Wisconsin Democracy Campaign testimonial video — wisdc.org

Wisconsin Democracy Campaign testimonial video — wisdc.org

The work that WDC does is hugely important to the work that my organization [WisPIRG] does as public interest advocates. It’s really important for us to know who’s behind initiatives happening in the state, where the money is coming from that’s pushing special interest legislation in many cases. That’s also something that matters to me personally as a citizen. I want to know who’s influencing my legislators and trying to push an agenda in the state of Wisconsin. Ever since Citizens United [ruling], the influx of money and basically buying votes and also getting politicians to vote a certain way, has been absolutely destroying our democracy. We’re in a dysfunctional stage. However, let me say I am optimistic. Go back 10 – 15 years ago, when you talk about campaign finance reform people’s eyes glazed over, but now people are connecting the dots. And so if anything, what the Democracy Campaign has done is help journalists and the transparency of connecting those dots of money and pay-for-play. The day I retired I called WDC and asked if I can volunteer with the organization, because I feel very strongly about its mission. It’s a nonpartisan nonprofit agency that’s trying to reduce the influence of special interest money in our elections. And they do great work that’s very accessible to people and it’s important that people understand some of the things that are going on in our state.

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