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  1. The 'Last Hurrah' to me for what people need to do asap is planetary heat‐transfer at Bering Strait affecting global weather.

    Install a weir dam at St. Lawrence Is. and polder north the entire Chukchi Sea to prevent wave damage & stratify the water to refreeze the bottom at -2C/28.4F, creating a year-round sea-ice refugia.

    This is a global cold-forcing in the right spot to alter jetstream flow.

    All shipping is confined within 3-4km of shore, zero cross-ocean traffic, this by levees and shoals.

    The shoreline system for shipping confines the freshwater runoff, and most of all limits early melting from shore out to sea in spring.

    This cuts down the 5-Amazons of warmer, fresher water melting seaice from below, it freezes at a higher temp so true seaice isn't formed at the surface on freezeup, it needs -2C/28.4F for seaice to last over one season.

    This will restrict the times the Siberian jetstream turns north & warms the Arctic, the N.Pacific is too warm, so, it brings rain in Anchorage in December and frozen oranges in Florida as that air cools and gets to low latitudes ONLY over land to balance equatorial overheating.

    The concept has 36,000 views on the ARCUS seaice forum and zero actions upon it, https://www.uarctic.org.]

    It's the only geographic location on Earth with the ability to alter the Anthropocene jetstream paths back into N.America instead of going north.

    The people in the poop deck party think everything's fine with lifeboats already in the water …

    But, it's the ONLY sane try, aka geoengineering, to alter things not dependent upon emissions to overcome those effects enough to give midwest farmers a break, else, expect a repeat of this past year.

    And, it can be torn out if it doesn't work vs shading sunlight, lowering crop yields and it does nothing about ocean acidification, ymmv.

  2. Thanks, we've already got one. It's called parliament. And if it's not a very good one (and it's not), you take measures to improve it. Purge the grifters. Deselect the deadwood. And so on.
    Would I rather vital decisions were being made by elected representatives or a by random ragbag of bigots picked up off the street? Hmm, tricky one, that.

  3. Cyou can't complete Brexit, how you going to get a citizens assembly?
    I suggest you work on doable goals. Get the ranchers, farmers, land managers to implement regenerative systems. According to one renowned climatologist Walter Jehne, CO2 is only contributing 10% of greenhouse effect. About 80% of global climate warming is caused by water vapour in our atmosphere. This happens because our soils, the carbon sponge, has been severely disrupted. Watch video lectures by Walter Jehne to find out how we can reverse global warming within 10 years. His lectures are long and detailed but have to be.

  4. Your sincerity brings me comfort. You seem uneasy, not of what you promote but being outside of your comfortable place. This is courage.

  5. In the 1990s in Chiapas, Mexico, Zapatista communities set up parallel government composed of ordinary people to enact programs wanted by the majority of the population. The idea was to bypass the "mal gobierno" (bad government) and allow people to take control of their own lives. It worked and is still is use today.
    I applaud XR for following this prescription– "business as usual" government is dead and is aiding and abetting in our extinction, long live the people's assembly!

  6. The concept is kinda beautiful…I would quite like my entire life to be run like this..like a citizens assembly on…well…everything..was it a bad or god idea to chuck Pauline in 1997…Let's have a Citizen's Assembly!! (Just kidding!)..Rock and roll!!


  7. How does this being nice (“the CEO sitting with the single mother”) lead to zero carbon emissions by 2025?

    What’s the point of a citizen's assembly about climate change when you've already decided that carbon emissions are to be cut to zero by 2025?

    Finally, how does XR understand politics to make the claim that XR is an a-political organisation?

  8. Let's make it "International". A World of United Escape from corrupt governments and corrupt democratic systems.

  9. Extinction/Rebellion fails to focus on the prime creators of CO2, the building industry 50%, the large scale farming business, and the military complex, which all add up to 99%. The transport, planes, cars etc. amounts to only 1% of emission. Unless we point this out and focus on the big polluters, we get nowhere. The USA hides the daily oil use of 50 million litres daily, it was taken out of the Kioto protocol in 1998.

  10. The only way I see the zero carbon emissions happening by 2025 or ever for that matter if this lady holds her breath until then. This way she does not emit any "polluting" CO2 in the atmosphere.

  11. The other factor about the Irish climate change Citizens Assembly is that it was in 2017, before the most recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report. I think the science is much clearer and more urgent now.

  12. I´ve been studying the subject of Democracy and how to make it better for a long time and this makes all the sense in the world to me. I feel relieved and exhilarated to be a part of this movement. Thank you all for your courage and your action.

  13. Will there be any effort to make sure the people "selected" will not be crazy, drunk, drug addicted, immature, criminals or mentally retarded? National Health Care is a long term solution. Are there any plans to change that? I think you need to read Plato. Democracy is nothing but mob rule. Three guys vote to rape two women. That is real Democracy. No one in their right mind would be for Democracy unless there was some kind of protection for the minority.

  14. 40 out of 650 MPs is 6.15% of the total, nearly twice the ratio that you think will run the citizens assembly. Is this social justice theory embracing approximately 68 million people in UK or is it global?

  15. The Human blindness is due to the failure to understand the true nature of what we are and how we exist.. this knowledge IS available, but politically suppressed.. @t

  16. Please detail the process of 'sortition' as I would like to get rid of my doubts regarding this process. I would like to know how is that different from elections, if they are not elected then who chooses these citisens and last but not leasy, how is that part of the paticipatory democracy as the decision is delegated to one member of a representative group. What is expected of you is to explain loud and clear how this is not just another attempt at highjacking power.

  17. Carbon is NOT THE PROBLEM. Trees eat carbon. Plant more trees, but before, STOP THE PLANES SPRAYING CHEMICALS. Then you can say you did something helpful.

  18. This "Citizens' Assembly" is an incredibly transparent means to the erosion of the (natural) expression of societies in their conventional thinking and hierarchical systems. Gather a "representative" cross-section of society and then "inform" them by exposing them to your "experts" and a load of "lived experiences"!? Honestly, do you have any idea how transparent your (clearly political) plan is? As a group, it is clear to most people that you exemplify a very unappealing sort of antagonistic, nihilistic, lonely adolescence dressed up in middle-class attire. It's legitimately entertaining watching your activity, because it is so hysterical, and so fruitless. Why, oh why do you refer to yourselves as "apolitical"!? The lack of self-awareness is fantastic. Your endgame is obviously the destruction of intuitive values that your members, for whatever reason personal to them as individuals, are alienated by. I can just imagine the particular stories of dysfunction and neurosis that have led people to your "cause". Your basic psychology is that of the bitter outcast, who wields whatever they can to take revenge on those who exhibit healthy ideas and behaviour. Consequently, your movement is a hysterical, neurotic load of outsiders bound together by nothing more than their individual atomisation, and this is plain to see in your public image. Seriously, "rebels", know that what people perceive is NOT what you hope; they see a group of misfits demonstrating exactly why they deserve to be characterised as such. An increasing majority of the public do not like Extinction Rebellion, and have rightfully started discounting your ideas by default. I don't even believe that you want a solution. You only want definition, a sense of power in a world which you fond yourself profoundly at odds with. But you are impotent, and your "Citizens' Assembly" will never happen.

  19. The Citizens Assembly process cannot achieve what XR is after … the coming together of the national population to really solve climate change. (Actually we need the global population to come together.) But we can achieve this using the Wisdom Council Process. And we don't need the permission of government to start. .. See the chart of comparison … @t

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