Will Trump Declare Martial Law, Try to Suspend 2020 Election?

Will Trump Declare Martial Law, Try to Suspend 2020 Election?

OK. Along the same lines, I’m getting martial
law questions and they relate not just to coronavirus but to the election. And the question is, David, will Donald Trump
declare martial law and suspend the election due to Corona virus? We already talked about this a little bit
earlier this week when we got a voicemail. So martial law is when military control is
placed over civilian functions of government. So this would be if there’s an emergency,
a major disaster, terrorist attack in an occupied territory, et cetera. It is very complicated legal territory when
it comes to things that require that that are sort of bound by the law. The election date and when electors need to
formally cast their ballots for the candidate that won on election day is prescribed in
the Constitution. And so you would need Congress to say something
about the election being moved to a different day this year. December 14th is when the electors are supposed
to vote. If Massachusetts votes for Biden, the electors
on December 14th need to go and say Massachusetts casts our electors for Joe Biden at then the
delegate counting convention, whatever, to go beyond December 14. With that, it would take an act of Congress
or something extraordinary. Now, where it starts to get dicey is if you
have martial law and civilian courts are closed, imagine that there is such a lockdown that
martial law is put in place. And it’s not just restaurants and public transit
that are shut down. Civilian court courts are closed. Martial law could dictate that military courts
start to get involved in adjudicating some of these things. It’s conceivable that moving the election
beyond when December 14th would be the date where the electors vote up could end up going
to courts if the civilian courts are down. It could conceivably go to a military court. This is insanely unlikely. Now, I want to remind folks who like the idea
of martial law to keep Trump in power. Number one, either way, even if there’s no
election, Donald Trump’s term constitutionally ends on January 20, 2021. At that point. Again, it’s contested exactly the logistics,
but the speaker of the House would become president of the United States. That is scheduled to be Nancy Pelosi. That’s number one. And so I don’t know that from this are really
well served by focusing on this. Number two, typically when martial law is
declared, guns are confiscated. OK. Again, I don’t know that the pro-Trump gun
nuts are going to be thrilled if the martial law they believe might keep Trump in is also
used as a justification to start confiscating their guns. It will probably get ugly. Checkpoints typically get set up in cities. It’s all very, very bad. So let’s all not be hoping for that, regardless
of whether it might keep Trump in office an extra month or something. It’s unlikely to do that. And these are exactly the type of questions
that really expose the degree of uncertainty and fear that is going on. And I sympathize with that. But let’s all work together here. Think not just of yourself, but of other people,
do what the experts are asking you to do. And hopefully we can start to turn this curve,
find that inflection point and turn things in the right direction so we can have an election
on schedule, we can have a peaceful transfer of power if that is what the voters decide.

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100 thoughts on “Will Trump Declare Martial Law, Try to Suspend 2020 Election?

  1. Continuity of government when Congress cannot meet because of the plague! In the event of martial law power would devolve to some military junta! Trump will have succumbed to the virus!

  2. Why in Gods name would you give bad ideas to a simpleton who would never come up with them on his own? What are we trying to do here?

  3. It wouldn't surprise me if he did! It appears that this administration is a big failure and many people are fed up with it!

  4. Another website addressed the logistics of this question. There's not enough manpower to enforce it, even if all reserves were activated and all oversea deployments were recalled.

  5. If the corona virus is still going strong, suspending the election it is the only reasonable action to take. Doesn't matter who is president.

  6. Please, dear God, someone tell me why Trump hasn’t been run out of office? Why aren’t there massive petitions to have him removed? Why are even the insane Trump supporters still not seeing that the emperor is naked? I’m taking a chance being decimated by trolls for showing my true feelings, but: I’m crying every single day for the loss of lives all over the world, and the asshole who saw it all coming is profiting off of it. And not only that, all the people around him are skimming something off the top on the drug he’s spouting, the stocks he’s giving insider information on, and the rest of it.

  7. That was president shit for brains plan the whole time thats why president shit for brains let the virus get out to stop the 2020 elections. This way he can stay in the white house by default. President shit for brains is never going to leave the white house this was his plan
    True fact.

  8. Interesting, who does the SS technically work for? Is it D.O.D.? C.I.A.? Would they have to forcefully remove trump on January 20th if he refused to leave office?

