Why The United States Isn’t A True Democracy

Why The United States Isn’t A True Democracy

With the 2016 US Presidential election in
full swing, many candidates have fallen back on praising American democracy. In an interview
with Time, Hillary Clinton said “we have to knit this democracy back together”. Clearly,
the presidential election is the purest expression of the democratic process… right? Well, not exactly. In fact, not only is the
election non-democratic, but America itself is not a real democracy. It turns out that
there are almost no modern countries which would be considered “true democracies”.
Instead, countries we considered democratic, are actually forms of “representative democracy”,
as opposed to a “direct democracy”. In a representative democracy, citizens vote
for elected officials, who collectively vote in the place of citizens, and are expected
to represent their best interests. Although that’s a step above having a king or oligarchy
you didn’t vote for, it isn’t a direct democracy. A direct democracy enables citizens
to vote directly on every law, ordinance, and appointment. Only in Switzerland are there
small regions with forms of direct democracy, although the country as a whole is still representative. In the United States, citizens instead vote
for Congresspeople, who represent their constituents. In the case of the presidential election,
citizens don’t even vote for the president. Instead they vote for their state’s position
in the electoral college. This is where every state is given a certain number of votes,
and all those votes go towards whichever candidate is chosen by the majority. The state’s electoral
votes are intended to represent the state’s population, but the country’s popular vote
does not decide elections. In the year 2000, Al Gore lost the US election but actually
got MORE votes than George W. Bush! So, doesn’t this subvert the founding father’s
original intention? No! It was the founding fathers
themselves who made sure there was not a direct democracy. In the Federalist Papers, James
Madison wrote that democracies were spectacles of turbulence and contention, and incompatible
with personal security or property rights. The problem with a direct democracy is that
it often leads to the “tyranny of the majority”. This is when small groups are oppressed because
the majority is unaffected by their oppression. Instead, modern representative democracy allows
disproportionate representation and protection to those minority groups. There are also certain
rights which are enumerated in the constitution, instead of allowing the public to vote on
them. This system combined makes the US a constitutional republic, and not a true democracy. In a nutshell, the United States, and other
modern democracies, have no real reason to be truly democratic. Not only does a representative
government function more smoothly, it takes care of those who would otherwise be ignored.
With the exceptions of some local governments which do see direct democracy from their citizens,
the rest find it easier to choose someone who represents their interests. So, why isn’t
America a true democracy? Because according to the founding fathers, a “true democracy”
simply doesn’t work. On another note, this episode is brought to
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US isn’t a real democracy, it also isn’t a dictatorship. There are still a lot of countries
that have dictators, and you can check out this video to find out which ones do. Thanks
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100 thoughts on “Why The United States Isn’t A True Democracy

  1. Because the US is a Republic and built on a Republic. Not a Democracy. Democracy is not even mentioned in the Constitution.

  2. You pointed out the benefits of the existing system (representative democracy) without giving due attention to its drawbacks. At the same time you pointed out the drawbacks of true democracy (direct democracy) without mentioning its benefits… making the video look like an exercise in spin.

  3. How do you know that direct democracy doesn't work if you never got a chance to test it?
    Shouldn't people make a desicions on constitutioj changes, or paeticular issues, like healthcare?
    When 80% of US agree that there should be public option, 99% of senate(except Bernie) is against it.
    So I think semi-direct democracy and a right to vote ti veto the legislation is must have

  4. I think that each state should have the same number of electoral votes so that you don't have one side with a few massively populated states and the other party with many not so populated states so that the power house of the election that is California would be just as important as say Alaska or one step further let the population decide not some overweight congressman in his plush leather chair as he is paid or bribed to vote for one or the other

  5. Communism in the USSR form is better than Democracy since it doesn't work, and Capitalism is a dirty business a said by Niko Bellic.

  6. So they are saying that people are dumb and evil so they shouldn't have to have a say in those matters, yet people vote for representatives, the same dumb and evil people, isn't it the same?

  7. The majority is the working class. Middle and low income earners. We would vote in our own interests and lower income inequality. The rich minority know this.

