Will Catalonia be a big issue in the Spanish election?

Will Catalonia be a big issue in the Spanish election?

Carl Bildt, Europe In 60 Seconds. I happen to be in Sydney, in Australia. But the two questions are: You bet it will. Passions have been further inflamed now, and the question that has been difficult from the very beginning, by the very heavy prison sentences that was given to those that are accused of sedition, that is organizing the independence referendum. So, passions are heating up. It will be a difficult issue for the entire Spanish political system to handle for years to come. Well, it was a democratic election. I mean, there are restrictions in the judiciary. The government controls part of the media in a rather awful way. But there is little doubt that the party actually won the election. That has to do with the economy doing well. And they’re sort of handing out, handing out a lot of welfare payments to people as well. But Poland is an important country. The European Union will continue to treat it as a member state. I think that there will be somewhat acrimonious discussions when it comes to the financial framework. The budget for the European Union, where Poland has been benefiting quite substantially during the past few years, but where it stands when it comes to the law are, to put it mildly, questionable. That’s all for this time.

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