  9. i been saying it for 2 years … if he thinks he might lose the election konwing he'll end up in prison til he dies … he'll find a way to start a war or … well this might work out just perfect for him

  10. !!!!!!!! This is incompetence in its purest essence !!!!!!!! – MUST WATCH THIS VIDEO AND PLAY IT TO ALL OF YOUR SUBSCRIBERS FROM 20:33 TO 21:00 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gku7mdTS8cc&t=20m33s

    And now some real numbers from the EU. Read it very carefully and LEARN:
    – Czech Republic – 10th of March 58 cases, 15th of March 250 cases (all schools closed), 20th of March 1000 cases (complete lockdown, nobody is allowed to enter or leave the country. 10M citizens are forced to stay in quarantine at home. There is $1000 fine if you do not wear a mask when you go out to buy essential goods. There is a precise schedule when and where you can buy food. Factories are ordered to make respirators and other medical equipment) – The economy is destroyed, but citizens will be OK. Watch video from Czech National TV. It is SURREAL https://www.ceskatelevize.cz/porady/1097181328-udalosti/220411000100321/
    – Slovakia, Hungary, Poland – a similar story to the Czech Republic (they will survive)
    – Germany, France, Spain – complete lockdown and quarantine at around 20 000 cases (they were too slow, they will pay a terrible price – you see, only a few days makes a huge difference)
    – Italy – total disaster, but the rest of Europe learned from Italian mistakes. Italy today – WATCH IT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z9fQTS_kEqw
    – USA what are you doing MOROOONS!!!!
    In the EU we test each and everybody who has some respiratory problems. Your numbers are misleading and as a matter of fact, nobody knows how many infected is currently in the US.

    And now HOLD YOUR BREATH….
    Here in the EU – nations are falling apart. We are on our knees and you may guess who is helping us? The only country with the courage to provide a medical AID and to sacrificing their own doctors is China. Chinese medical staff is very welcomed and they are on all TV news around Europe for at least 5 minutes every two hours doing PR for China. European politicians are welcoming them as saviors in world war III. Today an unbelievable happened. From my balcony, in Prague, I have personally watched a very old lady waving a Czech flag in one hand the usual way and holding and waving the Chinese flag in the left hand. I wanted to throw up. People in Europe are brainwashed. I have a very strong feeling that after this is over, there will be a new world order and a new world leader.

    You are still not able to see it, because you are in America, but this shift is huge. It will be a global game-changer.

  11. He PRAISES dictators and authoritarian leaders…he has floated the idea of suspending the elections as a "democrat" tactic and half his administration activities have entailed "copying Obama and claiming credit"

    I actually expect him to do it if his poll numbers tank

  12. Coronavirus is a 911 event to take away rights, stop protests, hide the Epstein investigation – they will be able to arrest you without charge and kept forever

  13. David people, the USA put on 8 thousand new cases today, Sunday, approaching 400 deaths, and has risen to Number 3 in the global hit parade. (America first!)… Keep partying. kids.

  14. Something tells me that people like Alex Jones, who fear mongered for 8 years about how Obama was going to declare Martial Law, wouldn't have anything negative to say if Trump actually did it.

  15. Uncertainty??? You haven’t been paying attention. Of course he is going to mess up the election- tie it up in the courts, martial law- whatever. You will all be shocked (as usual) then the spin will start and eventually take hold and, bobs your uncle… 4 more years (have past).

  16. I've been saying this for two years, at least. People won't believe it til the troops are marching down their street.
    Too late.

  17. If he does declare it, we have those stupid Gen Z brats to thank for one. We also have some adults who have not followed CDC precautions to thank.
    If idiots followed directions early on, and practice social distancing, we could have probably avoided this risk.

  18. ANECDOTAL: Starve the virus. All tv hospital patients over weight. Just feeding the virus. Fast. DON'T STRESS EAT. virus likes sugar. 1918 virus liked malnourished. P.S. don't put loved one on feeding tube

  19. I don't know about Marshall Law but where in the world did you find that thumbnail of Trump sporting that ridiculous Not Of This Earth bewigged scarry coif.