  8. The big lie of the modern world pseudo-democracy. The world is ruled by the private banking system, with subsidiaries of TRANS national corporations. The whole world and politicians have become hostages of the economic plans for world domination and power. All politicians are only managers of this system of private capital in pursuit of power. To achieve their goals capital ready to destroy the independent state, to transform people in stupid herd and the foundations of global man-made disaster on the planet.

  9. At lest the US is the most cleanest, stable, and best country in the world!

  10. If you hate the USA government so much than replace it! It allows you to, the founding fathers made it that way if the government becomes corrupt you can fix it. They weren’t just white males like many of you just see them, in fact I bet the dumbest one there was several times more intelligent than you

  11. The fact that the winner of the popular vote did not win the election proves the point, just like the 2000 election. Maybe it would not be a bad thing if some of the wishes of the founding fathers were contradicted.

  12. The title is wrong which misleads.
    Not a democracy at all.
    The founders understood that democracy is the worst form of government.
    There is no mention of democracy in any document like the constitution or declaration of independence

  13. This is a good example of how our country was setup to work, but our government is of the Congress by the Congress and for the Congress now. We the people are no longer in control, and probably not sense since JFK was murdered.

  14. Rothschild earned the federal reserve bank after playing a major role in the independence war. A family is printing the money in the US. How can it be independent?????

  15. Constitutional Republic not Democracy. The ideal of a constitutional republic is individual liberty, the ideal of a democracy is governed guaranteed universal equality. Democracies always degenerate into totalitarianism.

  16. You'd better play with your false democracy within your borders) Okay? And learn Russian to be on the safe side! America has killed itsel

  17. Democracy is the tyranny of the majority, that's the whole concept! The alternative is the tyranny of the minority which is basically what USA has right now.

  18. In your video about dictatorships you call the US a constitutional democracy, but in this one a constitutional republic – What's up with that?

  19. The US is a constitutional Republic, but we've strayed so far from what the founding fathers wanted.

  20. We’ve never been a democracy we just practice limited democracy but we’re ultimately a Republic.


  22. Its suppose to be a republic not a democracy, democracies dont last and they turn oligarchy, communist, etc. Democracy wasnt in the constitution.

  23. We need direct democracy
    You call mob rule tyranny, I call it progress. Let's make mob rule the order of the day!

  24. of course America is not a real democracy, it's like in their own starwars movies, an empire with token congress, the true power is in the hands of a handful people, when the evil emperor feels everything is completed, he just dissolves the congress and shows the real face. the united states of America now following this track.

  25. The measures for strengthening Socialism are: State monopoly of foreign trade, agricultural taxes, state purchase and sale of agricultural production, and an all embracing plan for nationalization of industry, transport, and credit.
    Joseph Stalin.

    This is what America has now in detail, advertised as Democracy.
    A state monopoly executed by jews making the law. The jews set up 300 to 400 regulatory agencies for making laws. Only a few of these agencies are known like: F.D.A. (food and drug administration), U.S.D.A. (United States department of agriculture), U.S.D.O.T. (United States department of transportation).
    The jewish bankers fund these law making agencies with billions of dollars. Jews then make the laws. By having these criminal entities making laws, they produce ownership of specific industry's, and by law are protected by law enforcement. Thus police is consistently on stand down concerning these criminal monopoly actions of the jews. Thus, by law they have to also control the educational system and the mass media for hiding these facts.
    The state purchases and the sale of agricultural products is done solely by jews. No American has a decision in this as education have us believe, America is a free country. America's industry is as jewish as Israel is.
    Credit is nationalized too. As it is jewish by banking actions the laws are according to this reality jewish too.
    Jews receive loans American's don't receive loans. Result: jews are in business, American's are out of business. Though criminal conduct is identified the jews are not being prosecuted. As they monopolized the law, no one will prosecute them if they break the law. They steal billions and now trillions of dollars from our country but if our kids steal in a Supermarket, the police shows up.
    If the jews would not have the education system and mass media in their hands, they would be behind bars.

