an Nazi. The communists have do to the Germans the same things that Germans do to Soviet Russia. And: the Russians are hated from all western countries. Why? What have Russia do? The Americans and NATO are bad things in this world, not Russia/Soviet/communists/communism!

  40. simple, because nazis killed the jews, and in todays world , its israel that controls the global media and shifts public opinions

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