  20. Trump is definitely someone who would try it. Unfortunately, there are quite a number of Republicans who would let him get away with it. Also, what authority does the constitution carry now that Trump and the Republicans have worked so hard to render it useless. For me it is everything. It is what makes our country work. For them, it's just something to use only when convenient.

  21. Courts, churches and schools all have gold fringed flags. It's all military. The emergency (virus) gave him a chance to supersede this.

  22. He want's to be a wanna be puttin so bad..He does love the power, and the greed is just him. But he talks like he never passed to high school. This unstable guines ………He's raped America & thrown America under the bus. He let his friends know to sell the stocks..Covid 19 is called covid 19 because it came out in 2019..Liar, con at the WH. I will never call him prezzzzzzzzzzz nope just won't

  23. Per Michael Moore; 'The National Guard are Showing up in NYC' since the hospital situation is becoming critical.

  24. Again, there is no need to suspend the election. Many states already have mail-in ballots. This is the time to encourage your state representatives to do the same.

  25. If the election is not held his term ends Jan 21st. Pelosi would be made president until an election could take place

  26. How likely would the US military be to actually follow trump? Has he filled the upper echelons with his flunkies?
    Maybe a coup is just what you guys need to be freed from the orange twat.

  27. Lock down of our country is due to coronavirus. Trump's locking down the country, to prevent as much chaos as possible when mass arrests start to take place of those involved in the illegal spying on Americans, attempt to frame him with the Russia hoax & child sex trafficking. It's gonna happen in one fail swoop. When folks see Obama, The Clintons & many other leftie sweethearts being arrested, our military intelligence predicts there will be riots & civil unrest by lunatic lefties. That's why the National Guard has been deployed in just the states of NY, California & Washington. Those are the three states that are hot beds of liberal lunatics. Many weirdos in Hollywood are being arrested for pedophilia & child sex trafficking. The reason we have 30k combined US & UN troops headed to Europe right now, is to help keep the peace in Italy when mass arrests take place at Vatican City, which is ground zero for child sex trafficking. Bill Gates stepped down as CEO of Microsoft last week. He's being arrested for funding a Harvard Professor to develope the coronavirus & have China produce it. It was intended for population control, due to global warming & was going to be spread through the 5G network. Trump is using it to "flip the script," as as cover fo rmass arrests the are soon to come. Watch this clip & wake up. https://youtu.be/KlhxW_mgexQ

  28. He doesn’t have the guts to do anything. He is weak and can’t even make the easiest decisions. I so wish he would just fold and resign.

  29. I can see the Republicans now: Yay, Trump stays in!

    Feds: We are here for the guns! Hand them over! Martial law!

    Republicans: Damn!

  30. It isn't Donald Trump going to create martial law it is the young kids that are gathering when they should be staying at home.

    The youth is going to create martial law we are at war with the Coronavirus.

    If people don't heed the warning and stay the fuck at home then there's no other choice but to call for martial law which is pretty fucked up because nobody in this world wants martial law to be called.

    So do everyone a fucking favor stay the fuck at home before they call martial law

  31. I was actually pretty proud when trump said how serious postponing elections is and how it’s not even being considered. Whether he’s telling the truth or not is another thing. But it sounded nice. Which is a nice change lol

  32. I thought military was supposed to be defend against enemies foreign and domestic, how does that work with a would be dictator?

  33. Pretty suspicious that Russia has a few hundred cases only of the virus and we have so many and they have 10k tests a day and we have zip.

  34. Election night 2016. I knew then that Trump was going to not leave the Whitehouse. Signed The 1980s. We're Doomed.

  35. I smell a bunch of liberals spreading lies in the comments…yall some batshit crazy people I swear😭😭

  36. You are ready know the con man incompetent but deadly narcissistic this past president Trump is. You ready know Putin helped them win the election in 2016. He already has impeachment on his plate. So he has nothing to lose by making this even harder for him to win by default to stay elected cuz he knows his ass is on the way out. So of course he will use that martial law and yes it will come after everybody's guns that's why everybody is buying a s*** ton of guns and ammunition. So watch out be prepared for every move that this Administration is pulling out. We the people have to band together rise together and die together the United Way. Righteousness over wickedness. That's just my opinion.