  26. We are supposed to be a REPUBLIC. In a democracy, majority rules, in a republic their is an underlying constitution protecting unalienable rights…no matter what the majority wants. Democracies are dangerous when the majority is incompetent or crazy.

  27. We live in a Federal Republic❗️❗️Not a democracy m. Democracy always leads to an oligarchy. Haven’t you learned from history!!!

  28. Democracy and capitalism are incompatible with each other because democracy is a rule of the majority whereas capitalism is a rule of moneylenders and moneybags. That is why there's no democracy in capitalist countries.

  29. Communism and Democracy are both corrupt ideologies born from revolution and total Anarchy.
    Europe is pathetically weak and corrupt and the people are undisciplined ignorant trash and the same goes for the United States as well.

  30. Without Law There Can Be No Freedom,

    Adolf Hitler, Stalin, Musolini, Fidel Castro ,Sandam, Osama Bin Landen, Kantafi, Isis,

    Winston Churchill, Benjamin Franclin, Bush, Obama, Trump claim.

    Some of them were wise and some not. This is the only difference.

    This is why America is a Republic, not a Democracy.

    So Republic is only one step before Dictatorship.

    Also remember that Republic led to Dictatorship in Ancient Rome, not Democracy.

    Democracy was internally stable and it did not collapse from inside.

  31. If you want Democracy move to a country in Europe. The United States IS NOT A DEMOCRACY. Never has been, never will be. The United States IS a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC.

  32. "Most people, including most Americans, would be surprised to learn that the word “democracy” does not appear in the Declaration of Independence (1776) or the Constitution of the United States of America (1789)."

  33. Considering that example with george w. bush: this is not about direct democracy but about quality of representation. If the majority voted for al gore, it still happend in the context of represantion. It's not the people using their power to directly create the norm (law), it's still only a right to vote and therefore part of a representative system. The major critic here is that al gore would be the better representative than goerge w. bush. Concluding to direct democracy at that point is non sense.

  34. The use of the word 'true' always indicates a hackjob attempting a factual revision. No exceptions, especially not this one.

  35. We're not a democracy. We're constitutional representative republic.

    All you did was change the word republic from representative republic to Democratic

  36. What is said about Switzerland isn't right.

    First, there is no regional specificity about the expression of democracy.
    Second, representative and direct democracy aren't opposed in Switzerland…
    Let's go in details. Switzerland is a confederation made of cantons (similar as american states). Each canton has its own constitution.

    In Switzerland, the direct democracy has several approaches:
    1. There are "referendums": a referendum in Switzerland is when the lawmakers vote on a law, a portion of the population doesn't agree with it. They have to collect a certain number of signatures in a limited amount of time. Only after that time the law is enforced. And if there are enough signatures, then the population vote on it.

    So that means that each and every law is whether approved or rejected through referendum, or if there is no referendum, it means that the population tacitly agrees with the law.

    This is possible at the federal level, cantonal level and also for cities / villages.

    2. There are "initiatives": in Switzerland, initiatives are modifications of the constitution triggered by the population.

    In such a case, the group of citizens, or a political party can create a committee to announce the willingness to have an initiative. They need again to gather a certain number of signatures. And if it reaches the threshold, the population can vote on it.

    3. If the lawmakers want to modify the constitution, they can trigger the process, but at the end, the population votes on it. The constitution is therefore 100% validated by the population.

    As a summary, in Switzerland, the population has the first and the last word in the democratic process… So yes, it is a true democracy.

  37. Direct democracy is just one form of democracy, not "the true democracy" as you imply. A country with a representative democracy is what we usually mean when we talk about a democratic country. You just defined democracy so narrowly that it becomes virtually useless. Unsubbed from this nonsense channel.

  38. Democratic process is an animal husbandry technique meant to convince the herd that what is being done to it is their own doing, hence encouraging their ability to self loathing and acceptance of the industrial process of meat slaughter.

  39. I’m British and I have to say I thought our system was complicated, this also is very complicated the state votes completely lost me 😂🇬🇧🇺🇸🇬🇧🇺🇸

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