Wisconsin assembly debates state budget

Wisconsin assembly debates state budget

The Wisconsin State Assembly is working deep into the night to pass the new state budget. which is now more than 2 months overdue. TAKE VO The Assembly has been debating the spending plan for hours . and as of now . has still yet to hold a vote on it. Republicans have enough votes to pass the budget without bipartisan support . and it *is* expected to pass before midnight. The question is whether the Senate has enough support to pass the bill on to Governor Walker’s desk later this week. Wholesale changes where somebody says i got all kinds of things throughout the process and now i want one more thing to vote yes, that’s not how our process works and we’re not going to be held hostage to individuals who have some kind of a wish list they want aver the process has continued :13 Not only will this be a difficult vote for people on your side of the aisle, they don’t even have the votes in the senate to pass this bill The Senate would need 17 votes to pass the budget when they take it up on Friday. However . the senate majority leader says there are still 5 or 6 Republican senators who are reluctant to vote yes.

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