  37. "typically when martial law is declared, guns are confiscated"

    Hahaha! Watching the US government continually shitting it's own pants from here in Australia, I suddenly want to see martial law being declared 😂

  38. Of course he will, because he's signaled it the whole time. He'll do anything to remain in power. The Congress will allow the voting date to be changed because COVID-19, and Trump will remain in power further. Buckle up, Buttercup. We are in for Hell.

  39. I would rather have congress elect someone to act as a temporary steward of the executive branch rather than have an election or extend trumps term.
    If they have an election it should be spread out over the course of 10 days. You would limit who is allowed to vote by the last digit on their social security number. This would reduce crowding at voting locations.

  40. Your points are correct, if the law is upheld and obeyed. What about the past 3 years leads you to believe it is being obeyed? Under FEMA laws, Trump becomes interim dictator and there really isn't any guidelines for when he has to give up his power… Not that guidelines seem to matter lately…

  41. Trump will beat Biden easily enough so why would he play the martial law card ? The DNC has already shown they don't care about 4 more years of Trump just so long as Bernie is out of the picture. The US has become in effect a one party state.

  42. Has anyone considered the reason orange man is moving slow on using the resources of the federal gov6is because be expects major turmoil on election day??

  43. He has hinted if he loses the election his supporters will become violent. I have heard them confirm that statement.

  44. Do people realize how many nazi thinking people there are in the military? Look up the article "Inside the U.S. military's battle with white supremacy and far right extremism". The last time martial law was actually used was back in the 1950's and 60's to settle racial unrest in the south. It's like very aggressive tactics regarding people. It can get brutal. I don't think or at least I hope the government doesn't go this route.

  45. Any American soldiers that would follow such an order from a crooked piece of shit like drumph ,, would be deemed as traitors too America !
    It would be war !
    Drumph is a foreign operative !

  46. Bill Mahr has been expecting Trump to somehow try to stay in office if he looses the election. I think David has it right.

  47. Last time I checked in 1864 during a civil war where a United States president had no doubt military martial lawhe allowed elections to continue because he knew that no democracy could continue without having them guess what that was a republican but that Republican was a real real stand-up person in the name of Abraham Lincoln not this buffoon Donald Trumpso if Trump wants to follow his forebears he will allow an election in 2020 no matter how long the election takes it could be weeks or a month but everyone will get a vote in November of 2020 if he believes in democracy

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  49. This country will not have a martial law. It’s far too complicated far too dangerous, It would take the infrastructure to the next level. All aspects of life would be interrupted and you probably have spots where even civil wars can break out. Americans are free and they like it that way They value freedom

  50. Why does he need to postpone, his approval rating is going up. America is warped! Insanely unlikely is not a thing anymore!

  51. Dude tell the truth for a change. The democrats on the house floor and in certain leftist media networks are suggesting a pushback of the elections. Why? BECAUSE THEY DON'T HAVE ANYONE THAT CAN BEAT THE CURRENT PRESIDENT. Get a grip you little leftist asshat. Your channel is another blight on the already China controlled media. The stimulus package has been derailed by your precious leftist gods because they want tax breaks for solar panels, pay based on race, etc. what the fuck does that have to do with out of work American people who need help? NOTHING YOU TWIT. Tell the sheeple who watch your channel to read the dem proposal and decide for themselves. Semper Fi.

  52. If reading further into the fabric of the United states was made up the put in a provision in that if the current president try's to do something, it starts a series of regulatory changes happen and Trump is just a truss passer and will lose all of the perks , secret service ends meals and telephone service ends ,rules regulations and laws passed become nullified he can be charged a certain amount of money for taking up space in the White House. The military can shoot to kill him , he'll lose all around .

  53. You are GOOD Mr. Pakman. I appreciate how well you define both law and governance. So pleased I joined up as a member!

  54. Thank goodness I He virus has kept Trump’s xenophobic sons off the air-but where is Melania speaking to inspire us? Where is she?She could record an audio or video- she doesn’t even have to appear at a press briefing?

  55. great talking point! please tell us David… what can we do to prevent this from happening! this is a crazy probability!

  56. He couldnt possibly understand what you just explained…he probably thot he meant MARSHMELLO LAW…..ooooo l WOULD love to see NANCE take over…..ole fatty would have one giant toddler meltdown…

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